Religious Freedom Treatened at UN

Freedom is freedom. Thats not what Muslims want.


Even some of our leaders are clueless about freedom like this one here:

ISLAMABAD: Former US president Bill Clinton on Friday condemned the publication of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) caricatures by European newspapers and urged countries concerned to convict the publishers.


ARLINGTON, VA (ANS) — On Friday, the United Nations passed a seemingly innocuous resolution combating the “defamation of religions.” Further investigation reveals that this motion has erroneously equated legitimate discussion of religious beliefs with the incitement of religious intolerance. Under this resolution, when an individual’s religious sensitivities are offended – no matter the intent or consequences of the opinions expressed – the state must protect the religion from being defamed, or blasphemed.

* Ed sez: Freedom to practice your religion is first and foremost freedom from religion


Lying at the heart of this resolution is an attempt by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to impose universal anti-blasphemy laws – an offence punishable by death in many countries – thereby stifling open discussion of religious beliefs.

This is a troubling development, especially since countries across the globe are increasingly using anti-blasphemy laws to punish religious minorities for questioning the beliefs of the majority religion. Such laws are no longer confined to Islamic countries; they are now being called for in democratic societies. Individuals who came to the West to escape persecution are once again in danger.

Attending the UN Human Rights Council was Pastor Daniel Scott; the first person tried under the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Astonishingly, he fled to Australia twenty years ago only to be accused of religious intolerance for a message he gave on the differences between Christianity and Islam. By equating the expression of differences of belief with religious intolerance, the sponsors of this resolution reveal their own intolerance of differing viewpoints.

It is surely no coincidence that the key proponents of this resolution are also those countries that have a history of religious intolerance. For instance Pakistan, which sponsored this resolution on behalf of the OIC, has the harshest blasphemy laws in the world and consistently imposes them on religious minorities such as Pastor Scott.

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4 thoughts on “Religious Freedom Treatened at UN”

  1. my religion is called freedom of speech, and the UN can go screw itself., along with all the dictatorships and communists china an russia!

  2. China and Russia may well be the LAST to accept islam! Especially the Chinese. Ever bothered to think what the WALL was built for.. or should I say against?

    islam is the manifestation of Satan on Earth. Compared to what’s coming Hitler and Stalin were minor distractions.

  3. Islam is NOT a religion-it is a totalitarian philosophy that happens to contain some elements of religion. Therefore, this really should not be a big deal. It is as religious as Nazism and Communism.

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