The road to where exactly?

Move over, infidel!


Written by Wendy Larkson/Islam Monitor

The Queensland government is trying to encourage employers to employ more Muslims [there has been a well grounded fear so far in this regard] and allay fears of having to change canteen food supply and make provisions for prayer rooms. A sum of money has been allocated to encourage such employment and the debunking of ‘myths’ surrounding Islam (which Ayaan Hirsi Ali said were founded on reality)

Melbourne, June 12: In a bid to encourage employers to hire Muslims, the Australian Queensland Government has given a sum of 19,100 dollars to refugee settlement agency Assisting Collaborative Community Employment Support Services (ACCES Services) to debunk the “myths” surrounding the faith. The government had to take this step as employers started overlooking Muslim workers, apparently to avoid making special arrangements for their prayers or change the canteen menu. (source)

It would be interesting to know where this push has come from. Queensland is home to the ‘Queenland Muslim Times ’, which is not just an ethnic newspaper but a strident advocate of special rights for Muslims due to their ‘victim’ status. The sooner that Australians stop thinking in terms of this wailing victimisation of Muslims, the better.

Of course, Muslims should be encouraged to work, but the push for special provisions is a dangerous path to follow – once started, according to those who have lived with Muslims overseas, it does not end and it always works to the detriment of the host society.


By Dan Zaremba/Islam Monitor

New Mosque for Cairns

Our readers will be pleased to know that Cairns is going to have its own brand new mosque. It is expected the temple should be hopefully ready by the next Ramadan. There is already a mosque – a former Christian church in Mareeba, about 50 kms west of Cairns which, apart from the word ‘Mosque’, proudly displays several large signs in Arabic (why bother with an English translation).
The new architectural monstrosity in Cairns apparently has local council approval as well as full support of many in the local non-Muslim community (future dhimmis) .


This new mosque will serve 25-30 Muslim families
The mosque will serve 25-30 Sunni families and probably all the rich Muslim tourists from the oil-gulf-states brought to Oz by rapidly expanding Emirates Airline.
Who knows, if we are lucky we can probably replace India, Thailand and Philippines as the sex-tourism destination for the Saudis.

Way to go Cairns, way to go!

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  1. Here are 2 myths about the faith that need to be debunked: religion of peace. This is neither religion nor peaceful. Somehow, I don’t see ACCES doing the debunking properly.

    Nice mosque. If placed underground it would serve well as part of the old Maginot Line. A howitzer would fit nicely in the dome/turret.

  2. Encouraging businesses to employ muslims is stupid. In America businesses are not to employ illegal aliens–thus sending them home. Muslims don’t belong anywhere except the middle east, so send them home.

  3. Encouraging businesses to employ muslims is stupid.

    Of course it a stupid idea!.
    Dhimmis should work in order to support Muslims.
    What’s jiziya for?

  4. If Australian employers have to start making special provisions for muslims this will open the biggest can of maggots, because muslims will never have enough.
    They want all they can get and bugger everyone else.
    Look at Europe and the U.S.
    Muslim women wanting to teach children while covered in a black bag and wanting passports and security pass photographs taken while also covered in said black bag, taxi drivers refusing service to people carrying alcohol or the blind with their seeing eye dogs, ( OH! thats already happening here ) check out chicks refusing service to people who have bought pork. Special ablution facilities for muslims who want to pray and a special place to pray.
    Muslims are about 1% of Australia’s population but they are breeding fast and try regularly to bring in aspects of sharia law.
    Australia if you want to get into the state that Europe and the U.K and the U.S. are in, let these people have their way because they will never stop until Australia becomes just like a 7th century arab, muslim hell hole.

  5. moslems are the most vile breed. What can one say anymore?

    Our POLOticians are a bunch of dumbass leftwingers who are opening the floodgates to these vermin!

  6. And Guess who your Mufti will be Sheik Hillbilly from Lakemba, he refused position of new mufti so he can spend time with you guys in Cairns…….
    Cant say I would be glad to see it go, just interesting note since the Cronulla riots the crime rates have dropped in Cronulla but risen in the areas the sum bags come from, seams their own don’t like them either! But I will say they are catching trains from Bankstown to Nt Sydney and the crime rate is rising.
    They are still not welcomed you don’t see them and the spineless buggers cant take a good fight! well you can have your own Cairns riot when it gets out of hand, but then I thought troublemakers and crocodiles did not mix.
    I’m sure you people wont let them get a food hold its awfully close to Indonesia, they have a plan.
    Some one better start running pigs through town as a local event otherwise lock up your daughters and sons.
    You Queenslanders have no idea what its really like living with these people I think Sheik yer mami does, he is your super hero putting his life on the line being on line and that’s no joke and no exaggeration, and if his local community stand by him you might just have a chance !
    I use to love Egyptian Sand Monkey Blogg, but they threatened him too much so he is off line now. its no joke.and he’s a Muslim!

  7. you could also get some one to buy up the other homes in the street and rent them out to the local Junkies. wish I had the money!

  8. This is just the tip of the doom iceberg islamiah,
    the mosques are trebling their outreach programmes in perth,
    the politically correct leaders in west australia hide their gutless asses while allowing more local shire councils to approve building of more mosques to increase the proselysing and islamification of western australia.
    I think we need to start buying semi and automic guns, guns and more guns,guns, and lot of them to prepare for the way of the islamic jihad, we will have to defend our own families there is no effective aussie defence force left thanks to liberal asses.
    Mosque goers, if they want a fight then they can take on the down to earth working class who know what they are really like and hate them and despise their filthy backward bronze age cult of death, the working class here do not fall for their garbage its the rich well to doers that have the wealth and prividge and power and keep real power in wa.
    in mirrabooka, nollamara, thornlie, forrestfield, midland, swan view in perth outer areas. Thats where the mossies all accumulate and force the shire councils to approve more and more islamic priveledges and rights and more fricken moisques than they need….

    The muslims have to be stopped building any more mosques let them use their own damned ones, the one in mirrabooka has been teaching the youths who go after hours how the iraqi bombers make bombs from stuff in their homes, several PHD men go to the mosques in order to teach them how to make these bombs and the police has just one idiot in state security unit responsible for the entire west australia anti terrorist programme, who doesnt speak arabic and hasnt got a clue about the fact muslims are not allowed to dob in one another they have no loyalty except to the satanic umma.
    students previously poor and no money go to saudi arabia, come back with 400,000 bucks and buy houses in mirrabooka, wonder why where did they get their money from and who did they get it from. why are these mossies who had no money bf they went to saudi arabia now flush with cash…the fifth column is working stealthily.

    The people in the poorer areas are sufferring from the muslim who are buying houses from kuffar and refuse to allow kuffar to buy it when they leave.
    asio, imm igrations dept,security,prime ministers office, police, and australian intelligence agencys are advised by muslims who are liars and the entire country is continuing to fall for this crap.

    the mosques keep being built, university’s in western australia serve as proselysing agencies teaching islam as a university subject and continue to convert the kuffar…..the entire country is being lulled into a slumber and terrorists will attack here in sydney melbourne and perth this year i bet you anything you liek they are plotting and planning taking photos and spying now .

    And the cops and intelligence agency are asleep and havent got a clue, dont speak arabic and hire muslims to de cypher all bugged info I am sure of it, the muslims are going to attack us from within and they will have no fear as their virgins await them in brothel in paradise.

    Western Australia is the greates proselysing centre in australia because the govt here and local shire councils are gultess wimps who let muzzies dictate everything to them, and meekly like sheep keep gving in, especially local shire councils who seem to be a law unto themselves.
    pathetic waste of space – local shire councils, Prime Minister, Cops, Immigration stop the mussie immigration now and let us have our rights back to own guns and allow us to prepare we knowq the mussies are going to do things to us kuffar adn we and our kids must have the right to protect ourself, the govt doesnt care and the military have no manpower or ability to protect us…protect your people- mr prime minister!!!! deport muslims now

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