Sex With Slaves and Animals

“British women” flocking to Syria’s sexual jihad – Al Bawaba

Sex_JihadThey are not ‘flocking’ and it is highly unlikely that they are “British”– but what we get is a leftoid from the ‘Daily Beast’ telling us its a “myth”. She even finds us a sexpert  who tells us that “there’s no ‘sex jihad’ within Islam at all,” but “There are younger teenage girls, anywhere from 16 and older, and they’ll go [to Syria] because they want to find a husband to marry,” says Zelin. “They don’t go there for sex.”


Dr Zakir Naik Gives A Lesson On Sex With Slaves

Zakir Naik is a well-known tongue twister. Naik endlessly tries to find ways to justify the barbarity of the Qur’an to avoid to admit the truth: that the Qur’an is barbaric and the creation of a brutal warlord who never followed the very rules and laws he laid down to others.

In other news:

Europe’s chutzpah can’t hide decline (EoZ)

“European Union officials alleged on Friday that Israel demolished EU-funded housing shelters outside of Ma’aleh Adumim earlier in the week, AFP reported.

EU officials demanded financial compensation from Israel to Brussels in response to the demolition of three of the structures, Belgian news service EurActiv reported.”

The thought processes of the “EU officials” are remarkable. They finance illegal construction, and then expect to be compensated for their losses when the authorities intervene. If I pay someone to steal a car for me and he is arrested, can I sue the police to get my money back? Probably I would get arrested too! What should happen here is that the EU should pay any relevant fines plus the cost of demolishing the illegal structures.

But there is more. The EU gives large amounts of money to the Palestinian authority, much of which is used to pay the salaries of jailed terrorists — in other words, to reward them for every manner of crime, including murder. How about the EU paying Israel compensation for the actions of its, well, employees?

5 thoughts on “Sex With Slaves and Animals”

  1. Hmm, what demands are the EU making on Russia’s questionable actions against the Ukraine? Did you hear that? Yeah, neither do I…..silence.

    What a bunch of insincere cowards.

  2. “They are not ‘flocking’ and it is highly unlikely that they are “British”…

    As they say: “Birds of a feather f*ck together” ….

    (ahhh, feeling better after this little gratuitous vulgarity 😉 )

  3. So if a Muslim who was, say president of the United States, had sex with a transvestite who was , say first lady, would that be hallal or would it be haram?

  4. Muslims actually pioneered the use of goat intestines as condoms. In the 1800’s however the process was refined by the British, by removing the intestine from the goat.

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