Saudi Fat Cat :”Peace is incompatible with the concept of a fortress Israel”

Because we just can’t have four and a half million Joozzz defending themselves against 300 million fanatical, bloodsucking Muahmmedans who want to slaughter them according to Koranic teachings….



Prince Saud on nuclear programs in the Middle East: “All countries in this region must be subject to the same, strict control.”

February 07, 2007

“Drawn in by the Crises that Surround us”

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, 65, discusses Iran’s power grab, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nuclear ambitions in the Middle East and a Saudi peace plan proposed two years ago that has received no response from Jerusalem…


Israeli troops arrest a Palestinian man in Hebron in the West Bank: “Who can watch this bloodshed in Palestine?”

*translation: Its okay when Arabs murder Jooozzz, we just can’t have it the other way around… 

SPIEGEL: Your Highness, your uncle, King Abdullah, has said that the Middle East is a powder keg that could blow up any moment. Do you share his opinion?
Prince Saud: Just take a look at the crises: Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel — how else would you describe this than as a powder keg? Each of these individual crises triggers others, leading to terror and instability. And the resources we need to build affluence are being spent to establish security.

SPIEGEL: Now a new conflict is being added to the mix. The king has said, without specifically mentioning Iran, that there are attempts to turn Sunnis into Shiites.

Prince Saud: We are talking to the Iranians. They feel isolated and unable to play the role to which they feel they are entitled. We tell them: If you want to be a leading power, you must respect the interests of others and cannot exclusively pursue your own strategy. Having good intentions is not enough. You must demonstrate, with your actions, that you are not inciting strife between Sunnis and Shiites. They have now approached us and declared their willingness to avoid further escalation.

All the usual slime from Arabia…

2 thoughts on “Saudi Fat Cat :”Peace is incompatible with the concept of a fortress Israel””

  1. All those crises in all those places. Common denominator? What a surprise!
    It’s Islam! Islam and its inability to live peacefully-either with infidels or even with itself. And what brand of Islam is most hostile? Another shock-Saudi Wahabbism! Could it be that a lot of these problems stem from the good prince’s brand of Islam? These Saudis are priceless-they shed tears for all these problems yet it is their form of Islam (the most primitive) that
    is at the root of all those problems-no Muslim is a true one unless he’s a Wahabbi. The Shiites aren’t blameless either but at least they announce their crappy intentions and don’t pose as anyone’s friends the way the Wahabbis do. Hopefully the Saudis and Iranians do have a dialogue-in the same way Iran had a dialogue with Iraq in the 1980’s.

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