Shocked in Canuckistan

In wake of terror charges, spotlight turns on Montreal mosque

The Star (thanks to Mullah)

Both Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, an Ottawa resident, and Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, 28, who had recently moved to London, Ont., were “devout” Muslims who attended the Brossard mosque and were active in its activities. Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30, an Ottawa resident, was also charged, and a fourth, yet unnamed person was arrested.

The three men charged in Ottawa in an alleged terrorist bomb plot have been described by family and friends as model employees and kind people.

Hiva Alizadeh was a “very quiet” man and an “excellent worker,” according to his former boss, Yusuf Abdulrehman, who owns an Islamic grocery store in Winnipeg. He said Alizadeh had just moved to the city from Iran when he took a job at the store.

Abdulrehman said Alizadeh later married a Métis woman who converted to Islam. She had one child when they met and they later had a daughter together.

“Everybody remembers him as a good guy. They say ‘I can’t believe it!’ I say well, that’s what it is. You don’t believe it, I don’t believe it either.”


“We do not condone terrorism or anything related to it,” said Faisal Shahabuddin, a member of the mosque’s board and a friend of Sher, in an interview. “Both individuals in question, yes, they prayed here, but people are innocent until proven guilty.”

“Just a misunderstanding”

Dr. Rehan Kazmi, who grew up with Sher in Brossard and says he’s “like a brother,” strongly feels the whole situation is a misunderstanding.

“It’s unfathomable Khurram would be involved in that,” said Kazmi, 31, a gastroenterologist who, like Sher, attended medical school at McGill University. “He’s a family man, a devout Muslim, he’d never condone anything like that.”

“If these guys were terrorists, then we’re all terrorists…”

One young worshipper, who asked to remain anonymous, said the two were as close as anyone their age in the league and the mosque. “They’re talking about a domestic terror group,” said the man, in his 20s. “If these guys were part of such a group, then the hundred youth here would also be.”

Where is the evidence?  (You know there is NEVER any evidence)

Kazmi said he was eager to find out what evidence the government has against his “brother” Sher. If anything, he believes it might be guilt by association…..

Terror allegations greeted by shock in Muslim community

Michelle Shephard in Ottawa

Nobody noticed a thing. Nobody has the faintest idea what might have radicalized these nice young people.

Dr. Slimi is notable for being considered as a candidate to play a role in Canadian Guantanamo captive/detainee Omar Khadr‘s rehabilitation, if and when he returns to Canada.[3]Khadr’s attorney, Lieutenant Commander William C. Kuebler, suggested Slimi draft a “religious rehabilitation” program, to prepare for Khadr’s return. Dr Slimi also has a connection to Georgetown University….(Esposito sends his regards!)

Imam Hamid Slimi, Chair of the Canadian Council of Imams, says he would like to see the end of what he calls the “demonization of Muslims.”

(Hamid Slimi; great name that! How fitting!)

“Unfortunately, when a man is arrested with a machete and chainsaw on the highway in Toronto it’s not called terrorism . . . but when a Muslim person does something it’s Islam, it’s terrorism,” he said.

“Our war on Islam” is to blame:

“…the West invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, we didn’t recognize the elected government in Palestine ..”(Hamas) …. what to do, what to do?

The media is to blame:

“The media might play a role in helping radicalize others by taking these goofy cases and using words like operatives, ‘covertly trying to do this, or that,’ adding a more serious, sinister, cool, more glamorized image.”

The best way to fight it, he suggest, is to satirize it.

“I personally don’t think we can fight this narrative . . . instead, make them look like idiots.”

Funny that. Here on WoJ we have been doing that from day one.

Shock horror in Canuckistan: mosque asking that workplaces respect Islamic dress codes spreads hate against Jews, West

Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque

* Update: the Board of the Mosque published a response to the article in the Toronto Star on its website, but refused to meet for an interview. The board accuses the Toronto Star of “intimidation” and of “harming the image of Somali Muslims in Canada”. Grievance theater as always: “we are preparing ourselves for the inevitable backlash of hatred and threats that will come with the suggestion that we support radical Islam and that we are therefore terrorists. While we have become accustom to this form of racism, we never get used to it and it is very harmful to our people.  We will reserve judgment on your article until after it is published and we are hopeful that it is accurate, fair and balanced. If it is not, we will seek the appropriate advice from our legal counsel.”

Thank you, may Allah guide you to right path. (the right path of Islam, which is the only one, sic/ed)

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