Spain: “it is absolutely necessary to accept Islamic values as European values”

Absolutely necessary. Why, imam? Why must we adopt “Islamic values?”

“Islamic Values” like stoning for adultery, amputation for theft, polygamy, concubinage, child-marriage, slavery, the subjugation of women, and all the other stipulations of the Sharia?

Can anyone tell me what the reconquista was all about?

Buenas Noches, Espagna!

Noureddine Ziani,  Moroccan imam:

Europeans should replace the term “Judeo-Christian” with term “Islamo-Christian” when describing Western Civilization.

Spain Goes on Mosque-Building Spree

Madrid Mosque

Churches Forced to Close  (Hudson New York)

The city of Barcelona, widely known as a European Mecca of anti-clerical postmodernism, has agreed to build an official mega-mosque with a capacity for thousands of Muslim worshipers. The new structure would rival the massive Islamic Cultural Center in Madrid, currently the biggest mosque in Spain. An official in the office of the Mayor of Barcelona says the objective is to increase the visibility of Muslims in Spain, as well as to promote the “common values between Islam and Europe.”

The Barcelona mosque project is just one of dozens of new mosques that are in various stages of construction across Spain. Overall, there are now thirteen mega-mosques in Spain, and more than 1000 smaller mosques and prayer centers scattered across the country, the majority of which are located in Catalonia in northeastern Spain.

Update: The Re conquest of Spain

In 1491, Muhammad XII was summoned by Ferdinand and Isabella to surrender the city of Granada, and on his refusal it was besieged by the Castilians. Eventually, on 2 January 1492, Granada was surrendered. In most sumptuous attire the royal procession moved from Santa Fe to a place a little more than a mile from Granada, where Ferdinand took up his position by the banks of the Genil. A private letter written by an eyewitness to the bishop of León only six days after the event recorded the scene.  (Vlad Tepes has more)

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U.S. Report

Judaeophobia vs Islamophobia

Phyllis Chesler

Although he was loyal to a Middle Eastern country, the American military hired him as an intelligence officer and translator anyway—partly because he knew an important Middle East language. Nevertheless, he was a poor choice. This man passed classified documents to “insurgents” in Iraq who were battling American forces; he also had conversations with members of Al Qaeda and kept theirdocuments on his computer.

His name—one of five aliases—is Noureddine Malki. He pretended to be from Lebanon, the persecuted son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, and on this basis allegedly sought and received asylum in America, naturalized citizenship, and a job as an Arabic translator for the Army.  He received top secret clearance and was working in Iraq where he took bribes from variousSunni sheikhs and passed classified information on to them.

He was caught, tried and, in 2008, sentenced to—ten years. Currently, Noureddine Malki (if that is his real name) communicates with people from his jail cell. He claims that he was once held in solitary for six months and wants the ACLU to investigate.

Jonathan Pollard was held in solitary for seven years and has been held captive for twenty five years. (Frontpagemag.)

TSA Misses Luggage That Explodes After Flight

Despite a $98 million infusion for state-of-the-art baggage screening machines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) somehow missed a suitcase filled with explosives that blasted after a three-hour domestic flight. (Eye on the World: TSA, Busy With Groping, Misses Luggage That Explodes After Flight)

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Tony Of Arabia Earns $43M As Advisor To Kuwait, While Getting Paid By Morgan Stanley And The UN

Just in case you’re wondering why slick Tony never told the truth and never will:

Business Insider

Life is a party for Tony Blair, who left the UK at the top and has gone on to make an absolute fortune as a consultant.

Last night it was claimed by Kuwaiti sources that the former PM was paid $42.5 million this year for advising the government, according to Daily Mail. His firm Tony Blair Associates prepared a report called “Kuwait 2035″ earlier this year.

Blair spokespeople deny being paid that much.

Now lets run over a few other consulting gigs nabbed by Tony Blair. First, he earned $640,000 last year as the UN peace envoy to the Middle East, paid primarily by British tax payers.

Second he was hired in 2008 as a consultant to Morgan Stanley, worth $3.2 million a year. Third he earned $800,000 a year as a consultant to Zurich, a Swiss company, according to The Times Of London.

Then there’s speaking fees, worth as much as $500,000 an outing.

Meanwhile in England… check out the insane austerity riots that terrified the British royalty >


Filip Dewinter in Israel

Israel energy independent

Congratulations Israel!

Of course the media will try to blow up the discovery of huge reserves of natural gas in Israel out of proportions and the Greens will scream that natural gas doesn’t decrease green house gas emission levels (this is one of their strategies to destroy Western economy and civilization).

THE discovery of the world’s biggest offshore gasfield in 10 years is set to make Israel energy-independent for the first time. (Islamist Monitor)

More Good News

The Gift of the Jews

Raising fish in the desert to solve world hunger while the world plots and plans their annihilation.

Raising fish in the desert

With fewer fish in the sea with each passing year, Israel’s Grow Fish Anywhere has found a way to grow them in the desert.

Biological filters and specially developed bacteria treat the water the fish are growing in, without wasting anything.  (Read it all, Atlas Shrugs)

Frank Gaffney: Faisal Abdul Rauf, the Muslim Brotherhood & Shariah

Vlad Tepes presents:

Must Watch:

The Moslem Brotherhood from Geir Olsen on Vimeo.

The Moslem Brotherhood from Geir Olsen on Vimeo.

Marvelous Norwegian documentary on the Moslem Brotherhood now available with english subtitles!
“An islamic ideology that will use the baby carriage, democracy and freedom of religion as weapons, instead of the swords and suicide bombers?”
Walid al-Kubaisi travels from Yemen to Cairo Paris and Oslo conducting one revealing interview after the other. Highly recommended!

Here you have a Muslim, a Walid al-Kubaisi, who says he ‘doesn’t recognize the Islam he grew up with’,  that the “Religion of Peace” has somehow been hijacked, (how?) and gives us the impression that there is another, more moderate Islam that one can live with. There isn’t.

The global jihad, while being dormant for some time, never went away. Just goes to show that many Muslims don’t know much about what Islam really teaches…..

Paki Watch

Pakistan fighting lawsuits that claim its spy agency was involved in Mumbai jihad massacres

What a friend we have in Pakistan! “Pakistan says it will defend spy chief in US suits,” by Nahal Toosi for the Associated Press, December 30 via JW:

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan will strongly contest two U.S lawsuits that link its spy chief and his agency to the deadly 2008 attacks in Mumbai, the government said Thursday….It appeared that the goal of the tough Pakistani stance was to get the lawsuits dismissed….

No kidding, really?

Pakistan: Jihadists torch more NATO tankers

But don’t worry: the Pakistani authorities are on the case, so you can be sure the jihadists will be swiftly brought to justice! (Yes, that sentence is sarcastic.) “More NATO tankers torched in Pakistan,” from Military World, December 30 (thanks to JW):

Pakistani militants have attacked two NATO supply vehicles transporting fuel destined for US-led forces in Afghanistan and set them on fire in Baluchistan province.

Paki govt bows to Islamic groups’ threats, backs out of commitment to review Islamic blasphemy laws

A defeat for human rights. “Pakistan refuses to modify Islamic ‘blasphemy’ laws,” by Aftab Alexander Mughal for Spero News, December 30 via JW…

Pakistan: Islamic supremacist leader claims that Western countries jail people for blasphemy against Jesus Christ

And his (illiterate) audience in Pakistan believed him. “Religious parties announce strike on Dec 31,” from the Express Tribune, December 28 (thanks to JW)

With faith in Allah, who needs money?

Perhaps we should sell her to the Arabs for the price of meat….?!

Cherie BLiar’s freshly converted sister Lauren Booth is bankrupt (and owes Mrs Blair £15,000)

Daily Mail

While Tony Blair can look forward to cracking open the Bollinger on New Year’s Eve at his £5.75 million mansion in Bucks, having added to his wealth by at least £20 million since he left No 10, things are very different for his wife’s pretty, blonde half-sister, Lauren Booth.

Indeed, so poverty-stricken is Lauren, 43, that she has just been forced to declared herself bankrupt.

Lauren, a writer, broadcaster and (Jew-hating) yuman rites activist who recently converted to Islam in an extra ordinary epiphany after she visited a shrine in Iran, is named in the London Gazette as having petitioned for bankruptcy in the run-up to Christmas.

Financial problems (not only!) : Lauren Booth is now so poverty-stricken that she has been forced to declare herself bankrupt, despite a £15,000 bail out from her half-sister Cherie Blair

Among other things, her insolvency means she will have difficulty using a credit card, she cannot be a company director for up to 15 years, cannot run a ­company, is forbidden to stand as an MP, and there may even be problems over her bank account.

Extraordinarily, one of her creditors is Cherie, who lent her £15,000 last year, but which Lauren has failed to pay back. I gather Lauren wrote to her wealthy sister in April pleading for help, and Cherie reluctantly agreed to bail her out.

Cherie, who shares the same father with Lauren — Till Death Us Do Part actor Tony Booth — understandably felt Lauren had a cheek to ask her for money, considering how critical Lauren has been over Blair’s role in the war in Iraq. She has written at length on the subject.

Why not join this guy?

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Kosovo, EUrabia’s Organ-Trafficking Narco-Jihad Statelet

2 articles from JW:

Kosovo: Muslims beat, harass, intimidate Christians

They’ll get you in the end: “The Muslims then say, you can become Protestants, but in the end you have to come to us to get buried, because there is no other place to go.” Islamic Tolerance Alert from that model of Islamic moderation, Kosovo: “Kosovo Protestants tell of hardship, survival,” by Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times, December 22 (thanks to Julia Gorin): full story below the fold!

Kosovo Prime Minister deposited profits from Serb organ trafficking in Islamic charities

Yet another unsavory use for Islamic charities. “Albanians deposited Serb organ profits in Islamic charities, prosecutor,” from Serbianna, December 17 (thanks to Julia Gorin, who has a great deal more information and background about the entire Kosovo organ trafficking story here):

Serbian war crimes prosecutor says that the Kosovo Albanian criminal boss, Hashim Thaci, used bank accounts designated as Islamic charity to deposit profits he earned by selling organs he extracted from captured Serbs….Names of some of those accounts are Help For Kosovo, Medicare, Caravan, Al- Haramajin, Taibah International. etc.

Serbian prosecution says that the FBI has also uncovered these accounts after the 9/11 attacks but it is not specified why the FBI withheld the information about Thaci….

Um, maybe because the FBI was on his side — since, after all, the U.S. has been on the side of the Balkan jihadists since the 1990s?


Albanian mafia in cooperation with Islamic terrorists in the Balkans

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