Australia: Muslim outrage at citizen test

By Ben Packham
The Courier Mail

Muslims claim “Judeo-Christian’ a ‘post WWII’ guilt phrase
Democrats claim test ‘pointless’

(Of course, anything that would reverse ‘diversity’ and multi-culti socialism is ‘pointless’- why don’t we just lie down and surrender?)

MUSLIMS are outraged that prospective citizens will have to acknowledge the Judeo-Christian tradition as the basis of Australia’s values system.


Unimpressed … top Muslim representative Dr Ameer Ali (right) says PM Howard’s new citizenship test is offensive to Muslims / Warren Clarke

* Perhaps Ameer Ali should consider that Jihad and Arab-Islamic Imperialism is equally, if not more offensive to Australians

Australia’s peak Muslim body said the proposed citizenship question – revealed in the Herald Sun – was disturbing and potentially divisive.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Dr Ameer Ali said the “Abrahamic tradition” or “universal values” would be less divisive ways of describing the nation’s moral base.

* Sure. As a good Muslim Ameer Ali believes the sharia is a ‘universal value’-

Dr Ali said use of the term Judeo-Christian was the result of “WWII guilt”, and before 1945 Australia would have been called only Christian.

“That question must be rephrased,” he said.

Dr Ali was backed by Democrats senator Lyn Allison, who said the answer to the question was highly debatable.

But Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews stood firm on the merit of the question.

Mr Andrews said Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage was indisputable historical fact.

“We are not asking people to subscribe to the Judeo-Christian ethic,” he said.

“We are simply stating a fact that this is part of the heritage of Australia in terms of its foundation.

“This is not an exercise in political correctness. It is trying to state what has been the case and still is the case.”

But Health Minister Tony Abbott confused the issue, saying the modern Australian values system was secular, or of no particular religion.

The Herald Sun yesterday revealed 20 key questions, developed in consultation with Mr Andrews, that are likely to be asked of would-be citizens.

Mr Andrews said the test, to begin by September, would help immigrants integrate into society better.

“We celebrate diversity and people are free to continue their own traditions, but we are also very insistent that we have to build and maintain social cohesion,” he said.

Dr Ali said he would request a meeting with Mr Andrews to discuss the question.

* There is NOTHING to be discussed, Dr Ali. Accept OUR values, integrate, assimilate or ship out. Australia won’t become Islamic.

“It is the wrong message we are sending,” he said.

* No. It is Australia taking a stand against Islamic subversion

Senator Allison said the test was pointless.

“I don’t see what it’s going to achieve,” she said.

“It doesn’t say anything about people’s character, whether they are going to be good citizens.”

* Clueless lefties have got us into this mess in the first place. Don’t wait for them to fix anything or clean up after the fact…

Opposition immigration spokesman Tony Burke said Labor agreed in principle with the test, but wanted details.



Red bacteria boycotts Howards citizenship test:

Union props and far left journo’s demand the right to rule, ‘Confucianism’ is the key, didn’t you know?


Part of the test, which includes English and some knowledge of Australia, consists of 20 simple multiple-choice questions.

Marr found the mere fact that the test was in English problematical, akin to a re-introduction of the extinct White Australia policy which the ALP long cherished.

He couldn’t even stomach the notion of putative migrants being asked whether treating men and women equally, the notion of a “fair go’’, and mateship were Australian values.

“This is where it gets really nasty,’’ he said, adding that Immigration and Citizenship Minister Kevin Andrews also acknowledged that the Judeo-Christian tradition was the basis of Australia’s value system.

“That is incomprehensively wicked,’’ Marr proclaimed. “If you want an orderly, dutiful, intelligent society, you can’t go much past Confucianism, you know.’’

Except that Confucianism has played such an infinitesimal part in shaping Australian society, that few people would know where to find its fingerprints.

When Trioli attempted to make some sense of Marr’s diatribe, suggesting that “no one could argue that we’re founded on that basis’’, he took exception, arguing that making a statement about Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage “says in a covert way that Muslims are not moral, that’s what it’s saying’’.

* Did Marr study the Koran and the hadith? Perhaps he should have, in order to understand that Muslim ‘morals’ incompatible with democratic values.

Marr, who says he subscribes “to other moral systems which have nothing to do with religion’’, accepted that “maybe we were historically mainly founded on this” but to now make acceptance of Judeo-Christian values a question in the citizenship test was “just brutal’’.

Marr’s concerns about offending Muslims must also be noted but, surely, is it not a fact that the fanatical followersof Islamo-fascism are almost universally condemned for their inability to live peaceably with their neighbours, particularly in Islamic nations?

Coincidentally, while Marr was hysterically proclaiming the notion that accepting Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage was brutal, a representative of the extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation was spamming media organisations with an open letter it had sent to Prime Minister John Howard.

Hizb ut-Tahrir claimed that Howard had “ensured the public conscience’s fixation with Islam and Muslims by igniting the debate on anything from the ubiquitous war on terror, to home-grown terrorism … ‘’

The sheer volume of vitriol spewing forth is a frightening indicator of Labor’s determination to wrest control of every facet of Australian life, at every level, and subject Australians to its retrogressive philosophy. The rhetoric of the past week should be taken seriously.

It may be the warning the nation needs.

Marr should move to Cuba. His idol, the commie-icon Fidel Castro knows what’s best for crackpots like Marr who don’t toe the line: He puts them in mental institutions. And they don’t have the standards we have in Australia, Marr.

They don’t…

Read it all, by Piers Akerman 

In other News:

Rabbi Mocks Hatefest at UC Irvine

Reut Cohen has lots of coverage of the ongoing madness at UC Irvine, where the Muslim Students Union is finishing up a week of Holocaust denial and support for terrorism, enabled and permitted by a university administration that shares the responsibility for this outrageous hate speech.


UC Irvine has apparently been willing to overlook violations of their own code in order to let this event continue; Concerned UCI Student has details: UCI MSU again violates UCI code #102.02 by furnishing false information.

One rabbi has hit on a creative way to protest the MSU’s hatefest, a technique against which the radical Islamists have no defense:


6 thoughts on “Australia: Muslim outrage at citizen test”

  1. If you are outraged that a country is Judeo-Christian there IS an option-don’t come. No need to raise your blood pressure needlessly. Also, what does this idiot care if Australia is or was known as Judeo-Christian or simply Christian? Neither would be to his liking anyway.

  2. Bugger I hate to say this.

    But, the muzbot has a point. It would be equally valid to say that we are of the Graeco-Roman tradition.

    And ‘Judeo-Greek-Roman-Christian’ (to put it chronologically) is a bit clumsy.

    Bugger bugger bugger!!!

  3. Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Dr Ameer Ali said the “Abrahamic tradition” or “universal values” would be less divisive ways of describing the nation’s moral base.

    * Sure. As a good Muslim Ameer Ali believes the sharia is a ‘universal value’-

    I’m not so sure. I get the impression that Ameer Ali is using “universal values” in the New Age sense … to appeal to “people of goodwill” regardless of belief. If I am right, I would view that as more dangerous than Sharia.

    This is what he had to say on ABC’s “Religion Report”

    “Ameer Ali: No, there is no difference at all. These are universal values embraced by all religions. So let us talk about the universal values which is common to Australia as well as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, all religions. The moment you say Australian values, there is a difference between, OK, Muslims, Muslim values, Australian values.”

    Seems to me that he will be more comfortable in the “Age of Aquarius” than in a global Caliphate. I reject both the Aquarian age, and the Caliphate.

    Islam is in a bind. It cannot embrace “universal values” without losing its claimed supremacy. It cannot reject “universal values”, or it will be destroyed by those bringing about a globalised / Aquarian world (Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Gore, George W Bush?).

    It can’t have its Caliphate, and eat it too.

  4. Typical Muslim blowing his guts out spewing crap, what comes out of their mouths is unbelievable. The cheek of them calling Israel and west Nazi’s!!! They call Israel and the west Nazis for defending them self’s form Nazis! They don’t mention one thing when Muslims butcher each other in mass numbers Daly, and if one of them does happen to mention anything about Muslims killing Muslims they blame Israel and the west for that to!

  5. I think there needs to be some explanation as to what constitutes a Judeo-Christian heritage. Basically, our laws are formed from the Ten Commandments – you know, do not kill, do not steal, do not lie. That’s why they are Judeo-Christian. These particular laws do not crop up in Islam, Buddhism or Confucianism or whatever. Hence, the Judeo-Christian tag. And for the ignoramus Ameer Ali, despite his best efforts to take a dig at the Jews, the Ten Commandments pop up in the Old Testament, not the New, thereby showing the link between Judaism and Christianity.
    People, I’ve had enough of these Johnny-come-latelys telling me what my heritage is or isn’t. What’s it going to take to wake up all the other Australians living here?

  6. Another lady had commented at a different site (sorry, didn’t copy & paste her name, just her quote):

    “A better question would be ‘ Do you understand that Australian society and law are based on secular principles, and the secular interest will always override the religious interest?’ ”

    I think that’s a good stance to take.

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