Cambridge Students Blasphemy Prosecution

We’ve had a couple of posts about the students at Cambridge’s Clare College who are now in hiding from Islamic extremists, and facing prosecution from the school and UK authorities, after publishing two humorous pieces poking fun at the Religion of Tolerance, in the student magazine Clareification.

What these students actually wrote, though, was extremely hard to discern. Apparently it was so radioactive and inflammatory that no media outlet could bear to quote any of it. We were told only that it somehow involved the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Now, an operative in the British underground has tipped me off that copies of the dreaded humorous articles of blasphemy have leaked out of the high-security, hermetically-sealed Cambridge environment.

The first article is from a column called “On the Pistings,” and it appears amidst a bunch of similar bits poking fun at Christianity (which, of course, garnered no death threats). In the first image, I put the two segments of the article together; here’s the original larger image, for context.

The second image below appeared on the back page. (The blacked-out portions were in the images I received.)

4 thoughts on “Cambridge Students Blasphemy Prosecution”

  1. I’m getting fucking sick of all this shit, this is getting fucking ridiculous, what the fuck is gone wrong with England? Have they totally lost the plot altogether? . Those Muslim bastards are aloud get way with countless venomous hate speeches in public about the UK and the west. Those Muslim bastards are aloud wave there banners of extreme anti west and anti-Semitic hate. Mobs and mobs and more mobs of Them Muslim bastards are aloud shout and scream at the top of there voices saying bomb the UK west and Israel and every country that is not Muslim!.

    Someone rightfully expresses there opinion on a very intolerant homicidal insane death cult extreme fascist ideology that wants to rule the world, you get arrested and be brought before the courts for it!!!!! Now that does say it all don’t it? Muslims are already progressively controlling the British state and if it keeps going like this, England will be an Islamic state with Sharia law for sure in a few year time. Poor Churchill must be turning in his grave now.

  2. I think poster dave has said exactly what I’m thinking.

    Death to the cult of death.

  3. Dave.

    As everyone knows, I drank myself to death a few hundred years ago, so I get to see Churchill on a daily basis.

    Turning in his grave? We use him as a turbine to run one of our generators.

  4. We appeal to politicians, we appeal to journalists, we put forward precise information about this scourge on humanity yet none that matters will heed the writing on the wall. The inevitable civil war is coming and those responsible are politicians and journalists, they are the ones hell bent on multi-culturalism so they are the ones to vent displeasure at. There are no politicians or journalists worth any respect, none, not even types like Andrew Bolt because he does not come out and declare this alien ideology of islam completely incompatible with democracy. (I have sent him numerous examples why and all I get is ‘thank you’) We are not bloody muslim, we do not live by muslim rules where blasphemy is a capital offense, the cartoon fiasco was an opportunity lost to jolt the Neanderthal 7th century bigots out of their stupor but our gutless journos chose to cower in their offices appeasing them. Violence is the order of the day, anyone bothered to notice? It’s working a treat…

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