Affirmative Action explained

What is a right? Professor Walter E. Williams

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur


Pat Condell

Appeasing Islam

The trouble with Islam

Islam and Slavery

Robert Spencer on The Glenn Beck Show:

The Truth about Mohammed: Koran is a Fraud!

Islam: Jihad in the West (fraction 1of2)

What do radical Muslims want?

Islam: Hitler & the Mufti

The Strangest Thing: ‘Moderate Muslim’ Spotted:

Liberal Bahraini Author Expresses Amazing Views

Radical Islam: Terror in its own words:

‘Dr’. Azzam Tamimi Declares Support For Terrorism

and there’s at least 2 Neturai carta nutcrackers standing by supporting the destruction of Israel. Incredible!

The true religion according to Allah is Islam:

Imam Musa: “These Jews are Nothing”

Why Nobel Prize only given to Joozzz? Muslim enraged! (windows media player)

More from Memri Tv – Sheik Al-Quaradwi Rants (windows media player)

Very graphic images about the Religion of Peace and GWB, great friend and understander of Islam!

Pali Propaganda exposed:

8 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. sheik yermami are you a moslem?
    if yes what on earth has gone wrong with your believe?
    apparently you have completly missanderstood what Islam is!
    i dread the day when you’ll be dying and you will have to face the punishment for spreading lies on Islam and prophete and God
    poor man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. * “spreading lies on Islam”

    What lies would they be, sylvie? Use the koran & other utterances of allah and its false prophet in support of your assertions.

    What do you think will happen to muslims who, like the false prophet, spread lies and blasphemies against Jesus Christ, denying that He is the Son of God, and was crucified?

    Forgiveness is freely available to muslims, if they want it, but islam is doomed, along with its followers. Warn your fellow muslims that time is running out – judgement is coming as per the Prophets of God.

  3. The Moslem Brotherhood by Geir Olsen

    This is a documentary aired on Norwegian Television, Nov, 2010 (English subtitles).

    Is Islam a threat to the western world and our way of living and is it the goal of Islam to take over the world and make us all slaves of the islamic cult?

    You better see this video and not just wake up, but actively protest what’s going on right now! Our governments let it happen because we depend on their oil. We are in a ‘hidden’ war with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. For the sake of your children, make it stop, or your granddaughter might be stoned!!

    Watch it, and judge for yourself! A very revealing movie every westerner HAVE to see! Before it’s too late…

  4. This video is really strong.
    I am in Europe and I can access it. I think that more people should watch it before it is taken down for “violations”.

  5. pallywood? typical liberal smoke and spineless to deal with a truth or reality ! propaganda that creates their own reality ! the news reporters should be the first to “die” ! how many lives have been lost due to this scripted mayhem? 1 sniper, 1 box lunch, sunscreen, gator-aide and a “green light” ! now thats “entertainment” ! sickening , sad @ all the more reason this “MUST” be dealt with!

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