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Arab-Israeli Conflict: Basic Facts


Jerusalem and the Jewish people are so intertwined that telling the history of one is telling the history of the other. For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has played a central role in the history of the Jews, culturally, politically, and spiritually, a role first documented in the Scriptures. All through the 2,000 years of the diaspora, Jews have called Jerusalem their ancestral home. This sharply contrasts the relationship between Jerusalem and the new Islamists who artificially inflate Islam’s links to Jerusalem.

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  1. Muslims will overpopulate EU and have to make war on Israel due to polygamy. One men has many women others don’t have even one. They have to become soldiers of Allah and immigrate to Eu or US. They can’t marry in there Muslim countries without having lots of $ to pay to the father of the girl. Chechen Muslems have to still women to get marry even now. Clan with several women wives produce and can support more children than other religions with only one wife.
    The average berth rate per woman is usually 8 children for each wife. EU population will be mostly Muslim in 20 years. If Muslims will not integrate in to the society and stay separate like now, the civil wars, violence is the future of EU, US and Canada.
    The other problem is dependency on Arab oil. The oil producing counties are deciding power in today politic in EU and US and pay for sheria expention. Disobedience to this prover will bring prices raises by oil monopoly. Not Eu economy can live without oil, but they can’t pay for it like now without getting bankrupted.
    The EU and abviosly US governments do not want to change this addiction to oil, which will lead to economical to collapse.

  2. Which is why they are creating this propaganda that Muslims and Islam is so bad to take over their countries and oil. Just like what is taking place now in Iraq, Iran and many other countries. Open your eyes and put your brain back in your head. It does not belong in your ass.

  3. hoho the clown and “david” are complete idiots. One day we will no longer need your oil and in the end all of you will go begging for Israel’s help. In fact they do now behind the scenes. The kingdom is terrified of the Shiites.. Some idiots believe in the “caliphate” others believe in end times. In reality it will be like the story of Joseph, how his brothers hated him sold him to the idiots in Egypt and after famine (due to lack of need for oil and all that it funds) the “caliphate” will come crawling for Israel’s help. Hopefully they will not be as quick to forgive and forget as Joseph was. The best thing that could happen to hoho and david is if the chinese and russians come in and take over your countries.

  4. Is there any Islamist readiing this or can they read? I advise all followesr of the so call prophet of ala to get an education. The culture is so far behind the rest of humanity I’ve never met such a retarded culture.
    We have nothing to worry about, the culture will die out, it’s the law of evolution.

  5. & it’s the second most prominent religion (behind Christianity) in most the Eastern U.S. and some Midwest, and def. Texas.
    Hundreds of thousands of people have converted since 2000, mostly women.

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