Polio cases jump in Pakistan as clerics declare vaccination an American plot

We’ve had similar stories come out of Africa. Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda have their fair share of Islamic clerics ranting against Polio vaccinations as a ‘Western plot’…

Rumours leave thousands of children unprotected
· Aid workers increasingly targeted by tribal militants

Declan Walsh in Peshawar
Thursday February 15, 2007
The Guardian

The parents of 24,000 children in northern Pakistan refused to allow health workers to administer polio vaccinations last month, mostly due to rumours that the harmless vaccine was an American plot to sterilise innocent Muslim children.
The disinformation – spread by extremist clerics using mosque loudspeakers and illegal radio stations, and by word of mouth – has caused a sharp jump in polio cases in Pakistan and hit global efforts to eradicate the debilitating disease.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recorded 39 cases of polio in Pakistan in 2006, up from 28 in 2005. The disease is concentrated in North-West Frontier Province, where 60% of the refusals were attributed to “religious reasons”.
“It was very striking. There was a lot of anti-American propaganda as well as some misconceptions about sterilisation,” said Dr Sarfaraz Afridi, a campaign manager with the WHO in Peshawar.

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3 thoughts on “Polio cases jump in Pakistan as clerics declare vaccination an American plot”

  1. One day the figures for health in some muslim countries will come out,i.e. the amount of AIDS in Iran due to shared needles and convenient temporary marriages.

    There will be an outcry. The west will be blamed, but of course!

    Funny how they love western technology tho’. It gives them a powerful weapon for jihad.

  2. That’s funny-Pakistan will have to change its name to Paralysistan. The vaccine is a US plot so that can only mean one thing-the polio is Israel using biological weapons!

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