El Baradei: Enemy Agent or Incompetent Fool?

Mohamed ElBaradei is either one of the most incompetent fools ever to work for the United Nations, or he’s knowingly enabling Iran to lie, cheat, and steal their way to nuclear weapons. Even as he warns that Iran is approaching the point of no return in their enrichment program, he continues to run interference for them: IAEA Head: Iran Attack ‘Act of Madness’.

The real madness is the apparent paralysis of the civilized world in the face of a genocidal, terror-supporting theocracy openly seeking the ultimate weapon.


Way to go, with profit Mo..!!!

VIENNA, Austria (AP) – The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said Thursday an attack on Iran over its refusal to freeze programs that could make nuclear weapons would be “an act of madness,” an indirect warning to the United States and Israel. International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei also said Iran could be running close to 3,000 uranium-enriching centrifuges by the end of next month—a number that IAEA officials have described as the point of no return in the start of a large-scale program. …

He also urged Iran to offer a “self-imposed moratorium” on enrichment, describing it as a “good confidence-building measure” that could launch negotiations on the standoff

But the chief Iranian envoy to the meeting asserted his country would never suspend enrichment—the key issue of Security Council concern. Iran has said its nuclear program is peaceful and aims to generate energy, not bombs. …

ElBaradei described use of force as “an act of madness … (that) would not resolve the issue.”

“The next few months will be crucial,” he said: “Iran is building a capacity, a knowledge” of enrichment that is irreversible, while not providing evidence sought by his agency “that this is a peaceful program.”

“Even if Iran wants to have a weapon they are three to eight years away,” ElBaradei said, citing unidentified intelligence sources for his estimate. But “the longer we delay, the less option we have to reach a peaceful solution.”

* So how do we peacefully wipe Israel off the map?



What did you expect? When the inmates are running the asylum, all rational acts will be branded as madness. Link

Recently the US has responded to the likes of Mohamed ElBaradei by eliminating John Bolton from the UN.