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  1. With all of these changes perhaps you should review the colors in use with respect to the 10-15% colorblind people in the world.

    This web site has useful tools that will help you render the pages more readable and comfortable.

  2. It was announced on Sky news today that the policeman who was suspended from Merseyside police for wearing a BNP shirt (whilst not on duty) was sacked. I personally consider this as an illegal action by the police management. People should complain loudly and get these incompetent and corrupt police managers fired . There is little feed on this story on any other feeds.

  3. correct last sentence or previous post.

    There is little feed on this story on any other news outlet. Perhaps MSM does stand for muslim state media!!

  4. I’ve not been able to access ‘Illustrated P.I.G. to Islam’ (one of the absolute best websites regarding in-depth TRUTH about shitslam) for quite some time now. Can anyone help me get back to the site? Many thanks.

  5. i have reed the article about one of the head of pirates in somalia boyah.Wath did you think if the really somali sailors saw that the pirates are a problem for the local fishermen who need to work in somali waters and not in international waters.when boyah in the public interview say that “i’m not a pirate but i’m the saviour of the sea and put hostages of all the country of the world(i’m an italian man)and do not release them withouth money ransom i don’t think that all the prates are saviours of the sea but only a danger for somaliland.if you want to send an answer i wait in the grace of god and in the name of the same hallah.if you can do something i’m waiting about your opinion.cordially an propabily italian tourist.good work

  6. My word there’s a lot of angry rants on here. Anger is a waste of an emotion. There are good, bad and in-different people all over the world. Go and explore some of the world and you’ll find that out for yourself, you never know you might even enjoy it.

  7. Sheik baby,

    You do a great job but so did I for 25 years as an intelligence officer. I found it hard to include the Tamil Tigers and Uigyhurs in the sam basket as al Qaida, LeT JI and so on. Their major struggle doesn’t concern a Caliphate but a homeland. What’s more the PRC is no friend of the West as we will find out.

    1. Of course we would never include the Tamil Tigers.

      But the Uighurs are, as Muslims, part and parcel of the global jihad. For them its not about a homeland, but to make China Islamic. That’s why you find Uighurs in Afghanistan, in Somalia and in Pakistan, fighting alongside other Muslims to bring us the light of Islam.

      Stick around, brother. You’ll learn things you never learned in 25 years as an intelligence officer…

  8. dear imam i’ italian i’m so sad that italian soldiers have find the death in afghanistan .may you pary for the family of this soldiers.we want the peace the justice the the same that want hallah.may you condemn the death of italina men who are only young people who don’t know the esperience of the war .we italian not are a people of war .we have the same intention.the peace in all the world and the justice.i think and believe that you can educate your schoolars to the law of mohammed who want love snd justice .for this you have to condemn the attack to the soldiers of nato that are not occuping the land of emirate of afghanistan but want to put the you remember the alliance of the north in afghanistan.they are only drug trafficant and did not find the law of mohammed.they sale themself to the devil of the money and the alliance of the north who was against bin laden now is fighting as mercenary.they did not want the peace and the love.they want only to kill and the fatwa of bin laden is it only for violent people.may you find a quranic verse that cancel the bin laden fatwa.we are so sad of this stupid violence and i think that jiahd means force to put love to the world .i did not think that this is the way to the respect of quranic law.personally i think that all the really muslim who have big respect in the world see the richman like osama family want you and all the ulema and all the imam rispect the life that is a gift of god.inshallah nicola

  9. Howdy Sheik, I am trying to contact you regarding the beautiful history of the Turkish genocide on just about everyone from around 800ad to the present time. It was done by scholars many of them. It had the most wonderful coloured plates of original oil paintings. I tried to contact you on your contact the sheik method, but nothing happened. yes I did click on the numbers. thank you if you can help. Therese

  10. I just found the same thing Therese. So I just cut down my message into small parts to fit inside the message box. It doesn’t like anything larger. I just hope… the Shiek can put it… back together again…

  11. Just tried to reply to your email that came through OK, but it returned saying your mailbox is full!!! We will keep trying with this [sigh] technology.

  12. NO more Campbells soup for me. They are now pandering to the Muslim dietary requirements. The “halal” icon is on most cans of their soups. Our local supermarket now has a Halal section. (Canada). I hope people will boycott this. Sharia law is just around the corner.

  13. We pretty much don’t buy at any stores supporting muslim dietary habbits – because these habbits are being forced on us without consultation – and that is simply not on.

  14. go preach elsewhere sayed – islam is not the only religion – it is not even a religion! You gave yourself away in your email – you simply have just spat on people who follow other faiths – which is typical for a muslim thug.

    Why is it that muslims are soo stupid!!

  15. the history was from Gates of Vienna – Baron Bodeski, from memory Therese. Also the American Helenic website has stuff to turn your stomach. Genocide of Thracian Greeks, Armenians, Assyrrian Christains and now Kurds within Turkish boarders.

  16. Well well well … sheik yermami has mastered the art of taqiyya perfectly!
    Just because you are SO ignorant and hate homosexuality does NOT make it a “sexual perversion”.
    Since when are the gay American soldiers “a special privileged group that must be pampered at the expense of security”. Can you offer a shred of evidence you slimy homophobe??? Men who are confident in their sexuality have no need to ridicule and put down homosexuals. You clearly have some serious issues, mate!
    You’re hateful and narrow-minded and dishonest, much like other muzzies you supposedly oppose. No wonder there is no link to your pathetic website on Jihad Watch.

    BTW the moron who calls himself “infidel” must be just another filthy muzzie if he’s calling for death to gays.

  17. Saturday 05 February 2011

    The Telegraph
    British Muslims must subscribe to mainstream values of freedom and equality, David Cameron will say as he declares that the doctrine of multiculturalism has “failed” and will be abandoned.

    The Prime Minister will declare an end to “passive tolerance” of divided communities.

    The days of doing deals with Muslim extremists are over

  18. Lmao write all you want, argue all you want.. Islam is taking over the world. We will take over your households, families, kids, lifestyle, countries, you name it. Say Allah to a Muslim world. Allah to a Muslim America and Canada. Allah to a Muslim earth. And you will just rot and watch 🙂

  19. * Islam is taking over the world.

    For what purpose, David? To what end? Prophetically, there are two things that will “take over the world” prior to the return of Jesus Christ with the saints.

    The first is Mystery Babylon the Great (the harlot religious system, with a strange god or gods other than Jesus Christ – this includes islam).

    The second is the Beast 666 and False Prophet, who will turn on Mystery Babylon and destroy it.

    The Beast & False Prophet will in turn be cast alive into the Lake of Fire, where they can spend eternity with Satan, Allah, Mohammed (etc).

    I simply watch the unfolding of biblical prophecy, in accordance with God’s will and purpose.

    Islam is doomed – Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 / 39, Isaiah 17:1, Revelation 17 / 18 guarantee its destruction.

    One day I will cark it and rot. Meanwhile, I watch…

  20. There’s Something Creepy About Obama
    by SHEIKYERMAMI on JANUARY 21, 2012
    Ezra Levant takes a closer look… and what he finds is rather scary:


    What happened to this story?

  21. Hey, Sheik. I read from Australian Islamist Monitor that you will organize a bus to drive from North Queensland to Canberra to start a new political party. Can you tell us when this will happen?

  22. Ok.

    Maybe you should start the recruit members already?

    Btw, will it be just an anti-Islam party, or a “normal”, mainstream party, which takes a stand on other issues, too??

  23. Hello Sheikyermami,
    An interesting article on Andrew Bolt’s site which may be of interest.
    Re the Labor Governments ‘Media Enquiry’ – the aim of the Canberra Nazis, Gillard and Conroy, to censor every word we write and read.

    A group called Avaaz is influencing the enquiry by flooding it with submissions. Avaaz together with GetUp. Using online forms, they have sent 10,600 submissions – 86% of the submissions.

    Two or three years ago, I checked out Avaaz via their website. Buried within links to other areas of their website was the fact that Avaaz is pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic. They were also supporting the Palestinian flotilla’s attacks on Israel.

    Now, they are attempting to influence the outcome of the Australian Govt enquiry. A typical Islamic ploy to censor and silence critics of Islam. Avaaz is not an Australian group. It is financed, in part, by George Soros.

    It might be worth reading Andrew Bolt’s long article. Islamists never give up, do they? And the inept Aust. Govt. is sufficiently ignorant to pander to Avaaz and Simon Sheik’s GetUp. Email address to Bolt’s article follows.

    Red Rose

  24. This is how the islamists work – massive lobbying -. we have to do the same – lets us start. I think, that if we can get several people to write to canberra outlining the nature of contributions from avaaz and the danger they pose, we can get these thugs shut down.

  25. Hey Sheik,

    My Post disappeared on

    “Just a bunch of elderly, lonely men believe in the conspiracy where the Arab world will take over Europe…”

  26. Hey Sheik,

    My Post disappeared on

    “I used to live in England, now I live in the United Nations”

    Thanks and keep fighting on!

  27. Hey Sheik

    My Post disappeared on

    No Joke: ‘take-a-Talib-home-with-you’ is now official gov’t policy in Australia.

  28. note to turthiocity
    You have missed the point – Breivek appears to have acted as he did because the left wing politics prevalent in Scandinavia encourages silence on problems that demonstrate a failure if socialist policy. Last year a 13 year old Norwegian girl committed suicide ater having been raped multiply by mohammed scum in her school, and then being told by government appointed councillors to “take it for the country”. So, rather than spitting out flawed theory of human behavior from undergraduate texts, why dont you start asking the difficult questions. Trying to pretend that Breivek is “insane” is simply the cowards way out and aviods challenging the difficult issues that really chalenge your country.

  29. Tobri,
    You need to be organizing people to lobby the government on the issues of concern. Get your group together and start writing, BUT MAKE SURE ALL DATA IS PROPERLY RESEARCHED AND CROSS-CHECKED so tha when the mohammedans dispute the evidence that they are a problem the evidence can be shown again and used to destroy the mohammedan arguments.

  30. Thought you might be interested in this

    Caliphate Conference America 2012 – Video trailer

  31. atif,
    as a dumb muslin you do not seem to understand that any request is followed by a “please” and then a “thank you”. Do not ever threaten here again. BTW you have very little to say, and you are what is called “spam”, Now go and annoy your goat or what ever it is you do to keep pretending you a man.

  32. Hi Sheik,
    Thought you might be interested in this article from G.O.V.
    “The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

    He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law. He was being quizzed by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.”

    1. Thanks Gerald. I think I put something up about that already and I might put it up just so everyone gets the message.

      But yes, its an outrage.

      The UN is of course a front for the OIC, namely the Saudis and the MuBro’s, and Peter Sutherland is a dhimmi tool who says what he’s told to say and he is paid for it, handsomely. When he blathers on about ‘international law’ he actually means sharia without saying so; and third world immigration is, as we all know, a bottomless pit that not only impoverishes us all, but is the final nail in the coffin of our culture and civilisation.

      Quisling, Lord HawHaw, Tokyo Rose et al are amateurs on these traitors.

  33. Who is the real enemy of the western world?

    Dear editor,

    It´s been 7 years that I try to help the Muslims by making them realize the fact of false prophecy claims of Muhammad and violent ideology of a religion which was never truly existed. But the journey of those 7 years was full of obstacles and fire surrounding me. Let me have the opportunity to share my views with you on my long war against Islam.
    Before I used to think that the enemy of the western world are those who follow the violent scripture (Quran) falsely created by Muhammad, but by the time I came to knew that the real enemy of the western and peaceful world are not those blind faith Muslims but indeed are those people who proudly call themselves westerners, but behind the scene help and favour to the Muslims by ignoring the truth.
    The enemies of our civilest society are not the Muslims. The enemies are the Non-Muslims who tolerate and even support the Islam instead of fighting it, who prevent to the people like us from fighting against the lie of Islam. These enemies are everywhere in the Western world, in the governments, in the jurisdiction, in the police organization and especially in the mass media. These enemies care for their diplomatic and economic relations with the Muslims states more than the future and safety of our future generations.
    We Non-Muslims who have understood the truth and try to fight the evil ideology of Islam are often beaten by political correctness, called Nazis racists and Anti Islamists, encounter repressions at the work place and social life, ostracized by families and friends, being watched regularly by national secret services and treated like criminals.
    Why? Just because we fight against something which is not true and dangerous for the future of our modern society? Is it so serious offence to help the billion of people to come out of a fake and extremely nonsense faith? Is it a crime to stop a religion which orders to kill, hate and discriminate in the name of god? Is it a crime against humanity if we fight for our rights of liberty of expression and saving our western values?
    No, these all facts are not crime, but still we are being treated worst than the Islamic jihadists are being treated. Instead of getting praised for our fight against injustice, we face a daily depression. Instead of putting our lives on the risk by opposing the Islam, we never get respected as we deserve. Instead of the fact that we are trying to change the world towards a better direction, we always get created the obstacles by our own non Muslim people who call themselves western and modern but under the table shake their hands with those Muslims leaders who follow Muhammad and work for fulfilling his cunning desires.
    At last as the conclusion I would like to say that all my fellow bloggers and activists who do a great job of exposing a false prophet and helping the world to understand the truth, are extra ordinary brave people who would be remembered in the future as historical heroes. I give my full support to them and give them my word that no matter what happens I will never give up until this world becomes free of Islam (Hopefully in my life). And I want all of you to take the same oath and promise me to create an unbreakable unity between us which can never be broken by the diplomatic or political oppression. We are a family which will fight together against the devil of Islam. Thank you very much.

    Your sincerely
    A proud Anti Islam Activist
    Imran Firasat (Spain)

  34. Hello Sheik,
    My comment sent to ‘Stop the Canberra mosque’ a few hours ago appeared on the screen. It has disappeared. Was it not accepted by moderator? If so, could I be advised of the problem with it?

  35. Subject: Islam in Germany – The need to stop the indoctrination pandemic

    Hello Sheik Yer’mami,

    I’m a liberal Christian who lives in Germany. I value critical thinking. Tolerance is important to me and I do appreciate multiculturalism and diversity. In my opinion people can believe whatever they want as long as their beliefs don’t contain instructions that harm other people.

    After 9/11 for many years I was under the impression that militant Muslims are only a tiny minority and that we’re able to keep them in check. I was always extra careful not to offend anyone in the Muslim community. I was criticizing terrorism, not Islam. I know many really nice and friendly Muslims (in real life and online).

    It took me a long time to realize my mistake and challenge my assumptions. The Danish cartoon incident finally opened my eyes. I’m still a liberal (one who also shares many values with moderate conservatives), but I realized that being a liberal includes rejecting and speaking out against any form of totalitarianism. Most progressives feel the same way, but they still fail to recognize the connection to orthodox Islam, which is the standard Islam. The pure Islam. I know this now, but most liberals and even many conservatives are still in the dark. I kept wondering how I could change this. Many liberals don’t visit anti-Islam sites, because some of them also contain aggressive right-wing rhetoric with hidden political agendas.

    The Islamic indoctrination pandemic is very real and most people are not aware of this. In Germany some have noticed that far more women of Turkish origin wear veils compared to 20 years ago. And that many Muslim immigrants and their children no longer seek German friends. Often their children enter elementary school without being able to speak German. Many of the boys don’t respect female teachers, let alone their arrogant fathers who support them. The girls are forbidden to go on field trips with the rest of their classes. Some are even told not to befriend unclean German girls. It seems like 1933 all over again. It’s happening in a country that successfully got rid of Nazism’s evil ideology. Only this time devout Muslim men think they are the super-race and all the others are inferior and unworthy.

    About two months ago, the German police, while protecting anti-Islam demonstrators, were attacked by militant Salafists. They claimed that the Prophet had been insulted by the demonstrators. Twenty-nine police officers were wounded. Two of them were stabbed with a knife. Speakers of several German Muslim organizations quickly said that the perpetrators misunderstood Islam. Almost no one disagreed. I couldn’t believe it! And I really wanted to do something about it.

    Islamic indoctrination is a global problem. The brains of Muslim teenagers are being poisoned with 7th century barbarism day after day. It seems to happen everywhere. Not just in Germany. All across Europe. In America. In Asia Pacific. In Africa. We can expect that indoctrination efforts in Egypt will intensify.

    Therefore I decided to create a document in English (I’m bilingual and got my M.S. degree in the U.S.) that hopefully makes it easy for both liberals and conservatives to get a good understanding of Islam, why it matters to us, and what we can do about it. For the past few months I’ve read numerous books and visited dozens of websites, including yours, reading hundreds of pages online. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost. So I wanted to allow readers who are interested in the underlying problems with orthodox Islam to be able to print out a single comprehensive document. It has taken me several weeks to compile it. Now it’s about 58 pages long, plus appendix, and takes about 2-3 hours to read. It’s mainly summaries, excerpts and quotes, but I also included some of my own views and ideas how to deal with the problem.

    I took the liberty to use some content from your website. You and I seem to share the same goals. The target audience is liberals and moderate conservatives including secular Muslims who treasure open societies and human rights. My parents helped build the new Germany after 1945 with the great support from America. I am very determined not to let anyone destroy our freedom. Being critical of Islam can be dangerous and I know that I have to be careful. The title of my document is:

    “Embracing Multiculturalism based on Tolerance and Mutual Respect – Why Islamic Indoctrination and Supremacist Islam is a Serious Threat to Free Societies and World Peace and what we Can Do about it”

    If you give me your permission, I’ll share the PDF document with you. Now here are a few questions I have:

    1) Is it okay to use content from your website (source is given)?
    2) Could you give me feedback on my document (or ask someone who could)?
    3) Is the content correct?
    4) Is anything important missing?
    5) Would you like to engage in a brief discussion (I have a few differing viewpoints)?
    6) What is the best way to give people access to my document?
    7) How can we spread the word?
    8) What else can I do to support the cause?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Sure, I’ll take a look.

      Yes, you may use content with attribution from WoJ.

      If you like to engage in discussion let me know what subject specifically.

      As for spreading the word you have to be prepared for the blowback. You will be ostracised, vilified and derided. Truth is the new hate speech. But I can help you with some contacts that might be useful.


  36. Hello Sheik Yer’mami.

    I’m the author of the Islam versus Europe article “Some UK Immigration Considerations” to which you linked here:

    I wanted to let you know that I have a new blog,

    In it there is also a post about the question on the validity of human rights raised by IVE, with whom I had a very long discussion on their blog:

    Happy Ramadan (joking)!


    1. Thank you, Enza.

      This is a very important subject in the defence of our civilisation. Please keep us posted on any new developments re the human rights perversion we are seeing now being used against us by people who would not, and cannot grant us non-believers those rights.

  37. Islam in Germany – The need to stop the indoctrination pandemic

    Hello Sheik Yer’mami,

    The document I mentioned about 2 weeks ago is available at

    Here’s the table of contents:

    1. Manifesto against totalitarianism
    2. Islam, orthodox Islam and Islamism
    3. Getting a better understanding of Islam
    4. Online resources used in this document
    5. The incompatibility of Islamic doctrines with fundamental Western values
    6. Major concerns related to the indoctrination pandemic
    7. The unrestricted export of Islamic doctrine to the free world
    8. Why conservative Islam critics need to welcome liberals into the movemen
    9. Developing strategies to counter Islamic indoctrination and protect human rights


  38. Hello Sheik.
    I think you may be interested in this. The Baron at GOV has fantastic review of the book “Muhammad and Charlemagne Revisited” by Emmet Scott
    “Mr. Scott describes in detail the magnitude of the destruction — much worse than most of us had previously thought — wrought by Islam on classical antiquity. Far from saving the works of the ancients, Islam all but annihilated them, even as it destroyed the advanced civilizations that created them.”
    Please give it as much publicity as you can.

  39. Now we know how to respond back to violent Muslims

    UK based radical Islamic group has been denounced as a terrorist organization in the British Embassy in Madrid by the ex Muslim “Imran Firasat”

    Dear editor Winds of Jihad

    A very good day to you. This is Imran Firasat from Spain. On 13th of August there was news published on your courageous site with the title “UK Muslim Group Calls for ‘Political Jihad’ against ex-Muslim Imran Firasat”. That news was an example of how intolerant, violent and aggressive Muslims have become by following Muhammad´s falsely created full of blood religion.

    Today I come back to you with some latest movements related to the same matter. After I got the political Jihad threat from the Islamic group “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK” based in United Kingdom, I had two options: give up on my war against Islam or respond back more strongly to those Muslims in order to make them realize that we ex Muslims and better human than them are not coward and are capable to attack back those who hurt us unnecessarily.

    Today on 20th of August I had an appointment with the diplomats of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Madrid, Spain. I have formally lodged an official complaint in the British Embassy against “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK” which will be forwarded to the British police and all the relevant agencies of UK. I have explained to the UK authorities that how this Muslim group based in UK is fomenting hate speech, provoking the Muslims for fighting in the name of religion and spreading jihad messages into the society.

    Through my complaint, I have asked the British authorities to declare this group a terrorist organization and ban it immediately as its acts should be considered serious crimes under the European and UK´s anti terrorism law. The British diplomats have promised me that they are going to have a serious look at this complaint and the necessary actions will be taken as soon as possible. On the other hand the Spanish police are also studying this case and if they find this Islamic group guilty of committing crimes of hate speech and spreading terrorism in Europe, then this group will be declared a terrorist organization under the Spanish law, and its representatives will never be allowed to enter in the Spanish territory.

    The intention behind submitting this complaint to the UK authorities is to respond back to the violent Muslims and leave a message to them that it is not anymore 2001. We are in 2012, much stronger, united and have woken up against the Islamic illusion and injustice. We are not going to tolerate anymore their threats or violent acts. We will fight back but never in a violent way like them, in contrary we´ll adopt the legal measures, because we believe in law and order. They attack on us, we will kick them back. We are not coward, poor and illiterate people. We are modern, highly educated, peace loving and brave people who will take this fight until end in order to expose Muhammad and Islam´s false doctrine to the world. We are not afraid of Islamic violence anymore. We are desperate to free this world from Islam.

    With this message I attach the scanning of a copy of the documents submitted to the British officials in Madrid, stamped by them as acknowledgement of receiving my complaint. Thank you very much.

    Imran Firasat (A proud ex muslim)
    (Madrid – Spain) (World without Islam)

  40. Imran,
    I sincerely hope you all the best, best of safety and health. I also hope that the dhimmi Governments do, do something in regards to your case. But I cannot help but feel a sinking despair.

    Keep up the good fight 😉

  41. Islam Is A Crock,
    more to be had at >

    Police briefed representatives of Melbourne’s Islamic community on Wednesday afternoon about the raids which were carried out Narre Warren South, Craigieburn, Hallam, Officer, Springvale South and Noble Park.

    “They carried out the raids showing a lot of respect including telling the women at some of the houses that they were coming in and for them to put on their headgear and scarves,”

    F**ng REALLY.. Dum dum dum dhimmies.

  42. Shame on Members of Sydney’s Muslim community
    (Ya-Yeb Elshoum)

    Sydney witnessed a minority group of radical Islamists bring Islam into further disrepute on 15 September 2012.
    This group of a few hundred radical Islamists illegally took to the streets of Sydney in an “abhorrent” and disgraceful display replicating the unruly protests sweeping the Middle East by fundamentalist Islamists.
    The predominantly male protest was not only unlawful, but also exposed the total lack of respect for the rule of law and the law enforcement officers performing their duties of protecting the community in Sydney’s CBD from the unruly mob. The criminal antics of the mob was their response to an obscure, unknown and very poorly made film about Mohammed the Islamic Prophet. Their actions resulted in a number of police officers seriously injured and shoppers scrambling for cover and safety.
    To put the incident into context the leaders of the Muslim community must be honest in the evaluation and consider all the facts surrounding the film.
    The sequence of events raise very serious questions about who is actually publicizing the film they assert insults the Islamic prophet Mohammed. The leaders of the Islamic community need to consider the following undisputed facts.
    • Prior to the attack by radical Islamists linked to Al-Qaida on the US embassy in Libya the film was totally unheard of and had no publicity whatsoever.
    • The barbaric attack in Libya resulted in the assassination of the much loved U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other US staff members to coincide with the anniversary of the 9/11 September attack.
    • The unknown film was used as a pretext by radical Islamic terrorists to justify the attack and murders of selfless civilised individuals assisting an Islamic country that was ruled by an Islamic Tyrant “Gaddafi”.
    Some Facts about the Film:
    • The film was made by a number of individuals in America in 2011.
    • The film was uploaded to Youtube months ago and according to Youtube statistics only had 134 views.
    • When Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt became aware of the film, they carefully had it dubbed into Egyptian Arabic.
    • After translation and dubbing into Arabic a two-minute portion of the movie was shown on Egyptian TV resulting in the barbaric violence that extended over four days in a bid to attack and burn down the US embassy in Cairo.
    • Immediately after the Cairo Riots the once unknown film had been viewed more than four million times in a 24 hour period.
    If the film is so offensive to Islam why did the Salafists and Muslim brotherhood translate and dub it into Arabic?
    Why was the film screened on Egyptian TV?
    It can not be disputed that as a direct result of the actions of extreme Islamists in the Middle East this pathetic film received the publicity and exposure it did not and does not deserve.
    As a direct result of their ill thought barbaric actions the 13-minute YouTube film, “The Innocence of Muslims” has now had 10s of millions of views and has been uploaded under numerous titles including the Mohammed film.
    It has now emerged the poorly made, low budget amateur film was apparently made by a Copt residing in America. As a direct result of this information some in the Sydney protest used it as an opportunity to degrade and insult the entire Coptic community. The Islamic community always complain about been tarnished with the same brush as radical islamic terrorists. I totally agree it is totally unreasonable and unacceptable to label all Muslims as terrorists because of the actions or deeds of a minority. Why then have these irresponsible protesters engaged in this behavior when mainstream Coptic and religious leaders have publicly denounced the film in Egypt and throughout the middle-east?
    The epitome of hypocrisy and double standards of Islam is highlighted in the following Photos.

    These 3 lovely, well educated young Muslims teen girls are in Hyde Park & saw fit to insult and vilify the entire Coptic community in the most abhorrent manner because of the ill thought action of one man in the USA. The photo above speaks for itself; these girls or someone they knew took the time to make a poster containing a Photo of the recently Deceased Pope Shenouda III in a toilet for the protest. The parents and families of these well mannered Australian Muslim Girls must be very proud of them. They are clearly of Egyptian origin and have been raised as Role Model ladies for the Islamic community. (source

    Can you imagine the Islamic reaction if a picture of Mohammed was placed in the same situation?

    In addition to the latter, Members of Sydney’s Muslim Community saw fit to carry posters reading the following with no regard for the offence they would cause and inflict:

    1. ”Behead all those who insult the prophet”: (beheadings are a shariah mandated Draconian Islamic punishment routinely used in countries like Saudi Arabia.)

    2. ”Obama, Obama we love Osama”

    – Clearly the Libyan People disagree with their Muslim brothers in Sydney, they are VERY grateful that America rid them of the Muslim Tyrant Gaddafi.
    – Secondly the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community are BEGGING President Obama to intervene in the Islamic struggle for supremacy between the Alawai -V- Sunni Muslims in Syria, as the Islamic nations are incapable of dealing with the impasse, Iran supporting the Alawai “Shiite sect” while countries like turkey & Egypt are supporting the “Sunni sect”. WHAT DO YOU WANT???

    3. ”Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell”: What a disgraceful, pathetic, divisive poster to display. Are these Muslims aware such posters will only fuel anger, scepticism and hatred of Islam?
    This Poster is a direct affront and attack on every non-Muslim Australian; these people are totally un-Australian & display “hypocrisy at its highest”.
    These unruly fools only succeeded in publicising and making every Australian aware of an obscure, unknown film they say attacks the integrity of their 7th century prophet Mohammed. (Do you think they look Peaceful and dignified)

    As reported in the media Superintendent Mark Walton said of the demonstrators. ”Some of these people came forearmed to cause damage and potentially conflict an assault with police,”
    It is clear from the media reports theses foolish ignorant Protestors were totally ignorant of what had transpired with the film, one protestor “demanded the Gillard Government ban screening the film”, what a total fool. Fact is there have never have been any plans to screen this rubbish and no one is interested in it. Mainstream Australian were totally oblivious to its existence until the radical Muslim elements publicised it with their illegal, violent, barbaric protest in Sydney. The FILM is on YOUTUBE not the cinemas, or video or dvd!!
    As a matter of courtesy I will assist by providing these fools with a few links to the film they helped publicise. (3.26 million views) (3.3 million views) (5.92 million views)
    As you can see these clips were uploaded AFTER the Islamic protests and have attained millions of views.
    The fools that violently protested in Sydney do NOT deserve to live in the greatest country in the world, they need to get educated and think carefully before they act. I find it pathetic and disturbing “the Muslim protestors said most of them had not seen Innocence of Muslims”.
    In a very bizarre sequence of events the radical Muslim protestors went from unabated violent clashes with the Police, then to Islamic prayer on the grounds of Hyde Park amid chants of the Islamic war cry “Allah Akubra”, immediately followed by rants about Christians lacking morals, then more battles with the Police. This behaviour is hypocritical and conflicts with the claim that Islam is a religion of peace.

    The entire fiasco was broadcast live and uninterrupted on SKYNEWS, those watching were speechless at we were witnessing.
    To those in the Muslim community who want to attack Christianity and non-Muslims generally, you should get the hell out of Australia and go live in the bliss and happiness of an Islamic country like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia or any other Islamic country where you will not have to mix with the “infidels”.
    The decent leaders of the Islamic community in Sydney and all over Australia MUST bring these people to account according to Islamic law, the rhetoric of condemnation to the media is not sufficient, do these people deserve excommunication from Islam for bringing the creed into disrepute?
    We desperately call upon the Moderate dignified Islamic leaders, “Do you agree with the actions and statements of these ill-informed Muslim protesters?”, “Who is going to apologise to those communities that were directly insulted, attacked, vilified and offended as a direct result of the actions of members of the Sydney Muslim community?”
    It is High time the decent Muslims claimed ownership of their faith and deal very sternly with those members of the Muslim community that hijack Islam and defame it with their actions.
    If the Muslim community are truly concerned about the reputation of Mohammed they must make the fools that protested aware it was them that actually promoted and raised awareness of what was previously an unknown film. The whole situation is very bizarre & the mob was clearly not very intelligent.
    I will conclude by reminding every Muslim to compare the MUSLIM reaction to this film and compare it with the Christian response to the release of the “Da Vinci Code”, or “Holy blood Holy Grail”.
    Better still; take a good look at the vile bigoted hatred that is preached in mosques all over the world directly against Jews and Christians. You are hypocrites displaying double standards at an all time high.
    I will part company using the words of your prophet Mohammed, “Al-salamYalekohm”. “PEACE BE UPON YOU” and allow you to contemplate the following
    The below story is unbelievable and gives further insight into the manipulation and extreme measures that some members of the Islamic community will go to.

  43. Assad,
    The sequence of events is very similar to that on the Danish cartoons. The muslim communiity needs to resolve these issues quickly. However, they cannot even acknowledge that there is a problem and so conflict (which part of the muslim community has already declared on society) seems difficult to avoid.

  44. Imran.
    Thank you for taking a stand. People like you know what we face, and only by having the courage to speak openly about the significant problems caused by islam can the situation be redressed without violence. The question is now will the followers of the PC god who are complicit in their ignorance and blind acceptance of islam without critical review (ie fools like “Charlie”) have the honesty to hear what you and people like you are saying. Stay safe!! If you need to disseminate information then I am pretty sure the folks here will assist but there is little more that we can do at present to help you.

  45. Sheik, I think you’ll like this article from the Guardian by a koranimal revert.

    ‘The Truth about Muhammad and Aisha’ by Myriam Francois-Cerrah

    The fact that Iran and Saudi Arabia have both sought to use the saying concerning Aisha’s age as a justification for lowering the legal age of marriage tells us a great deal about the patriarchal and oppressive nature of those regimes, and nothing about Muhammad, or the essential nature of Islam. The stridency of those who lend credence to these literalist interpretations by concurring with their warped view of Islam does not help those Muslims who seek to challenge these aberrations.

  46. Sheik. Journalists like Kathie Griffiths should be hung, drawn and quartered.
    “Council for Mosques chief executive Mohammed Saleem Khan said the meeting at the Khidmat Centre in Lidget Green was the result of “all the hurt” and strength of feeling shown by the Muslim community since the 14-minute video made by the Coptic Church in America was made public.” By Kathie Griffiths. H/t to GoV

  47. Imam Rauf is at it again, this time it is regarding the video clip “Innocence of the Muslims” . How can we call this snake’s bluff. Just read some of his bullsh*t.

    The Quran equates killing an innocent with killing all of humankind.

    Threatening to wipe out Jews, or Christians, or members of any faith; or Sunnis killing Shia and Shia killing Sunnis, or terrorist attacks against the United States—none of this can be supported by the Quran or any holy book.

    In the Quran, God explicitly criticized believers, even the Prophet, for prohibiting that which God has permitted. We must bring that openness to protect religious diversity. We have clear instructions in the Quran that tell us, “to you your religion, to me mine.” by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

    1. “The Quran equates killing an innocent with killing all of humankind.”

      Not so. The verse is straight from the Torah, Muhammad is using this verse to warn Jews to behave and not to resist Islam, otherwise they would get their hands and feet cut off on opposite ends.

  48. Thank you so much for your article on obama trying to take away our 1st amendment rights. I too saw the F&F similarities, which were targeted towards our 2nd amendment rights. It’s the same MO.
    Wish more people were making that connection.

  49. Sheik, you are going to like this. The Muslim savages are persistent in wanting to do time travel.
    Not only did Dr. Naggar promote this practice, but he made the staggering announcement that right now in Egypt a medical center in Marsa Matrouh actually specializes in treating people with camel urine, all in accord with the prophet’s advice.

  50. Sheik,

    My post disappeared on ‘ Sunday Morning Hate Mail’.

    It seems, that 50% of most of post are disappearing lately.

    I am not in my normal geographical location, could this be the problem?



  51. Sheik,
    I used to comment regularly on your site , now my comments never come up. ??? I recently commented on the Mike Tyson/NZ visa story..
    Kind regards Theresaj.

  52. Chemistry – Serge Haroche Jewish
    Physics – Robert Lefkowitz Jewish

    Jews 2 : Muslims 0
    Did not the Quran say that the Muslims are the best of people.
    This sure gladdens my heart and I hope it does yours too.

  53. Dear Sheik;

    Here are pages pimping the scheme of Dr. Al Fakir. I believe the missile silo to serve this plan was constructed on South Pender Island, BC, during the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Since I howled and agitated in this regard, Dr. Fakir has abandoned the scheme. Yet the silo remains…in who’s hands? If you’re interested I can detail my findings more completely.

    In Solidarity,

    Joseph Actionhero
    Victoria, BC

  54. Hi Sheik,
    Missing post at Gellerphobia: CAIR Campaign More Crooked Than Islamic Poster Girls Teeth

    Can you find it?


  55. There is a conspiracy plot to explain some of the happenings in Libya. Anything is possible with the Obowma government for weren’t they responsible for Fast and Furious which resulted in the death of Americans. So here goes.

    It’s a conspiracy theory, to be sure, but “Kozy” asserts the Benghazi attack was an “October Surprise” gone awry thanks to two SEALs who weren’t even supposed to be in Benghazi.

    In June, Egyptian President Morsi pledged to secure the release of ‘The Blind Sheikh’, the extremist cleric responsible for the first World Trade Center attack.

    Eager to accommodate Morsi and strengthen the U.S. relationship with Egypt, Obama’s henchmen formulate a two-step cover story. The first step is a video that no one has seen, which was released in July.

    Next, strip security from the Libyan Ambassador, despite pleas from a variety of quarters for more security, not less. In essence, remove any barriers to using the Ambassador as a hostage.

  56. Sheik,

    Can please find my post on UK: Trouble brewing as a million Muselmaniacs intend to snuff out freedom of speech and expression through bullying and intimidation

    I would like to respond to DP111 and Mrs. R. O’ Riordan.

    Sorry, it is a bit long.


  57. Sheik,


    Can you please find my post at

    Almost fair & balanced: ABC’s ‘Lateline’ reports on the Q-Society

    I would like to respond to atheist. Thanks.


  58. My first attempt at posting this comment results in a duplicate post warning. Please do something. This is what I wanted to post.

    The so-called “Rohingyas” look like Bangladeshis, speak a dialect of Bengali and are Muslims like the majority of Bangladeshis. This is nothing short of a land grab by neighbouring Bangladesh with the help of the UN(Useless Nothing) ala Kosovo.

  59. Sheik you may want to publish this article for what is happening or about to happen in America is coming your way to Australia.
    “Recent interviews with highly-placed officials in a number of European and South American banking circles indicates a new, almost irrational fear that is beginning to rise among them. It’s not about inflation, depression or recession, but it is so frightening to these individuals that they are being driven to talk about something they typically never talk about.
    The topic? Islam. Contrary to likely presumption, it’s not just the movement of Muslims across Europe from Africa and the Middle East and the mobilization of Islamist factions in these areas – but the vast migration that has begun towards the United States.”


  61. M,
    It was religiously/racially motivated. The MSM should be dragged through
    the mud for the PC coverage they gave this story.

  62. Dear Sheik Yer’Mami,

    Today, I has been at Reinoldi church, Dortmund-City, Germay, Dr.Huber ex-President of Ev. church Germany, preaching “tolerance” between Muslims

    At the front door of the church, I have distributed with signs “” and Q.5:38 jacket a lot of flyers:

    A church leader was very upset and want me to expel from the church ground, for “rushing around and spread hate”

    My answer:the flyer is ONLY mentioned Allah’s word the Quran, nothing more! Should read at least the last chapter 9

    “he can call the police”, if he mean I stand on the church ground

    “The police I will not call” he responded, but I sould SHUT UP

    “I never shut up”, I answered

    He was going inside + was never seen again

    Tomorroy I will go regularly to the City + distribute my flyers (with signs on my jacket)

    Thank you Stephanie

  63. Hi Sheik,
    This might interest you.
    The November 13 agreement, signed by Hamburg’s Socialist Mayor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of four Muslim umbrella groups, is being praised by the proponents of multiculturalism for putting the northern port city’s estimated 200,000 Muslims on an equal footing with Christian residents….
    The most controversial part of the accord involves a commitment by the city government to promote the teaching of Islam in the Hamburg public school system. The agreement grants the leaders of Hamburg’s Muslim communities a determinative say in what will be taught by allowing them to develop the teaching curriculum for Islamic studies.
    It is noteworthy that all non-Muslim school children attending public schools will be indoctrinated in Islam by Islamic teachers. This is necessary to forestall any future opposition to Islam’s incremental takeover of Hamburg, and then Bremen, and then all of Germany.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  64. Sheik,

    Just want to give you a heads up.

    All of my posts (two) that I have submitted have disappeared tonight.

    Not sure if anyone else is having problems.

    Fight on.


  65. What can I do in the confine of my home? I am aware what is happenning, have known for at least 40 years. The first time I met a true moslum in /63 on the street of vancouver, again in Toronto in /65 he already had a following. I am blessed with an inner radar that warns me far in advance.
    Why some of my friends became converts I realy don’t know.
    What can I do to help?

  66. Sheik, this may interest you.
    “This also applied to Zafar. To stop the advance of Christianity, individual Arab kings initially converted to Judaism. The entire ruling class of the realm eventually followed suit. From then on, people were given names like Yehuda and Yussuf.
    The enmity between Sanaa and Mecca apparently smoldered from the start. Medieval Koran scholars report that Abraha built his magnificent church to lure the pilgrims away from the Kaaba, Islam’s most sacred site.
    Another Islamic source describes how the dispute eventually escalated: An angry native of Mecca relieved himself in the Sanaa church, prompting the furious Abraha to dispatch his warriors, mounted on elephants, to destroy the Kaaba. In the interpretation of Sura 105 of the Koran, the only reason he was unsuccessful was that Allah had armed a flock of birds with clay balls that rained down on the Christian army like bullets.”

  67. Oh Ye of such little cyber-internet-awareness…..

    have you not learned that you can Google an email address……????

    Then let us Google….let our millions of mice and the clickage wrought from the same speak volumes and reveal a multiplicity of purposely heretofore hidden identities…..

    let us see what “” reveals….

    oooooohhhhhhh mmmyyyy!!!

    it reveals a Pakistani by the name of:


    who is currently employed by Saudi Oger Limited who is contracted to the Saudi Arabian Oil Company…

    ooooohhhhhh….how mysterious!!!…..speaks to me of buggering little boys and the drifting sands of Sand Weasel country……

    lets dig some more….

    ohhhhh look its a full CV with an email address……ooohhhh lllloooookkk!!!!…..lets call his employers…..past and present!!!

    and here is a link to a car-bomb ( IED ) he is selling:

    The reality is that these stupid bastards need to be dealt with and dealt with harshly… that you have his personal information……drive a fucking stake through his heart!!!!!

    Here is a link to his CV:

    2. DATE OF BIRTH : 18TH FEB. 1979
    3. GENDER : MALE
    9. N.I.C # : 13101-1356025-3
    12. TEL # : 00966-53-364 3234 / 0092-314-518 1368
    13. PASSPORT # : AS0150251
    14. E-MAIL :

    Hey Shiek-Yer-Mami!!!… can fucking thank me anytime!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird (King of The Islamophobes)
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  68. Hey asshole!!!

    Just look this up:

    Oh Ye of such little cyber-internet-awareness…..

    have you not learned that you can Google an email address……????

    Then let us Google….let our millions of mice and the clickage wrought from the same speak volumes and reveal a multiplicity of purposely heretofore hidden identities…..

    let us see what “” reveals….

    oooooohhhhhhh mmmyyyy!!!

    it reveals a Pakistani by the name of:


    who is currently employed by Saudi Oger Limited who is contracted to the Saudi Arabian Oil Company…

    ooooohhhhhh….how mysterious!!!…..speaks to me of buggering little boys and the drifting sands of Sand Weasel country……

    lets dig some more….

    ohhhhh look its a full CV with an email address……ooohhhh lllloooookkk!!!!…..lets call his employers…..past and present!!!

    and here is a link to a car-bomb ( IED ) he is selling:

    The reality is that these stupid bastards need to be dealt with and dealt with harshly… that you have his personal information……drive a fucking stake through his heart!!!!!

    Here is a link to his CV:

    2. DATE OF BIRTH : 18TH FEB. 1979
    3. GENDER : MALE
    9. N.I.C # : 13101-1356025-3
    12. TEL # : 00966-53-364 3234 / 0092-314-518 1368
    13. PASSPORT # : AS0150251
    14. E-MAIL :

    Hey Shiek-Yer-Mami!!!… can fucking thank me anytime!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird (King of The Islamophobes)
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  69. Sheik,
    Harvard University has posted the Koranic verse 4:135 at a wall facing the main faculity entrance.
    “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah , even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.”

    This is Harvard the oldest university in America. Are they so dumb that they do not know that when a Muslim says justice he invariably means sharia justice. Surely there must be one bright spark in the whole damn university who is aware of this.

    1. I saw it.

      Islam, the religion of the professors.

      These university types have far too much influence, and are not half as smart as the average tradesman.

      How many full paying Sowdi savages are using Harfaart as a diploma mill annually?

  70. When I try and access GoV I get the following message “This blog is in violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service and is open to authors only”.
    Does anybody know what is happening?

  71. Hi Sheik,

    It appears that 50% of my post keep disappearing.

    Can you help?

    I am not sure if it is because I changed geographical location.



  72. Dear Sheik
    This is important look at Gillard announcing the Election she has never worn glasses google images no glasses ever why now? take note of the Mao style dress and the stern look the
    Election is in the bag Obama style see you in the camp

  73. Compare and contrast the behaviour of the congregation of this church with that of the illegal Muslims in Europe who poison dogs and beat puppies to death.
    “Tommy, a 12-year-old German Shepherd-mix that attended the same church services that once drew his mistress, died on Wednesday.
    Priests at the local parish welcomed the dog who was a regular at every baptism, wedding or funeral, rain or shine, at the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.”

  74. I just wanted to suggest a an important video for your blog –

    It is a different video because it shows how countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria are involved in the Palestinian oppression instead of the usual of just blaming Israel. It is very professionally done and most of the information is not seen on the main-stream media at all.

    Please let me know if it would be something you might be interested in posting.

    Thanks for your time!

  75. This is the height of stupidity. From where do the British people pick up this kind of morons to become Ministers. Not a word here about Islamic extremism.
    “Delivering a speech at a conference on far-right extremism, security minister James Brokenshire said that the rise of movements such as the EDL was a “worrying phenomenon”.
    He warned that the EDL and others have the potential to “stoke radicalisation” and could ultimately cross the line into an area that concerns counter-terrorism strategy.
    His speech came as a King’s College London report claimed the EDL was exploiting concerns surrounding sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda.”

  76. Thought you might like this…

    Dr. O’Neal Dozier Pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center details why he believes Barack Obama is setting the stage for the coming of the Anti-Christ by utilizing a combination of moral decay, economic decay and the abandoning of Americas Judeo-Christian roots.

    And another from the ever so lovely Pamella Geller.

  77. Sheik, I watch an Australian TV program called Q & A ( where an imam from Griffiths University was laying on his taqiyya thick and fast and the and the panel and audience(some of them at least) were lapping it up. Here is a sample.
    “Mohamad Abdalla: ….And heaven – the important thing about heaven it that it is the manifestation of God’s mercy, God’s compassion and we must not limit the idea that it is only those who believe – for instance it is not only a Muslim in this instance who may enter heaven, but the Islamic world view says anyone who believed in any of the prophets and the messengers that God sent to humanity and there would be, according to Islamic narrative, 124,000 prophets and messengers. The first people of this county may have received a profit and we would have no problem in believing that.”
    “Mohamad Abdalla: Thank you so much for that very important question. Yes, it is true, unfortunately, that Juhud or the word ‘Jihad’ has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and, indeed, hijacked for various ulterior motives, political reasons. The etymology of the word ‘jihad’ is jihad, which means to strive and to struggle and, as you have rightly mentioned, one of the greatest forms of jihad or struggle is the inward struggle to reform one’s own self, to refine one’s own self so that a person is morally and ethically enhanced, if you like. Unfortunately, the word ‘jihad’ has been misused by people like Osama Bin Laden, where it implied in their mind a war against infidels or non-believers and, incidentally they didn’t have to be non-Muslims but also Muslims were a casualty of this misinterpretation. Jihad has many meanings in Islam, one of which is to strive and struggle. As I said, a woman giving birth for instance is in a form of jihad, she’s in a form of struggle. I am standing here in front of you trying to explain, this is a form of jihad, without guns and swords waging. So it’s a struggle. However, I think there is a tragedy in the way Islam is being taught in institutions, in schools and so on and as Muslims we need to rethink the way we are teaching Islam. For the last century or so, Islam has been taught in a very puritanical way, Islam has been taught in a very legalistic way and we have forgotten a tremendous wealth of spiritual heritage, a mystical tradition that Islam has left us and, therefore, I think it is upon the leaders and the teachers to begin teaching their communities, the Islamic communities, about that wonderful mystical, spiritual heritage that is intended to reform the inward of a human being, and not only the external observances.”
    Pity you weren’t there Sheik to tear this imam’s taqiyya to shreds.

  78. I wonder if the Australian Defence Force has considered the following?
    1. Qantas has a responsibility in time of need to provide aircraft for the transport of troops.
    2. Qantas has just “hooked up” with a Muslim airline and is now buddy-buddy with it and its masters.
    3. What happens when the shit hits the fan during our inevitable civil war?
    4. What side of the fence will Qantas sit?

  79. I hope you’re sitting down, mate!

    Your site is blocked in Iran, apparently. told me so.

    Not a real surprise though, is it?

    1. Of course.

      In the Emirates too. But we have people there who know how to circumvent the blockers by using proxy servers.

      That’s expected. But when you stay in some major hotels in EUrabia and sites like ours or Jihad Watch are blocked, that’s worth doing something about. In spite of their Arab customers.

  80. Sheik,
    A muslim male , a refugee , has been molesting women around Christchurch , NZ for several years..There are 15 known victims . He was only caught awhile ago. He received bail , name suppression and a very favourable write up in the Press , the main paper..The whole tenure of the article was about how his family feared ostracism..There was nothing about the victims..Everything was about this monster and his family..Now he has been arrested again for being in one of the areas where he was not supposed to go..The assaults happened on walking and running tracks. Again , unbelievably he has been given bail..I am disgusted..I am having difficulty getting any attention for this situation. Thanks for all you do.

  81. Dear Sir, please be so kind as to focus on the criminal actions of Eric HOLDER and especially, his wrath against the poor ROMEIKE-family from Germany who were given asylum here in order to home-school their children, but who are being expelled by HOLDER, because they are Christian and white and donot like the public school system.Please, help them, thank you, Carla

  82. Hello Sheik,
    Every time I click on Winds of Jihad I am taken to your site but I end up at the article ‘Interfaith Derailment Downunder’ 06 August 2011.
    The only way I can get on to the current date is by typing in the address bar of the browser sheikyermami/2013/06/07 or whatever date I am interested in. I am using Firefox.
    Is it a bug of some kind.

  83. Trying to read the “full articles” in your latest post, but they will not come up. Problem?

  84. At this present time there is a battle in Ashton UK between the savages and civilised. There appears to be a news black-out. Or should that be a news white out!!! NO SURRENDER!!!

  85. Lokks like you must be under attack again. My previous post to you just failed. Testing testing.

  86. Regarding the CV of the muslim who will not walk with the EDL

    As suspected – muntasir is the chief of a muslim based charity JIMAS, His resume seems to be intended to convey the idea that he is a top line IT consultant – this he is not. I will check on his real IT credentials, but you do not become a top line IT person by running islamic marrage and fund raising activities. He may have worked in a minor role in some IT businesses, but he does not appear to have ever been a major contributor. The claim he makes is similar in nature to that made by Morsi. Additionally the school from which it got its qualifications is not top grade in this field. There seems to be a little bit more to the man and his backers than what is available to the public eye. That he has backers seems certain – who they are should be a concern.

  87. Sheik,
    Thanks for all your terrific work..I just wanted to share something good with you re NZ.. Seldom good news as you know but our long serving, suffering Nationalist leader has just scored a tremendous bloodless coup over Prime Minister Key…B……brilliant..How many times does anyone get to see a bloodless coup?? How many times does anyone get to see a Nationalist leader score such a coup over a serving Prime Minister..??? We are watching it play out on our tellies every night.
    The man in question is half Scottish and half Maori..He is NZ’s most experienced Politician..He is also the cleverest politician we have ever had. Winston Peters..leader NZ First party.
    He is now telling PM Key what to do..Oh the joy , the delight…

  88. Australia’s new Deputy PM, Anthony Albanese, is an Advocate for Palestinians.

    He is a founding member of the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine group. Does this mean there are more of his ilk in the parliament? A group of ‘how many’?

    He describes himself as “a strong advocate of justice for Palestinians.” Another Far-Left Appeaser – the weasel.

  89. Hi Sheik,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am still getting the article ‘Interfaith Derailment Downunder’ 06 August 2011 as my start page.

    Like Gerald on the June 8, 2013 at 12:20 am posting, I just change the dates.

    I am using Firefox too, is that the problem you think?

    Thanks for all the work you do and fight on.

  90. Hey there,

    I was on your site and noticed that you used WordPress as your platform. I thought I’d reach out and invite you to preview our advanced content delivery WordPress plugin that reduces bandwidth resources. In addition to reduced bandwidth resources your site will also experience more efficient image serving based on your end users geographical location like a traditional CDN. This is a free plugin and takes only a few minutes to install. We’re offering early adopters like yourself free use of the service too.

    Although we are a type of CDN you can run our plugin concurrently with your CDN (or any host) and we actually encourage it. For example, we have many sites running us on top of MaxCDN, Cloudflare, Cloudfront and others for maximum efficiency.

    I was hoping we could discuss further and you’d allow me to send you our special invitation (billing bypass) link to create your account.


  91. Hi Sheik,
    This is good for a laugh especially the part about living in tolerance in spite of the torrents of blood that was shed in the Balkans

    Turkish minister Egemen Bagis at a ground breaking ceremony for a mosque(rabat) in Belgium pointed to the Islamophobia in Europe and demanded more efforts to extend tolerance across the world.
    “We are the descendants of ancestors who lived in tolerance,” he stressed adding that he expected respect to Islam from everyone. L.O.L

  92. Obama HS Friend: Barry ‘Portrayed Himself As a Foreign, Crack-Smoking Homosexual’
    “We knew Barry as, just common knowledge, that girls were never anything that he was ever interested in, and as a young teenager….as a young girl… was clear to me that Barry was strictly into men,” Pope said. She also indicated that she had no desires for him and said that they didn’t get along, largely in part to the fact that he was “a pathological liar, even back then.”

  93. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I FORWARD EVERY DAY THE MAIL UPDATES TO A NUMBER OF FRIENDS!!….they are looking for the way to subscibe to the e mail from you but don’t find the link to complete the process of ‘SUBSCRIPTION TO E MAIL UPDATES’…
    PLEASE HELP !!!…and congratlations for the best page , link, blog all of your WINDS OF JIHAD…
    P.S.: when I am in a bad mood I listen to the music and start smiling and feeling better !!! 🙂

  94. This is the story of a Chilean woman , who became the Koran after defrauding a large number of people in Chile and Spain finished in a Syrian jail where he was practicing his jihad.

    Gisella Elier Cárcamo Cárcamo @ Nadia Chahbi @ María José @ Naryis Intishar @ Hanna Firdaws *

    The Yanna ( perhaps written as Hanna ) is the Islamic paradise and consists of 7 levels , the last and most important the Firdaws , where among others, live the prophets and martyrs .

    Basic Facts :

    She is from Chile ( possible Tunisian origin ) and was born in September 1975. His mother is Yolanda Carcamo and she is married with Radwan Hamidi or Radhouane Hmaidi @Abou Musáab. dos relaciones.Radhouane Hamidi Radwan Abou Hmaidi @ musaab .

    Life in Chile : Puerto Monnt live until 2001 , Llanquihue and Coyhaique in southern Chile. He went to Spain with his younger daughter without warning , his father later recovered his daughter. His last known address was in Aysen .

    Life in Spain : In Burlada , Navarra , at least , given the low standard in 2009, Vitoria- Gasteiz, given low in the census in 2010; Lanciego , given low in 2011.

    The story begins on July 4, 2010 , when , according to his version , undergoing a risky pregnancy , go to your GP ( Olaguíbel health center ) who denied a flyer to go to the gynecologist because they did not want to discover the niqab . She denounces in a public program called Espejo Publico. When reporting the matter to the courts , at the time of his statement , ask also discovered , to which he refuses . At this time the complaint was withdrawn .

    Commits fraud with at least two Facebook accounts. Impersonates @ Nadia Chahbi who needs money for his Chilean friend named Gisella Carcamo . On both occasions he is betrayed . As a pretext to gain followers discusses his advanced stage of cancer. The scams are committed by two Facebook accounts. Collect Candid much money contributions, both personal and Muslim Chilean Chilean government even offered to get her out of Tunisia but rejects it because according to her husband says do not has papers .

    Travel to Tunisia for ” retaliation of the Spanish justice.” They denounced she and her husband for aggressive , there uses the alias Nadia Chahbi .

    Then travel to Syria, arrived in the region of al- Dana ( Idleb ) , accompanied by the Tunisian Abou Omar , where they slept in a house and her husband was going to a training camp . They meet a man named Abu Muthanna , with women of Moroccan origin. All – Rurkman traveling through Syria Antioch ( meet with Chechens, Yemenis, Moroccans, Tunisians, German , etc. . Pass by a Chechen camp and then make the leap to the camp of the Abu Sufian Sirius, where he Gisella given the mission of serving Turkish and Arab women.

    According to the SANA agency , Carcamo was driving with her ​husband a truck trying lash ( Possible suicide car ? ) Against a military checkpoint near the Syrian Army cannery in Edleb . Radwan Hamidi is killed by Syrian gunfire, Gisella is arrested , possibly is in a women’s prison in Damascus , quite possibly in the women’s prison Adraa reports/1379945097 .

    She is an compulsive liar with which data have not been able to verify and others do :

    False, having studied medicine at the University of Navarra. Denied by the University
    to have cervical or uterine – cancer
    False She has suffered two multiple abortions : the first had lost twins and the second about quadruplets.

    Her husband is Radwan ( Redouan , Radhouane ) Hamidi ( Hmaidi ) @ Abou musaab , KIA in Syria.

    He was of Tunisian origin , met Gisella in Spain , allegedly while she was studying medicine and he Communications and Technology at the University of Navarra (also belied by the University ) . They marries in Tunisia for Islamic Law. Ç

    His wife says he spends a lot of time watching jihadist websites and their contact ‘s would be a certain Abdullah Edris . He fought in Latakia, with the Turkish- Syrian Aleppo Brigade ( Abu Sufian the Syrian) and he die in Edleb ( Idlib ) shooting by the Syrian Army .

    The Youtube link is an 8-minute video of RTV Syria in Spanish , in which the syrian army interrogate to Gisella Elier Cárcamo Cárcamo or @ Nadia Chahbi or @ María José or @ Naryis Intishar or @ Hanna Firdaws .

    Thank you , Sheick Yer Mami

  95. Hey Sheik,

    Is Bare Naked Islam down?

    Just curious to know if anyone else is having trouble?

    I am getting “site locked”

  96. Hello Sheik.

    I have just recently come across your site; I really like it. I think a list of books and websites would about Islam be useful additions.

    Could you include a book review of “Understanding Muhammad and Muslims” by Dr Ali Sina on your site?

    This book, as far as I am aware, is a one of kind. It is a psychobiography of Muhammad and those who follow his Sunnah. Most of the conclusions that Dr Sina reaches about Muhammad and Islam – based purely on the core Islamic texts (Quran, Ahadith, and Sira ,etc) – are ground-breaking.

    This is an extremely important contribution in the history of Islamic scholarship; anyone who reads this will have a far more acute understanding of Islam and Muhammad than any Imam. I believe it is one of the most important books ever published about Islam, and Muhammad in particular.

    The author argues very convincingly that Islam is, for all intents and purposes, Muhammadanism: Muhammad is the real god of Islam. That claim has been made before, but never in such a revelatory way as made by Sina : his explanations and conclusions are uniquely insightful .

    As Sina himself has stated, this book is devastating to the assertions of Islam and the claims about Muhammad’s prophet-hood .

    A quote from Sina: “Islam is incompatible with democracy. It is a warring creed that uses democracy to destroy it and to establish itself as a worldwide totalitarian regime. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacy of Islam and demystify it. Muslims must be weaned from Islam for humanity to live in peace.

    Understanding Muhammad is imperative for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This book makes that task easy.”

    Islamic Scholar Robert Spencer describes the book in his blurb as “blisteringly honest, thoroughly documented and piercingly insightful …. Should be required reading at the State Department and the White House”.
    Islamic Scholar Ibn Warraq writes in his preface “Now, we have Ali Sina’s book which I urge all responsible citizens whose critical faculties have not been lulled into confusion and befuddlement by oft-repeated slogans about Islam being a religion of peace to read carefully”.

    Dr Ali Sina is an Iranian former Muslim. Sina has received thousands of e-mails from ex- Muslims throughout the world (some of which can be found on his websites) who have left Islam after reading his articles and book. Could you also include links to his Sinas’ websites: and your site?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Yes of course, Islam is incompatible with anything. It is meant to usurp and replace everything. It is replacement theology.

      Germany: Muslim associations demand removal of professor of Islamic religious teaching for being too “moderate”

      Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

      He sees Islam as a religion of compassion and thinks the Koran should not be interpreted literally: his theories have made the Muslim theologian Mouhanad Khorchide many enemies. Now Islamic associations declaim against him, saying he is not suitable for the professorship.

      He is “not tolerable” as an Islamic scholar, the relationship is “broken and irreparable”, his theories are “dubious” – these are the hard words Muslims use to criticise the director of the Zentrum für Islamische Theologie (ZIT) [Centre for Islamic Theology] in Münster, Mouhanad Khorchide. The Muslim Coordination Council now demands a “new direction, in terms of personnel and subject matter” for the Institute, which trains teachers for Islamic religious instruction and religious scholars for mosques.

      Khorchide is an advocate of a liberal interpretation of Islam. His most recent books are called “Islam is compassion” and “Sharia – the misunderstood God”. He is critical of the Koran being interpreted literally, and campaigns for a friendly, open Islam, and has given lots of interviews on the subject. “The man with a sense of mission”, as the portrait of him in the TAZ was titled.

      According to its own statement, the Muslim Coordination Council has now “critically engaged with [Khorchide’s] theology of compassion” and published an opinion about it. Verdict: the scholar’s work does not meet scholarly standards and is not compatible with the “commitment to confessional Islamic theology”. Organisations such as the Türkisch Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion [Turkish Islamic Union of Religions Institutions], known as DITIB [tn: run by the Turkish government], have expressed themselves in a similar way, sometimes even more severely, for examples calling for “the appropriate authorities to initiate the appropriate steps in view of the findings.” From the Islamic Council and Schura council, similar things were heard. In short: Khorchide should go.

      Source: Der Spiegel Via: EuropeNews

      This is hilarious. The introduction of this Islamic religious instruction was extremely controversial. But the politicians justified it by saying it would allow a more moderate “European” version of Islam to be cultivated and conveyed to young Muslims. Now the Muslim associations, dominated by the Turkish government, mobilise against the teaching in its current form because it’s too moderate, European and close to Christianity!

      Amusingly, his predecessor in this post also had to leave after he said that Mohammed had possibly never existed, received death threats from Muslims then decided he was no longer was one himself!

  97. I have another recommendation for a book that you could promote “An Abridged Koran”– Dr Bill Warner

    You may have read it; below is an explanation of why people need to read it.

    “The Koran can be made understandable by using: Chronology— putting the verses in the original historical order. Categorizing— the method of grouping verses around the same subject. Context— using Mohammed’s life to explain the circumstances and environment of the text.” – Dr Bill Warner.

    As already mentioned the Quran is traditionally arranged by length of chapter, not chronologically. A standard Quran is puzzling and difficult to read; the narrative is totally disjointed and contradictory so the overall meaning of the Quran is obscured to a large degree. Chapters group unconnected topics together which often start and end randomly. The Quran has no sense of time or historical progress. In this translation the chapters are arranged in chronological order and the verses are grouped around the same subject.

    The standard Quran lacks context. Most of the Quran cannot be understood without reading the Sira (biography of Muhammad) and the Hadith (traditions of Muhammad). These books provide the historical context for the Quran, and together they give the full narrative. One must know the life of Muhammad: if you understand Muhammad’s life you understand Islam. All the details of Muhammad’s life and the circumstances in which the verses where allegedly revealed are included in “An abridged Koran” along with the Quran chapters: “The Koran unfolded as needed by Mohammed. The Koran frequently gives a solution to an on-going problem in his life.” – Dr Bill Warner.

    In a standard Quran there is a lot of repetition: the Story of Moses and the Pharaoh is told 39 times. Most of the repeated verses (about half of the Quran) have been removed in “An abridged Koran”. Dr Warner has also published “A Simple Koran”; it is the same, except that it contains the repetitions.

    Quite a few English translations tone down the violence and hostility of the Arabic Quran by changing the meaning of particular words, etc. This translation tries to be as faithful to the Arabic as possible in these regards.

    An extremely important consequence of all the above obfuscations is the concealing of the clear progression of Muhammad/ Allah’s commands regarding non-Muslims: a progression that leads to utter, violent hatred towards them.

    There is a principle of abrogation in Islamic theology (stated in the Quran itself), which means that some later chapters of the Qur’an contain verses that supersede verses from earlier chapters – so the verses that demand violence and hatred, which are later chronologically, take precedence over the earlier verses that do not. Because the chapters are not arranged in chronological order traditionally, this means that readers do not realise which verses have been abrogated and which have not. Out of the 114 chapters, 43 are not affected by abrogation. By removing all confusions the true nature of the violence and politics of the Quran is revealed.

    “All of this is unfortunate, because when the Koran is made readable, it becomes a truly epic story with an incredible plot. It is also the most frightening book you will ever read because once it is clear, you can see the future.” – Dr Bill Warner.

    Dr Bill Warner is a scientist, physicist, trained in quantum mechanics. He has been studying religion (particularly Islam) all his adult life. His websites are and

  98. Sheik Yermani, I would like to send you a private message. Do you have an email address by which anyone can contact you?

  99. The fundamentalist clown Nazeem Hussain, in Australian, you dealt with him about the flag, which he called a racist weapon,should be tackled more, he is an important man in OZ, in their promotion of Islam. I saw on his site Islamophobia Watch, that he is against cartoons, not many Australians are aware of this. Neither that he is a fundamentalist who takes Halal dead serious. He puts smokescreens out, to give the idea that Islam does not pose a threat, with the tv show legally brown, on SBS.He mocks Australians yet he is against cartoons mocking Islam , Spread the word.

  100. I have trouble posting, hope I do it right this time. I wanted to talk about Nazeem Hussain, he is a very influential fundamentalist Muslim in Australia, you did a page about him, where he said the Aussie flag is a racist weapon. I noticed he has a website called Islamophobia Watch, with a gigantic list of so called Western racism against Islam, there are entrees about cartoons as well. So Hussain is opposed to cartoons, funny since he mocks Australians in his tv show legally brown, on SBS. Not many people would be aware that clown Hussain is actually a dead serious fundamentalist, who is against cartoons. The word needs out! He sends smoke screens with his tv program so that people think Islam is not a threat for Australia, meanwhile he manipulates the media and teaches them that criticizing a religion equals racism , as does Mehdi Hasan in the UK as writer for the New Statesman and Huffington Post.

  101. Today Tonight (Channel 9, 6:30pm) will be airing a story tonight on how/why young Australians are converting to islam.

  102. Your profile on Anna Baltzer here
    attributes my research that she’s a fraud and a liar to a researcher named
    Lee Siegel. The information came from me, Lee Kaplan of StoptheISM and I’d appreciate a correction on your website. I’ve no idea where the Siegel name came from. Incidentally, today I have a new article about her at Please make the correction.

    1. You might have to take it up with Bruce Bawer who is the author of this article, which is a crosspost from his blog.

  103. Dear Brothers. The situation in Alutgama and Beruwela is under control. Some of our Muslim brothers shops and house hv been burnt and broken down, and a few of them have got injured too. The STF has controlled the situation, a few other small incidents hv happened in and around colombo, please do not panic. please do not forward what ever messages you get to each other, as a lot of rumours are being spread and causing a panic, pray to almighty Allah fr the safety of all our Muslim brothers and sisters and keep calm at this time of the night. Do not send children to school in the morning and stay indoor.
    Dear friends/friend,
    This important message for the Muslims. As u know we are having trouble in Sri Lanka. All the Muslims out there please be patient, this is a trickery, they wants us to take weapons and make us look like terrorist so don’t fall for this trickery. We should not start a fight by this, if we do that would be the biggest mistake. Remember Prophet Muhammad (sal) biggest Sifat was patient which led him to a great success. So my dear friends Ask dua from Allah that’s the biggest weapon. Believe me!!! Some Sinhalese are protecting the Muslims in Aluthgama. Not all five fingers are same, there are good people and bad people all of them are Allahs creation, same way not all Sinhalese are bad. So dear friends ask dua from the almighty Allah and lets bring peace to this country. Share this to all ur Muslim friends

  104. Hi Sheik,you may not remember me, but we met at Andrews home and another couple of times ie SION conference in Melbourne. I thought I’d share this story – I don’t know if there will be any media coverage yet.
    I often wear t-shirts that leave no doubt as to my feelings on the subject of Islam . My favourite has ” Allah sucks” in large print. I have had so much positive feedback ( people just wanting to shake my hand, say nice things etc). Yesterday someone walked up to me and asked if could take a picture if it. We then discussed islam at length.
    Tonight was a little less pleasant when 20 -30 moslem ” youth” attacked me in a food court. Fortunately I knew it was going to happen and was able to get word to security who did their best and without doubt stopped me getting a far worse experience; to be honest, I got away far better than I thought I would have.
    My reason for writing to you is that there may be stories about this and with our politically correct excuse for a media they may take the ” the innocent youth were provoked” line. – they weren’t ; I was just going to get my mail.

  105. Hi Sheik, just wondering if you have a direct email that l could send an mp3 file to of an interview Neil Mitchell did yesterday with an Muslim academic in regards to the proposed new anti terror laws. It is an interesting listen.

    l have cut the interview from his podcast therefore l can’t post a link.

  106. Here’s a good one for ya.
    Such’a nice girl.
    Shannon Conley, 19, of Arvada, CO, has pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization. She pled guilty before U.S. District Court Judge Raymond P. Moore, and is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Moore on January 23, 2015.
    According to court documents, including the stipulated facts in the plea agreement, from about February 2014 and continuing through April 8, 2014, Conley and a co-conspirator unlawfully worked together and with other individuals known and unknown to commit an offense against the United States, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Specifically, to provide and attempt to provide material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, “specifically Al-Qaeda (AQ) and its affiliates, including Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), aka the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), aka the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS), aka the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).”
    The conspiracy occurred, in part, when Conley met the co-conspirator on the Internet, the DOJ says. During their communications, they shared their view of Islam as requiring participation in violent jihad. The co-conspirator communicated to Conley that he was an active member of an Al-Qaeda affiliate fighting in Syria, or ISIS. The two then decided to become engaged, and together, they worked to have Conley travel to Syria to join her new fiancé. Before traveling to Syria, Conley refined and obtained additional training and skills in order to provide support and assistance to any AQ and/or ISIS fighter. Conley also intended to fight if it became necessary to do so.
    In furtherance of the conspiracy, Conley joined the U.S. Army Explorers (USAE) to be trained in U.S. military tactics and in firearms. She traveled to Texas and attended USAE training. She also obtained first aid/nursing certification and National Rifle Association certification. Conley knew that ISIS was a designated foreign terrorist organization. “In fact, on numerous occasions, Special Agents with the FBI met with her in attempts to persuade her not to carry out her plans to travel overseas to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization and to engage in violent jihad.” On March 29, 2014, the co-conspirator, together with others, arranged for an airline ticket for Conley to travel to Turkey, departing from Denver on April 8, 2014. On that day, Conley traveled to Denver International Airport and attempted to board the flight to Turkey. She was then arrested by the FBI.
    A subsequent search of Conley’s home revealed DVDs of Anwar Al-Awake lectures and a number of books and articles about Al-Qaeda, its affiliate groups, and jihad. Agents also recovered shooting targets labeled with the number of rounds fired and distances.
    Conley faces up to five years in federal prison and a fine up to $250,000 for conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.
    This case was investigated by the FBI and the Arvada Police Department.
    The defendant is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Holloway, with the assistance of Jennifer Levy of the DOJ’s National Security Division Counterterrorism Section.


  107. Hello Sheik,

    The “” site has disappeared. Do you know if it has been banned or if Gandalf has retired? I cannot find an explanation on Google. Google does not bring-up any of the sites latest articles, only articles 3 years old and older. Which seems rather odd.

    Have you any news?

  108. Hello,

    My name is Josephine Bergson representing the advertising department of LLT Consulting Company and we are interested to place a banner/ad on your website.
    You can see the banners/ads (design and sizes) at
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  109. hey am in kenya, and am wondering whether there is a connection between the ebola epidermic in west africa and islam. their burial rites involve washing corpses and themselves with the same water….. i got suspicious listening to a bbc report that craftily left out victim names but described the rites to a tittle and i went mmmh, sounds islamic to me. a check told me the three states at the centre are either muslim majority or have sizeable muslim populations. any vibes on my theorem or do we finally have a mess on this planet that mahomet does not have his beard in?

  110. Have you thought of adding a subscribe option? I do most of my work with Google alerts and other email notifications.

    If you have a subscribe option I do not see it.

  111. I will check back in a few days. I linked to your post on the Ahmadiyya after getting a tip from Rachel Molslchky,

  112. All the wrong facts, other errors, contradictions, etc. in the Quran (f.x. “1000+ Mistakes in the Quran”) prove – prove – that the Quran is not from any god – no omniscient god makes errors, etc. by the hundreds and more. This proves that Islam is a made up “religion”. A “religion” taught by a not very reliable man (f.x. “Muhammad Lying in the Quran”) likeing riches for bribes, power and women.

    THIS IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL FACT OF ALL ABOUT ISLAM. Everything else – even IS, Boko Haram, etc. – just are details.

    As Islam is a proved made up “religion”, where will all Muslims end if there is a next life?

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