Still They Are Preaching Poison…

Secretly filmed: Dr. Ijaz Mlan calls for the destruction of British Institutions

Still they are preaching poison and they always will: That’s what they call the ‘Religion of Peace’- from the Daily Mail:

The Muslim cleric preaching hatred and Islamic supremacy is a middle-aged family man with two daughters. He is a skilled orator – by profession an engineer and a brilliant teacher of Arabic who has lived in Britain for three decades.

Yet what he preaches at Friday prayers is a chillingly vituperative litany against his adopted country and the non-Muslims who live here. This is despite the fact that under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act brought in last year, it is an offence to stir up racial or religious hatred, intentionally or otherwise, in a public or private place, including mosques.

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2 thoughts on “Still They Are Preaching Poison…”

  1. Oh. Honestly Sheik,
    We know they are calling for our death or enslavemant.
    The correct reponse is:

    Friday night blow up the mosques.
    Saturday night to celebrate.
    Sunday morning for church.
    Monday is back to work…

    God wants us to kill Allah and his muslims.
    That’s so straightforward.

  2. I sure looks like we are going to have to do something like that.

    I can’t believe what I am seeing on these clips: I thought things were bad, but the fact they are, and have been getting away wth it is appalling!

    They make al Hilali look tame…sorta.

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