New Album Out Soon

With only 500 copies in the initial run Sheik Yer Mami’s new album will sell out fast.

To have your copy mailed to you on the day of release click below to pre-order your copy now

The album costs $29.95 plus $5 postage. with all proceeds going towards the Winds Of Jihad web site and fighting against global jihad.

Muslim Woman:

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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along:

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Overture: Mussie Boogie

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Abu Hamza

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The Imam

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My Allah – New Video Now On YouTube

Philistine Child

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Harry The Taliban

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The Shoe Bomber


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Never Do A Thing Like That

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53 thoughts on “New Album Out Soon”

  1. what is this for racist webpage? shut this fucking christian bull shit off…..christians SHIT people..people hwo have allot of cancer in there bloods.they are not clean and always dirty. you people must leave this planet and go to PLUTO! far away fom healthy people like moslims.

  2. not wierd. u make this rasist web calling muslims stuff and shitt.. not nice. and u say muslims are terrorist? hmm well u are now terrorist, muslims are trying to protect them selfs, Example. if u put ur dick in another country i bet they will be pissed off, Example: if i put my dick in ur wifes vagina , i bet u will be pissed off. no offence.
    before calling some one a terrorist, try checking ther background what happend to them and why. before Makeing a webpage like this.
    Cuz You called for WAR not muslims.

  3. Only when Saudi Arabia allows Christian churches, Buddhist temples, Synagogues and Bahai Temples, in their country can we expect enough personal development by them for meaningful communication with the Muslims.

  4. .
    Hey there Sheik!
    This music is amazing. I hope you release it soon. The world needs it. Imagine BLASTING ‘Winds of Jihad’ in Mecca during the Hajj! I wish your ‘Winds of Jihad’ was still up on YouTube. Tweet, tweet!
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    rock and jihad boogie blues

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    anti-jihad dance music…

    turning truth into songs
    different styles and tastes

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    infidel songs…

    people listen to music
    one by one we learn more truths

  5. Guys,
    I don’t know if you have muslims friends or if you ever have travelled in the arabo-muslim world. I did for years now and I am now living and working in mideast including Saudi Arabia. What I can say is that loads of hatred on both side is due to extreme mis-communication and ignorance of each other. It is a non-sense to fuel this ‘non-intelligence’ zone by exaggerating the behaviors of a certain and marginal part of the population. So, take a big breath, go outside to walk in the forest, start to think of people as ‘to discover’ and not ‘to fight’ : because there is only one sure thing in people interactions: hatred calls hatred. I have lots of muslims, christians and jews friends. We’re all together, humans, brothers, we’re all different but nothing justify racism. What you describe is marginal and due to sick behaviors as it happens all around the world
    And as there is violent extremism, as in your page, be sure that there are people seeking peace and understanding amongst people. So take it easy and look for peace, man! life is too short to spoil it with useless, non-sense aggressive considerations. take care, that surely something you need: ‘care’, go out and find someone that will care for you

  6. Anonymous, the “loads of hatred” are not due to “extreme mis-communication and ignorance”; there are two great mysteries unfolding in opposition to each other. One, including islam, is described as the mystery of iniquity, and will culminate in the revealing of the man of sin (antichrist). The other is the mystery of godliness, through Jesus Christ and God’s plan of redemption. The two are incompatible, and are rushing to a massive battle (Armageddon).

    Muslims know it, and believe that the clash of civilisations is inevitable – the fall of the west & the rise of islam
    (http thing)

    They believe that the khilafah (caliphate) is the emerging superpower of the 21st Century
    (http thing)

    Our politicians do not have the balls to tackle islam, & aid and abet the islamisation of Australia and the West through immigration
    and fawning submission to muslim demands, and allow organistaions such as Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia to continue their treasonous
    plans unhindered: (http thing)

    … but judgement is coming, in the form of the seven years of the Great Tribulation, when God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) pours out
    the bowls and vials upon an earth that blasphemes against Jesus Christ, and rejects salvation by grace through faith in His finished sacrifice on the cross.

    By the time this is over, there will be very few left alive – only the return of Jesus Christ will prevent the destruction of all flesh.

    Islam is doomed, along with its followers.

    Looking for peace, man, is playing straight into the hands of Antichrist, who will destroy many through his “peace”:

    “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Prophet Daniel 8:25)

  7. Only some school drop-out could have come up with this idea of hatred.
    I can imagine him, with a bold head, holding his di*k and doing it over his sister.

  8. who r u & why u r doing this?have u really studied islam or doing this for fame.if u really want to know islam and prophet i will help u other wise u r doing offence and ur spreadind hatred and people like u should be really killed.u r the peoples who create terrorist.i m not hiding my identity talk with me directly

  9. Faizal, your stunted attitude says it all. I feel so sad that you will never know what it is to be a free soul. Why are people like you SO INSECURE about your culture that you have to kill people who criticize or ridicule it? If radical Islamists were truly believers, they would be able to walk with their head held high and ignore the rest. The fact that people like you are so skittish tells the rest of the world that you are disturbed and afraid and don’t really know where you are heading. Western nations could kill an enormous number of you just by stopping the food aid. We are waiting for you to evolve enough to develop intelligence and empathy and the brain power to question your life and your narrow, tiny world. The best weapon to fight people like you is to educate you and stop your offspring from experiencing terror and trauma so their brains can develop normally. One more thing, PLEASE TELL ME why extremists are coming to OZ, is it so you can bludge on welfare, because if your culture is so fine, why don’t you want to live it in your own miserable country???????????? We’d love it if you DID.

  10. The truth is the truth. Islamic Jihad has a history. It’s like these people want to relive the stories of the old testament or something. I believe their is a G-d and he crated all that is. I believe things evolve and adapt to their environment. If I can hold two apposing ideas in my head and find a solution to rectify them for me, then there is no reason there should be so much war over religious belief. I am not afraid of Muslims. I have had a boss that was Muslim. We got along fine, as individuals there are some great Muslim people. Like every race/religion there are those who give that group a bad name, like KKK neo-nazi white pride ass-holes in the USA. I don’t hate anyone for their race or religion, but the extreme Muslim jihadist movement is dangerous. Also I have seen television shows shown in the middle east far before 9/11 and they were not so nice. Anti-US, Anti-Semitic Sesame street type stuff for kids. WTF! There are people in power in the Muslim World that would cause great harm to many non-Muslim nations for the sole fact they aren’t Muslim and refuse to convert. Like a previous poster said when I see the Muslim world show religious tolerance to all religions and practice universal common law instead of sharia law then I’ll think there is hope for a brighter day. Until then I am leery of the Muslim World and it’s intentions.

  11. This is the first time I’ve wandered over here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! Your music is FABULOUS!!!!! Nice job, Sheik!

  12. * Is it a muslim web site or any else

    It is largely dedicated to the false prophet of islam, and its followers.

  13. Q: who was false prophet is islam and who are his follower’s

    A: Mohammed, and muslims.

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, warned of the false christs and false prophets such as Mohammed, who would appear and deceive many:

    “Because there will be false Christs and false prophets, and they will give signs and wonders in the hope of turning even the saints from the true way.” (Mark 13:22)

    Unfortunately for the world’s 1.x billion muslims, false prophets do not come much falser than the late Mohammed.

  14. 1. Islam is not a race.
    This site is not racist.
    Islam is profane.
    Mohammed is a false prophet.
    Matthew 7.
    Revelation 20.
    Muslims beware– the Christians and virtuous pagans you kill will judge your souls!

  15. This is a joke. I cant believe you are suppose to be a knowledgeable scholar when you post such inappropriate images on a islamic website. Sorry you have crossed the mark. You dirty old man!

  16. Khan,
    I cant believe that you are an intelligent person when you keep your mouth closed about the numerous atrocities committed by your co-religionists in the name of your religion. The sword runs both ways, now STFU.

  17. Khan,
    Mohammed was a rapist, murderer, and child molester (all validated by historical documents including the quran) and you worship him!!!! You are a looser, and islam deserves all the bad press that it can garner.

  18. gabayan sana tayo ng allah.. سينصر الله دينه ااسلام اللهم انصر الاسلام Ùˆ المسلمين Ùˆ المسلمات… أمينــ. i pray to allah to guide us.. those believers and not believers.. we are all wishing to enter the paradise of allah.. the god of abraham (elloi) in hebreo/ god of jesus (elli)in aramaic/ and god of mohammad and all living things in earth and universe.. (allah) in arabic.. these three language are sisters language.. so they are common or they are desame.. the only one god of all prophets not three gods.. that jesus (pbuh) said in the bible many times.. and also abraham told us.. in 10 comandments.. the 1rst is there is only one god.. not three and not three in one.. there is only nescafe three in one.. and we muslims believe that there is only one god. .. again i pray that allah guide all of us to the right way.(الصراط المستقيم) ameen..

  19. and i pray that ALLAH the almighty god guide you oh you sheikyer mami before the death go to you.. and so that the all mistakes that youv’n done will be erase. and youre jenius mind will not be lost in in not commonsence things.. and you enter the true life the paradise of all mighty one god ALLAH.. the god of all.

  20. dear all please comment
    Imam of makka- saudi arabia(abdur rehman) have gone to india and millions of people are offering namaz behind him. every body wants to offer namaz behind him . Why it is so?

  21. The intention of this site is hurting Muslim minds. Do not do like this. If you conduct a real and open minded study on Islam and the the life of our Beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (May Almighty ALLAH’s peace be upon him), you can surely understand the truth. So I call all behind this heinous website and its visitors to start studying Islam. It will be up to your decision to become a Muslim, but conduct an open heart study.

  22. Afsal,
    I call on all muslims to open up to other religions and to realise that all are equal. If you cannot do that you can go to hell! Most of us have studied islam by the way – and we know it very well. Now bugger off.

  23. Wow, talk about anti-Islamic propaganda. This is the ultimate example of insecurity.
    You can spread this profanity and disgrace who and whatever you want, because ultimately yours will be a painful doom.

    “whom Allah guides is truly guided and whom Allah does not guide, no one can Guide him”

  24. No busykhan .. the perfect example of insecurity is that of moronic muslims rioting because an artist caricatured their rapist profit. There are of course numerous more examples that demonstrate how insecure the islamic mind and sense of stability is.

    Your last line is effectively a statement that if you use your brain allah is no longer needed.

    Real anti-islamic propoganda is seen in the actions of the islamists themselves. S

  25. If that Allah is that powerful tell him to use his power to stop these insults.
    Muslim donkeys engage in killings like they dont have brain to think.
    Nasty smelly idiots!

  26. Hi, Sheik. I never took the time to listen to any of your music before. Some pretty good stuff. I play drums, bass, computer drum machines and synthesizers . ( Still playing with my Propellerhead RB-338) and some odd little synth toys like you can find on Thinkgeek. I have directed a handful of friends to your site, and consider you a good resource for things that I would not find elsewhere. Keep up the good work. Best to you, and Happy Holidays.

  27. hehehehe…, hate wont let you more than killig yourself! I hope u have some good time here in this life, because I cant guarantee when u r buried alone with your God!

  28. I can name a Full 1000 secure years where people lived happily ! google: Islamic golden age! something you haven’t encounter before dud! Add it to ur agenda to read for the next week, it worth it 🙂

    This project has more than 7 international award! hehehehehe..
    I wish you enjoy the Video and the website folk!

  29. 100 K people dead in Syrian Muslim war – as they say at TESCO, every little helps!
    The more muslims who die – the better mankind becomes. Allah = Satan and Mohammed (pigs be upon him) = AntiChrist/False Prophet, Prince of Lies, pervertor of truth and morals, hero of the mud races and sub humans!

  30. Why do these brain-dead, war and death loving, bigoted maggots keep going to sites like this one? If you no likie – no lookie and no readie!
    Go drink camel piss, wear an explosive strap-on and blow yourselves and your sisters to kingdom come!

  31. all muslim will go to hell … they are worshiper of pagan allah who is hellel the falling moon. you worship his sign the Helal .. SATAN is Allah of Kaaba. May the True God guide you to His Light and Peace. you are lost with the false prophet moh who is now in fire tortured day and night with screams and sound of teeth.

    repent you killers, repent you adulterers, you have made the Jannah of homosexuality and adultery with 72 women “hor al ain” the way moh liked the women very white and black hair.. hahahah, so pathetic.

    My the True Eloh open your eyes before you die and go to hell

  32. Your voice sounds like you’re constipated – you’re music is absolutely rubbish, I think you should consider a career change. Wait, you’re not that intelligent to use your mind, you’re only good with whipping that tongue of yours like a salivating dog. Sheik my ass.

  33. Lmaooooooooooo, hahhahhaha. People on here talking about what the “Bible” says. When you can’t even count on what the Bible says, because it has been changed and modified and altered so many times. Therefore it is NOT in it’s original form. So you can’t really say the Bible is the words of your God. because your people changed it. on the other hand, the Quran is the only holy book that has not been changed. and is very accurate! so get the examples and verses from the bible outta here. LOLOLOL. yalls book are fakeeee.

  34. It looks certain, from the muslim comments here that they are-

    1. Brainwashed
    2. Ignorant of the koran
    3. Of very low intellect
    4. Supremacist and violent
    5. Not interested in learning ANYTHING

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