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After 4 years of calling Trump a dictator, Biden is militarizing the capitol & closed his inauguration to the public

The cowards in the Republican Party failed President Trump, miserably.

The majority of Americans want nothing to do with Biden’s Inauguration.

Our president is giving his farewell address to the people and not a single major network is carrying it. Censorship complete.

President Trump had a farewell address and no one even reported it. He has been unpersoned.

#Trump didn’t concede because he won the election. The election was stolen and everyone knows this.

“Unity” always involves Republicans conceding our principles and values.

No thanks.

So now you can’t be in the military if you are conservative They only take left wing, Democrat scumbags now?

Leftist politclowns who wouldn’t call out the National Guard to protect their taxpaying citizens are now calling the National Guard to protect themselves …do you understand now ?!

Senate REPUBLICANS are threatening to impeach President Trump if he pardons Julian Assange. This should tell you everything you need to know about our political party — they only care about power and control. Of by and for the career politicians.

For a political mob  that is anti gun and anti wall, they sure bring in a lot of guns and walls for the inauguration.

I don’t ever remember in my lifetime our military being vetted on political affiliation for a presidential inauguration. Why would our Pentagon participate in that?

Censorship & Concentration Camps

Germans who repeatedly violate the state’s rule to quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure will be detained in refugee camps or detention centers.

Germany to put people in detention centers for violating quarantine rules

Germans who run afoul of quarantine rules will be held in detention centers in fenced-off areas of refugee camps under police guard.

The Washington Establishment stole the election from US. There is so much evidence. Our government certified massive election fraud. We have 4 years to show them the evidence. The elections in the US really are rigged by corrupt politicians. We need term limits.

Katie Couric: Trump Supporters Need to Be “Deprogrammed” (VIDEO)

Couric, that lowlife harlot, is a hardcore Obamunist.

I’m a white Republican Trump supporter and I need to be reprogrammed.

The CIA Has Become the KGB

Worse. The KGB is stuffed with Russian patriots. The CIA is stuffed with traitors. Like the Marxist Moslem John Brennan & clueless Clapper.

12 Nat’l Guard troops removed from Biden inauguration mission | American Military News

Libturds are literally shitting themselves. They stole the election & they know that the resistance will be fierce.

Mike Lindell Responds To Letter from Dominion Lawyer: “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election”

Orwellian! Twitter Suspends Gateway Pundit Account for Violating “Civic Integrity” Rule — No Questioning of Election Results Allowed!

Rabbi Michael Beals of Wilmington, Delaware, compared President-elect Joe Biden to Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt — away from “an autocratic, cruel Pharaoh” — in a send-off ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.

This is no rabbi. This is a degenerate POS.

Report: Pence, McConnell, and McCarthy will Skip Trump’s Send-Off Ceremony

 Pence, McConnell, McCarthy will Skip Trump’s Send-Off Ceremony

#Trump should have stuffed the ranks with loyalist outsiders, not with swamp rats. Obama had no such scruples.

Hungary Govt to Stop ‘Shadowbanning’ of ‘Christian, Conservative, and Right-Wing’ Voices Online


The Hungarian government is following Poland in moving against Big Tech, vowing action against the “shadowbanning” of “Christian, conservative, [and] right-wing opinions”.

“‘Shadowban’ means the act of social media providers secretly, for political purposes, restricting the visibility and access of our user profile without our knowledge about it,” explained Judit Varga, the Minister of Justice in Viktor Orbán’s national conservative government, in a statement shared on social media, claiming that she has herself had “personal experience” of such treatment at the hands of “Big Tech”.

US Bolsheviks Plan to Purge All Conservatives

First we eliminate the evidence. Then we will eliminate you.

JUST IN: John Brennan Protégé Gina Haspel Resigns as CIA Director After Covering up Chinese Interference in 2020 Election 

Dems Admit Trump Impeachment Intended to Keep Him From Running in 2024 

1) They are expecting Trump supporters to rise up in rebellion?
2) A false flag Trump rebellion by Antifa etc that will allow them to suppress real Trump supporters?
3) Trump really is handing over to a military Govt.
4) They are just playing safe?
*We have 25,000 troops guarding a “popular” president taking office.
* Troops in every state capital.
* Allies of the new president (CNN) want opposing news outlets — Fox, Newsmax and OAN — removed from cable
* Other allies (MSNBC) want to shut down social media.

Mike Lindell Responds To Letter from Dominion Lawyer: “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election”

“We the People” did NOT vote for Biden.

If you were #Trump, would you go to Biden’s “inauguration?” Or would you say enough’s enough and play some golf.

Nothing that you will be seeing in the next seven days will make any sense to you. And that’s precisely the plan.

What scares me most is not the fact that our media is lying to us. It’s the fact that most of you believe them….

Trump is being really unpresidential with this transition of power. He should have just spied on the incoming administration like a normal president.

Biden  won’t disclose donors even as inauguration looms

“Us Prepares For One of The Most Unusual Inaugurations in History’

Correction: ‘US Prepares For One of the Most FRAUDULENT Inaugurations in History’ @JoeBiden was not elected President.

The FBI is vetting every National Guard memberstationed in the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day after concerns of a possible attack from within the ranks.

DemRats are setting up a new narrative of “right wing terrorism” to justify cracking down on their political opponents.

America is now being run like Nazi Germany. No one is allowed to question Supreme Fuhrer Biden

Blocking.. the modern day method of shunning!

Conservatives want to debate. DemRats  want to censor you.

Joe Biden is advocating in favor of systemic racism, Antifa is targeting small businesses, and Twitter is purging accounts for wrongthink while not banning tyrants and terrorists, but the MSM is ignoring it all.

Tucker Carlson:

As troops swarm our capital, Democrats send clear message: We’re in charge now. The Democratic Party is using the military of the United States as a political weapon.

Far Left CNN Demands Cable Companies Blacklist OAN and Newsmax TV

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t sink any lower

After spending five years attempting to claim President Trump stole the 2020 election, after five years of pushing the Russia Collusion Hoax, after five years of promoting and encouraging violence against Trump and his supporters, the far-left CNN is now demanding that its competition at OAN and Newsmax TV be blacklisted.

“All federal prisons are under lockdown ahead Bidens Inauguration.” ~Fox News What the hell is going on?

Has any elected Republican spoken out about the illegal and outrageous ‘vetting’ of National Guard for conservative sentiments? This a massive violation of the civil rights of our troops. And no one is standing up for them.

Imagine thinking you’ll have any rights left in a few years. Delusional.

What you DON’T DO when you WIN an election.

You don’t stop counting suddenly for no reason

You don’t have a massive voter drop for your candidate in the wee hours of the morning

You allow others to examine the ballots cast

You don’t prevent them from ensuring a fair election


After years of complaining about Trump, now we see real tyranny

The Biden-Harris regime plans full-on purges against #Trump supporters.

Project Veritas Video: Twitter Exec Vijaya Gadde Lays Out ‘Global Approach’ to Censor Americans

Project Veritas Video: Twitter Exec Lays Out ‘Global Approach’ to Censor Americans

CNN Demands Cable Companies Blacklist OAN, Newsmax
Tim Blair The Daily Telegraph January 17, 2021
They welcome the return of free speech. Underground media, previously criminalised, becomes mainstream. Dissidents are unchained and their voices again heard. But that isn’t happening following the defeat of US President Donald Trump, characterised by the left throughout his term as a fascist, a dictator and a tyrant. Instead, the opposite is occurring. Free speech is now threatened. Voices are silenced. Political opposition is being crushed.
Using the Capitol Building riot as justification, big tech, big media, big business and Joe Biden’s incoming big government are taking steps to close down ­Donald Trump, members and ­supporters of his government, and the broader populist conservative ­movement. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have banned Trump and cancelled accounts mentioning election irregularities. Conservatives report losing thousands of followers.

Is this really happening?

When the government has to bring in 25,000 National Guard troops to protect themselves there is not something wrong with the people, there is something wrong with the government.

The Biden regime will be a Military Dictatorship with ideologically vetted troops.

Hilarious watching DemRats suddenly pretend they love the police and military.

Let this sink in… 2020: BLM and Antifa riots: ‘Democrat leaders ordered police to stand down’ 2021: Inauguration Joe Biden: ‘Democrat leaders ordered up to 25,000 National Guard in Washington DC’

And the FBI is vetting the National Guard.  We all know that it should be the other way around.

Remember, America, you wanted Joe Biden. You wanted this. You did, didn’t you?

If you legitimately won 80 million votes and were really the most popular American President of all time—why would you need to censor the voices of your political opponents & half your country? The world is not being fooled by this nonsense.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will destroy America in 100 days or less.

One more thing:

The same Democrat politicians who said it was too dangerous to vote in person only 2 months ago – now suddenly want to fully open the economy. It’s almost like they’re full of shit.

The Biden SEC will to use disclosure requirements to bring about climate communism. Ironically, all the lying is done by companies boasting of their ‘climate action.’ Check out my SEC petition to stop the climate lying:

Justice Alito fails conservatives again… recuses himself from climate case because he owns oil company stocks… like most everyone else. Communists now pressuring Justice Barrett b/c her dad worked for Shell. 

Swamp Rats & Degenerates Gang Up Against #Trump

The most important thing is the climate racket: 

U.N. Demands Payments for Climate Schemes as Biden Readies for Return to Paris Agreement

France: Iran Is Building Nuclear Weapons and Trump to Blame

The French are world renown as surrender monkeys.

Dershowitz: Trump Post-Presidential Impeachment ‘Plainly Unconstitutional,’ ‘Senate Should Not Proceed’

Who are you going to believe, the democrat’s media or your lying eyes?

Reminder: If Trump was an actual dictator there would not have been an election

The communists seek to deplatform, delegitimize, and destroy anyone who advances the America First movement.

Do you need another reminder on what happened in DC  the day #Trump was inaugurated? 

If Democrats think they won fairly they should not object to a 10 day audit. Several things stand out
More votes cast than registered voters
Thousands of dead voted
Thousands of Underage voted
Thousands of felons voted
Thousands voted who moved to another State
Thousands of signatures did not match
Poll watchers were not always given transparency
Suitcases pulled out from under tables after poll watchers left, video evidence
Ballots scanned repeatedly video evidence
Machine votes switched
And much more

Only fair voters get an honest audit!

“Stimulus” Blowout = Blue State Bailout

The economic sabotage of imposing a $15 minimum wage is not the only intolerable aspect of Biden’s planned $1.9 trillion spending spree. In the name of the ChiCom virus, the bill bails out tyrannical and fiscally irresponsible blue states.

Rep Michael Waltz (R-FL) is enraged:

“This is a bailout package for blue states for their bad policies, for their lockdown policies. The best stimulus that we could have as a country is to allow the economy to smartly and safely open like we have done in Florida. Kids have been in school in person since last August. And we are not having a statewide meltdown.

Continue reading Who are you going to believe, the democrat’s media or your lying eyes?

Big Tech Goes Rogue

Parler goes offline following suspensions by Amazon, Apple and Google

Google/Apple/Amazon Crush Parler

Twitter is a private company, they tell us. If you don’t like the way it suppresses opinion and information that undermine the progressive quest for power, then find an alternative. So people found an alternative: Parler. The Big Tech cartel promptly crushed Parler.

Big Tech is the government now. Biden/Harris are figureheads. This is no longer a free country.

Facebook Censors Mexican Cardinal for Denouncing ‘New World Order’

Never trust a cop:

Antifa/BLM Own NYC Streets, Attack Journalist

Meanwhile, as our liberal overlords exploit the insurrection at the Capitol last Wednesday as a pretext to crush free speech, Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue to enjoy a free hand to dominate public spaces, and not only in dystopian Portland. Yesterday they flexed their muscle in New York City: Continue reading Big Tech Goes Rogue

Our enemies rejoice. Is civil war the only solution?

Amazon sell ‘Kill All Republicans’ Shirt

Amazon Boots Parler for Users’ ‘Violent’ Language, but Hosts Merchant Selling ‘Kill All Republicans’ Shirt

Amazon Boots Parler for Users’ ‘Violent’ Language, but Hosts Merchant Selling ‘Kill All Republicans’ Shirt

Gaetz: Incoming Biden Administration Want to ‘Use National Security Authorities Against MAGA’

Gaetz: Incoming Biden Administration Wants to ‘Use National Security Authorities Against MAGA’

They will. Just like the Obama regime used the IRS to terrorise conservatives.

No more airports for CNN

Call it the final blow. CNN is losing President Trump and now it’s losing its only captive audience. For a long time, the steadiest viewers of CNN were airline travelers who had no choice but to sit there while CNN blared from television monitors that there was no way to escape short of keeping your eyes on the floor and your fingers in your ears. Then the smartphone helped kill CNN. So did the virus.

CNN: The BLM and Capitol Riot are Different Because… Racism!

Daniel Greenfield
Recently, the DemRats decided that riots are wrong. No wait, they decided that non-Democrats rioting is wrong. Seriously, deeply wrong.

But, some may wonder, what about the year of race riots that wounded hundreds of police officers, killed 8 people, and caused $2 billion in damage.

CNN debuts an explainer headlined, “Here’s why experts and lawmakers say you can’t compare Black Lives Matter protesters to the US Capitol mob”.

You can’t have media spin without shoving “experts” in there somewhere.

Examples of the Left’s “healing” and BS bipartisanship:

– The Democrat crime syndicate stealing an election
– The DNC colluding and conspiring with Big Brother Big Tech to suppress or criminalize all speech or inquiries related to questioning the above
– Threatening with sedition or treason (punishable by death or imprisonment under US law) anyone who fails to stay silent and accept the criminal behavior of the Democrat crime syndicate
– De-platforming to rob Americans of their free speech ability or rights
– Doxing to put anyone who disagrees at risk of physical harm by Browshirt thugs, on the payroll of the Democrat crime syndicate
– The continued use of “government experts” (aka frauds and charlatans) to drive and support anti-science agendas tied to the cults of environmentalism, eugenics, abortion, racial supremacy or its opposite, furthering racism and discrimination against Christians and Caucasians
– Selling out the country to its enemies, decommissioning entire critical industries
– Robbing the American people with usurious tax rates, when most collected tax monies are squandered, misspent or stolen
– Calling 74 million Republican voters Nazis, traitors, or subhuman
– Targeting our children with homosexual propaganda and grooming
– The use of alphabet intelligence agencies and big tech to likely illegally spy on and blackmail weak Republican officials
– The use of bribes, death threats, paid rioters, and any other crime to further their evil