Jihad means much more than violence (but it also means violence)

* Now this is what I call a ‘Centrifugal Furtz’- from Emory University senior Will Caldwell, a Muslim. The creep calls for censorship and tells journalists how to do their job in order to please Allah:

As journalists, it is your job to provide the community with reliable and useful information. Using time and resources to help spread hateful rhetoric while it could be spent providing real knowledge – or just a fast food ad – is simply a poor choice…”

Jihad Means Much More Than Violence

Robert Spencer from Jihadwatch rips him to shreds:

* This is a highly informative and scholarly piece. A ‘Must Read’ if you want to educate yourself about Jihad and the diversionary practices of its adherents!

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  1. Journalists nowadays are little more than shills for Islamania-lying, distorting and covering things up. The media wonders why it loses reader and viewers and that’s why. Who wants to listen to the BS they spout when they can’t be trusted?

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