70 Years of Ataturk doesn’t make Turkey a Secular Country

* Because the jihad is permanent and relentless, and the believers have the scriptures on their side. 70 years is but an irritant in the global jihad for conquest and domination, until Islam is the only religion and the sharia the law of the land.

* Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a convicted Islamist who did jail- time for his beliefs, doesn’t beat around the bush:

“Democracy is but a train which be board [ascend], until we have arrived at our goal. The mosques are our Barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets and the believers are our soldiers.”

Sure, there is always hope. But the masses of primitive Muhammedans who believe the world belongs to Allah will inevitably win the upper hand:

200,000 March Against Turkey’s Leader FOX News

ANKARA, Turkey _ More than 200,000 Turks protested against Turkey’s Islamic-rooted prime minister Saturday, demonstrating the intense opposition he could face from Turkey’s secular establishment if he decides to run for president next month.

Protesters called on the government to resign and chanted slogans including, “We don’t want an imam as president.”

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has brandished his strong religious convictions while at the same time pushing Turkey toward European Union membership, represents a challenge to secularists’ traditional approach to government in this 99-percent Muslim country. Many fear that if he or someone close to him wins the presidency, the government will be able to implement an Islamist agenda without opposition.

But with Erdogan’s popularity and firm control over parliament, his opponents may have little power to stop him if he does decide to run. His party was elected to an overwhelming majority in parliament and can appoint whomever it wants to the presidency.

The pro-secular military retains a strong influence over politics, however, and in 1997 generals pressured Erdogan’s mentor out of the prime minister’s office because he was viewed as excessively religious. Any serious tensions between the government and the military could have a serious effect on the economy, analysts warn.

* Turkey’s economy is a joke: A Potemkinish construct propped up by the jiziyah paid by the EU-dhimmies…

* But stop looking for skeletons in the closet, you islamophobe, you!

Here’s an even more euphoric link from AP 

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