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Update: Yemeni Child Brides

“Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle so that he used to think that he had sexual relations with his wives while he actually had not.” Aisha (Bukhari 7,71,660)

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The ‘Prophet’ Mohammed was a dirty old pervert - old enough  to be Aisha’s grandfather when he did Mufa’khathat to her.

Thighing of children

Mohammed married Ayesha when she was six, but as she was too small to consumate, he practised the sacred rite of Mufa’ Khathat(otherwise known as ‘thighing’) whereby he rubbed himself between the tops of her thighs, but did not enter, until she was nine. More here

Child marriage still an issue in Saudi Arabia!

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” – Bukhari 7.62.88

This is Muhammad’s example. It will be essentially impossible to keep Muslim men from emulating his example as long as he is held up as the supreme model for conduct (cf. Qur’an 33:21).

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“..the Divine Inspirations do not come to me on any of the beds except that of Aisha.” Bukhari, 3.47.755

The exact translation should read:

“..the Divine Inspirations do not come to me when I’m dressed in women’s clothing except when I’m dressed in Aisha’s”

“ثوب امرأة” was translated as “beds” instead of “woman’s dress” !!!


by Silas/Answering Islam


I needed to edit and correct this article because I’ve learned some new details. Initially, I believed what many Muslims asserted: Muhammad sexually consummated his marriage to the nine year old Aisha following her first menstruation. HOWEVER, after reading brother Sam Shamoun’s articles (1, 2), I realized that the Quran, the Hadith, and Muslim scholar’s writings state that a Muslim husband can engage in sex with a child-bride before she has her first menses. Further, Muhammad actually did just this – he had intercourse with Aisha prior to her first menses!

This increases the weight and scope of my argument and places Muhammad and Islam in a far darker, more disreputable, light. Many Muslims don’t know this and by their own standards Muhammad did the wrong thing in having sex with a child. Muslims have to answer for their continued support for Muhammad because he transgresses their standards. When children are allowed to be used for sex then that is sexual exploitation; so why do they support the creator and establishment of a system that entrenches the abuse and sexual exploitation of children?

I am not trying to use cheap polemics. Surely you realize that for children there are painful ramifications behind Muhammad’s action. They need to be discussed in detail and in context. It might be offensive to some but it needs to be discussed.



APPENDIX 3: SCIENCE AND PUBERTY (It does not begin with menarche).


Picture this historical setting: A 49 year old man asks his best friend if he could have his permission to marry his 6 year old daughter. His friend agrees. The man then visits his best friend’s house and speaks with the 6 year old daughter. Her parents watch as the he proposes marriage to the child. He is serious; he wants to marry the little girl and is asking for her consent. The little child says nothing; she only stares at him in silence.

The Islamic source materials state that Muhammad proposed marriage to Aisha when she was 6. He assumed her silence constituted her consent. Some 2 to 3 years later, just after he had fled to Medina, he consummated his marriage with her. He was 52 and she was 9. This occurred prior to Aisha’s first menses and by Islam’s legal definition Aisha was still considered a child. Islam teaches that a child enters adulthood at the beginning of puberty. (This is scientifically inaccurate, the onset of puberty does not equal adulthood – see Appendix 3).

The bottom line is Muhammad, the creator of Islam, revered by his followers, had sex with a child! Worse, Muhammad’s action and teachings on marriage established an Islamic precedent and Islamic law allows female children to be married off and engaged in sex provided they are able to handle a man’s penis (Quran 65:4). As will be shown, this leads to physical, and psychological, damage to the child.


First, we need to establish that Islam allows female children to be married and engaged in sex prior to their first menses (prepubescent). For that we turn to the Islamic source materials. Starting with the Quran:

If you are in doubt concerning those of your wives who have ceased menstruating, know that their waiting period shall be three months. The same shall apply to those who have not menstruated. As for pregnant women, their term shall end with their confinement. God will ease the hardship of the man who fears him. 65:4, Dawood

Brother Sam Shamoun comments on this verse:

The surrounding context deals with the issue of the waiting period for divorce, and remarriage. The Quran is telling Muslims to wait for a certain period of time before making the divorce final or deciding to forego it. The Quran exhorts men to wait a period of three months in the case of women who either are no longer menstruating or haven’t even started their menstrual cycles! (Source)

Since Muslim men are to wait 3 months before divorcing a prepubescent child it means that they have been engaging in sex with those children.

Borrowing from Sam’s work (*) I quote three Islamic scholars commentary related to 65:4 and the subject of sex with prepubescent children:

Ibn Kathir writes regarding 65:4

<divorce them at their `Iddah>, “The `Iddah is made up of cleanliness and the menstrual period.” So he divorces her while it is clear that she is pregnant, or he does not due to having sex, or since he does not know if she is pregnant or not. This is why the scholars said that there are two types of divorce, one that conforms to the Sunnah and another innovated. The divorce that conforms to the Sunnah is one where the husband pronounces one divorce to his wife when she is not having her menses and without having had sexual intercourse with her after the menses ended. One could divorce his wife when it is clear that she is pregnant. As for the innovated divorce, it occurs when one divorces his wife when she is having her menses, or after the menses ends, has sexual intercourse with her and then divorces her, even though he does not know if she became pregnant or not. There is a third type of divorce, which is neither a Sunnah nor an innovation where one divorces A YOUNG WIFE WHO HAS NOT BEGUN TO HAVE MENSES, the wife who is beyond the age of having menses, and divorcing one’s wife before the marriage was consummated. (Source; bold and capital emphasis ours)

Al-Tabari said regarding 65:4

The interpretation of the verse “And those of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the ‘Iddah (prescribed period), if you have doubt (about their periods), is three months; and for those who have no courses [(i.e. they are still immature) their ‘Iddah (prescribed period) is three months likewise”. He said: The same applies to the ‘idaah for girls who do not menstruate because they are too young, if their husbands divorce them after consummating the marriage with them.

Tafseer al-Tabari, 14/142 (Source: Islam Q&A (
(Question #12708: Is it acceptable to marry a girl who has not yet started her menses?)

Regarding sex with prepubescent children, Abu-Ala’ Maududi states:

“Therefore, making mention of the waiting-period for girls who have not yet menstruated, clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give away the girl at this age but it is permissible for the husband to consummate marriage with her. Now, obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid a thing which the Qur’an has held as permissible.” (Maududi, volume 5, p. 620, note 13, emphasis added)

It is clear: Muslim men can engage in sex with prepubescent children!



Now that we’ve established that Islam allows husbands to engage in sex with their child-brides, let’s move on to Muhammad and Aisha. The Islamic source materials state that Aisha was 9 when they consummated their marriage.

From the hadith of Bukhari, volume 5, #234

“Narrated Aisha: The prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six. We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Harith Kharzraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down. Later on my hair grew (again) and my mother, Um Ruman, came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became all right, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. There in the house I saw some Ansari women who said, “Best wishes and Allah’s blessing and a good luck.” Then she entrusted me to them and they prepared me (for the marriage). Unexpectedly Allah’s messenger came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.”

Bukhari vol. 7, #65:

“Narrated Aisha that the prophet wrote the marriage contract with her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: “I have been informed that Aisha remained with the prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).””

From the hadith of Muslim, volume 2, #3309

Aisha reported: Allah’s Messenger married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine….

From the hadith of the Sunan of Abu Dawud, volume 2, #2116

“Aisha said, “The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old.” (The narrator Sulaiman said: “Or six years.”). “He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old.”

From “The History of Tabari”, volume 9, page 131

“Then the men and women got up and left. The Messenger of God consummated his marriage with me in my house when I was nine years old. Neither a camel nor a sheep was slaughtered on behalf of me”…(The Prophet) married her three years before the Emigration, when she was seven years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine years old, after he had emigrated to Medina in Shawwal. She was eighteen years old when he died.

From the Encyclopedia of Islam, under “Aisha”:

“Some time after the death of Khadija, Khawla suggested to Muhammad that he should marry either Aisha, the 6 year old daughter of his chief follower, or Sawda Zama, a widow of about 30, who had gone as a Muslim to Abyssinia and whose husband had died there. Muhammad is said to have asked her to arrange for him to marry both. It had already been agreed that Aisha should marry Djubayr Mutim, whose father, though still pagan, was friendly to the Muslims. By common consent, however, this agreement was set aside, and Muhammad was betrothed to Aisha… The marriage was not consummated until some months after the Hidjra, (in April 623, 624). Aisha went to live in an apartment in Muhammad’s house, later the mosque of Median. She cannot have been more than ten years old at the time and took her toys to her new home.”


The above references are just a sample of the Islamic source material statements that Aisha was 9 when her marriage was consummated. Over and over again the great Islamic scholars state that Aisha was 9 when her marriage was consummated. No serious Muslim scholar doubts this. Generally it is only embarrassed Muslims living in the West who challenge her age. For a more in-depth presentation of the evidence of Aisha’s age being 9, see Sam’s article here.

Muhammad was a pedophile



We’ve seen that Islamic doctrine allows for prepubescent children to be engaged in intercourse, and that Aisha was 9 when Muhammad had sex with her for the first time. Now we’ll look at the evidence and see that Aisha was prepubescent when Muhammad had sex with her.

The hadith state that Aisha was taken to Muhammad’s house, as his bride, when she was 9 and she took her dolls with her as play toys. I’ll borrow some excerpts from Sam’s article here:

‘A’isha reported that Allah’s Apostle married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house AS A BRIDE WHEN SHE WAS NINE, AND HER DOLLS WERE WITH HER; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old. (Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3311)

‘A’isha reported that she used to PLAY WITH DOLLS in the presence of Allah’s Messenger and when her playmates came to her they left (the house) because they felt shy of Allah’s Messenger whereas Allah’s Messenger sent them to her. (Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 5981)

When the Apostle of Allah arrived after the expedition to Tabuk or Khaybar (the narrator is doubtful), the draught raised an end of a curtain which was hung in front of her store-room, revealing some dolls which belonged to her.

He asked: What is this? She replied: My dolls. Among them he saw a horse with wings made of rags, and asked: What is this I see among them? She replied: A horse. He asked: What is this that it has on it? She replied: Two wings. He asked: A horse with two wings? She replied: Have you not heard that Solomon had horses with wings? She said: Thereupon the Apostle of Allah laughed so heartily that I could see his molar teeth. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 41, Number 4914)

A Muslim scholar says that it is okay for Aisha (and other children) to play with dolls because they are not considered adults:

Al-Khattaabee said: From this Hadeeth it is understood that playing with dolls (al-banaat) is not like the amusement from other images (suwar) concerning which the threat (wa’eed) of punishment is mentioned. The only reason why permission in this was given to ‘Aa’isha (may Allah be pleased with her) is because SHE HAD NOT, AT THAT TIME, REACHED THE AGE OF PUBERTY. (Source)


Examining the evidence from the previous sections we see

  1. Islam allows sex with prepubescent children who are married
  2. Aisha was playing with dolls after she consummated her marriage with Muhammad
  3. Under Islam’s rules, female children were allowed to play with dolls because they had not yet entered puberty, i.e. had their first menses and became adults.

Therefore, the only conclusion that can be made is that Muhammad was having sex with a Aisha while still was a child! The Quran allows this, Muhammad did this, Aisha stated this, and the scholars affirm this. Now Islam’s children have to deal with this.



Most Muslims accept what the Hadith, Sira, and Muslim scholars say: Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was 9. But many defend this by asserting that Aisha had had her first period, thus she entered puberty, and thus was considered an adult. Somehow they’ve been misled into believing that Aisha had her first menses before she consummated her marriage with Muhammad.

These same Muslims criticize the act of sexual intercourse with a girl who had not had her first menses. They would say that a man would be having sex with a child and that that was wrong.

But as shown above if one studies Islam’s teachings he will see that Islam allows sexual intercourse prior to the child’s first menses. Tragically, today throughout much of the Mideast, girls as young as nine are often married by men old enough to be their grandfather, just as Muhammad was old enough to be Aisha’s grandfather.

Muslims know in their heart that it is just plain wrong for a man to be using a child for sex, married or not. That is why so many of them have gone to great lengths to defend Muhammad’s relationship with Aisha because they assumed that she had her first period prior to their sexual consummation.

One such Muslim is Robert Squires. He has gone to great lengths to defend Muhammad’s action, predicated upon the assumption that Aisha had her first menses. You can read Robert Squires article here.

Here are some quotes from Mr. Squires’ article:

  1. Puberty = Maturity = Marriage
  2. Part of the wisdom behind the Prophet’s marriage to Aishah just after she reached puberty is to firmly establish this as a point of Islamic Law, even though it was already cultural norm in all Semitic societies
  3. There are many other references which should prove to any intelligent person what anthropologists and historians already know: in centuries past, people were considered ready for marriage when they reached puberty.

Unfortunately for Squires, if he studies the Islamic source materials, if he studies the analysis of the great scholars of Islam, he could only conclude that Islam allows sex with prepubescent children and that Muhammad had sex with Aisha prior to her first menses. Muhammad’s consummation with Aisha occurred before she reached puberty. Muhammad fails Squire’s “cultural” test.

Pity Robert Squires. He has put his heart, his mind, his strength, his reputation, indeed his very soul, into defending his prophet Muhammad. He built his defense upon the assumption that Aisha had menstruated. Now he faces the ugly fact that Muhammad has indeed done the dirty deed, and made a fool out of him. Muhammad has gone to a depth of depravity that Squires rejects as wrong. Squires’ beloved Muhammad was indeed an ugly man having sex with a child and Squires is stuck having to confront the naked truth. By Squires’ own standards, by Squires’ own reasoning, by Squires’ own sense of right and wrong, Muhammad did very wrong.

And above all, weep for the Muslim children who are allowed by their faith to be used for sex. Later I’ll mention some studies and writings that show that when children are put into the situation that Muhammad and Islam allow they indeed suffer. Islam brings misery upon its female children.


Muhammad claimed greatness: his god praised Muhammad in the Quran:

“Surely in the Messenger of God you have a good example”. 33:21

But when we examine what he did, we repudiate it. He was not “a good example.” Let me ask you a question: If Muhammad were living in the West today and did what he did, wouldn’t he be thrown in jail and denounced as a pervert? Yes or no?

I thank God that our standards are better than his and those of Islam when it comes to protecting children. If Muhammad were a true prophet, why are the world’s standards better than his? Why are pagan cultures standards better than Islam’s? Where was the mercy or benefit for the children of Islam?

Let’s take a deeper look. Why do we find it objectionable? Muhammad did not live in our culture or under our law. Is the Western rejection of this practice merely cultural or is there a scientific or medical reason to reject Muhammad’s, and Islam’s norm? Indeed there are medical and scientific reasons to reject Islam’s position. If Islam were truly a scientific faith it would not have erred this greatly. This question is discussed at length in Appendix 4.

As mentioned earlier, some Muslims and Western writers have written that Aisha did not have sex with Muhammad until she was 14 or so. I’ve never seen any textual support for their position. They only have opinion and conjecture. Since the thought of their prophet committing such an act is embarrassing to them so they invent, or re-write, or ignore, documented Islamic history to make it more acceptable to their minds and the minds of other Western people as well.


As note above, there are many Muslims who know that it is just plain wrong and harmful for men to have sex with children, as Muhammad had sex with Aisha. Muslim countries have passed laws outlawing what Muhammad had done. This week, in Indonesia a similar situation occurred. A Muslim cleric married a 12 year old girl. Here is the link: The Jakarta Post, 27 October 2008. Fox News then picked it up:,2933,444255,00.html

I’ll let the Indonesian Muslims make my argument and quote from the article:

All those involved in the case, he said, could be charged under Articles 81, 82 and 83 of the 2002 Law on Child Protection. If found guilty, they would face a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail and a fine of Rp 300 million (US$30,000), for “forcing”, “swindling” and/or “trading” a minor to sleep with another person.

Hadi said it would require a psychological test to prove whether the cleric could be termed a pedophile.

“We hope the police or the court, if the case is brought to trial, can determine this,” he added.

Pujiono reportedly married Lutfiana as his second wife in August and has declared he plans to marry two even younger girls — a seven-year-old and a nine-year old. The “eccentric” cleric refused to name the children out of concern it would spark “wider criticism”.

“Puji is a community leader who has many followers. If he is allowed to continue doing this, we’re afraid that many other people will follow suit. This will victimize children,” he said, adding that minors are neither physically nor mentally ready to engage in sexual activity.

Those in leadership in Indonesia recognize this for what it is: children being victimized, that they are not ready mentally or physically to be engaging in sex. It is fortunate that the Muslims in Indonesia are in better touch with reality and science than the Muslim leadership in the Mideast. The Indonesia Muslims are more caring for their children, the most vulnerable in their society. Instead of copying Muhammad stupidly they looked after the welfare of their children in this case.



Muhammad proposed to and married Aisha when she was 6. He had intercourse with her when she was 9 prior to her first menses. Islam establishes this practice. Since girls at that age are not fully mature either physically, emotionally, or psychologically, we know it is wrong for a man, regardless of his age, to engage a child in sexual relations.

Muhammad was just a man. He had both good and bad qualities. But he was not a prophet. What he did is nothing more than instituting man’s sex drive. Muhammad was a man and at times let his penis do his thinking for him. Tragically, what he instituted turned out to be harmful.

No one would expect a real prophet of a righteous God to engage in, justify, allow, and prescribe for his followers such an cancerous act. Muhammad’s god instructed him on what to eat, what to wear, even how to wipe himself! Wouldn’t this same god instruct Muhammad about the sexual abuse of children?

Muhammad proclaimed that his lifestyle was the one to be emulated, and in part, he bears the judgment for this child abuse in the Islamic world today. Girls at age 9 are not mature enough, either physically, emotionally, or mentally, to be put into those type of “marriage” situations. Shouldn’t he be found guilty according to his own words and actions?

Jesus said, “You shall know them by their fruits”, Matthew 7:20. We see that one of Muhammad’s fruits was allowing young girls to be subjected to a brutal custom. Jesus told his followers that false prophets would arise and mislead many to hell. Muhammad is to be rejected as such a false prophet.



There has been some confusion about the definition of the word “consummate”. In Sahih Bukhari, vol. 7, #64, the root word used is “dakhala”. From the Hans-Wehr Arabic-English Dictionary p273, it means “to enter, to pierce, to penetrate, to consummate the marriage, cohabit, sleep with a woman”.

I have also asked two native Arabic speakers to confirm the definition of the word used in Bukhari. They read Bukhari in Arabic for themselves, and did indeed state that it meant Muhammad had sexual intercourse with Aisha when she was 9.



Robert Squires claims that what Muhammad did was no different than what Abraham and the Israelites allowed. His conclusion was “if it was good enough for Abraham it is good enough for me”. Well, the fact is, it wasn’t good enough for Abraham and the Israelites.

The Baker Ency. of the Bible says about Jewish marriage customs in volume 2, page 1407, under “Marriage”:

“Subsequently, minimum ages (for marriage) of 13 for boys and 12 for girls were set.”

And Jim West, ThD, writes online, in “Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs”:

“The wife was to be taken from within the larger family circle (usually at the “outset of puberty” or around the age of 13) in order to maintain the purity of the family line”.

Even in the Mishnah, the age of maturity for a female is 12.5 years:

“she won her case in court before she matured [at the age of twelve years and six months], lo, they belong to the father.” Mishnah Ketubot, 4:1.

Jewish culture allowed young girls to be married at an early age but not as young as 9.




How do the biological sciences address the topic of female puberty? Here are quotes from several college level text books. There is a great deal of info presented, but it is necessary to provide scientific details to fully understand puberty.

From “Adolescence“, by L. Steinberg, pub. by McGraw Hill, 1993.

page 22: “Puberty derives from the Latin word “pubertas”, which means “adult”. Technically, the term refers to the period during which an individual becomes capable of sexual reproduction, that is, it denotes the series of biological changes leading up to reproductive capability. More broadly speaking, however, puberty is used as a collective term to refer to all the physical changes that occur in the growing girl or boy as the individual passes from childhood into adulthood.”

page 23: “Puberty may appear to be rather sudden, judging from its external signs, but in fact it is part of a gradual process that begins at conception. (Petersen and Taylor, 1980). You may be surprised to learn that no new hormones are produced and no new bodily systems develop at puberty. Rather, some hormones that have been present since before birth increase, and other decrease.”

page 26: “The effects of the endocrinological changes of puberty on the adolescent’s body are remarkable. Consider the dramatic changes in physical appearance that occur during the short span of early adolescence. One enters puberty looking like a child and within FOUR years or so has the physical appearance of a young adult.”

page 32: [This page shows a chart depicting that puberty lasts about 4 years in girls].

“Generally, full reproduction function does not occur until several years after menarche, and regular ovulation follows menarche by about two years (Hafetz, 1976)….

…The onset of puberty can occur as early as 8 years in girls and 9.5 in boys, or as late as 13 in girls and 13.5 in boys. In girls, the interval between the first sign of puberty and complete physical maturation can be as short as one and one-half years or as long as six years….In more concrete terms, it is possible for an early-maturing, fast-maturing youngster to complete pubertal maturation by the age of 10 or 11 – two years before a late-maturing youngster has even begun puberty.”

pages 36-37: “(Although menarche does not signal the onset of puberty….) …..the average age at menarche generally is lower in those countries where individuals are less likely to be malnourished or suffer from chronic disease. For example, in western Europe and in the United States, the median menarcheal age ranges from about 12.5 years to 13.5 years. In Africa, however, the median menarcheal age ranges from 14 years to 17 years.”

page 66: [There is a table depicting the four stages of cognitive development according to Piaget. It shows that the brain develops mature cognitive ability after age 11].

page 73: [On page 73 he presents a table showing that the brain is not fully mature until about the age of 16. From this table, I estimate that at age 9, the maturation of the brain is between 50 to 60%.].

From “ADOLESCENCE – TRANSITION FROM CHILDHOOD TO MATURITY“, by Lambert, Rothschild, Altland, & Green, pub. by Brooks / Cole, 1978:

page 106: “The process of physical development that results in the end of childhood and the beginning of adolescence involves three overlapping stages: Prepuberty, pubescence, and puberty. Although this sequence is the same for all individuals, the times of onset and the lengths of these periods differ from one person to another (Thornburg, 1975).

Prepuberty begins at the end of childhood with a rapid rise in hormone levels… It is also a period in which a rapid growth spurt begins and the secondary sex characteristics, such as the budding of the breast in girls and the enlargement of the testes and penis in boys, start to develop. Generally, girls experience theses changes two years before boys; the average age of onset of this stage is 10 for females, 12 for males (Tanner, 1975).

Pubescence, the second stage, is characterized by the proliferation of sex cells and near completion of the secondary sex characteristics (Thornburg, 1975). Pubescence begins with the menarche, or first menstruation, in girls…. The appearance of these characteristics, however, does not necessarily indicate that the reproductive system is complete. It may be a matter of months or even years before the body is capable of reproduction.

It is only with the third phase, puberty, that girls develop regular ovulatory menstrual cycles and the capability for procreation….This period generally spans about two years for girls and about three years for boys, ending when all of the secondary sex characteristics have fully appeared and reproductive ability has been reached. Most boys are well into puberty by age 14 (Marshall, 1975), most girls by the age of 15-16.”

page 108: “… the gradual decrease in the average age at which menarche has been occurring among Western European girls and apparently among girls of the United States and Canada as well (Botstein & McArthus, 1976)…. The fact that research has indicated that this trend is just as evident among girls in temperate climates as among girls in warm climates would also tend to destroy the myth that girls mature earlier in warm climates than in more moderate ones.”

page 111: “Abnormal growth and delayed or precocious puberty are usually associated with disorders in hypothalamic hormonal changes (Schonberg, 1075; Sizonenko, 1975).”

pages 115-117: “In girls there initially appears a budding of the breasts, then the appearance of pubic hair, then the menarche, and finally ovulation. … Breast development and pubic hair first become visible at about 10-11 years of age, whereas the menarche occurs, on the average, in the range of 11-13 years, or approximately two years after initial breast development. Menstruation during pubescence is generally irregular, partly due to factors of emotion, tension, and nutrition. Reproductive maturity is usually attained from one to two years after the first menstruation, with maximum fertility developing in the early 20s (Lamburg et al., 1973)….

The average age at menarche is 12.5 to 13. However, some normal girls may begin to menstruate as early as 9, while others may not start until the age of 16 (Offer & Offer, 1968)….

Genital growth is usually not complete when menstruation begins, and this growth continues slowly for several more years. The menarche is frequently followed by a period of sterility, which lasts until a regular ovulatory menstrual cycle is established. The duration of this period varies considerable; the first ovulation (the discharge of the first egg from the ovaries) may occur at menarche, or it may not take place until years later….

For several months following the menarche, there is usually a lack of regularity in the extent and timing of the menstrual flow.”


To begin with, puberty does not begin with a girl’s menarche. It begins about a year or two earlier. Islam missed the mark on this. Islam considers that puberty and adulthood begin with the menarche.

Further, science teaches that puberty does not end with menarche. It takes at least 2 more years for a child to sexually mature. Islam also missed the mark on this end. Science shows that usually the female body still has a ways to go from the time a girl has her menarche to the time she is sexually able to reproduce, or is considered to have an adult body.

Science further documents that there are times when a child may have “precocious puberty” and have menarche as early as age 8. This is usually due to a dysfunction or disorder within the child.


There is a misconception that when a young girl has her first menarche, she is capable of getting pregnant. Many primitive cultures believed that a girl can become pregnant following menarche; Muhammad’s culture probably believed this as well. However, science tells us this is very rare. Instead, the average time for a girl to become pregnant following menarche is one to two years. Clearly then, girls are not “mature” following their menarche. There are no biological grounds to marry and engage post-menarcheal girls in sexual activity; they cannot conceive children yet. Puberty does not equal maturity, and therefore this misconception should not lead to marriage.

Logically then, menarche is not a sign of a female being able to bear children. Only at the end of puberty can a girl conceive, not at the beginning, not at the middle. Puberty usually takes several years to complete.





Besides the documented assessment of growth and puberty above, other scientific and research groups have specifically addressed the effects of teen pregnancy. Here are some excerpts from webpages that address this issue.

From the American Academy of Pediatrics (*)


“… Improvements in prenatal care have resulted in decreases in medical complications among babies born to teenage mothers, but mothers aged 14 years and younger continue to experience unacceptably high rates of adverse outcomes. The most significant medical risks for infants of teenage mothers are likely related to the parental care those infants receive after the first year of life. Infants born to younger teenage mothers have a higher rate of mortality by their second birthday than infants of older adolescents and adults. [3] The incidence of prenatal mortality and low birth weight increases with subsequent pregnancies in adolescents. [4] The morbidity experienced by the infants of young mothers is more subtle to define but has been reported to include increased rates of hospitalization and increased risks of accidents, poisonings, burns, and superficial injuries. [5]…

… In several studies the cognitive levels of infants of younger v older mothers have been compared, and the results indicate lower cognition among the infants of younger mothers…



“Health Risks to the Mother”

“A teenage mother is more at risk of pregnancy complications such as premature or prolonged labor, anemia and high blood pressure. These risks are even greater for teens who are less than 15 years old.(3)”

“Health Risks to the Baby”

“A baby born to a teenage mother is more at risk than a baby born to an older mother.

“Nine percent of teenage girls have low-birthweight babies (under 5.5 lbs.), compared to 7 percent of all mothers nationally.(1)”

“Low-birthweight babies may have organs that are not fully developed. This can lead to lung problems such as respiratory distress syndrome, or bleeding in the brain.”

“Low-birthweight babies are 40 times more likely to die in their first month of life than normal-weight babies.”


NOTE: The webpage I obtained this from was particularly gruesome to read. Some sections, that did not pertain to this topic, (like female genital circumcision, a practice found throughout the Islamic world and taught by one of the 4 major schools of Islamic theology), I could not finish reading myself. It was just too gross. Do not read it if you have a weak stomach, or are disturbed by reports about women being abused. In this paper, I have tried to edit out gruesome details that were not necessary.


“An appraisal of harmful traditional practices and their effects on women and the girl child.

Traditional cultural practices reflect values and beliefs held by members of a community for periods often spanning generations. Every social grouping in the world has specific traditional cultural practices and beliefs, some of which are beneficial to all members, while others are harmful to a specific group, such as women. These harmful traditional practices include female genital mutilation (FGM); forced feeding of women; early marriage; the various taboos or practices which prevent women from controlling their own fertility; nutritional taboos and traditional birth practices; son preference and its implications for the status of the girl child; female infanticide; early pregnancy; and dowry price. Despite their harmful nature and their violation of international human rights laws, such practices persist because they are not questioned and take on an aura of morality in the eyes of those practicing them….

(NOTE: most of these are practiced by the Islamic world).

… Child marriage robs a girl of her childhood-time necessary to develop physically, emotionally and psychologically. In fact, early marriage inflicts great emotional stress as the young woman is removed from her parents’ home to that of her husband and in-laws. Her husband, who will invariably be many years her senior, will have little in common with a young teenager. It is with this strange man that she has to develop an intimate emotional and physical relationship. She is obliged to have intercourse, although physically she might not be fully developed….

… Health complications that result from early marriage in the Middle East and North Africa, for example, include the risk of operative delivery, low weight and malnutrition resulting from frequent pregnancies and lactation in the period of life when the young mothers are themselves still growing….

The work of the Committee has also permitted the identification of certain areas where law reform should be undertaken, in both civil and penal areas, such as the minimum age for marriage and establishment of the age of criminal responsibility as being the attainment of puberty. Some States have argued that girls attain their physical maturity earlier, but it is the view of the Committee that maturity cannot simply be identified with physical development when social and mental development are lacking and that, on the basis of such criteria, girls are considered adults before the law upon marriage, thus being deprived of the comprehensive protection ensured by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The International Conference on Population and Development, held at Cairo in September 1994 (see p. 36 below), encouraged Governments to raise the minimum age for marriage. In her preliminary report to the Commission on Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy, also recognized that the age of marriage was a factor contributing to the violation of women’s rights …

Early pregnancy can have harmful consequences for both young mothers and their babies. According to UNICEF, no girl should become pregnant before the age of 18 because she is not yet physically ready to bear children. Babies of mothers younger than 18 tend to be born premature and have low body weight; such babies are more likely to die in the first year of life. The risk to the young mother’s own health is also greater. Poor health is common among indigent pregnant and lactating women. …

An additional health risk to young mothers is obstructed labor, which occurs when the baby’s head is too big for the orifice of the mother. This provokes vesicovaginal fistulas, especially when an untrained traditional birth attendant forces the baby’s head out unduly….

Generally throughout the developing world, the average food intake of pregnant and lactating mothers is far below that of the average male. Cultural practices, including nutritional taboos, ensure that pregnant women are deprived of essential nutriments, and as a result they tend to suffer from iron and protein deficiencies….”

So not only does science teach us that young girls are not mature just because they have had first menarche, but science teaches us that teen, or worse yet, pre-teenage girls should not be bearing children. Their bodies are not ready for it. These type of pregnancies are frequently harmful both to the mother and the child.

However, Islam does not take into account the child’s or mother’s health. Consequently, this type of abuse occurs throughout the Islamic world. If anyone wants to see just how bad child abuse is in the Islamic world, read the above webpage posted by the United Nations. Most of the barbaric cultural practices listed there are generally practiced in the Islamic world.


Modern medicine teaches that a female’s body is not fully developed at age 9. Sexual intercourse at that age could damage a female’s sexual organs. For instance, at the age of 9 years old, the cervix of the female is yet undeveloped, as are many of the child’s sexual organs. Further, intercourse at this age leads to an 80% increased risk in her developing cervical cancer later in life.


There have been several studies done on females who were married at a very young age, and then taken into sexual intercourse. Following is a citation from two of them.

“Sexual contact between children and adults: A life course perspective.”
Browning, Christopher R; Laumann, Edward O
Citation: American Sociological Review, v62n4, pp.540-560, Aug 1997
Number: 03374356 Features: Table; Illustration; References
Copyright: American Sociological Association 1997

“Research interest in the long-term effects of sexual contact between female children and adults has increased dramatically in the last two decades. Two sets of issues have driven this enhanced attention. The first concerns the nature and extent of the impact these experiences have on subsequent well-being in adulthood. Empirical research has offered evidence of the severe and wide ranging effects of adult-child sex by documenting its associations with a host of later “symptoms,” such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction.”

“In each reduced model (Model 1), we see that adult-child sexual contact is significantly associated with the outcome considered. Women who experienced adult-child sexual contact were 1.6 times as likely to report sexual desire dysfunction, 2.1 times as likely to report sexual response dysfunction, 2.4 times as likely to report high dysfunction, 1.6 times as likely to report low overall well being, 1.7 times as likely to report low relationship satisfaction, and had more sexual activities that they found appealing compared with those who had no coupled sexual experiences as children. For every outcome except high dysfunction and number of sex acts found appealing, the introduction of the sexual trajectory variables (Models 2 and 3) renders the adult-child sexual contact coefficient insignificant, indicating that the effects of adult-child sex on adult outcomes are largely indirect, mediated through sexual trajectories.”

Another such study was done by Peter O. Ebigbo. In the German periodical for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychoanalysis his work was published. The abstract reads:

“Presents data on disturbed female clients whose marriages were arranged at age 9-13 years. When husbands had paid the dowry and fulfilled marriage customs, they were entitled to have sexual intercourse with their wives. Early sexual experience, mostly against the will of the underage girls, precipitated positive or negative reactions. In positive reaction cases, an imprinting fixation on the man took place. If the man died or rejected the young women, a disorientation took place, resulting mostly in an inability to have sexual relationships with other men. If the reaction was negative, the women did all she could to prevent sexual relationships with her husband through a variety of symptoms such as frequent pregnancies and secret love affairs.”




A quick review of Aisha’s life, during and following Muhammad’s death, shows that she exhibited some psychological problems:

1) She was extremely jealous of some of Muhammad’s other wives.

From Bukhari, 5.164:

Narrated ‘Aisha:
I did not feel jealous of any of the wives of the Prophet as much as I did of Khadija (although) she died before he married me, for I often heard him mentioning her, and Allah had told him to give her the good tidings that she would have a palace of Qasab (i.e. pipes of precious stones and pearls in Paradise), and whenever he slaughtered a sheep, he would send her women-friends a good share of it.

2) She conspired with other wives and lied to and deceived Muhammad.

From Bukhari 7.192:

Narrated ‘Ubaid bin ‘Umar:
I heard ‘Aisha saying, “The Prophet used to stay for a long while with Zanab bint Jahsh and drink honey at her house. So Hafsa and I decided that if the Prophet came to anyone of us, she should say him, “I detect the smell of Maghafir (a nasty smelling gum) in you. Have you eaten Maghafir?’ ” So the Prophet visited one of them and she said to him similarly. The Prophet said, “Never mind, I have taken some honey at the house of Zainab bint Jahsh, but I shall never drink of it anymore.” So there was revealed: ‘O Prophet ! Why do you ban (for you) that which Allah has made lawful for you … If you two (wives of Prophet) turn in repentance to Allah,’ (66.1-4) addressing Aisha and Hafsa. ‘When the Prophet disclosed a matter in confidence to some of his wives.’ (66.3) namely his saying: But I have taken some honey.”

3) She was a ringleader in the first Muslim civil war… the first time Muslims took arms up against other Muslims. According to the Hadith, Muslims went to hell for fighting in support of her. In the “Battle of the Camel”, thousands of Muslims were killed fighting against each other. Aisha’s side lost and she was basically put under house arrest by Ali.

From Bukhari 9.204:

Narrated Al-Hasan:
(Al-Ahnaf said:) I went out carrying my arms during the nights of the affliction (i.e. the war between ‘Ali and ‘Aisha) and Abu Bakra met me and asked, “Where are you going?” I replied, “I intend to help the cousin of Allah’s Apostle (i.e., ‘Ali).” Abu Bakra said, “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘If two Muslims take out their swords to fight each other, then both of them will be from amongst the people of the Hell-Fire.’ It was said to the Prophet, ‘It is all right for the killer but what about the killed one?’ He replied, ‘The killed one had the intention to kill his opponent.'”


Narrated Abu Wail:
When ‘Ali sent ‘Ammar and Al-Hasan to (the people of) Kufa to urge them to fight, ‘Ammar addressed them saying, “I know that she (i.e. ‘Aisha) is the wife of the Prophet in this world and in the Hereafter (world to come), but Allah has put you to test, whether you will follow Him (i.e. Allah) or her.”

So not only did Aisha help cause the death of thousands of Muslim men, she is pictured as acting against the very will of Allah.

One can only feel sorry for Aisha. Robbed of her childhood, becoming a bride to a man who had a large sexual appetite for many women, Aisha felt she had to at times lie to and deceive Muhammad to keep his attention. She is forbidden to marry after Muhammad death. Later she helps lead the first Muslim civil war, causing the death of thousands of Muslims, who according to Islam, would go to hell for fighting each other. Finally defeated, she is not executed but ordered to live the rest of her days, essentially under house arrest, in Medina.




Sandra Mackey, in “Saudis, Inside the Desert Kingdom” writes on page 161:

“Girls are considered marriageable from the time they reach puberty. The lower class marries very young. The ages for marriage and first pregnancy on Tarut Island, off the east coast, were published in a rare study on women that I unearthed from a library. In the group as a whole, the mean age for marriage was fourteen, with the first pregnancy occurring at sixteen. Out of 193 girls, 3 married as young as ten. Among the Bedouins and the rural poor, a girl can be the second of two wives, married to a man older than her father, the mother of several children, and suffering from severe depression by the age of eighteen.”

Jean Sasson writes in “Princess”

page 74:

In Saudi Arabia, the appearance of the first menses means that it is time to select the first veil and abaaya.

page 75:

A child enters the store, but a woman emerges, veiled, and on that day, of marriageable age. Her life changes in that split second.

There are other books I could quote from, but the above is enough to illustrate the point: the legal abuse of children exists in the Islamic world today. Many of them are coerced, either by their fathers, family, or their family’s financial situation, to accept marriage with a man old enough to be their grandfather. Other girls probably don’t even understand what they are getting into when they are approached to marry a man.

Female children are valued greatly for their virginity, exploited by lustful old men, who purchase the girl with a dowry, and use them for sexual gratification. They are left to live as second class people in a culture based upon Muhammad’s life. This is the Islam that Muslims in the West don’t want to tell you about.


It is obvious from reading Aisha’s accounts in the Hadith and Tabari’s history that she raised no objection in marrying Muhammad. She wasn’t mature enough to understand Muhammad’s marriage proposal. She wasn’t mature enough to know what Muhammad was up to when she was sent into the room and he had her sit on his lap.

It all happened so quickly that she didn’t know what was going on. This is not surprising. As stated, the brain’s ability to be maturely cognitive occurs well after age 9. At age 9, Aisha was barely able to comprehend the world around her. She knew that Muhammad was someone special, she knew that her father loved him. Because Aisha raised no objection does not make it right. She was too young to truly think and decide for herself.

And what about all the other little girls in the Islamic world who are not “fortunate” enough to marry a celebrity like Muhammad? Do they really have a choice? Are their voices heard? According to what is documented, many are not. Many little girls become severely depressed following Muhammad’s “Sunnah” in the Islamic world.




Another claim Muslims make to justify Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha is that Muhammad was cementing his bond with Aisha’s father, Abu Bakr. But, we read in Tabari that that was not the reason Muhammad married her.

Here is the quote from Tabari, volume 9, page 129.

“The Reason Why the Messenger of God Asked for the Hands of Both Aisha and Sawdah in Marriage …

… When Khadijah died, Khawlah, wife of Uthman, who was in Mecca, said (to the Messenger of God), “O Messenger of God, will you not marry?” He replied, “Whom”?” “A maiden [virgin]”, she said, if you like, or a non-maiden.” He replied, “Who is the maiden?” “The daughter of the dearest creature of God to you,” she answered, “Aisha bint Abi Bakr.”…

She went to Abu Bakr’s house, where she found Umm Ruman, mother of Aisha and said, “O Umm Ruman, what a good thing and a blessing has God brought to you!” She said, “What is that?” Khawlah replied, “The Messenger of God has sent me to ask for Aisha’s hand in marriage on his behalf.”

The story goes on to describe how Abu Bakr then gave his daughter in marriage when she was 6.

Note here there is nothing at all about “cementing ties”, between Abu Bakr and Muhammad. Instead, all we see is a match making friend hooking Muhammad up with Aisha. Anyone familiar with Abu Bakr knows that his relationship to Muhammad needed no cementing. He put his life on the line for Muhammad many times and followed him through thick and thin.



Dawood, N. J., “The Koran”, Penguin, London, England, 1995
Bukhari, Muhammad, “Sahih Bukhari”, Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi, India, 1987, translated by M. Khan
Muslim, Abu’l-Husain, “Sahih Muslim”, International Islamic Publishing House, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1971, translated by A. Siddiqi
Abu Dawud, Suliman, “Sunan”, al-Madina, New Delhi, 1985, translated by A. Hasan
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Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, edited by Walter A. Elwell, Baker, Grand Rapids MI, 1997
“ADOLESCENCE”, by L. Steinberg, pub. by McGraw Hill, 1993
“ADOLESCENCE – TRANSITION FROM CHILDHOOD TO MATURITY”, by Lambert, Rothschild, Altland, & Green, pub. by Brooks / Cole.


Lunar Years

Article 1041 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that girls can be engaged before the age of nine, and married at nine: “Marriage before puberty (nine full lunar years for girls) is prohibited. Marriage contracted before reaching puberty with the permission of the guardian is valid provided that the interests of the ward are duly observed.”

This is a minor point in all this ugliness, but it makes it even worse—the reference is to *lunar* years—not the solar years we use in most of the rest of the world. The lunar year is short—354 days rather than 365. This is why Ramadan wanders around the calendar.

But it also means these poor girls are *not even nine*. They are eight years and eight months at “nine lunar years”. The idea that a girl has *reached puberty* at just a little over eight and a half years old is grotesque.


“(The onset of puberty is considered an appropriate time for a marriage to be consummated.)”

Of course, this is entirely grotesque in itself.

Muhammad and the semen stains in his clothes (Bukhari hadith)

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 231:

Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar:

I asked ‘Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, “I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. ”

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 232:

Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun:

I heard Sulaiman bin Yasar talking about the clothes soiled with semen. He said that ‘Aisha had said, “I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayers while water spots were still visible on them.

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 233:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them.

Mohammed consumated his ‘marriage’ to Aisha when she was nine, but for three years before that he subjected her to the obscene and degrading practice of mufa’ khathat or thighing, where he rubbed his penis between the tops of her thighs without penetrating, but ejaculated all over his own garments, which he then made her wash. Thighing continues to the present day, because the ‘Perfect Man’ set the example.

Will any ‘moderate’ Muslim condemn the thighing of pre-pubescent children? Don’t hold your breath!

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  1. And the western world keeps silent to this 1400 year-old well documented fact. Either that, or the world remains virtually uninformed.

  2. Just in this past week in Islamic Yemen, one 13 year old girl was raped to death (her ‘husband’ repeatedly forced himself inside her, tearing her vagina. She bled to death) and another 11 year old is in the hospital with similar injuries.

    Of course, muslims can’t condemn this without condemning the behavior of muhammad himself, and since muhammad is a perfect example for them (quran 3:21), it would be against allah and islam to condemn.

    islam is a sick perversion of religion.

  3. Answering Muslims

    Yemeni Child Brides, Aisha, and Qur’an 65:4

    Western Muslims are typically quite embarrassed by the fact that Muhammad had sex with a nine-year-old girl, and Muslim apologists are doing everything in their power to rewrite history in order to rescue their prophet from criticism. But are they willing to rewrite the Qur’an as well?

    According to Surah 2:228, if a Muslim man wants to divorce his wife, he should wait until she has gone through three monthly cycles (i.e. three periods). But the question later arose: What are men who want a divorce supposed to do when their wives, for whatever reason, do not have monthly cycles? The Qur’an answers this question in Surah 65:4, where it gives divorce rules for (1) women who do not have monthly cycles because they are too old, (2) girls who do not have monthly cycles because they are too young, and (3) women and girls who do not have monthly cycles because they are pregnant. The verse declares that, if Muslim men want to divorce girls who haven’t yet reached puberty, they must wait three months (after having sex with them).

    Here are some translations of Surah 65:4.

    Qur’an 65:4 (Shakir)–And (as for) those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, if you have a doubt, their prescribed time shall be three months, and of those too who have not had their courses; and (as for) the pregnant women, their prescribed time is that they lay down their burden; and whoever is careful of (his duty to) Allah He will make easy for him his affair.

    Qur’an 65:4 (Arberry)–As for your women who have despaired of further menstruating, if you are in doubt, their period shall be three months; and those who have not menstruated as yet. And those who are with child, their term is when they bring forth their burden. Whoso fears God, God will appoint for him, of His command, easiness.

    Qur’an 65:4 (Yusuf Ali)–Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the prescribed period, if ye have any doubts, is three months, and for those who have no courses (it is the same): for those who carry (life within their wombs), their period is until they deliver their burdens: and for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy.

    Qur’an 65:4 (Hilali-Khan)–And those of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the ‘Iddah (prescribed period), if you have doubts (about their periods), is three months, and for those who have no courses [(i.e. they are still immature) their ‘Iddah (prescribed period) is three months likewise, except in case of death] . And for those who are pregnant (whether they are divorced or their husbands are dead), their ‘Iddah (prescribed period) is until they deliver (their burdens), and whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make his matter easy for him.

    Qur’an 65:4 (Sher Ali)–And if you are in doubt as to the prescribed period for such of your women as have despaired of monthly courses, then know that the prescribed period for them is three months, and also for such as do not have their monthly courses yet. And as for those who are with child, their period shall be until they are delivered of their burden. And whoso fears ALLAH, HE will provide facilities for him in his affair.

    Qur’an 65:4 (Rodwell)–As to such of your wives as have no hope of the recurrence of their times, if ye have doubts in regard to them, then reckon three months, and let the same be the term of those who have not yet had them. And as to those who are with child, their period shall be until they are delivered of their burden. God will make His command easy to him who feareth Him.

    Here are three classic Muslim commentaries on 65:4.

    Tafsir Ibn Kathir (on Qur’an 65:4)—Allah the Exalted clarifies the waiting period of the woman in menopause. And that is the one whose menstruation has stopped due to her older age. Her `Iddah is three months instead of the three monthly cycles for those who menstruate, which is based upon the Ayah in (Surat) Al-Baqarah. [see 2:228] The same for the young, who have not reached the years of menstruation. Their `Iddah is three months like those in menopause.

    Tafsir al-Jalalayn (on Qur’an 65:4)—And [as for] those of your women who (read allà‘ï or allà‘i in both instances) no longer expect to menstruate, if you have any doubts, about their waiting period, their prescribed [waiting] period shall be three months, and [also for] those who have not yet menstruated, because of their young age, their period shall [also] be three months.

    Tafsir Ibn Abbas (on Qur’an 65:4)—(And for such of your women as despair of menstruation) because of old age, (if ye doubt) about their waiting period, (their period (of waiting) shall be three months) upon which another man asked: “O Messenger of Allah! What about the waiting period of those who do not have menstruation because they are too young?” (along with those who have it not) because of young age, their waiting period is three months.

    For Muslims who want to say that this verse could refer to divorcing prepubescent girls whose husbands haven’t had sex with them, the Qur’an refutes this claim. Surah 33:49 says that there is no waiting period if a man has not had sex with his bride.

    Qur’an 33:49–O ye who believe! When ye marry believing women, and then divorce them before ye have touched them, no period of ‘Iddat have ye to count in respect of them: so give them a present. And set them free in a handsome manner.

    Hence, the Qur’an says that there is no waiting period if a man hasn’t had sex with his bride, and the Qur’an prescribes a waiting period for men who want to divorce their prepubescent child-brides. This presupposes that the men have had sex with them, which means that the Qur’an allows sex with prepubescent girls. This shouldn’t be surprising, since Muhammad himself had sex with a girl who hadn’t reached puberty. More

  4. how stupid people you are i live in tunisia and my grand mother has meried on age of 11 this was 70 years ago so what about the life of my prophet and my mother aicha was engaged before married my prophet so it was normal in their society so my prophet did not do any thig wrong
    so be quit people

  5. * my prophet did not do any thig wrong so be quit people

    Your false prophet and its followers don’t like people discussing its actions. “Silence! I kill you!”

  6. Muslima,

    Read your post – you sound like the stupid one. You don’t need to tell us you live in a muslim country we can tell by your obvious lack of education. Your prohet was a nasty little pedophile and your grandmother was the victim of a child molester. Shame on you and all muslims who defend this pig!

  7. chut your mouth m rob you are the pig for my last breath i will defend my prophet and if you know him you whould never say that . then if you asked my grand mother it whould said she is the happiest women on earth with her faith
    and about you ””Mullah Lodabullah ”’ come on discuss what you wont to say
    how can i hear you when you humilate my prophet when you stop that i will discuss my religion with you i have nothing to hide about my religion okiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. Was not the Holy Prophet peace be upon him is the first suitors her, but she was engaged to “Jabir bin Restaurant”, which indicates the completion of maturity and femininity, then, or the emergence of Alamathma.

    Were not his sermon, peace be upon him have not the desire of his own, but the proposal “to Khawla Bint al-Hakim,” the Prophet – peace be upon him – to strengthen the link with loved c
    – It is known clinically that puberty in the tropics is faster than in regions with low heat. May reach the age of puberty in girls in the tropics to 8 or 9 years.

    – He married the Prophet – peace be upon him – Aisha, a girl six or seven years, and entered by a girl of nine years, in the correct version narrated by Muslim: from the Black Aisha said: “married the Messenger of Allah – peace be up
    That the marriage of a man from a little girl not a new invention at that time, nor in the centuries following him, especially in a country that is based on the tribal system, as evidenced by a marriage, “Abd al-Muttalib,” Sheikh great age of the “halo” cousin “safe “The day he married the” Abdullah “his youngest son is the boys at the age of halo, which Amna Bint Wahab.
    And victimization in the
    It is the greatest body of evidence that marriage Aisha was something natural in social terms is irreproachable, adoption of the Quraish infidels, non-exposure, with all their eagerness to throw the fade does not exist already, such as saying: poet or a madman.

    – Aisha – may Allah be pleased with them – at that age where there is human emptied Bala, and more willing to receive the flag. Vzojat beloved Ken, older, and no doubt learning at a young age a great advantage in stone, and there are many matters of religion, women’s, or the relationship of man with his wife and family, and need for the portfolio of conscious could report this knowledge to other
    , this is what happened to them, may God them.

    This is clearly reflected in the words of Imam al-Zuhri: “If the collection flag Aisha to the attention of all the mothers of the believers, astrology, all women were aware of Aisha better,”
    says Ata ibn Abi Rabah: “Aisha was knowledgeable people, and I know people, and the best people in an opinion in public.”

  9. Your “prophet” has mocked and blasphemed against Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and (apparently) did not repent before he died. The second death awaits him, and those who follow after him, unless they change their minds about Jesus Christ, and the Gospel.

    “And death and Hell were put into the sea of fire. This is the second death, even the lake of fire. And if any was not found written in the book of life, he was cast into the lake of fire.” – Revelation 20:14 & 15

    Warn your fellow muslims that time is running out for islam and for them, and death and the lake of fire await them if they do not accept God’s plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    allah and its false prophet Mo cannot help them, or save them.

  10. I have proof that the muslim prophet Muhammad was not a bad person. I have been studying Islam for a long time now, and you must know this religion is a good religion. YOu are just putting news of stupid extremist people on here and making sure what they did is a big deal and ephasizing the fact that they’re muslim. IF they were not muslim and some other religion and a lot of them were doing bad things, you would not do this. You just hate islam. I hope one day you people will be more open-minded as I have become. It is good to open your heart to others.
    *I saw this website on another post on this site, it has some very very good info in it!*

  11. Muslims do what they do because of Islam and not for any other reason.
    You are indoctrinated to believe Islam “is a good religion” because you know nothing else.

    Islam hates unbelievers. Islam calls for genocide of Jews. Is that “open minded?”

    You set out to deceive, Maria-Sunny-Bunny.

    You did your da’awa. You tried and you failed.

    Enough is enough.

  12. Maria – the words of allah, via its false prophet:

    “Make war on [unbelievers] until idolatry is no more and [allah’s racket marketed as religion] reigns supreme” (sura 8:39)

    Tell allah to shove its “religion” where the sun doesn’t shine, and where its false prophet is destined to spend eternity.

    Hell is hell, Maria. Don’t go!

  13. sisiter maria i really thank you for deffending islam see people no one forced this women to tell good things about islam did we thretened her with bombs i dont thik so .. thanks about you Mullah Lodabullah or whotever about relation between prophet mohamed an prophet jesus( issa) do you know that if a muslim did not believe in jesus or moses or abraham or jacob or any other profet he is not a muslim he is a kafir this is the importance of prophets in my religion and other thing yes we moslim believe that the one hwo has been crossed not jesus (pbuh) but it was one of his companies and that god took him to sky and i wonder if you know that jews are the one who planed to kill jesus we dont hate jesws because my prophet maried a jews woman mother safia and when her mother come to visit her my prophet ordred her to be nice her and to treat her well .. also you said that we hate unbelievers but my prophet when a funiral of a jews man passed infront of him he stood up when he was asked that this is a funiral of jews man he said is not this a soll so we respect a dead jews what about leaving people …. what i said is nothing unfront of waht i did not say but i wont stop untill i change this look …

  14. “… if a muslim did not believe in jesus or moses or abraham or jacob or any other profet he is not a muslim he is a kafir …”

    moslima, if a muslim does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he or she is not a “kafir”; he or she is doomed for rejecting the only name under Heaven by which we can be saved. There is salvation in no other; not in allah, or Mo, or anyone. Full stop.

  15. Muhammad, Aisha & the Pleasure of the Thighs

    Mufa’ Khathat – cleaning up the mess after thighing Aisha

    – Mohammed Dressup

    The ‘Prophet’ Mohammed was a dirty old pervert – old enough
    to be Aisha’s grandfather when he did Mufa’khathat to her.

    Thighing of children
    Mohammed married Ayesha when she was six, but as she was too small to consumate, he practised the sacred rite of Mufa’ Khathat (otherwise known as ‘thighing’) whereby he rubbed himself between the tops of her thighs, but did not enter, until she was nine.

    When he climaxed at the end of his thighing sessions, he came all over his clothes, so he gave little Ayesha the job of washing them.

    “Rub a dub dub, put my clothes in a tub”

    From Bukhari

    Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar:
    I asked ‘Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, “I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. ”

    Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun:
    I heard Sulaiman bin Yasar talking about the clothes soiled with semen. He said that ‘Aisha had said, “I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayers while water spots were still visible on them.

    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them.

    What a nice job for a little girl!

    Following the Perfect example from the Perfect Man
    Now since Mohammed is ‘the perfect man’ and role model for all Muslims, he set a precedent which allows all Muslim men to perform Mufa’Khathat on children younger than nine, and to have full sex from nine onwards.

    Ayatollah Khomeini, generally regarded as one of the leading Muslims of the twentieth century, wrote “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.”

    Being a devout man who practised what be preached, the Ayatollah had a ‘fling’ with a four year old girl, as related in ‘Hal Ataaka Hadeeth ur-Raafidah?’ by the late Sheikh Abu Mus’abaz-Zarqaawi:

    “When it was time to sleep, the guests had all left, except for the inhabitants of the house. Al-Khomeini laid his eyes on a young girl who, despite being only four or five years of age, was very beautiful.

    So, the Imam requested from her father, Sayyid Sahib, that he spend the night with her in order to enjoy her. Her father happily agreed, and Imam al-Khomeini spent the night with the girl in his arms, and we could hear her crying and screaming.’”

    Brave women’s rights campaigner Madam Ghada denounces thighing (towards end of interview)


    Islamic Gang Rape and Pedophilia as a ‘Community Activity’
    Of course every culture produces rapists and child molesters, but in non-Muslim societies these are usually isolated loners. In contrast, Muslim rapists and pedophiles are well-organised and these predators often hunt their prey in rape-gangs in a tradition of Muslim razzia going back to the ‘prophet’.

    Muslim Raped Christian Toddler for Refusal to Convert to Islam
    Two and a half years old, raped and left to die by the roadside for the crime of being Christian in Pakistan. The Muslim rapist was never prosecuted as rape is a legitimate weapon of jihad.

    Beslan – Child rape, torture, enforced urophagia and murder in the name of Islam
    Young girls were gang raped. Young girls were raped with gun barrels and other objects. Many young girls did not survive these rapes. Children were forced to drink their own urine before being executed.

    Man boy sex (Pederasty) in Islam
    In Muslim societies women are kept covered in burkhas, so the prettiest things that most unmarried Muslim men ever see are beardless pre-pubescent boys. Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality as it is between adult men.

    Bacha bazi feminizes these boys in order to degrade them. By forcing them to perform in women’s clothes and by raping them, this tradition not only seeks to humiliate these boys for the pleasure of wealthy men, but also to reinforce the idea that women are inferior and for a boy to have feminine affectations is degrading for him.

    Muslim pedophile gangs prey on British Children
    Pedophilia is socially acceptable in Islam because ‘the perfect man’ Mohammed was a pedophile. In addition, pedophile attacks on ‘kuffar’ (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on the children and their parents.

    Inbreeding, Incest and Cousin Marriage in Islam
    Young girls are sold as sex-slaves to older cousins and uncles to ensure that the bride purchse transaction money remains within the family.

    Islamic Child Sexual Abuse: Muslim Pedophilia
    Women are kept in purdah, and must be accompanied by a male relative whenever they leave the house. Wealthy older men acquire the youngest brides (often young cousins), with polygamy ensuring that young women are always in short supply for impoverished young men.

    Islam is powered by Muslim sexual repression
    Proponents of wars and terrorism in the name of Islam often exploited the frustration of sexually deprived young males and tantalised them with the prospect of captured women as ‘war booty’ if they succeeded. If they died, 72 lovely virgins in paradise as ‘houris’ would be provided to them which makes these boys ready to die for it, as suicide bombers.

    95% of Pakistani Truckers have sex with Boys
    Young boys are prostituted and abused in The Land of The Pure

    Muslim sex criminals are above the law
    Muslim pedophile gangs are immune from prosecution as police do not want to risk damaging ‘community cohesion’.

    Hypermasculine Muslims – Islam and hypermasculinity
    Predatory and domineering, Islam is a brutal, hypermasculine, barbarian, tribal warrior cult that glories in murder, mutilation, rape, genocide, terrorism, destruction and anarchy. Women, girls and all the feminine aspects human nature are chattelised and subjugated. Weakness is despised and seen as ripe for predation. A woman or girl is to be owned, not treated as an equal. If she punctures the fragile inflated ego of her owner, then she must be killed to restore the man’s ‘honour’ among his peers. Kuffar women and children are war booty.

    Islam is bullying, swaggering, predatory, wife-beating thuggery, which is the destroyer of all that is beautiful, spiritual, gentle, innocent and vulnerable.

  16. moslima, you are a reprobate. Aisha was 6 and NOT 11 as your granny were when she got violated at that still very young age.

    Aisha was SIX, and that little girl eventually turned out to be a demented woman.

    Are you married, miss twisted? Would you give away your six year-old daughter to a mullah? Now, why wouldn’t you?

    Again, allow this very real scenario to play out slowly in your mind. A 55 year-old stinking man comes up to you asking for your little girl’s hand, would you oblige? I doubt it, for in the confinement of your inner most being that small voice of your conscious whispers to your darkened soul the word: “Prevert”

  17. I see you are back again pedaling your tripe moslima. Why don’t you spend your time more usefully (ie. learning to think is a useful suggestion)?. “No laughing matter”, I wouldn’t bother recognizing this rubbish with an answer.

  18. Maria,
    You should pass your islamic references onto the rest of the muslim world, then they can all become decent human beings like yourself :-). When that happens, and muslims learn to live with other belief systems and cultures, this site won’t exist. Until then, moslima, you can bleat all you wish but nothing will change. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT!!!!

  19. Previously betrothal Ms. Aisha:

    Before offered to the Prophet peace be upon him was herself engaged to Jabir bin Restaurant bin Adai, and this means that although it was six years old, it was fit for marriage and then in terms of structure note that the dwellers of the country warm grow faster and aged faster than those living the cold country
    Arabs usually draw it:

    I stayed to draw the mother of believers Aisha wife in the house of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him three years before entering them.

    Is not this evidence that the Prophet peace be upon him the same together if it was as alleged intercourse little girl, he would have proved to be intercourse, even in the novel are weak but he did not stand, but proved to be a peace be upon him came out when she was nine years of any stay in the home and the home of three years without ever closer and the biggest evidence of the chastity of the same peace be upon him and his failure to commit what is forbidden and the Almighty God
    Habit of the Arabs to marry men who are younger in age, regardless of the difference between the two parties
    History bears witness to that.

    That is the Virgin Mary by the Peace had got engaged to her cousin Yousef al-Najjar and he was then nearly eighty-nine years old and she was a twelve-year-old that any difference between the time he was seventy-seven years old

    Prophet, peace be upon him married Aisha after fifty

    He married the Prophet peace be upon him and Aisha at the age of about fifty years, the Taklna things objectively, we will know that the purpose of marriage is not lust and instinct as some claim.

    But this marriage was highest for the link to the minds of these fools and we will remember those purposes shortly after

  20. Note me that beloved peace be upon him when he got married Aisha had no children, including even the eldest only, whom he married peace be upon him among his wives because women need someone to teach them, especially if it was a hardship to deal with between a man and a woman was the mother of believers Aisha may Allah be pleased to have this role

    It is a little girl in the age group makes it easier to conservation and understanding and receiving and also do not shy away by women in contrast if in such a great example of age not ashamed of them young girls, because here in like ages

    So it’s one of the most novel of women to talk about peace be upon him and even after his death has been to teach women about their religion and the daughter was then eighteen years of age by God

    The following table Bien us a number of mothers in the reference books the Sunnah and it relates to the novel Ms. Aisha is approximate count stands for Muslim brother on the role played by Aisha after the death of beloved peace be upon him
    Name of the reference
    The number of conversations

    Sahih Al-Bukhari

    Sahih Muslim

    Sunan al-Tirmidhi

    Women’s ways of

    Sunan Abi Dawood

    Sunan Ibn Majah

    Musnad Imam Ahmad

    Muwatta Imam Malik

    Sunan Daarimi

    Flag if gathered Aishah to the knowledge of mothers of the believers but to the knowledge of all women aware of the likely Aa’ishah
    Revelation did not come down only in the house of Aisha

    They should know Misguided that the revelation did not come down to Jesus peace be upon him only in the house of Aisha did not come down upon him peace be upon him in other houses of his wives and this confirms that the marriage of peace be upon him, including one of the important purposes that Ms. Aisha teacher and a tanker for peace be upon him and of course this does not include Ms. Khadija Bint first wife of the Prophet peace be upon him

    Proof of this

    Umm Salamah, wife of the Prophet peace be upon him said:

    ] Talked Suahbi to speak to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to tell the people Verdon him where he is, then they are investigating offering, on Aisha and I love good and loving Aisha said:

    O Messenger of Allah Suahbi Kelmenni to talk to you to order people to Ihdoa you where you are, people are checking their gifts on Aisha, but also love good love Aisha said:

    Curse of the Prophet peace be upon him did not return to me sowed Suahbi Vokbernhn he did not Ikelmeni They said:

    Do not let what is this when Tdeinh said:

    Then there was that His words Suahbi Omrnni may order the people to talk to you Vlihdoa you where you said to him, such as those the article twice or three times all silent about the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and said:

    O Umm Salamah not no harm in the e Aisha and what God revealed to revelation and I’m in the house of a woman from a women’s non-Aisha said:

    God forbid that in Osuk Aisha [([7])

    The evidence

    The evidence from this Hadith that the Prophet peace be upon him, when I asked him his wife Umm Salama to enjoin the people to come back their gifts in the days of the other wives peace be upon him, because people are accustomed to send their gifts in on Aisha said to her, peace be upon him Aisha is not no harm in the revelation that when one comes to me in the house except in her home

    For this, they have of their status, both among the Muslims or in his heart peace be upon him he does not want to miss this place was good and the good regardless of where you do it
    Mohammed bin Abdullah the Holy Prophet peace be upon him Let’s review his history in the light of that slander .. Is he likes women or has a predilection for that? This is a young Arab, known good character and decency, honesty and truthfulness marry Ms. Khadija is older than him did not marry perhaps until her death has been exceeded then fifty years of age have passed their youth spontaneous can not where a person accused of the same and which proves that after the death of Khadija, you went and married a virgin or beautiful or small what? Nay, but married after Khadija Psodp girl Zama Amiriya, old weak poor and in need of assistance and redress, especially after a husband and without a breadwinner and do not have what we want as men, but the Prophet, but the invitation and that they are doing things and under the control of divine revelation to the Mission of the Prophet Muhammad conclusion and if the prophet marrying a secure Soda after the marriage lasted for more than twenty-five year with Ms. Khadija and after her death, confirms and respond to the hate that the marriage of the Prophet was not only for the purposes of advocacy, legislative and humanitarian and under the umbrella of divine revelation

  21. Is it possible that you respond honestly?
    The whole purpose of the objection is that the appeal in the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him which was not who Kzboh Bazareth ?!!!!! But if this was your standard to challenge the infallibility of the Prophets, how prophets Scriptures have believed in Ptharivat stigma and humiliation attributed to them falsely after the circulation of key cabinet travel between the tribes and disputes fierce, which was among the Jews was a difference and tribes such as one between Alfressn and Alsdoukin or between Beit Hanania, Beit Toiba Fbalkid attribute such stigmas shameful and attribute them canon to give legal and legitimate and not a weapon when fighting and the exchange of calibration and insults between the Jews who have not spared even killed the prophets, what the lesser of the word was with them – what we – intended to do ye this was not contested by the prophecy did not maturing you have any conscience religious instinctive and when do you respond to the objection that the theory of sin Twarttamoha historically and folds of the Romans and the idea Oqahemtem between the folds of religious discourse year travel-Tluon neck to speak verified Marbakm
    Then we are talking about infallibility, Prophethood and entered us now in the theory of sin? Why do not you apply the same standards in the sense we did not ask why committed the prophets in the travel of those crimes and stigmas, adultery and treachery, lying, and others we flowed for so we ask if it was just a marriage by a small made you Ttanon honestly prophecy ? were worried why not in the prophecy of the Old Testament prophets in line with the same standard I repeat, not Tjibona theory of sin we are breeds of what? but wonder about applying the same standard it possible to apply it to the prophets of the Old Testament???
    Moreover, we find that the Virgin Mary when she was married (or engaged) a certificate of Christians Yousef al-Najjar was born Jesus Christ .. Was enacted only 12 years old when he was Joseph the Carpenter on the outskirts of ninety years old .. About (89) .. Means greater than about 77 years .. This talk is documented in the Catholic Encyclopedia

  22. and about khoumaini you know i am sunia and the khoumaini is chiaa so there is a big difference between us and we sunna people we don’t agree about this point ( about having sex with little girls) so dont mention this example

  23. and about you ”’ nolaughingmatter ”’ the married of the prophet was 1400 years ago so if i am going to give my daughter to some men of corse there a big different between my cultur on 21 centery and before 1400 years so i will practice islam as a 21 centery moslim

  24. There are no holy prophets.
    it contradicts the quran.
    but even the transfer of the quran from angelical to human level was contaminated.
    there are no holy or perfect books.
    Without the YHWH Ruach one can not deduct spiritual scriptures.

  25. about what some of you said about rapping girls at yemen and pakisten those does not express what is islam if a muslim stills look this is islam if someone killed some body you said look this is islam and this is wrong because moslims are not angels so dont know islam via moslims ..

  26. Hate to tell the news;
    organized systematic religions can not save you,
    over 38 000 christian denominations, divided islam,
    hinduism, buddhism, judaism and so on,
    they all fall short
    One got to be in the QAHAL YHWH.
    Most what we see in the world today is existentialism ,
    some religion is a “way of life”,
    but the Q Y is the LIFE.

  27. moslima,
    Thank you for conceding that your religion is NOT valid for our times – which is an unchallenged truth that has far reaching effects on the grounds on which your quasi-religion was founded.
    Please answer this question: what do you personally gain by holding on to your convictions concerning the unorthodox marriages of your leader? Will that grant you favour in God’s eyes? You are lost.

  28. moslima,
    religion is a human concept – think about the implications instead of spewing forth rubbish. As I said … stop wasting our time and yours.

  29. there is a holy prophet and a perfect religion bible was a perfect book and after being it islam has been saved us the last holy book also the transfer of the quran from angelical to human level was not contaminated. because godd was the sender so he is capable to protect his religion.

  30. about you nolaughingmatter islam is a religion for ever and about your question to defend my prophet is an honor to me because you are blind to see what he was come on people if my prophet a killer man how men he killed ???? 50…100…1000 nooooooooo he killed only one man tried to kill him this is my prophet .. this what i am proud to defend him ..

  31. for us muslims we believe jesus (pbuh) is not a son of god he is only a prophet and us i said if a muslim did not believe on him he is a kufir so we believe in every prophet this is why islam a perfect religion

  32. religion is not a human factor it is a devine order from god and islam is not to kill no the opposite islam is a way of life for alla peple and we have a phrase in quran ”And argue not with the people of the Book, but that is better but who wronged them, and say a safe which has been revealed to us and revealed to you, God and your God is one and we are a Muslim).” so we are ordred from god to be nice with unless you tried to heart us and this is when jihad come

  33. moslima, how can you be so sure that God has forgiven you your sins by holding on to your belief in this man?

  34. Religion is a human concept – this does not imply God does not exist – but we
    are limited in our comprehension. To assume that a book written by a man of dubious morality and the followers of a rather nasty arab tribesman is the word of G_d is an ultimate expression of stupidity and selfishness – and a sign of total disrespect for others – rather islamic isnt it, Moslima? There is little point in having an argument with you because you are very limited in what you can argue and understand – keep writing and wasting your time.

  35. nolaughingmatter this is a believe and this is a principe in my life i hope that god forgive my sinces by believing him and believing his prophets(pbut) . if i could found a man like my prophet i whould believe on him but mohamed (pbuh) is unique and he is mercy for all people

  36. and you”’ kaw”” god does exist i believe in god it is enough that he is holding the sky to not follow on me you know the most stupid question is that does god exist well come on look at your self how you come to life were did get your soll .. and the curan is not aa book that written by a man this is why you find no mistake on it ..

  37. “there is a holy prophet” is mindless parroting
    holy is mere human description if the YHWH Kabod is not involved.
    there is no holy bible, holy quran, holy veda etc.
    there are no perfect books if you can’t see that you are spiritually
    blind and intellectually dishonest.
    The transfer of the quran from angelic to human level was contaminated because even the premise is wrong;
    people like Muhammed and Joseph Smith were wrong to accept
    other gospels from angels (Gabriel/Moroni).
    Paul pronounced anathema over it.
    You can’t even accept something else from Michael (#2).
    (Only Malak YHWH supercedes, but won’t change the gospel)
    The perfect religion of God is the Qahal YHWH for it goes beyond the
    denominations and the organized systematic human interpretations.
    it only goes by the indwelling & the renewal of YHWH Ruach.
    through YhM. (without it; no real Faith & Religion).
    Isa Masu in the quran is not Yehoshuva ha Moshiach from the Bible.
    John the baptist was called the greatest among men until then,
    he was a prophet, but YhM is far greater than John the baptist;
    Yeshua is the human (birth-life-death-resurrection) manifestation of YHWH. the way,the truth and the life.
    there is no other way, of course but every one is free to err.
    As written before i am not convinced of the claims of all official
    existing world-religions for they are suffocating faith.
    Moslima, you state it will well; you hope that your god will forgive your
    sins, but he can’t and he won’t; jews, christians and muslims still want to earn their own salvation, the truth is no one can do that, only YhM!

  38. Ahh, moslima, don’t you see. This is the primary difference between you and I. You say:”nolaughingmatter this is a believe and this is a principe in my life i hope that god forgive my sinces by believing him and believing his prophets(pbut) .” YOU ARE NOT SURE of your salvation, and you HOPE that god forgives your sins. Whereas, I am certain of what and of WHOM I have placed my faith in. The Lord Jesus Christ HAS forgiven me my sins.

    moslima, God loves you and He wants you to be certain of your salvation. Your quasi-prophet does not offer it to you because he himself did NOT have it. His life was rotten to the core – a violent man who lived a life of lust and military conquest. He himself told his first wife (Khadija) that an evil spirit had appeared to him in the cave. He said it. Go read it in your books.

    Think about it.

  39. Mohammed is also a guts less killer he order to killed Asamaa bint Marwan while she was breast feeding her baby WHAT A GREAT PROPHET THE MUSSIE HAVE

  40. nolaughingmatter are ordering your god to forgive you the most beautifull thing in my religion is to cry in prayer to ask god to forgive me and do supplication this when i feel a slave to my god it is an honor to have allah as god and to be for him as a slave but jesus (pbuh) is a prophet we love him muslims all of us but he is not a god

  41. and about you the” hell ”of all man kind i had been back to my books and resorces so i found that this hadith is not true it was meked up su=o bring me something real and honnest..

  42. Rape and child abuse is rape and child doesn’t matter what you say about praying , the man whose borrowed ideas you follow , is not worthy of any kind of respect..he was a criminal. Stop denying reality.

  43. moslima,
    You must have a lot of time to waste supporting a man whose idea of a good time would have him jailed in most countries today.

  44. A slave won’t remain forever, but a child will!
    one can become a child of YHWH through Yeshuwa ha Mashiach.
    real forgiveness through the Faith & the Sacrifice of YhM;
    muslims are never sure of forgiveness, as jews they expect salvation through the law, but no one can keep the law; only YHWH in Yeshua completed and fullfilled the law payed the price and resurrected from
    the dead, that’s the difference; Brahman, Buddha, Moshje and Muhammed are all dead and buried.
    Yeshua is alive (unlike the isa masu of the quran).
    god, allah, elohim, ellah are all titles; the name of GOD is YHWH,
    if allah is the name of your god than you are following the moon-god.
    People will eventually find out whether Jesus Christ is GOD or not,
    because when He really returns on Earth the people who remained here
    will try to fight him and muslims will be part of the party unless they
    convert to the Qahal YHWH. it’s every one free choice to follow or not.

  45. moslima,
    Have you ever wondered why all known prophets prior to your quasi-prophet’s appearnace on the scene were distinctly HEBREW? Do you know the reason for that? Very simply, it was the Lord’s choice. End of story.

    This fact alone is enough to discredit your quasi-prophet’s claims, since he’s an Arab bedouin, an Ishmaelite.

    Second, the Lord ceased ALL communication with mankind after the resurrection and the subsequent ascension of Christ and sealed it with the Bible. God has nothing more to say to us having declared his love and forgiveness through what the Lord Jesus Christ had done on the cross – to the who believe.

    Third, your quasi-prophet fails every moral code known to man (you already know the crimes). Naturally, the question pops to mind: how can a righteous God who hates sin condone such vile and wicked behaviour perpetrated by an arrogant self-appointed prophet.

    Finally, I dare you to ask the true God to confirm in your heart that what you believe in is true. I’d like to hear from you on the outcome of that and I promise not to bother with you again.

  46. Salaam mo alikum Moslima !!
    I thing they are right! Do not waste your precious times with a people who do not have brain to think what is right and what is wrong.
    they receive money to run this rubbish talking against Islam and Muhammad ( pbuh) and go ahead with this site ( Shiek Yermami) to run their life but they know nothing about his personality and they never read ” Quran ” to judge , that is why they are telling you { stop wasting our times }!!!
    I read your discussion and I see that they don’t have any answer for your questions same like me!!
    When they get weaken they start talking rubbish and insulting. i had many questions during of the discussion but I just received insulting not answer .
    They don’t believe to their own religion that is why they Claim there (God is not exist) how could I do not laugh loudly for this logic!
    They never think, because they are blind as God says in Quran .
    ختم الله علی قلوبهم و علی سمعهم و علی ابصارهم غشّوه ولهم عذاب العظیم ( آیه 7 سوره بقره )

    So don’t waste your times with blind, Dump and ignorant People.
    And let them to sleep with their Pigs!!

  47. Salaam mo alikum Moslima !!
    I thing they are right! Do not waste your precious times with a people who do not have brain to think what is right and what is wrong.
    they receive money to run this rubbish talking against Islam and Muhammad ( pbuh) and go ahead with this site ( Shiek Yermami) to run their life but they know nothing about his personality and they never read ” Quran ” to judge , that is why your post bother them and they are telling you { stop wasting our times }!!!
    I read your discussion and I see that they don’t have any answer for your questions same like me!!
    When they get weaken they start talking rubbish and insulting. i had many questions during of the discussion but I just received insulting not answer .
    They don’t believe to their own religion that is why they Claim there (God is not exist) how could I do not laugh loudly for this logic.

    They never think, because they are blind as God says in Quran .
    ختم الله علی قلوبهم و علی سمعهم و علی ابصارهم غشّوه ولهم عذاب العظیم ( آیه 7 سوره بقره )

    So don’t waste your times with blind, Dump and ignorant People.
    And let them to sleep with their Pigs!!

  48. Mohamad had only vagina’s for brains. What a retarded cult is islam obsessed with vagina’s and women. Mohamad was a sex maniac and a dirty pedophile. WoW, What a moral code of conduct these muslims have.

  49. Islam is a horrible religion, i mean they worship a false prophet.Muhammad wasn’t a nice person he was a thief and a criminal,he was also a concubine and a pedophile,who had a 6 year old and 9 year old as wives,not to mention he raped young girls.He preached violence and he got the word Allah from the pagan god of the moon.Anyone who worships this man is a idiot,he was a horrible person.And not to mention through the book he cursed anyone who was not Muslim.He makes god look bad, but in the Torah and bible he is not like this.Jesus never did any of what Muhammad did. Jesus said to love and care for each other, not to blow each other up.Muslims stone people to death and they have a holiday where they cut a womens privates,wtf?.What they did in history is the very same as what they do today.Other religions aren’t like Muslims.Even if you talk about anything that slightly relates to their religion they crack the sad, even if you weren’t talking or had Islam in mind.They riot and kill innocent people, they are the modern they Aztecs. If we don’t stop them who nows what they’ll do perhaps another 9/11 maybe even a holocaust of people who aren’t Muslim.I DON’T WANT TO SEE A WORLD WAR 3!!!!!P.S THEY ALSO COLLABORATED WITH HITLER DURING WORLD WAR 2, FOR THERE IS A PASSAGE IN THE KORAN WHICH SAY’S KILL ALL THE JEWS!!! AND THOSE WHO AREN’T MUSLIM!!!,

  50. anamika,
    Perhaps you should do some research yourself!! I am unaware that factual statements are insults. And please pass your admirable attitude, expressed in your last sentence, to the muslim community because they are the ones that need to hear it.

  51. fuck off
    if u don’t no any information about prophet Muhammad and aysha u have no right to say the action Muhammad took to marry aysha is wrong

  52. * if u don’t no any information about prophet Muhammad

    False prophet. More information is redundant.

  53. Islam with all its child rape and closet homosexuality is a truly disgusting cult. The call to take over the world by the adherants of Islam, reveals that they are mostly just plain whack jobs. I don’t see how that many crazies can stay out of the lunatic asylum, and then I remember you can’t lock up that many nut jobs. Time to fight them on their own terms.

  54. muhamad like sex very much but isha is more sexual female she love sex very much may be cuse she marreid young very young & she like sex

  55. muslem

    So she was human as was mohammed. Perhaps you should convince your fellow co-religionists on this. Sane humans do not kill because others use another name for God.

  56. oh my god. this is sad. just sad.

    okay you dont like islam. that doesnt mean you go around saying bad stuff about it.

    dude have you read the Quran?
    or about Prophet Muhammad’s life?

    make sure your sources are NOT biased.

  57. mariyam, the ‘bad stuff about it (islam)’ is actually the truth that is islam. It’s is indeed unfortunate people like yourself that choose to live in total ignorance of islam and the danger it presents to the world as a whole.

    You should do yourself a favour and learn what islam is truly about, not what you are told by your alleged spritual leader (or whatever) what to believe or not believe. You’ll then be a much better person.

  58. Aisha said, “I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!

    “Narrated Ikrima: ‘Rifaa divorced his wife whereupon Abdur-Rahman married her. Aisha said that the lady came wearing a green veil and complained to her (Aisha) and showed her a green spot on her skin caused by beating. It was the habit of ladies to support each other, so when Allah’s messenger came, Aisha said, “I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes! When Abdur-Rahman heard that his wife had gone to the prophet, he came with his two sons from another wife. She said, “By Allah! I have done no wrong to him, but he is impotent and is as useless to me as this,” holding and showing the fringe of her garment. Abdur-Rahman said, “By Allah, O Allah’s messenger! She has told a lie. I am very strong and can satisfy her, but she is disobedient and wants to go back to Rifaa.” Allah’s messenger said to her, “If that is your intention, then know that it is unlawful for you to remarry Rifaa unless Abdur-Rahman has had sexual intercourse with you.” The prophet saw two boys with Abdur-Rahman and asked (him), “Are these your sons?” On that Abdur-Rahman said, “Yes.” The prophet said, “You claim what you claim (that he is impotent)? But by Allah, these boys resemble him as a crow resembles a crow.”” (Hadith, Bukhari, vol. 7, # 715)


  60. Hell,
    So the words of a child modester, rapist and murderer from 630 AD form a religion?? No, I don’t think so!! Since islam insults every other religion please explain why islam should not be insulted?? Given time islam will destroy itself – we do not need to lift a finger. Your moniker is probably your next address – enjoy it.

    You seem like a nice person. Although it will put your life in danger you should really start to think carefully about what your religion tells you and ask yourself if it is the creation of a God or a criminal human mind. You don’t need our advice – you just need to start thinking very hard and objectively about what your religion says, and about about what muslims do in following it. God gave you a mind for a reason – use it!

  61. For those who keep saying we do not know anything about islam and mo, please educate us with history and actions and not by what mo wrote in his ko

    mo = mohammed
    ko = koran



  63. If you trust Muhammed was Right, will you marry your 6 year child girl with a ^60 year old Man if Yes Right here may Old Man are in Q.. and Sure they will convert to Islam……

  64. Quote:
    okay you dont like islam. that doesnt mean you go around saying bad stuff about it.
    end quote.

    Follow your own advice.
    Muslims make it a point to
    1. desecrate churches/ synagogues,
    2. humiliate/ rape/ injure /kill non-Muslims all the time
    3. to spread their humiliation of non-Muslim religions out broadcast EVERYWHERE!
    How dare you complain!
    How dare you say even one thing!
    Your religion is profane.
    Your prophet is false.
    Your society is backward.
    Your culture is empty.


    There’s also a short version:

    Here is the short version of the evidence that Aisha was pre-pubescent when Muhammad married and had sex with her.

    1. Islamic law in Aisha’s time said that only pre-pubescent girls were allowed to play with or own dolls.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 151
    Narrated ‘Aisha: I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah’s Apostle used to enter they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me. (The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for ‘Aisha at that time, as she was a little girl, not yet reached the age of puberty.) (Fateh-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13)

    2. Aisha had her dolls with her when she married Muhammad.

    Sahih Muslim Book 8, Number 3311
    ‘A’isha reported that Allah’s Apostle married her when she was seven years old, and (s)he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he died she was eighteen years old.

    3. Aisha had sex with Muhammad when she was 9 years old.

    Abu Dawud, Vol. 2, #2116: “Aisha said, “The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old.” (The narrator Sulaiman said: “Or six years.”). “He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old.”

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 236.
    Narrated Hisham’s father:
    Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married ‘Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed (sic – consummated) that marriage when she was nine years old.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 65
    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that ‘Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).” what you know of the Quran (by heart)’

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 88
    Narrated ‘Ursa:
    The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).

    Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 41, Number 4915, also Number 4915 and Number 4915
    Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin:
    The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) married me when I was seven or six. When we came to Medina, some women came. according to Bishr’s version: Umm Ruman came to me when I was swinging. They took me, made me prepared and decorated me. I was then brought to the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him), and he took up cohabitation with me when I was nine. She halted me at the door, and I burst into laughter.

    `A´isha Bint Abu Bakr: Muhammad married her in the month of Shawwal, three years before the Migration, ten years after he claimed prophethood, according to the tradition of `A´isha herself. He had intercourse with her in the month of Shawwal, eight months after the Migration. She was the only virgin among Muhammad’s wives. Tabaqat Ibn Sa`d, 8:58; Ansab al-ashraf, 1:410.

    Islamists will insist that the term ‘consummate the marriage’ means ‘nikah’, not sex. This is despite the Abu Dawud hadith Vol. 2, #2116 translation that explicits states ‘intercourse’. Be that as it may, does ‘consummate the marriage’ mean sex? Here is proof that it does.

    There has been some confusion about the definition of the word “consummate”. In Sahih Bukhari, vol. 7, #64, the root word used is “dakhala”. From the Hans-Wehr Arabic-English Dictionary p273, it means “to enter, to pierce, to penetrate, to consummate the marriage, cohabit, sleep with a woman”.

    4. Aisha was still playing with/owning dolls when she was 14 years old at the time of the Battle of Khaibar.

    On the authority of Aisha (RA), that she said:
    The Messenger of Allah (SAW) returned from the battle of Tabook or Khaibar (the narrator of the hadith was in doubt about whether he was told “Tabook or Khaibar.”). There was a curtain covering her ‘sahwah’ (chamber or small room in front of the house). The wind blew a side of the curtain and uncovered Aisha’s dolls. He (SAW) said: What is this, O Aisha? She said: My dolls. The he (SAW) saw amongst them a horse with two wings from scraps of cloth. He (SAW) said: What is this which I see amongst them (amongst the dolls)? She said: A horse. He asked: What is upon it? She said: Two wings. He (SAW) asked (in astonishment): A horse with two wings? She said: Didn’t you hear that Sulaiman (Solomon – AS) had horses with wings? She said: Then he (SAW) laughed until I saw his molar teeth. [Abu Daawood, An-Nasaa’iee as-Sunan al-Kubraa, Albani (ra) says the chain of narrators of an-Nasaa’ee is authentic (Saheeh). As for the chain of narrators of Abu Daawood, Albani (ra) has also declared it to be authentic (saheeh)]

    Shaykh al-Islam, Imam Ibn Hajar, Hafiz, Commander of the Faithful in Hadith, Qadi of Egypt, concluded that Aisha was PRE-PUBESCENT when she was 14 years old.

    Now, if she was pre-pubescent when she was 14 years old, she must have been also pre-pubescent when she was 9 years old when she married and had sex with Muhammad.

  66. Rubbish,’stew-pig’ go to hell and die,Islam will continue to prevail up to your domain.Be prepared to stop it if you can.

  67. Islam is profane.
    Mohammed is a false prophet.
    Allah is a spirit of the world.
    Muslims are automatons, with no capacity to reason.
    Islam has nothing to offer but empty dreams of conquest and humiliating the infidel.
    There is no golden rule in Islam.
    There is no redemption for your unregenerate, hopeless soul.

  68. Go away you stupid muslim, and stop insulting the Korean language.
    죽은 멍청한 무슬림 바보 드롭
    모하메드는 강간범입니다
    그리고 그나마 강간 네 나귀를하시기 바랍니다
    Apologies Sheik for the foreign language, if the idiot who posted previously is a Korean he will be suitable insulted (even though there will be a couple of mistakes) – except to me it is clear that it is an idiot paki or arab pretending to be a muslim and using Google.

  69. islam is NOT religion…Islam is a Satanic Cult!
    1 Intoduction 149 Sabt/ Sabbath/ Saturday (on YouTube)
    1a We Accuse 150 Muslim’ Counter Arguments
    2 Does Islam mean Peace 151 Tablet orTable Preserved
    3 Who is a Muslim 152A Muhammad & Projective Identification
    4 Who is Allah 152B Muhammad & Projective Identification
    5 Women in Islam 153 The £10,000 Challenge
    6A Meccan Period 154A Zakir Naik Challenged
    6B Madina Period 154B Zakir Naik Challenged
    7 Jihad in Islam 155 Quranic & Hadith Gems
    8 Islamophobia 156A The Sana’ Manuscripts
    9 Was Muhammad a Prophet? 156B The Sana’ Manuscripts
    10 Challenge to all Humanity 157 Al Mahdi: Muhammadan Messiah
    11 The Black Stone 158A Isma’ or Muhammad’s Sinlessness
    12 What is the Ka’ba? 158B Isma’ or Muhammad’s Sinlessness
    13 Hijab 159 Hebron & Mecca
    14 Quran Against Christians 160 Allah the Deceiver/Youthilloo
    15 Night Journey or Laylat al Isra 161 Muhammad & Allah
    16 Quran Against Jews 162 A. Y. Ali’s Quran
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    18 Abrogating & Abrogated Verses in the Quran 164 Allahu Akbar or Terror Verse
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    22 Quran Against Arabs 168 Clash of Civilizations
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    26 The Charter of Umar 172 Jihad & Crusades
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    28 Was Muhammad the Last Prophet? 173B Furthest Mosque
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    30 The 72 Virgins 175 Muhammad’s Anti Semitism
    31 Taqiya/ Islamic Subterfuge 176 Fear from Muhammad
    32 And Then it was Revealed 177 Muhammadan Islam & Apostasy
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  70. So happy to be an american woman. So much more emportant things to do with life aside from sex. Not sure why these people are so sexist about everything. American men are perverts too and often leave you as a single mom to raise a family. I thank God I have that option though. I’d rather struggle financially raising a family than to be owned by some old nasty man who didn’t love me enough to wait til I was an adult….since the girls don’t even have a right to birth control, these psychos will eventually take over america… ( oh wait, isn’t a muslim already our President?!)

  71. Raymond Ibrahim: New Saudi Fatwa Defends Pedophilia as ‘Marriage’

    Muslim “child-marriage” — euphemism for pedophilia — is making headlines again, at least in Arabic media: Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, just issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage, and that girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.”

    Appearing in Saudi papers on July 13, the fatwa complains that “Uninformed interference with Sharia rulings by the press and journalists is on the increase, posing dire consequences to society, including their interference with the question of marriage to small girls who have not reached maturity, and their demand that a minimum age be set for girls to marry.”

    Fawzan insists that nowhere does Sharia set an age limit for marrying girls: like countless Muslim scholars before him, he relies on Koran 65:4, which discusses marriage to females who have not yet begun menstruating (i.e., are prepubescent) and the fact that Muhammad, Islam’s role model, married Aisha when she was 6 years old, “consummating” the marriage — or, in modern parlance, raping her — when she was 9.

    The point of the Saudi fatwa, however, is not that girls as young as 9 can have sex, based on Muhammad’s example, but rather that there is no age limit whatsoever; the only question open to consideration is whether the girl is physically capable of handling her husband/rapist. Fawzan documents this point by quoting Ibn Batal’s authoritative exegesis of Sahih Bukhari:

    The ulema [Islam’s interpreters] have agreed that it is permissible for fathers to marry off their small daughters, even if they are in the cradle. But it is not permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men. And their capability in this regard varies based on their nature and capacity. Aisha was 6 when she married the prophet, but he had sex with her when she was 9 [i.e., when she was deemed capable].
    Fawzan concludes his fatwa with a warning: “It behooves those who call for setting a minimum age for marriage to fear Allah and not contradict his Sharia, or try to legislate things Allah did not permit. For laws are Allah’s province; and legislation is his excusive right, to be shared by none other. And among these are the rules governing marriage.”

    Fawzan, of course, is not the first to insist on the legitimacy of pedophilia in Islam. Even the former grand mufti of Saudi Arabia supported “child-marriage,” since “the Koran and Sunna document it.”

    Nor is this just some theoretical, theological point; the lives of many young girls are being destroyed because of this ruling. Recall, for instance, the 13-year-old girl who died while her much older husband was copulating with her (it was later revealed that, due to her reluctance, he was tying her up and “raping” her — as if there were another way to describe sex with children); or the 12-year-old who died giving birth to a stillborn; or the 10-year-old who made headlines by hiding out from her 80-year-old “husband.”

    Then there are the countless anonymous girls who do nothing to warrant any media attention — such as die — and have learned to live with their elderly husbands pawing at them, like, no doubt, the girl who married Islam’s most popular cleric, Yusuf Qaradawi, when she was 14.

    What do we make of the fact that it is always Islam’s religious, authoritative voices — not aberrant voices, not “terrorists,” “extremists,” or any other euphemism coined for the occasion — that are constantly demonstrating Sharia’s savageries? Weeks before this fatwa, a female politician and activist in Kuwait called for institutionalizing sex-slavery (recommending that Muslims buy and sell female Russian captives from the Chechnya war); a popular Egyptian preacher not only said the same thing, but added that the solution to Islam’s poverty is to go on jihad and plunder the lives and possessions of infidels.

    Sounds odd? Perhaps; but it is perfectly consistent. After all, distilled and in the eyes of the non-believer, Sharia law is nothing less than a legal system built atop the words and deeds of a 7th century Arab, whose behavior — from pedophilia and sex-slavery to war mongering and plundering — was very much that of a 7th century Arab. Having enticed or enslaved his contemporaries into following him, his teachings continue to entice and enslave their descendants; and, now as then, it is always the innocent who suffer.

  72. Raymond Ibrahim: Rationalizing Pedophilia in Islam

    Earlier this month we saw—or rather, were once again reminded—that Islam permits pedophilia in the guise of “marriage”: Top Saudi cleric, Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for girls to marry, “even if they are in the cradle,” and that the only criterion is that “they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

    While this practice speaks for itself, it is interesting to witness the great lengths some Muslims go to justify or rationalize it—or even to turn it into a source of pride.

    Consider, for example, this Muslim cleric discussing Muhammad’s marriage to the child Aisha when she was nine. Far from blushing for shame, the cleric actually uses this anecdote to boast of the prophet’s “patience” and “magnanimity.” Translation of relevant excerpt follows:

    The story of the prophet’s marriage to Aisha reveals to us aspects like the prophet’s conduct with Aisha, and more importantly the aspect regarding the relationship between the husband and wife, to show how one should treat his wife, just as the prophet did with Aisha.
    We know that Asia’s mother went to take her down from the swing that she was playing on to fix her hair and prepare her for the prophet so he could enter her [have sex with her]—and she did that all on the same day.

    Aisha’s own account in Sahih Bukhari is telling enough: she talks about how her mother hurriedly prepared her and then “handed” her over to Muhammad, and how “nothing surprised me but the coming of Allah’s Apostle to me in the forenoon.”

    The cleric continues:

    So you see, she was playing with her fellow playmates even though her day of consummation was that very same day—and all that they did was to fix her up for the prophet so he could have sex with her.
    Now what do we see when the prophet married Aisha? Did he go to her and say “Okay that’s it, you’re married, you’re now a grown up, you’re supposed to be mature, you need to do this and that; you need to forget about your toys and your little friends; you are now a wife of a man, you have to see to my needs” and that’s it?

    No. The prophet allowed her to continue playing with her toy dolls—indeed, the prophet even sometimes gave her such things to play with. [This hadith has more details, including how Aisha’s little girl friends would “hide themselves” whenever the prophet came to her until he called them out.]

    It should be noted that the cleric recounted the above with much awe and amazement—as if to say, “Look how indulgent and open-minded our prophet was!”

    In fact, such was the cleric’s whole point: to show that Islam, according to the example of Muhammad, expects older Muslim husbands to be patient with their younger wives: “The older husband should not expect the younger wife to be at his level of maturity; rather, he should go down to her level, for he is capable, whereas she is not.”

    As “gentlemanly” as this ostensibly sounds, it is yet another example of how Muslim scholars deal with Muhammad’s lifestyle: because they cannot condemn or ignore his practices, they inevitably go to great lengths to rationalize or justify them—to find the good in every situation their prophet was involved in, while being oblivious to all the bad.

    Thus here we have a cleric straining to finding a positive aspect to Muhammad’s pedophilia—that he was patient and indulgent of his child-bride—while ignoring the heart of it, that the man Islam is built around desired to have sex with a child in the first place.

    Raymond Ibrahim, an Islam specialist, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum. He writes regularly for Jihad Watch.

  73. Just in from another ‘defender’ of the profit:

    إمرأة from Arabia denies (and admits) that Hamas engages in child-marriage re the mass-wedding in Gaza a few years ago:

    that’s a big fat lie, i saw the real event on aljazeera mubasher, and i saw the ladies wearing white dresses and covered up on the stage, those little girls were escorting the grooms, it happens in the weddings, they dress up little children like the bride and groom.

    and FYI, in islam, one of the conditions of marriage in islam is puberty.

    and I wonder why the non-muslims didn’t criticize muhammad at that time when he married Aisha?
    They could’ve sabotaged his reputation and proved his prophethood wrong..since as you claim “he rapid the little girl”

    by the way, my grandfather married my grandmother after her first period, when she was 13, and her mother had her period when she was 9.. and she got married at that age..

    but whom i talking to?


    “I wonder why the non-muslims didn’t criticize muhammad at that time when he married Aisha? “

    Hmm, perhaps there were not many non-muslims around to criticize muhammad because he had a nasty habit of murdering his critics…… just like the Muhammad worshipers today….

  74. REMEMBER Joseph the father of Jesus, or the “adopted” father of Jesus, was 90 YEARS old when he had sex with young 11 years old Mary the mother of Jesus. Therefore Joseph the father of Jesus on this earth was A PEDOPHILE AS WELL. In the Talmud an old man CAN have SEX with a 3YEAR OLD. So stop the hypocracy. The pedophile priests are they copying Joseph the husband of 11years old Mary mother of Jesus, when they’re raping young BOYS??.Cause that is what i call the Homosexual pedophilia, HUMM!!!! Are they copying Jesus of nazaret???. WAS he???????

    1. anti-fascists,

      Usually I don’t respond to Mohammedan drivel, in this case I do it but once:

      None of what you claim is based in reality, all of it is false and spreading falsehood makes you ….????

  75. Again Anti-Facists. you are writing BS. Heard of the word “immaculate conception”?? Do you even understand what it means, you silly muslim waste of space?? You are like your rapist profit (moohamed ) – a silly contemptible creature that represents a failure in evolution!! The sad truth is that history condemns islam – and you muslims have to lie to justify your pathetic and wasted existences. As said before – FO to hell.

  76. While I can’t comprehend any excuse as to why Prophet Muhammad had a 6 year old wife and sex with her when she was 9, I find it self-righteous and hypocritical to condemn Islam. With all the incest in the Bible (Lot and his daughters being one); the angels of God trying throw innocent virgin girls out to gay men to be raped, molested and defiled; David sleeping with a married woman (Bathsheba) then having her husband killed when she gets pregnant, no religion is innocent. How about the woman in 2 Kings who boiled and ate her infant son (2 Kings 26-29)? Christianity is far from pure and perfect.

    Judaism isn’t either. Check out this site that copied pages from the Talmud that shows that it is permissible for Jewish men to have sex with three year old girls!

    Here is a quote from the Talmud, “Yebhamot 11b: “Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is three years of age.” Of course, they explain it away just as Muslims and Christians explain away the hard to digest truths of their history and writings.

  77. No one claimed religion is perfect Swift (next time use your idiotic muslim name) – and please try a more intelligent line of reasoning.However Judaism and Christian religions (and here one needs to be precise because there are significant differences across Christianity and Judaism) have evolved sufficiently to be able to understand that religious dogma and religious parable is given to provide example (and needs to be taken in context – a concept you idiot muslims cannot comprehend). On the other hand, out of sheer frustration with your inability to achieve anything of value, you idiotic islamists have ascribed the bleatings of mohammed (rapist and pedohile par excellence) as having an imaginary godly character that must be followed without question. And there lies the problem when a group of stupid muslims keep trying to impose the wishes of a primitive arab war lord on the rest of us. Granted, there is some violence in the new testament and Torah, but that is usually interpreted by intelligent readers in context, and these passages are not intended (unlike the violent passages in the spewran) as incitements to violence,

    So rather than try and denigrate other belief systems to the level of the cesspit that is islam, why don’t you try and elevate islam to the level of the other religions, because at the present time islam is a primitive crock of shit!!!!!!!!!!

  78. To anti-fascists comment October 9, 2011 at 5:22 am
    REMEMBER Joseph the father of Jesus, or the “adopted” father of Jesus, was 90 YEARS …where do you get this from? The Bible no where gives the age of Joseph or Mary – if you want any credibility you have to quote the Bible which is the authority here – not myth and imagination.

  79. Vickie,
    anti-facist is an islamist whose behaviour accords with what we have come to expect – simply invent an accusation to “support” your claims. No need to take anything it writes seriously.

  80. Aisha was married before she married the Prophet Mohomad and she was NOT 9 years old ,she lied about that to be more endearing to him,however she was childish.He never consumated the marriage because she had a mentrual problem where she would always be unpure,thats why she claims that :“Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle so that he used to think that he had sexual relations with his wives while he actually had not.” Aisha (Bukhari 7,71,660).Thats is proof he never ever touched her.Peadophiles claim she is 9 to excuse their own crimes and to bring doubt on the prophets integrity,but we know its a lie because all the prophets wives were widows ,except for Khadija (as),and none were young ,in fact quite the opposite.So that proves Aisha lied.Anyways in Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad they tell of her previous marriage before she married the prophet.Also she was a black very unattractive woman by her own admission,she stated she was jealous of the other wives of the prophet because they were so beautiful and she was not.

  81. The problem:

    ((There are Christians in these days marry
    Young girls against their will,

    Even though this issue is now over,

    Despite this,
    No one is Speaking,,

    Arab communities at that ancient times,

    There were not a problem in early marriage,

    It existed until recently,

    There were not girls without marriage at age 18,

    Believe me, girls now wish for to return it,

    My mother got married 30 years ago and she was 12

    I am 20 today, did not get married because my parents say when you want to marry ,just say YES.

    No one forced me to marry because it is not religion.

    That was a traditions.

    And Aisha, may Allah be pleased,

    not a Liar, she is Sadiqah bnt Sadiq الصديقة بنت الصديق

    SHE is One of the happiest women in the world,

    Because she married Muhammad peace be upon him.

    Continued in your attempts to cut the content and put it in line with what you want.

    No one will believe this, but idiots of any religion, Or who hate Islam,
    and even if one claimed She/He is a Muslim.

  82. sadeem

    Firstly, you stupid moron, there is separation of church and state in all Christian countries.

    This means that church ceremony must conform to the laws of the country. This means that child marriages cannot be performed by a Christian church unless the state law permits it .

    This is the converse in muslim countries, where idiots like you interpret the words of a rapist and child molester in any possible fashion and others are obliged to conisder the nonscense as being somehow holy i.e. islam has no central authority in how to interpret the rubbish that mo the rapist wrote (actually he couldn’t write – some poor captive was made to copy his vile utterances) .

    This means that because muslims consider that the word of a rapist and murderer carries more worth that the legal jurisprudence created over centuries by thoughful, wise and clever people (and muslims / allah has not contributed one jot to this process) muslims seek to override the laws which have created vibrant and developing societies with their own set of rules from the badly written quran which destroy anything useful in society.

    The moribund and decaying world that is the islamic world is the creation of islam.

    How dare you, you ignorant and stupid thug, dare to try to force your failed social systems onto the rest of us. islam fails, always, and you are just a living reminder of the uselessness and selfishness that characterises islam.


  83. Nice article; I enjoyed it. The cartoons made me laugh till I could not any further. BTW, it is a known fact and a historical reality that Muhammad was a Pedophile, a Necrophile, a Lecher (story of Zynab, Zaid’s wife), a looter par excellence, a mass murderer and a cult leader. He was illiterate, had hallucinations and frontal lobe epilopsy and was a sex maniac. He married Khadijah for her wealth, but she was the boss then, so he could not show pervertive nature until she died. In fact, she can be called a pedophile herself. She made him believe he is a prophet. For unknown reason they together created Islam out of pagan concepts and some basic christianity – all borrowed or stealed. Islam would not have happened but for Khadijah’s wealth and Ali’s sword. With her money he did camel and slave trading, became rich, and did more looting. Once she was dead, he went all out to find satisfaction from 8 other wives and innumerable concubines, all of whom were needed every day to satisfy the sexmaniac – all of them includes the 9 year old aisha. Whenever he had sex, he had a new “revelation”. Sex and revelations go hand in hand as far as the pervert false prohet is concerned. In a way, Quran was created out of the tired thoughts of a man who just had sex with 8 wives and innumerable concubines all at one night.That is why I call him not Prophet Muhammad but Pedo Mo.

  84. Why, tipu? Are you ashamed that your mohammed had sex with a nine-year-old girl? Read your koran, that’s where the evidence comes from.

  85. its not their fault if they marry 9 year old girls they’re such whores showing they mouth i mean what could they possibly do exept throwing acid on their face or rape them ? hu come on be comprehensive poor old guys, they just want to replace theire older wifes probably cauze they all cheated on them (aka get raped by their brother and stoned) tough life but just buy yourself a 10th wifes, kill a bunch of european peeps and itll be alright mohammed will be proud

  86. Zeynab had always looked down on her husband, on account of him having been a slave. She had not loved him, although he was in love with her. Unrequited love is never good for marriages, so Allah-God “made Zeynab unattractive in her husband’s eyes”.

    What makes you think that Muhammad (may peace be upon him) had sexual relationships with Aishah? The Holy Quran does not say that he had sex with Aishah; a possible interpretation would be that he was singing nursery rhymes, or telling bedtime stories.

    Does consummation of a marriage mean the same thing now as it did then? Maybe Muslims are allowed to divorce children who have not reached their first menses, but what if this is only because they had possibly married a very young bride before they converted to Islam?

    If he had wanted a child bride, and if he wanted sexual intercourse with a child, he had the pick of all of Arabia, and he could do so without risking offending his good friend, Abu Bakr. If he wanted sex with children, why did he not marry more children?

    So what would be his motive, if not sex? Charity, perhaps, as Abu Bakr’s riches were rapidly being siphoned out into voluntary charity, and Muhammad (may peace be upon him) may have felt sorry for this young child, who would probably have been most affected by poverty.

    Or, maybe he saw potential as a great Islamic leader in Aishah, knew his time was short, and knew that she might not be acknowledged as a leader if she was simply “Abu Bakr’s daughter”, not “the Prophet’s wife”, so married her so he could tutor her in theology before he died. Maybe he had confidence in her ability to cope with widowhood and leadership, and, like how Chinese parenting advises, made her subject to all the obligations pertaining to the Prophet’s wives.

    Any creep who would take a child bride for sex, would do so with or without the excuse of Aishah. It is often noted that people thought nothing of this marriage. It as the culture. If this was the culture, then this begs the question, “What would Arabia be if Muhammad (may peace be upon him) was not there? A place where child marriage was the norm would likely be even worse than now. There might not be algebra, for without Islam, the Middle East would not have preserved it.

    He improved women’s lot by marrying Khadijah, a widow, in an environment in which virgin birth was highly emphasized.

    “…I used to wash the semen off his clothes”
    How is this proof of his cruelty? How does a child, in your own words, not aware of herself enough to know she is being forced to have sex, know that his clothes are covered in semen? How does she know the word “semen”? If it is because of the Prophet, it is only proof that he is advocating for sex education. I mean, almost no one, especially a creep, explains this while having sex.

    Even if this is true, that Aishah was washing semen, then it is not proof of him lusting after her.

  87. Anti-Pedo-by the way, the word “pedophile”comes from pedo, meaning something to do with children, and “phile” comes from Greek root philos, meaning love. So you are anti-child. That’s weird.

  88. Yeah thank to you Not A Muslim now I understand.
    I always hoped that profit Muhammad wasn’t a pedofile profit.
    He was a 7th century Justin Bieber, a popstar that every girl wanted to mary.
    So he simply fulfilled Aisha’s childhood dream. To mary a popstar, to get a piece of cloth or autograph or just a little of semen was dream of every little girl.
    But I don’t understand one thing. Nowadays muslim parents force their young daughters to mary older muslim men that are not popstar Muhammad and the girls do not want to mary them. What’s wrong with them?

  89. I thought you didn’t hate Muslims. Yet you call Muslims pathological liars in several posts, and call them idiots, and ignorant and stupid thugs. How do you claim to not hate Muslims when your posts say otherwise, Sheikh?

    The only reason that I go to this site is that I want to figure out if your arguments are valid. Please, stop saying that everyone who’s Muslim or supports Islam is stupid and spewing trash. Refute them well, and actually convince me of your opinion.

    1. Hate? What about hate?

      Muslims are religiously obliged to hate unbelievers, to terrorize them, to fight them and to force them under the ‘law of allah’, to subject them to a lesser status than slaves and to expropriate their wealth by forcing them to pay the jiziya, and finally wipe them out if they don’t convert to Islam. (Lest we forget the Armenian genocide!)

      As I have a G-d given right to love, so do I have a right to hate my mortal enemies, a merciless, cowardly enemy who believes in the perverted, absurd ideology of a pedophile warlord, a mass-murdering sociopath who committed genocide and wiped out the Jews of Arabia. And now his adherents are determined to destroy the culture and civilisation of my people, what makes you believe I have no right to resist their efforts? What makes you believe I have no right to hate my enemies?

      But I don’t hate, I care. I care for my people, my society, my civilisation. I care for our culture, which is infinitely better than the retarded, destructive cult of Islam.

      But I do care about some Muslims, some Muslims I know, the people I have lived and worked with, people I do love, those who don’t want to live under sharia, those who hate the mullahs and the perverse theology from the mosques. What future do their kids have if all they ever learn is that filthy book, the Koran, and hatred of non-muslims?

      As for your last 3 sentences, I pass because only a warped mind could come up with something like this. I have no wish to convince a muslim of my opinion, I can help guide some, those who are intellectually savvy in the right direction, but generally muslims indoctrinated with Islam don’t respond to reason and logic. Islam is the worst addiction on earth and I don’t operate a rehabilitation clinic or an asylum where I could lock them all up. For those worshipers of the meshugga profit I suggest to to move to Sowdi Barbaria, which would be better for all of us.

  90. Big Kahuna, I fear “not a muslim” failed to understand your sarcasm – nicely done.

    “not a muslim”,
    You want answers!! Then read a newspaper, find the most recent outbreak of islamic violence, fly the source and start talking to the muslims involved. Then go back in 10 years and talk to them again. What will have changed?? Answer — nothing. Then sit down and start using your brain.

  91. I was talking to our dear Sheikh. Have you eyes? You must have missed that, like you miss most important details in the Quran. I wrote,

    “How do you claim to not hate Muslims when your posts say otherwise, Sheikh?”,


    “How do you claim to not hate Muslims when your posts say otherwise, Big Kahuna?”

    I get your sarcasm. I am laughing my head off. Ha ha ha.

    It is less funny if you can’t spell right, or capitalize. You too, Kaw. Capitalize like Sheikh tells Jazz to.

    If Muhammad wanted to have sex with little girls, then why didn’t he marry more? He ruled Arabia. Why not marry more little girls? If the point was to show that good Muslims should marry little girls, then he would have married more little girls.

    The common factor in all his marriages was this: they were unorthodox, and proved that the desert code was incorrect, and the marriages after Khadijah were all political. This marriage linked him to Abu Bakr in the public eye, gave Aishah a chance to have a voice in politics, and a huge influence, which she used to protest against the caliph Ali’s election.

    Sure, Big Kahuna, your point about Aishah’s life after marrying the Prophet not being perfect is valid, but it could have been worse. She could have been beaten. She could have been hurt. She could have been married to a real creep. Her life was probably better than most child brides.

    The marriage may not be justified by the fact that it was the norm, but consider the fact that it was, in fact, the norm. People who would marry children would do so even if Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) had not married Aishah. He, knowing that the practice of having sex with children would never be done away with, (as people would simply do it secretly without taking responsibility for the disastrous results) took men’s sins into account, and kept child marriage legal (so that men would not rape children then not care for them and their child), married a child and treated her extremely well, hoping that people would not mistreat their child brides if they were vulgar enough to marry children.

    1. Did Muhammad ever beat his Wives? Yes he did. That’s the reason why millions of mohammedans keep beating their wives, because they follow his perverted teachings.

      Yes he did.

      “He struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?…”

      “Narrated Aisha: Abu Bakr came to towards me and struck me violently with his fist…”

      Why not marry more little girls?

      Just goes to show what a pervert you are. The Arabs objected to Moe having a huge harem and a child bride, so there was snickering going on until the imaginary ‘allah’ whispered (again) in Moe’s ear that he is allowed unlimited amount of women, whereas his foot-soldiers were only allowed four.

      Muhammad encouraged child marriage:

      Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: We were with the Prophet in Ghazwa, and when we returned and approached Medina, I wanted to hurry while riding a slow camel. A rider overtook me and pricked my camel with a spear which he had, whereupon my camel started running as fast as any other fast camel you may see. I looked back, and behold, the rider was Allah’s Apostle . I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! I am newly married ” He asked, “Have you got married?” I replied, “Yes.” He said, “A virgin or a matron?” I replied, “(Not a virgin) but a matron” He said, “Why didn’t you marry a young girl so that you could play with her and she with you?” When we reached (near Medina) and were going to enter it, the Prophet said, “Wait till you enter your home early in the night so that the lady whose hair is unkempt may comb her hair and that the lady whose husband has been away may shave her pubic hair.” (Book #62, Hadith #174)

      Look, “not a muslim”, if you are too dumb to read the guidelines for posting you are forgiven.
      But what is unforgivable is that you think people here are as dumb and ignorant as you are.

      First of all I suggest you change your moniker because you are obviously a muselmaniac; a ‘normal’ person simply doesn’t have such a warped mind and would not take it upon himself to do da’awa to people who are better informed and better educated than you are.

      If you post here, engage brain first. Write in your own words what’s bugging you, make it short and sweet and to the point. Otherwise be gone!

  92. Not a Muslim,
    I would say the problem is islam – not necessarily “muslims”. What can we do – be informed – and prevent them from controlling anything in our societies. We all have to do more for our societies – if we dont others will do what we should be doing and we will loose our society. We need to put an end of the wefare cheating etc these folks do, and we need to deport those who have no intention of honoring our laws. Most importantly we need to make sure that the personality types , characterised by extreme left/right wing belief, never get into a position of political power. Okay that is a little extreme – we need to be more careful of whom we choose for political office. If we start doing this we can win time so that muslims themselves can help their religous dogma to evolve and in this way peaceful coexistence should be possible. If we dont there will be a major conflict, and at the end islam will be gone together with many we hold dear. But to do nothing is a greater evil. But this are only my views. This answer is rather unorganised, but I shall offer an excuse of extreme fatigue.

  93. Are you threatening us tipu. Just remember, that every email is traceable and that the Mossad has very long arms. Have a nice sleep now, and do keep at least two eyes open.

  94. @notamuslim,

    “convince me of your opinion.”

    Uh, Why? Why does anyone on this site who is critical of Islam ‘need’ to convince you of anything?

    kaw is right, when he told you to “read a newspaper.” If in the post 9/11 world you refuse to acknowledge the acts of violence and murder committed by Muslims in the name of Islam as a part of there pathology, then nothing will convince you and you are here to be obnoxious, provocative and pretend you are not a Muslim.

  95. I have read a newspaper. Wall Street Journal, to be exact. That is how I know about the murder of Pakistanu soldiers by Americans. The matter being debated here is not Islam, it is if Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him)is a pedophile. I accept that Muslims have done horrible things, and that the usual Islamic class of thought is violent and leads to murder, but there is no such thing as a “bad” religion. You have noted that Islam is not a religion. By religion, I mean the Holy Quran, the Sunna, and the Hadiths. These can be interpreted as one wants. The Quran, the Hadiths, and the Sunna can be thought of and interpreted as the believer wishes. Aishah, for example, can be thought of as an abused child bride, or as Aishah, the One Who Affirms the Truth. She had an excellent memory, so is renowned as a brilliant Quranic scholar, and gave speeches at several battles against the caliph Ali, who she thought had murdered the other caliph, Umar.

  96. And you do not “have” to do anything. It just isn’t very convincing when you yammer about how I’m spewing nonsense about Islam, since that could be applied to all of the Hadiths you use, too-the reporters could have been spewing rubbish too, in the name of their view of Islam.

  97. not a muslim,
    Pakistan soldiers were NOT murdered by American soldiers. The NYT is also not an accurate or reliable source of information. I am not going to bother explaining to you what seems to have happened as you have really made no attempt to even think through the issues involved here, and I therefore conclude you are just out to waste time. It is pretty clear that you are a muslim and you have avoided those issues with which you are uncomfortable. As I indicated in my last post on this page there is a war coming, and we will not back down from it, You WILL be gone after this war, but you still have some time to aviod what will be your extermination. You seem to want to waste this time with childish argument and an unwillingness to confront the real issues because they “strike so close to home”. You are basically digging your own grave – do not let us stop you.

  98. Kaw,
    I do not read the NYT. I read the WSJ. Again, do you have eyes? Have you a brain? I spelled Wall Street Journal out on the page. I did not say that they were killed by American soldiers. I said they were killed by Americans. So only soldiers are American, and people who run drones aren’t? Yeah, and Pakistan is blocking our trade routes for nothing.

    Another example of our not being superior is the fact that we didn’t help the Jews until very late. We killed a bunch of Native Americans when settling, didn’t let women have votes until recently, didnt let women have any inheritance for decades, allowed the Salem witch hunts, had black slaves, our our soldiers killed civilians, most of them women and children, in Afghanistan (the soldiers called for all civilians to come out, but none did) and, oh, I almost forgot, basically had another concentration camp (google Abu Ghraib), and, yes, I do admit that Mr. Obama allowed drone strikes, the accidental killing of Pakistani soldiers, and has broken the Constitution by allowing cruel and unusual methods to be used on men who have not been tried in any court.

    Was the part about my being gone a death threat?

    This really makes me want to tolerate your views about being intolerant, and your views about not tolerating homosexuals and your views about freedon of speech as it applies to you, and not apparently me or people who talk to children about homosexuals, since they are really only utilizing their freedom of speech.

    I think that your views about freedom of speech are this: we ought to be able to write and draw anything, and if people riot then that is because they are crazy fundamentalists, and we have no blame (with emphasis on “we”, since other people using their freedom of speech against you are wasting time with childish arguments, spewing rubbish as all of “their knd” often do, or making anti-democratic, anti-freedom-of-speech, and anti-Semitic claims-never mind that you are also being anti-Semitic because the Prophet is a Semite, never mind that people have been arrested because of burning American flags, never mind that dress code, as employed at many Catholic schools, basically bans freedom of expression).

    If you think that Christains are more civilized than Muslims, then I dare you to publish:

    pictures of Jesus with his candles transformed into TNT,

    With his head connected to a pig,

    standing on a hill of skulls and carrying a huge knife and yelling “Christianity is a religion of peace! See, no one’s around to tell!”, ”

    knowing” a goat,

    and “knowing” a man,

    in a well-known magazine or newspaper, and see how they react.

    You say G-d. That is a Jewish thing. I think, that, if you are Jewish, then you should understand that you are really giving Jews a crappy face. It doesn’t exactly make Muslims want to be best friends with you, or best friends with Jews.

    You have a complete right to hate, but also a responsibility not to allow cruel and unusual punishment, because if you do not, then you break the Constitution.

    The word retarded is out of use, by the way, and does not endear you to people with “retarded” relatives who can’t even stand up because they had cancer, or who have Tourette’s and can’t speak clearly.

    The matters at stake here is if the Prophet is a pedophile, and if he is responsible for the marriage of child brides. He is innocent until proven guilty, as noted in American law, and must be proven one without a shadow of doubt.

    Of the second charge, he is definitely not guilty. It was culturally appropriate, and consummation was appropriate at that age too. So any culture that considered this appropriate would go on doing it, regardless of what faith dictated.

    Example: The Catholic faith tried to ban men from having wives, and look what happened: scandals, priests who lay with male prostitutes. Humans are sinners, and promise breakers, fragile, ascertains the Hewbrew Bible, and we have a sexual drive.

    The fact that he did not marry any more children shows that the only reason he married Aishah was to demonstrate how to treat child brides, not to show that Islam wanted girls married as children. If he had wanted that, then he would have married more children to drive home his point.

    Example: he wanted Muslim men to marry more non-virgin women, i. e. widows, so most of his wives were widows.

    My question is the same: what do you want to do about Islam? Say, hypothetically, you were elected president of the entire non-Muslim world. What would you do then? You have convinced everyone except Muslims that Islam is corrupt. What do you do now? (Don’t tell me this is liberal nonsense-O’Reilly does it all the time.)

  99. Hah! I am really crazy. I apologize for being wrong about 2 things: the fact that I thought that drone strikes had killed the Pakistani soldiers, and that I got the amount for zakat wrong. But these do not poke holes in my argument. I got the details wrong-don’t blame the WSJ for my mistakes; I was skimming-but not the main thing. If we did not, then why is Pakistan blocking trade routes? Zakat is 2.5, which is higher than what I thought.

    And, so that no one can accuse me of being an evil warmonger, I immediately add that I am only hypothetically daring Kaw to publish those comics in a paper.

    The things I say that Christianity has done apply only if person looks at a religion being responsible for the things it’s adherents have done in its name, which I don’t.

    If you want to nominate a religion for being supportive of pedophiles, then look at Christianity in a cynical, judgemental way. A creepy, we-don’t-know-how-old God comes and impregnates a girl, and forces her to bear a baby, called Jesus.

    But I don’t look at it that way. I look at it as how Mary loved God so much that she was blessed with a holy child, whose soul was directly created by God themself. I choose to give Christianity’s God the benefit of the doubt, as you should the Prophet.

    Sites that are not supportive of Islam do not really help, as sites that are critical of any religion are not helpful. But there is a site, called “A Common Word Between Us and You” that is very beneficial. It points out the similarities between Islam and Christianity and Judaism, as well.

    The Pope, I think, would agree with me on the fact that Roman Catholism on the whole, to reconcile with other faiths.

    I shall add another argument: we did all these things, and although our Constitution didn’t tell us to, we came up with “reasons” and “examples” and made excuses-but our Bill of Rights is not corrupt, or our Constitution is an evil document.

    Our Declaration of Independance says this:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Our 6th Amendment says this that we have a right to a speedy and fair trial. Our 8th gives us protection from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment. All of this applies to everyone, even people suspected of crimes against the state, all the time, not just in times of peace.

    I have respect for you, as a writer, for your courage in enduring a lot of criticism, and tackling subjects that we all mostly have opinions on, but don’t like talking about. However, early marriage and very young brides will probably be better helped by better education, and awareness. There are websites that tackle marrying children without bashing Islam, too. If I were a Muslim man thinking if marrying a young bride, which site might I be most convinced by, if I came across it: one that immediately started accusing my religion of being corrupt, or one that made a fair cause against child brides? Do you want to be right, or to stop child molestation?

  100. Happy now?

    Yes, the good people of Mecca among who it was common to gamble their wives away in drunken orgies, among who already it was okay to beat their wives, among who it was okay to bury their young children alive by the stones covered with blood that they worshipped. I recommend reading “The Dome: a tale of seventh century Jerusalem” and “Muhammad the Liberator of Women” for the sake of being concise here-although, of course, you don’t have to do anything. I also recommend reading “Mohammed, Prophet of Islam” since, even though I disagree on many of the points, even this personage thinks that Aishah is a worthy companion of the Prophet, unless he has a strange subtle sarcasm.

    Is this Jabir bin Abdullah recognized trustable by Islamic sources?

    And I “engage brain” better than some-at least I usually spell things correctly, unlike the person who “appreciate those who speaka against islam.” At least I am usually polite about it. I, for example, am not insulting people who only want to figure out the truth, like myself. Please enlighten me on why all of my claims are false.

    I find your assumption that all devout Muslims or non-Muslims who would defend Islam are men offensive in the extreme. It reminds me of a Wall Street Journal article that went something like this: “Republicans object to a Republican being gay, and liberals object to a gay being a Republican…”

  101. You see guys, I av noting 2 say 2 u dat u av eyes but can see. Marrying a 9-year old girl means nt ‘aving sex with her. Go recheck d holy Qur’an again after u cleanse yourself.

  102. A Christian would never downgrade to become a muslim unless they were never really a Christian in the first place. Only particularly stupid people voluntarily become muslims. Are you particularly stupid? I guess so…

    And I think you better go check your filthy koran for proof that mohammed had sex with a 9-year-old Aisha. I would check in my koran, but, gee, it’s already burned…

  103. What is with the cockney accent… excellent comment I would just like to add that there is no mention made by “ex christian but now a muslim” about the rules in the Quran about cousin incest etc and how that becomes a problem with the child marriage… if your parents can’t tell you the truth you have to find out for yourself. You can’t claim to really understand the Quran when you bring no verses to back it up. Why is it okay then. That is something illegal in most countries.

  104. Child marriage and Islam

    Really really wishing Aisha was older:

    RECENTLY, the Legal Affairs Committee of the Majles (the Iranian parliament) has told the press that they regard the law that prohibits girls below the age of 10 from being married off as ‘un-Islamic and illegal.’
    Firstly, this hadith appears about 300 years after the passing of the Prophet and in-depth research by many scholars clearly shows that Hazrat Ayesha’s age at the time of marriage was not less than 17 or 18 and at the time of consummation of marriage about 19 or 20.

    If wishes were horses Ayatollah’s would ride……

    But don’t take my word for it: here Islamic clerics discuss the child abuse of the late imam Khomeini, documented by his bodyguard, who slept in the next room while the Ayatollah raped a 4-year old child:

  105. Hey, have you watched Fiddler on the Roof? Tevya’s first daughter, Tzeitel, is going to be married to a 50-something creep who already has a widow…nice, right? And technically she could’ve been married to him when she was 13, no matter of whether she had reached her first mense-this is the old Jewish culture-but Judaism is still a fine religion, and so is Jewish culture-if Islam’s idea of God likes pedophilia, then why is it not stated in the Quran? All it says is: We have made an excellent example of Muhammad, and that is it! This means he is not perfect. But even if he is perfect, an argument could be made that he could marry a child bride because of his perfection-because he was already perfect enough not to mistreat her, rather than it being part if his perfection…most Muslims would agree with me when I say that they are far from perfect: we are fragile, stupid humans, and therefore do not have the perfection needed to marry children.

    And what of Lot, whose daughters had sex with him after he was DEAD to ensure the seed of Israel was passed on?!

    On to Zeynab: David (may peace and God’s blessings be upon him) qualifies to be a Rasul, a messenger, although he had sex with Bathsheba then killed Bathsheba’s husband then married Bathsheba-and yes, we are talking about the David and Goliath guy with the slingshot. At least Zayd wasn’t dead, and no one had adulterated.

    Plurality of marriage: Jacob had 12, and he didn’t even like them all the same…they must’ve felt really second-rate-and this is what ensured the survival of the Jews, the Tribes of Israel!

  106. Hi,

    Thank God for your indept exposure of Satanic Islam. Have you heard of The Ahnaf
    By Dr. Rafat Amari

    Please Google if you haven’t.

    My outreach is on You Tube. I have only 500 characters to answer SAVAGE, MORONIC, CRETIN MUSLIMS in a civilized manner. I use a few names – Bob Hope, Silverstein, Pip Power, Leonardo to make my case. The VULGARITITY of Muslims is mind boggling, at times.

    When they are vicious, I know I am hitting home!

    Keep up the great work!


  107. Obvious. You have a couple of errors in your post. Jacob had two wives, not twelve. Lot was just drunk, not dead, when his daughters knew him. You understand that errors like these devalue your entire post?

  108. You crazy poeple..go have a life to live. And stop hating on muslims and the quran! This bullshit you writing is without any knowledge about islam or quran!! And its not the muslims who are spreading hate.. Poeple like you are the worst!

  109. Sharia in action: Egypt considering sanctioning marriage of nine-year-old girls

    “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

    Muhammad being the supreme example of conduct for Muslims (cf. Qur’an 33:21), child marriage is sanctioned by his example. So it is no surprise that Muslim Brotherhood Egypt would be considering legalizing it.

    “Egypt: NCW Rejects Marriage of Nine-Year-Old Girls,” from Egypt State Information Service via, September 19:

    The National Council for Women (NCW) has expressed its profound dismay at statements made by some members of the Constituent Assembly in charge of writing Egypt’s new constitution on the possibility of sanctioning marriage of sexually mature girls even if they were at the age of nine.
    The NCW described such viewpoint as a setback to child rights and is only expressive of outdated traditions still prevailing in the Egyptian society.

  110. shame on all people that abusing MUHAMMAD(S.A.W.W) and AYSHA(R.A) ,,,, u will be punished by ALLAH.and for this i prayed to ALLAH.HE will give u HADAYAT .I m sure HAZARAT EESA (A.S) will also teach you to respect all PROPHIT and their wives. when HE will send on earth all are nonsense even doest not follows bible..even most of you deos’nt read how you people would know about islam and teaching of ALLAH…the only thing you people know abusing,absuing……ahhh and still you are sivilized ????????? sheme on you…you are away of bible and teachings of ALLAH……i pray ALLAH give u HADAYAT……….AMEEN

  111. So…you would prefer that us non-muslims (and muslims too?) should skip over the parts in the filthy koran that describe this mohammed of yours what he really was like…a murderer, rapist, pedophile…is that what you’re trying to say?

  112. Aftab,
    We know about islam because it threatens all intelligent peoples – and you show exactly why islam is a threat to all – you threaten those who comment against it – which means that your faith is weak as is the faith of your co-religionists. There is only one way to deal with thugs like you and this way is ultimately your choice

  113. You have made quite a marvelous effort to distort facts, history and spread ignorance on your site. Its almost impressive, but ultimately, completely pathetic. Do you do this out of cowardous fear, or is it purely idiocy?

    I have neither the time nor the desire to correct you, and if I did, I fear even my greatest eloquence could not bridge the chasmous abyss of your stupidity. You know you’re lying, and you know this better than you know yourself… I honestly pity you, however, I cannot allow my heart to grieve.

    At first I was rather aggravated by your immense display of ignorance, but this was only momentarily. Around 10 seconds later I realized how insignificant you (and all your followers) really are. So continue to plot, but naught shall you avail.

    You wish to invent lies about Islam and spew hatred towards the Prophet…? Continue to do so, but beware that you will be fully recompensed for you bile. Death comes for us all, but something much worse comes for you.

    1. We are always interested to improve the site, so if a righteous believer like yourself pops up and accuses us that we “distort facts, history and spread ignorance” we would at least expect that the distortions of history and the ‘ignorance’ would be corrected.

      You make those claims, but you fail to point out the ‘invented lies about Islam’ before you threaten us with ‘something worse than death’.

      A pathetic performance, Ex.

      Typical for a Muselmaniac.

  114. Exasperation,
    We simply comment on what you muslims actually do – got it!! We don’t make these stories up – these stories are what you “people” actually do. So I suggest that you open your idiotic mind up, see and understand the evil that exists in your rather perverted religion, and change islam for the better. People here are significantly more intelligent that you – they understand your religion and its major weaknesses better than you ever can – and, unlike muslims, we have not interest in pissing on you just becasue you are muslim – but because you an d your ilk present a significant danger to humaninty through your mindless accpetance of an ideology that has NO

  115. Qualities of Aisha and her role in Islam

    In any discussion on the age of Aisha (ra: may Allah be pleased with her) at the time of her marriage with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him), it is of the greatest relevance to note the pivotal role she played as a teacher, exponent and interpreter of the religion of Islam. Aisha was an exceptionally intelligent and astute woman, a young prodigy, and this was the main reason why she was got married to the Holy Prophet, as is clearly proved by events after the Holy Prophet’s life. She entered his household, shortly after his emigration to Madina, just at the time when the teachings of Islam in all fields of life for the Muslim community were starting to be revealed to the Holy Prophet and demonstrated by him by his example and practice. An intellectually gifted person was required who would have daily contact with the Holy Prophet at the closest and most personal level, so as to absorb the teachings that he was giving on all aspects of life by his words and actions. Such a person would need to possess the following qualities:

    an excellent, precise memory to retain a vast amount of detail accurately,
    the understanding to grasp the significance and the principles of the teachings,
    powers of reasoning, criticism and deduction to resolve problems on the basis of those teachings,
    the skills to convey knowledge to a wide range of audience,
    and, finally, have the prospect of living for a considerable period of time after the death of the Holy Prophet in order to spread his message to distant generations.
    That Aisha possessed all these qualities and carried out this mission is an absolutely positive and undeniable, historical fact. After the Holy Prophet’s death, she acted as a teacher and interpreter of Islam, providing guidance to even the greatest of the male Companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. They made a special point of going to her to gain knowledge and seek her opinion. A vast number of sayings and actions of the Holy Prophet are reported from her in books of Hadith. She not only quoted his sayings and reported her observations of events, but interpreted them to provide solutions to questions. Whenever necessary, she corrected the views of the greatest of the Companions of the Holy Prophet. She made rulings and judgments on which Islamic law is based.

    The following are two examples of what the Holy Prophet’s male Companions said about her:

    “Abu Musa said: Whenever there was any hadith that was difficult [to understand] for us, the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, and we asked Aisha we always found that she had knowledge about that hadith.”

    “Musa ibn Talha said: I never saw anyone more eloquent than Aisha.” [1]

    In the famous compilation of the lives of saints in Islam, Tadhkirat-ul-Auliya, the author Farid-ud-Din Attar, who lived eight centuries ago, introduces the life of the early female saint Rabia of Basra as follows:

    “If anyone says, ‘Why have you included Rabia in the rank of men?’, my answer is that the Prophet himself said, ‘God does not regard your outward forms’. … Moreover, if it is proper to derive two-thirds of our religion from Aisha, surely it is permissible to take religious instruction from a handmaid of Aisha.” [2]

    It is thus recognised, from the earliest times in Islam, that some two-thirds of Islamic Sharia is based on reports and interpretations that have come from Aisha.

    In view of these exceptional qualities of Aisha and the towering role played by her in the transmission of the teachings of Islam, it is simply preposterous and outrageous to suggest that she was the victim of some form of child and marital abuse. We ask in particular the Christian and Jewish critics of Islam, who are reviling the Holy Prophet Muhammad on the basis of his marriage with Aisha, whether they can point out any example of a woman in their religions who played a role like that of Aisha in learning the religion from its founder and becoming the teacher and instructor of all his followers, including men, after his death.

    Age of Aisha at time of marriage with Holy Prophet Muhammad

    It is believed on the authority of some Hadith reports that the marriage ceremony (known as nikah, amounting to betrothal) of Aisha with the Holy Prophet Muhammad took place when she was six years of age, and that she joined the Holy Prophet as his wife three years later at the age of nine. We quote below from two such reports in Bukhari.

    “It is reported from Aisha that she said: The Prophet entered into marriage with me when I was a girl of six … and at the time [of joining his household] I was a girl of nine years of age.”

    “Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed [alone] for two years or so. He married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.” [3]

    As to the authenticity of these reports, it may be noted that the compilers of the books of Hadith did not apply the same stringent tests when accepting reports relating to historical matters as they did before accepting reports relating to the practical teachings and laws of Islam. The reason is that the former type of report was regarded as merely of academic interest while the latter type of report had a direct bearing on the practical duties of a Muslim and on what was allowed to them and what was prohibited. Thus the occurrence of reports such as the above about the marriage of Aisha in books of Hadith, even in Bukhari, is not necessarily a proof of their credibility.

    Determination of the true age of Aisha

    It appears that Maulana Muhammad Ali was the first Islamic scholar directly to challenge the notion that Aisha was aged six and nine, respectively, at the time of her nikah and consummation of marriage. This he did in, at least, the following writings: his English booklet Prophet of Islam, his larger English book Muhammad, the Prophet, and in the footnotes in his voluminous Urdu translation and commentary of Sahih Bukhari entitled Fadl-ul-Bari, these three writings being published in the 1920s and 1930s. In the booklet Prophet of Islam, which was later incorporated in 1948 as the first chapter of his book Living Thoughts of the Prophet Muhammad, he writes in a lengthy footnote as follows:

    “A great misconception prevails as to the age at which Aisha was taken in marriage by the Prophet. Ibn Sa‘d has stated in the Tabaqat that when Abu Bakr [father of Aisha] was approached on behalf of the Holy Prophet, he replied that the girl had already been betrothed to Jubair, and that he would have to settle the matter first with him. This shows that Aisha must have been approaching majority at the time. Again, the Isaba, speaking of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, says that she was born five years before the Call and was about five years older than Aisha. This shows that Aisha must have been about ten years at the time of her betrothal to the Prophet, and not six years as she is generally supposed to be. This is further borne out by the fact that Aisha herself is reported to have stated that when the chapter [of the Holy Quran] entitled The Moon, the fifty-fourth chapter, was revealed, she was a girl playing about and remembered certain verses then revealed. Now the fifty-fourth chapter was undoubtedly revealed before the sixth year of the Call. All these considerations point to but one conclusion, viz., that Aisha could not have been less than ten years of age at the time of her nikah, which was virtually only a betrothal. And there is one report in the Tabaqat that Aisha was nine years of age at the time of nikah. Again it is a fact admitted on all hands that the nikah of Aisha took place in the tenth year of the Call in the month of Shawwal, while there is also preponderance of evidence as to the consummation of her marriage taking place in the second year of Hijra in the same month, which shows that full five years had elapsed between the nikah and the consummation. Hence there is not the least doubt that Aisha was at least nine or ten years of age at the time of betrothal, and fourteen or fifteen years at the time of marriage.” [4] (Bolding is mine.)

    To facilitate understanding dates of these events, please note that it was in the tenth year of the Call, i.e. the tenth year after the Holy Prophet Muhammad received his calling from God to his mission of prophethood, that his wife Khadija passed away, and the approach was made to Abu Bakr for the hand of his daughter Aisha. The hijra or emigration of the Holy Prophet to Madina took place three years later, and Aisha came to the household of the Holy Prophet in the second year after hijra. So if Aisha was born in the year of the Call, she would be ten years old at the time of the nikah and fifteen years old at the time of the consummation of the marriage.

    Later research

    Research subsequent to the time of Maulana Muhammad Ali has shown that she was older than this. An excellent short work presenting such evidence is the Urdu pamphlet Rukhsati kai waqt Sayyida Aisha Siddiqa ki umar (‘The age of Lady Aisha at the time of the start of her married life’) by Abu Tahir Irfani.[4a] Points 1 to 3 below have been brought to light in this pamphlet.

    1. The famous classical historian of Islam, Ibn Jarir Tabari, wrote in his ‘History’:

    “In the time before Islam, Abu Bakr married two women. The first was Fatila daughter of Abdul Uzza, from whom Abdullah and Asma were born. Then he married Umm Ruman, from whom Abdur Rahman and Aisha were born. These four were born before Islam.” [5]

    Being born before Islam means being born before the Call.

    2. The compiler of the famous Hadith collection Mishkat al-Masabih, Imam Wali-ud-Din Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Khatib, who died 700 years ago, has also written brief biographical notes on the narrators of Hadith reports. He writes under Asma, the older daughter of Abu Bakr:

    “She was the sister of Aisha Siddiqa, wife of the Holy Prophet, and was ten years older than her. … In 73 A.H. … Asma died at the age of one hundred years.” [6]

    (Go here to see an image of the full entry in Urdu.)

    This would make Asma 28 years of age in 1 A.H., the year of the Hijra, thus making Aisha 18 years old in 1 A.H. So Aisha would be 19 years old at the time of the consummation of her marriage, and 14 or 15 years old at the time of her nikah. It would place her year of birth at four or five years before the Call.

    3. The same statement is made by the famous classical commentator of the Holy Quran, Ibn Kathir, in his book Al-bidayya wal-nihaya:

    “Asma died in 73 A.H. at the age of one hundred years. She was ten years older than her sister Aisha.” [7]

    Apart from these three evidences, which are presented in the Urdu pamphlet referred to above, we also note that the birth of Aisha being a little before the Call is consistent with the opening words of a statement by her which is recorded four times in Bukhari. Those words are as follows:

    “Ever since I can remember (or understand things) my parents were following the religion of Islam.” [8]

    This is tantamount to saying that she was born sometime before her parents accepted Islam but she can only remember them practising Islam. No doubt she and her parents knew well whether she was born before or after they accepted Islam, as their acceptance of Islam was such a landmark event in their life which took place just after the Holy Prophet received his mission from God. If she had been born after they accepted Islam it would make no sense for her to say that she always remembered them as following Islam. Only if she was born before they accepted Islam, would it make sense for her to say that she can only remember them being Muslims, as she was too young to remember things before their conversion. This is consistent with her being born before the Call, and being perhaps four or five years old at the time of the Call, which was also almost the time when her parents accepted Islam.

    Two further evidences cited by Maulana Muhammad Ali

    In the footnotes of his Urdu translation and commentary of Sahih Bukhari, entitled Fadl-ul-Bari, Maulana Muhammad Ali had pointed out reports of two events which show that Aisha could not have been born later than the year of the Call. These are as follows.

    1. The above mentioned statement by Aisha in Bukhari, about her earliest memory of her parents being that they were followers of Islam, begins with the following words in its version in Bukhari’s Kitab-ul-Kafalat. We quote this from the English translation of Bukhari by M. Muhsin Khan:

    “Since I reached the age when I could remember things, I have seen my parents worshipping according to the right faith of Islam. Not a single day passed but Allah’s Apostle visited us both in the morning and in the evening. When the Muslims were persecuted, Abu Bakr set out for Ethiopia as an emigrant.” [9]

    Commenting on this report, Maulana Muhammad Ali writes:

    “This report sheds some light on the question of the age of Aisha. … The mention of the persecution of Muslims along with the emigration to Ethiopia clearly shows that this refers to the fifth or the sixth year of the Call. … At that time Aisha was of an age to discern things, and so her birth could not have been later than the first year of the Call.” [10]

    Again, this would make her more than fourteen at the time of the consummation of her marriage.

    2. There is a report in Sahih Bukhari as follows:

    “On the day (of the battle) of Uhud when (some) people retreated and left the Prophet, I saw Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr and Umm Sulaim, with their robes tucked up so that the bangles around their ankles were visible hurrying with their water skins (in another narration it is said, ‘carrying the water skins on their backs’). Then they would pour the water in the mouths of the people, and return to fill the water skins again and came back again to pour water in the mouths of the people.” [11]

    Maulana Muhammad Ali writes in a footnote under this report:

    “It should also be noted that Aisha joined the Holy Prophet’s household only one year before the battle of Uhud. According to the common view she would be only ten years of age at this time, which is certainly not a suitable age for the work she did on this occasion. This also shows that she was not so young at this time.” [12]

    If, as shown in the previous section above, Aisha was nineteen at the time of the consummation of her marriage, then she would be twenty years old at the time of the battle of Uhud. It may be added that on the earlier occasion of the battle of Badr when some Muslim youths tried, out of eagerness, to go along with the Muslim army to the field of battle, the Holy Prophet Muhammad sent them back on account of their young age (allowing only one such youngster, Umair ibn Abi Waqqas, to accompany his older brother the famous Companion Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqas). It seems, therefore, highly unlikely that if Aisha was ten years old the Holy Prophet would have allowed her to accompany the army to the field of battle.

    We conclude from all the evidence cited above that Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) was nineteen years old when she joined the Holy Prophet as his wife in the year 2 A.H., the nikah or betrothal having taken place five years previously.

    The Bible on marriage of young girls with much older men

    As it is Christian evangelists and other believers in the Bible who have been bitterly reviling the Holy Prophet Muhammad on account of his marriage with Aisha, we put to them the practices of the great patriarchs and prophets that are recorded in the Bible itself in this connection. The main accusations regarding the marriage of Aisha are that she was too young in age while the Holy Prophet was a much older man, being fifty years of age, and that consent to marriage was either not obtained from her or she was not capable of giving it.


    In the book of Genesis in the Bible it is recorded about Abraham:

    “Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian maidservant named Hagar; so she said to Abram, ‘The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family through her.’ Abram agreed to what Sarai said. So after Abram had been living in Canaan ten years, Sarai his wife took her Egyptian maidservant Hagar and gave her to her husband to be his wife. He slept with Hagar, and she conceived. … So Hagar bore Abram a son, and Abram gave the name Ishmael to the son she had borne. Abram was eighty-six years old when Hagar bore him Ishmael.” (Genesis, chapter 16, verses 1–4, and 15–16, New International Version. Bolding is mine.)

    Firstly, it is evident that as Abraham (who then had the name Abram) was 86 years old, Hagar must have been some fifty years younger than him, and probably even younger, to bear a child. Secondly, the Bible speaks of Sarai giving her maidservant Hagar to Abraham. So Hagar’s consent was not obtained but rather she was commanded by Sarai to go and become Abraham’s wife.


    The first book of Kings in the Bible begins as follows:

    “When King David was old and well advanced in years, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him. So his servants said to him, ‘Let us look for a young virgin to attend the king and take care of him. She can lie beside him so that our lord the king may keep warm.’ Then they searched throughout Israel for a beautiful girl and found Abishag, a Shunammite, and brought her to the king. The girl was very beautiful; she took care of the king and waited on him, but the king had no intimate relations with her.” (1 Kings, chapter 1, verses 1–4, New International Version. Bolding is mine.)

    So there seems nothing wrong, according to the Bible, in procuring a young virgin, again apparently without her consent, whose duties include lying with the elderly king in bed. The intention was certainly for sexual enjoyment, otherwise there was no necessity of looking for a young, beautiful virgin. A much older woman, perhaps a widow, could have performed all these duties, including lying with the king to keep him warm.

    Mary and Joseph

    The most famous marriage in Christianity is no doubt that of Mary, Jesus’ mother, with Joseph. While the following details are not in the canonical Gospels in the Bible, it appears from other early Christian writings (known as apocryphal writings) that Mary was twelve years old when the temple elders decided to find a husband for her. They selected the husband by drawing lots, and Joseph whom they chose was an elderly man, being according to some accounts ninety years old. The husband was selected and Mary was handed over to him, and she played no part in his selection.

    These accounts are summed up in the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 edition, which is available online, as follows:

    “It will not be without interest to recall here, unreliable though they are, the lengthy stories concerning St. Joseph’s marriage contained in the apocryphal writings. When forty years of age, Joseph married a woman called Melcha or Escha by some, Salome by others; they lived forty-nine years together and had six children … A year after his wife’s death, as the priests announced through Judea that they wished to find in the tribe of Juda a respectable man to espouse Mary, then twelve to fourteen years of age, Joseph, who was at the time ninety years old, went up to Jerusalem among the candidates; a miracle manifested the choice God had made of Joseph …” [13] (Bolding is mine.)

    Although these apocryphal accounts are not now accepted by many Christians, and the Catholic Encyclopedia says that they “are void of authority”, yet it also speaks of their influence as follows:

    “they nevertheless acquired in the course of ages some popularity; in them some ecclesiastical writers sought the answer to the well-known difficulty arising from the mention in the Gospel of the Lord’s brothers; from them also popular credulity has, contrary to all probability, as well as to the tradition witnessed by old works of art, retained the belief that St. Joseph was an old man at the time of marriage with the Mother of God.”

    However, these accounts are accepted by the Eastern churches. The website of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy has an article on this subject entitled An Elderly Joseph which agrees with the presentation in the apocryphal writings “of Joseph as an elderly man, a widower with adult children”. It concludes:

    “The Christian East’s picture of Joseph as a courageous, faithful, God-centred elderly widower rings true.” [14]

    We give below, as Appendix, a quotation from one of these apocryphal books, The Infancy Gospel of James, describing how Mary’s husband was selected.

    While the Western Christian churches may not accept these accounts as authentic, the Eastern churches in Europe do accept that Mary was 12 years old and Joseph a widower 90 years old when they married. Moreover, there is nothing in the Gospels of the New Testament to contradict these accounts, and the Gospel stories are not at all inconsistent with these ages for Mary and Joseph.

  116. All these Boka Choda muslims are so fool, neither they know nor want to know about Islam. Even they don’t use logic. Mindlessly they revere and follow a pedophile motherfucker Muhammad who raped, looted, killed, torture and curses like a eunuch. Allah has snatched their capacity to think. Quran and Hadith is sufficient to make some one leave and hate Islam, only if read logically and unbiased. Islam is the worst religion and muslims are most backward in world, still they are not able to realize. They think for the unhappy life oneart they would get happy afterlife. They fail to realize Muhammad tantalized all they fools in the name of 72 virgins.

  117. before many years i was bothering about the wives of prophet ,at last I decided that I would not believe in the prophet that if he had eleven wives .But I kept studying and at last realised the truth that he had only ONE wife ,that was khadeeja

  118. Quraan is not a mere book to tell about ,menses ,thalaq,pray , fasting etc it told about a way of life ie, Iqamathussalath(Divine way of life)not pray.Quraan not wants to be converted to islam in order to get salvation.Quran does not teach us about a relegion.




  122. Advance,
    Thank you for demonstrating how stupid muslims are. The problem is that we do understand islam, and we find it a deplorable heap of violent rubbish. Most people do. You, on the other hand, are a dumb and brainwashed fool who does not even understand that the reason this blog exists is because of the way muslim treat non-muslims and have being doing so since your profit, mohammed the child molesting pervert and rapist, copied bits of the old testament (and some other documents) and”invented” islam. No one is trying to brainwash you – no one is forcing you to read anything!! If anything, you might try and learn how to think but, as your post demonstrates, you are too stupid to even manage that. Piss off – you are neither needed, wanted, or desired on this planet – find another home – you will never contribute anything of value and if we need mindless automatons like yourself we can build them!!! Incidentally, most people here have read “your” quran, and find it a highly flawed document and certainly NOT written by an intelligent being. It is an insult to God to claim that the rubbish in the quran is Gods message, and given that all here are considerably superior to you intellectually the whining claim by you and your fellow muslims that “the book has not been understood” bears no weight whatsoever. To return to the start – it is because of what you idiot muslims do that this blog has appeared. And understand this, you mindless islamic sub-human – the community supports the Sys. Admin. and the group that created this site because they are telling the world what you islamists are really doing. Finally, on a personnel note, do the world a favour and disappear yourself.

  123. Folks,
    the screaming rantings of the muslim whinhers who are upset by the truth here is more revealing than anything that others can write. These muslims are the enemy – a vile , cowardly, and sly group that seek to destroy all that they cannot understand because they cannot understand it.

  124. Women are often brought into the picture when discussing Islam because their status—if not studied thoroughly and objectively—is severely misunderstood. Under those inaccurate assumptions, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is often accused of practicing and encouraging unjust treatment of women, while the truth is actually the opposite—as I hope you will see after reading this answer.

    I’m encouraged by your thoughtful, questioning nature to attempt to crystallize the true picture of this great man. Let’s take an objective peek into his life, to examine whether or not Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is that repelling womanizer. But first let’s go a little further back in history to look at the domestic lives of other prophets preceding Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and what their Scriptures tell us about their stance towards the polygamy issue:

    Other Prophets Practiced Polygamy
    The fact that only Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is accused of polygamy is rather surprising, since this is a privilege enjoyed by prophets before him. Their wives and concubines came in great numbers, too! The Torah, the Bible, and the Qur’an tell of some of them; the rest are not mentioned so we don’t know, but among the ones who were polygamous we can count Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Ya`qub (Jacob), Dawud (David), and Sulayman (Solomon). The Scriptures talk of polygamy as a “favor” bestowed upon them from the Lord.

    First Kings 11:1-3 indicates that King Solomon had 700 hundred wives and 300 hundred concubines! In sealing treaties in ancient days, it was customary for a lesser king to give his daughter in marriage to the greater king. Every time a new treaty was sealed, Solomon ended up with yet another wife. These wives were considered “tokens of friendship” and “sealed” the relationship between the two kings. (Reasoning from the Scriptures on 1 Kings)

    Scripture indicates that David also acquired wives and concubines, David’s blessings, including his wives, were given to him as a result of God’s favor (2 Sam. 5:12-13; 12:8; D & C 132:39). Scriptural records say that the Lord did command some of his ancient saints to practice plural marriage. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—among others (D & C 132)—conformed to this ennobling and exalting principle; the whole history of ancient Israel was one in which plurality of wives was a divinely accepted and approved order of matrimony. Those who entered this order at the Lord’s command, and who kept the laws and conditions appertaining to it, have gained for themselves eternal exaltation in the highest heaven of the celestial world. (Mormon Doctrine of Plural Marriage p. 578)

    Islam Didn’t Invent Polygamy but Only Regulated It—in Favor of Women!
    From the above accounts, we can clearly see that Prophets—including Muhammad—were allowed to be more polygamous than their followers, not just for carnal reasons, but for political and religious reasons pertaining to their call. Consequently, it is groundless to wonder why Muslims can’t marry 12 wives like their prophet, just as it is groundless to wonder why Jews and Christians can’t marry 700 like theirs! Islam didn’t invent polygamy; Islam only made polygamy more humane, instituting equal rights for all wives. And even so, Muslim women are not forced to accept this and may put a condition against it in their marriage contract.

    The Qur’an Is the Only Holy Book That Actually Says “Marry Only One”
    Images of “sheikhs with harems” are not consistent with Islam, as, in fact, the general rule in Islam is monogamy not polygamy. the Qur’an says what means:
    *{Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one.}* (An-Nisaa’ 3:3)

    Polygamy in Islam is not recommended; it is only permitted under certain guidelines. Permission to practice polygamy is not associated with mere satisfaction of passion. It is, rather, associated with compassion toward widows and orphans.

    Before the Qur’an was revealed, there was no upper limit for polygamy, and many men had more than four wives. Islam put an upper limit of four wives, permitting a man to marry more than once, only on the condition that he deal justly with all of them. Yet the same verse points out:
    *{Ye are never able to be fair and just as between women}* (Al-Nisaa’ 3:129)

    Therefore polygamy is not a rule but an exception.

    Why Is the Exception of Polygamy Allowed in Islam?
    The exception is made for many reasons, but let’s note only one here, addressing your concern that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) “had intercourse outside of wedlock.”
    In Western society, it is common for a man to have mistresses or multiple extra-marital affairs. Women in this case are degraded to mere sex objects with absolutely no rights; they’re usually on the losing end of such liaisons. The same society, however, cannot accept a man having more than one wife so that women can retain their lawful rights and lead an honorable, dignified, and respectable life.

    If every adult American man married only one woman, there would still be more than 25 million women in the United States who would not be able to get husbands, at least considering that—according to latest statistics—10 percent of the American population is gay! That’s close to 30 million people!
    Thus the only option for a woman who cannot find a husband is either to marry a married man or to become “public property.” Islam gives women the honorable position by permitting the first option and disallowing the second. At least one of the reasons Islam has permitted limited polygamy is to protect the modesty of women!

    Islam’s Straightforward Approach in Problem Solving
    In Islam, problems are supposed to be faced and solved—not ignored! So, rather than requiring hypocritical compliance, Islam provides legitimate and clean solutions to the problems of individuals and societies. There is no doubt that the second wife legally married and treated kindly is better off than a mistress without any legal rights. Through practical example, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) as the guide of Muslims has set the applicable rules for this aspect of human relations in order not to leave anything for speculation.

    Stages of the Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) Married Life
    First, let’s remember that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) led a life supported only by the bare minimum of necessities. His wives were not idly wasting away the hours in a luxurious harem but led a life of labor and sacrifice, while he was mostly busy away from home overseeing his numerous duties as a Prophet. So, obviously, lust was not a factor, as he wasn’t even at home most of the time. Further, most of his marriages occurred at an age when lust is not a major factor in any man’s life:
    1. He remained single until age 25.
    2. From age 25 to 50 he was faithful to only one wife, Khadijah, who bore all his children except one. She was 15 years older than him, with children from two previous marriages. She was his greatest ally when he received the Call at age 40 until she died when he was 50 years old. He remained in love with her until he died and often talked of his life with her with great nostalgia.
    3. Between ages 50 and 52 he remained unmarried and mourning his late beloved wife. He lived alone with his daughters.
    4. Between ages 53 and 60 he married all his other wives for many noble reasons detailed below. It’s unimaginable for a man to suddenly turn lustful at this age, especially as he was constantly traveling, with bloodthirsty enemies on his heels.
    5. At age 60, Allah revealed to him verse preventing him from marrying any more until he died, which was at age 63. The Qur’an says what means:
    *{It is not lawful for you (to marry other) women after this, nor to change them for other wives.}* (Al-Ahzab 33:52)

    Reasons for the Prophet’s Marriages
    We can categorize all his marriages under two aspects of his personality:
    – Muhammad the man who needed a loving wife, children, and a stable home, so he married Khadijah and remained with only her for 20 years until she died.
    – Muhammad the Prophet who married the other wives for reasons pertaining to his duty to deliver the Message to the world. Those particular women were carefully selected, not just haphazardly “acquired” for carnal reasons, as suggested. Here are some of the reasons for which Muhammad married:
    1. To pass on Islam to the next generations as a practical legacy
    Prophet Muhammad is the only prophet without any privacy, and with a meticulously preserved tradition in speech and actions in all minute details of his public and private life. Preserved in the sharp minds of his wives and his Companions, those narrations comprise the “daily life manual” for Muslims to follow until the end of time. The fact that Islam was spread on the shoulders of women and preserved in their hearts is a great honor to the females of this Ummah. The books of authentic Hadith attribute more than 3,000 narrations and Prophetic traditions to his wives alone.

    2. To cement the relations of the budding nation
    In a tribal society, it was customary to seal treaties through marrying into tribes. Muhammad’s closest Companions later became the four caliphs who led Islam at the critical stage after his death. Two of them were the fathers of his wives `A’ishah (daughter of Abu Bakr) and Hafsa (daughter of `Umar); the other two married his daughters (`Uthman married Ruqayyah and Zaynab in succession, and `Ali married Fatimah).

    3. To teach Muslims compassion with women
    He taught them to be compassionate not just to the young and beautiful maidens, but more so to the weak and destitute widows, divorcees, orphans, and elderly women. Islam teaches that women are to be respected, protected, and cared for by their men folk. They’re not to be cast out to face a harsh life alone while able men around them just pity them and do nothing to help, or worse, use their weakness to take them as mistresses!

    4. To offer a practical role model to Muslims until the end of time
    Although many believing women often approached Muhammad offering him themselves in marriage, he politely turned down their offers. Most of his wives after the death of Khadijah were old, devoid of beauty, and previously married, except `A’ishah, who was the only young virgin. He married from other nations and religions; some were the daughters of his worst enemies, and his marriage to one woman won all her people into Islam. Regardless of his neutral feelings towards many of them, he was a model example of equal justice and kindness to them all, and he would never discriminate among them.

    Who Were the Prophet’s Wives?
    Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) married 12 wives in his life. When he died he had 9 wives. They have a very special status in the hearts of Muslims as the “Mothers of the Believers,” as the Qur’an instructs, and they are the source of a great amount of wisdom which they learned while living close to such a great man. Perhaps you’d like to research a bit to find their beautiful stories, so here are their names: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Sawdah bint Zam’ah, `A’ishah bint Abi Bakr, Hafsah bint `Umar ibn Al-Khattab, Zaynab bint Khuzaymah, Umm Salama, Zaynab bint Jahsh, Juwayriah bint Al-Harith, Umm Habibah, Safiyah bint Huyay ibn Akhtab, Maymunah bint Al-Harith, Maria the Copt.

    Can We Consider His Marriage to `A’ishah a Case of Child Molestation?
    To answer your speculation, let’s continue our objective trip into the past. Obviously, when traveling back in time 1400 years to examine a lifestyle we never witnessed, it is unfair to apply our present day standards, so let’s listen to the experts. Authentic historical records prove that the social traditions of the time and place—regardless of religion—considered Arab females as women as soon as their menstrual cycles began. The custom was to give daughters in marriage at that age. This was practiced by all dwellers in Arabia before Islam: pagans, disbelievers, Jews, and others. It’s a fact that female menstruation in hot climates starts much earlier than in cold climates, so females in Arabia matured as early as 8 or 9; they also aged earlier than other women.

    It’s a neglected fact that before she was married to Muhammad, `A’ishah had been engaged to an infidel, Jubair ibn Mus’ab ibn Ady. Her fiancé broke the engagement on the basis of religious difference. So her father, Abu Bakr, agreed to give her hand in marriage to the Prophet.

    The Great Wisdom in Selecting `A’ishah in Particular as a Young Wife
    `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) came from a house famous for learning and memorizing great quantities of knowledge; her father was a live encyclopedia of Arab tribal pedigrees and poetry. She inherited his ability, and in her young, intelligent, receptive mind, she preserved a precious portion of Islam she learned during seven years of marriage, for 47 years after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and she taught thousands of men worldwide their religion as she had learned it firsthand from the Prophet. To our present day, she is considered among the most prominent Islamic scholars, and she holds extremely high esteem in the hearts of all Muslims as such and as “the beloved of the Prophet,” who often mentioned her as the human he loved the most on the face of this earth. With her, he built a model Muslim home for Muslims to strive to imitate forever.

    Was Maria the Copt a Slave, a Concubine, or a Wife of the Prophet?
    Slavery already existed long before Islam. It was a system whereby a human captured in wars or kidnapped could be sold as a “possession.” That term applied to both sexes, not to women only. In some cultures slaves were considered subhuman and treated brutally. In Europe, for example, Romans threw Christian slaves to the lions while the public cheered; female slaves were thought to have no souls and were tortured mercilessly; slaves lived in degrading conditions; both sexes were forced to offer sexual favors to their masters; and as “possessions” they had no choice, no will, and no rights.

    Islam recognized the human rights of slaves and encouraged Muslims to set slaves free. Islam prohibited adultery and homosexuality, and prevented forcing female slaves into sexual acts against their will. Islam encouraged educating them, setting them free, then legally marrying them and giving them their moral and financial rights. The reward for this—as mentioned in Prophetic Hadith—is eternal residence in Paradise.

    Maria (may Allah be pleased with her) was not a concubine; she was a slave owned by Egypt’s Christian governor, who offered her and her sister Serine—among other presents—as a “gift of good will” to the Prophet in reply to his envoys inviting him to Islam. On her way from Egypt to Madinah, she was curious to learn about “her new master” and listened to his Companions talk about him. As a result, she became Muslim before meeting Muhammad. Scholars’ opinions vary of her status afterwards; here is the opinion I support:
    One of the prominent Al-Azhar scholars, Sheikh Abdul Majid Subh, states:
    “Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), instead of taking concubines, entered into lawful marriages based on reason and wisdom. Maria the Copt was given to him as a present, but rather than taking her as a concubine, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) married her, thus elevating her status by marriage.”

    Women’s Rights in Islam Surpass Modern Systems
    If women in the Muslim World today don’t have their rights, it is not because Islam didn’t give them rights. Alien traditions have overshadowed the teachings of Islam, either through ignorance or the impact of colonialism. Most of the so-called modern reforms in the status of women appeared after the West abandoned religion for secularism. Those in the West who claim to follow the Judeo-Christian tradition really follow the values of Western liberalism.

    In England and America less than fifty years ago, a woman could not buy a house or car without the co-signature of a male “guardian”! In Contrast, Islamic Law guaranteed rights to women over 1400 years ago that were unheard of in the West until the 1900s.

    Numerous verses of the Qur’an state that men and women are equal in the site of Allah; the only thing that distinguishes people in His site is their level of God-consciousness.

    Islam teaches that a woman is a full person under the law, and is the spiritual equal of a male. Women have the right to own property, to operate a business, and to receive equal pay for equal work. Women are allowed total control of their wealth. They cannot be married against their will, and they are allowed to keep their own name when married. They have the right to inherit property and to have their marriage dissolved in the case of neglect or mistreatment. Islam does not consider woman an “evil temptress,” and thus does not blame woman for Original Sin (a doctrine that Islam rejects). Women in Islam participate in all forms of worship that men participate in.

    Prophet Muhammad’s mission stopped many of the horrible practices against women that were present in the society of his time. He actually harnessed the unrestricted polygamy of the Arabs of the time, and put many laws in place to protect the well-being of women. In his Farewell Sermon just weeks before his death, he summarized the teachings of Islam to the believers in a final farewell. His last words were “Be kind to women!”

  125. Each to their own. Respect is key. You don’t like Muslims, that’s fine but don’t insult and belittle our faith. You mock our prophet, make alarming accusations based on your own edited versions of our Quran, which you clearly don’t understand. But hate you I will not, I pity those who are this naive. I believe in Islam, I believe in Muhammad and I believe that there is only one God. My religion teaches me to be tolerant of others and indeed I will follow this path. I’m not a parrot nor am I a robot, I choose all of this because it makes sense.

  126. So that no one would say I’m not even-handed, let’s keep to all the rich stuff that’s true, and let’s cut the Mohammad and Aisha pedophilia crap right out. King Alfonso X of Castile married Violant of Aragon when she was 10 going on 11 and valiantly tried to get her preggers for several years before finally lucking out (after she finally started having her period). So very manifestly he too had sex with his wife before her first menses. But no one raises any long-winded fuss about the most Christian Alfonso X. And that’s just one Christian royal example of many.
    Scholar October 1, 2014 at 12:00 am

    Oh, forgot. If anyone wants to BS about Violant of Aragon ((8 June 1236–1301), married December 26 1246), here’s the simple basic link: There’s enough serious good stuff to focus on, regarding radical Islam, so let’s get this stupid “pedophilia” non-starter off the agenda. We all might have one Christian European royal “pedophile” or another in our genealogy lines.

  127. Likewise, Mary the mother of Jesus was sent to Joseph’s house when she was about 11 or 12 at most, as the priesthood in the Temple where she seems to have been a “guest” feared that her “maturing” could pollute the the holy ground. Joseph was at this point in his 90s! Jesus said his father died at 113 or so, looking more like a young man than an old one. Holy Spirit’s or Joseph’s doing, whatever, Mary managed to get pregnant by 14 or 15. We rightly expose Islamic anachronism, so let’s not fall into the same trap working with completely anachronistic rules for “pedophilia” that even among Europe’s Christian aristocracy did not apply well past the year 1300.

  128. By the way, Mary mother of Jesus went to Joseph’s house when she was about 11 or 12, as priests got concerned that her soon to be begin periods would defile the Temple where she was a “guest”. Joseph was in his 90s. Holy Ghost’s or Joseph’s doing, Mary was pregnant by 14. So let’s get this anachronistic “pedophilia” stuff back into a drawer. This was a very different time.

  129. Last round. As kaw and SheikYerMami know, I attack all out when it comes to standing against radical Islamic terrorism. But I will not demean myself by not telling the truth about our own side. I leave the lying to opponents.

  130. Excuse me, but f*** o**, Mouse. Are you implying I am Muslim? Because that’s what it reads like, if anyone can make sense of your short brainfart. For yer info, if your puny brain can absorb it, I’m a beer-lover atheist. Full-blown kafir and proud of it. Do you have some sort of “?!” stutter problem with yer keyboard? You should really not spill coffee on the damn thing, you know? Messy.

  131. And one more thing, Mouse. It’s really not very brilliant to heap abuse on blokes that are your allies. Your “semantic” deconstruction of statements is so primitive that you should go back to school, but clearly you have no chance. Maybe remedial logic would do?

  132. Of course I am even-handed, like I said. So must be true to that. Azmi, Hamid, and whoever the “fuck you” poster is, you guys are tedious beyond belief, with your “blasphemy” stuff. On our side it went out of style with the Enlightenment, as we shut down the Jesuit schools. Like Voltaire said: “Let’s go eat a Jesuit”.

  133. and my real name is AnnoyingMouse
    and do you feel the same about Muslims as you do about Mouse
    and you are assuming that I’m talking about you
    and you are assuming that you are educated
    and you are assuming that Mouse is uneducated
    and you are assuming that Mouse is clumsy
    and you are assuming that Mouse has woonnnkkkkkyyyyy kkkkkk/bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb key board
    and you are assuming that Mouse is hostile to you

    Thanks for the “fun” break and you jihad on and Mouse keep on playin’
    Attack Islam with irrelevant humour and piss em off

  134. Oh no! Oh no! Poor AnnoyingMouse has tummy ache and incoherent verbal runs again. Must be something he/she ate. Quick! Someone clean the mess up before this site gets a reputation for lack of coherent and well documented argument! I am all out of rubber gloves, sanitary wipes, and bleach.

  135. You did do did and do it to Yourself
    YOU obviously enjoy “Mental” fondling of yourself.
    Your Goat on Holidays
    What a Whack Job – Friend of Whacky Zacky!
    Oh! You ARE Whacky Zacky – ……………………………

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