Chaudary threatens Warsi: “We will fight all attempts to destroy Islam. There will be blood on the streets.”

Terror Supporter Choudary Threatens UK Govt. Minister

Hate preacher Choudary issued veiled threats to newly-appointed UK Government Minister

Veiled or not – a threat is a threat and incitement is incitement:

New Tory chairman Sayeeda Warsi has been slammed by Islamic fundamentalists who warned she could be in physical danger if she visits Muslim communities.

The 39-year-old baroness is the first female Muslim to be given a full Cabinet position. But controversial preacher Anjem Choudary accused her of “betraying” her religion.

Thanks to the RoP: UK Islamists Threaten Unveiled Muslim Minister…

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “Sayeeda Warsi is not a Muslim in my eyes.”

Sayeeda Warsi has been promoted to Chair of the UK Conservative Party and has been appointed to Prime Minister David Cameron’s new cabinet as Minister Without Portfolio (lets call it minister for Islamization/ed)

“She may look like a Muslim and have a Muslim-sounding name but she does not represent Islam or anyone in this country who is a Muslim. “She is a ‘coconut’, brown on the outside but white on the inside.

“In fact, she is whiter than most of the other white people in government. “How can she be a Muslim and support the military involvement of the British Army in Islamic countries?

“She is somebody who pretends to be a practising Muslim but, from her views and statements, she is clearly against Sharia. “She is a disgrace and many true Muslims are angry that she claims to stand for Islam despite betraying Allah.”

Other news:

Choudary – whose group Islam4UK was banned by the last government – predicted that Baroness Warsi would become the focus of hate.

He said: “She will be attacked by eggs every time she goes near a Muslim community.

“Some more extreme protesters may take the attacks further. There is no doubt she is in danger.”[from your Jihadi thugs, apparently – Ed.]

Meanwhile, Choudary and his supporters will head to Brussels on Saturday to join a mass protest against Belgium’s bid to ban the burka. He stormed: “There will be hundreds of Muslims from Britain heading to Belgium to join with thousands of our brethren to fight against this tyranny.

“We will fight all attempts to destroy Islam. “There will be blood on the streets.”

Baroness Warsi, who was born in Yorkshire of Pakistani parents, has already ­experienced hostility. She was pelted with eggs by Muslim protesters when she visited Luton, Bedfordshire, last year.

Married with one daughter, she describes herself as a “northern, working-class-roots mum”. She gave up her job as a solicitor in 2004 to stand for parliament in her home town of Dewsbury, losing out to Labour’s Shahid Malik.

She was also a special adviser on community relations to then Tory leader Michael Howard before becoming the party’s vice-chairman. She says her admiration for Conservative principles was inspired by her father, who rose from mill worker to running a £2million-a-year bed manufacturing firm.

In 2005, she had to apologise after gay rights group Stonewall slammed her campaign leaflets for being anti-gay.

The controversial pamphlets said: “Labour has scrapped Section 28, which was ­introduced by the Conservatives to stop schools promoting alternative sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality to children as young as seven years old.

“Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16, allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships.”

We’re not the biggest fans of Sayeeda Warsi by any measure – she is an apologist for Islam, peddling rose-tinted propaganda and extolling the ‘Tiny Minority of Extremistsâ„¢ theory, when the facts – poll after poll, widespread violent crimes against women and non-Muslims; and the enormous death toll of deadly Islamist attacks, patently do not support this.

However, she is not all bad and is certainly a far superior role model to Muslim youth than the disgraceful, terror-supporting Choudary. She does not deserve to be threatened by this grinning, self-satisfied thug and his assortment of low-IQ goons.

We believe that he crossed a line today – that his statements amounted to incitement in our view and will almost certainly escalate the likelihood of trouble at her future public appearances – thus endangering her personally.

This incident deserves to be investigated.

11 thoughts on “Chaudary threatens Warsi: “We will fight all attempts to destroy Islam. There will be blood on the streets.””

  1. Government officials,
    Please let us deal with Choudary and its muslim thugs. Either give us the authority to terminate them or get these mindless thugs off the street and out of the country NOW!!!

  2. Kaw,
    This is an imperative move and immediately. I believe the British people are in greater danger today than they war against Hitler and his thugs. Their country is completely polluted by Paki’s and it is just going to explode. Pakistan is the greatest threat in the world to all no Islamic countries. Any minute now the streets of the British people will run with blood.

  3. 42 years ago, Enoch Powell foresaw what the muslims in the UK are threatening to bring about.

    [As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood”. That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come.]

  4. State sponsored terrorist tells other state sponsored terrorist “you are not a proper terrorist because you don’t practice the holy paedophiles ideology properly”.At least the parasitic scum is presenting islam in its true light,blind unthinking hatred of all things superior to the medieval hate mongers cult.
    British tax payers,you are paying the bill for this parasitic genetic defect to preach hatred and violence toward you.No wonder national pride is a thing of the past when our politicians continue to lie to us about islam and tell us it’s our fault for not understanding the peaceful nature of the bloodthirsty parasitic ideology.
    One glimmer of hope is that now the spineless imbeciles who caused the problem are facing the same threat that we are,something may be done (other than throwing more tax money at the parasitic scum)

  5. It is my view that Anjem Choudary should be arrested, fined and thrown in jail for a time for incitement to violence in Britain.
    I am not sure that he can be deported as I believe he was born in the UK?

  6. DP111, Oh yes, he is on the side of Islam.
    Since England and other western nations are not Islam countries, why don’t you go and live over there.
    When all of the Islamist would do that a lot of future blood could be prevented on both sides.

  7. Fuck that stupid islam idiology
    Fuck muhammed the paedophile who fucked a 9 year old and would have done it at 6 apart from a skin disease and was a butcher .
    Fuck ALL muslims as they are only a bacteria .
    Fuck that stupid ridiculous hate rag and joke comic shit, the quran Ha! Ha!
    Destroy any evidence that this disease ever ever existed and wipe out any of their history.

    There is only One true God Who”s son is Jesus Christ born from the virgin Mary who gave his life for us and preached love and peace not death and destruction like you pigs .
    Just remember islam is only an idiology believed by third world nieve puppets , but I suppose we should have pity being civilised , they are not human and know no better.

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