The Global Warming Racket

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Apocalypse Fatigue: Losing the Public on Climate Change

Inhofe to Boxer: “We won, you lost — get a life!”

A moment of fun here for Senator James Inhofe, who declared victory over the global-warming hysterics this week in a speech covered by the Tulsa World. Inhofe got a few laughs from a nearly-empty room by telling Barbara Boxer that the failure of the dire predictions of disaster from last decade to come to pass showed that he had been right all along, and that they could now “stick a fork” in the effort to hobble American productivity through the restriction of carbon emissions:

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Andrew Bolt: I warn the US Congress

The real Opposition Leader stands

It is literally crazy to be committing to an ETS (emissions trading scheme) before seeing the outcome of Copenhagen . . . and frankly idiotic before we see the final form of the US emissions trading scheme,” Senator Minchin said, flanked by at least 10 Liberal senators who have supported his anti-ETS views.

Tony Abbott has sniffed the winds in the party, too, and is switching sides…

KRudd Watch

Andrew Bolt:

I kind of opt for the “l” word again, and repeat: this is the most dishonest government in my memory.

Pope Rudd claims Galileo was no sceptic

Australian Climate Madness asks how Kevin Rudd could be so stupid as to cite Galileo as evidence of the evil of skepticism.

We all gonna die:

Kevin Rudd on November 7 predicts property losses by 2100, thanks to unchecked global warming:

Storm surges and rising sea levels – putting at risk over 700,000 homes and businessesaround our coastlines…

Penny Wong on November 14 predicts property losses by 2100, thanks to unchecked global warming:

Almost 250,000 homes, now worth up to $63 billion, will be “at risk of inundation” by the end of the century, under “worst-case but plausible” predictions of rising sea levels.

Quote of the Day:

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

EU president wants Copenhagen to give us “global management”

Sure, this talk of the warmists at Copenhagen planning a new “world government” is crazy. I just wish the warmists wouldn’t talk of it themselves. Take the new and first president of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy:

The Climate Conference in Copenhagen is another step forward towards the global management of our planet

Andrew Bolt:

I’ve said it bluntly: Kevin Rudd lied and lied again when he said he’s offered no “special deal” to the asylum seekers on the Oceanic Viking.  No political journalist believes Rudd

Piers Akerman:

PM’s bid to gag climate change sceptics: HAVING allowed people-smugglers to hold an Australian Customs vessel hostage for three weeks, our pompous Prime Minister has now launched an extraordinary personal attack on those who don’t buy his views on climate change. Continue reading ‘PM’s bid to gag climate change sceptics’

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Do hacked e-mails show global-warming fraud?

Controversy has exploded onto the Internet after a major global-warming advocacy center in the UK had its e-mail system hacked and the data published on line.  The director of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit confirmed that the e-mails are genuine — and Australian publication Investigate and the Australian Herald-Sun report that those e-mails expose a conspiracy to hide detrimental information from the public that argues against global warming (via Watt’s Up With That) More

8 thoughts on “The Global Warming Racket”

  1. Anyone hanging any credence on what KRudd or Gillard spout should know by now – they are lying hounds. We have video speak to support their chicanery.

  2. Just saw the Conspiracy Theory by Jesse Ventura (History Channel). Shows the reality of the scam in one hour! I urge all to check it out.

  3. Climates have changed ever since time began, and will continue to do so, with, or without, any help / hindrance from humanity. Everyone agrees that carbon emissions harm the climate, however, climate change happened eons before humans came on the scene, and will continue long after we are gone. Carbon taxes / emissions trading schemes are simply a political hoax to grab money. All it takes to reduce carbon emissions is simple legislation. Yes there will be costs involved … but they will involve commercial transactions, NOT govt taxes.

  4. As soon as it was realised that many places were not warming … “global warming” was quickly re-labelled as “climate change”. Why are people fighting it? Many climate changes are VERY beneficial. Australia is so proud of its Great Barrier Reef – the only reason it exists is because of a prior “climate change”. Likewise, Australia would not have opals, had there not been a prior climate change. Many parts of Alaska are now able to mine valuable minerals for the first time. As with any change, there will be winners & losers … who is to say whether the overall benefit will be better or worse. Stop fighting … nature will always win.

  5. First, the United States is rapidly becoming a Fascist nation, this has nothing at all to do with Marxism. Take some university courses in sociology and you’ll soon understand this.

    Second, the evidence supporting global warming is rather intimidating to say the least, that is, there is a lot of it, and its shown in a lot of different ways.

    Third, reject all faith and embrace science. Truth is amazing once you start living by it.

  6. Global Warming was renamed Global Climate Change because “warming” did not reflect that some places would become wetter, while others became dryer, and still others would disappear altogether. It’s a more accurate label. It was first called Global Warming by the media several decades ago.

    That said, between 230 and 65 million years ago, there were no polar caps, the Earth was considerably warmer than it is today. It’s not bad for the Earth to be warmer, it’s just bad if becomes that much warmer in a couple hundred years rather than a couple thousand because animal populations cannot adapt/evolve that fast, or at least we don’t think they can.

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