“Lets Give Them A State” says Bush, while his Albanian ‘Friends’ steal his watch

Now you see it, now you don’t:bushalbania1.jpg

Watch the snatch:

The two images above were taken from this video (thanks to JW) At 53 seconds in, the President’s watch is still visible on his wrist. At 1:04, it is gone.

It’s emblematic of the whole thing, really.

Claude Salhani notes in the Washington Times:

Both the Albanians of Albania as well as the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo realize the United States holds the key to Kosovo’s independence from Serbia, much more than Brussels or Moscow.
Indeed. And what will an independent Kosovo be like? Well, from all appearances it will be an Islamic state and a new base for jihad activity in Europe and elsewhere. Yet the President has said that “Kosovo is independent.”


America’s brokeback  mountain man

2 thoughts on ““Lets Give Them A State” says Bush, while his Albanian ‘Friends’ steal his watch”

  1. Albania was created in 1912 to stick it to Serbia. Nearly a century later it’s not enough-now Kosovo must become independent to stick it again to Serbia. Eventually, Kosovo will merely be a part of Greater Albania. Nobody seems too upset about that but everybody was in an uproar over a possible Greater Serbia a while back. Why must infidels be so stupid by constantly propping up and enabling Islamania? No wonder we will never be rid of it. The mistake of 1912 will now be compounded and after that people will wonder why terrorist scum will be running amok in Europe. Western “leaders” simply don’t get it-you hatch the eggs of rattlesnakes and sooner or later you will be bitten and die.

  2. And just to think that the Serbs fought against Muslim invaders for so many centuries to be sold out again by the US and NATO.

    Bush gives away something, he doesn’t own.

    The whole Serbia must be devastated.

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