Islamic Hairdressers Arrested in Bristol

Anti-Islamic Hysteria, no doubt.

Islamophobia in full swing: From our ‘tarnishing-the-good-name-of- Islam’ department:

UK: two arrested under terror act

With 50 liters of hydrogen peroxide.

What? They’re not hairdressers?

from Al Beebeeceera with thanks to Jihad Watch

Two men have been arrested in Bristol under the Terrorism Act.
The first was originally arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of drug-related offences, said police.

During subsequent searches of a flat in the city officers found a substance which they said led them to suspect a link to terrorist activities.

Police, who arrested the second man after further investigations, said there was no threat to public safety and they were keeping locals informed.

Following the first arrest in the Castle Park area of Bristol police searched an address in Stapleton Road, Easton.

Officer found two 25-litre containers labelled “hydrogen peroxide” at the flat, which are now being analysed by police scientists, said the BBC’s Jon Kay.


The men, one of whom is of Afghan origin and the other from Somalia, are held at a police station in the Avon and Somerset area.

Officers had been speaking to community leaders in the area to provide information and reassurance, it added.

In a sane world, the “community leaders” would be providing information and reassurance to the officers.


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4 thoughts on “Islamic Hairdressers Arrested in Bristol”

  1. Let’s face it-these people just wanted to bleach their hair so they can be the blonds an infamous troll at Jihad Watch always refers to. They are fine people, really.

    And I have some oceanfront property in Kansas that I’m willing to sell-cheap!

  2. For years I have used hydrogen peroxide to clean the wax out of my ears; now, thanks to the peaceful ones, I can no longer find 200 ml bottles in Coles, let alone 50 litres of the stuff. That is an awful lot of ear wax!

    “Police … said there was no threat to public safety …”

    There is a clear and present danger when the “peaceful ones” are around. Never can know when one is in the mood for a little Sura 8:12.

    “In a sane world, the “community leaders” would be providing information and reassurance to the officers.”

    The officers may have undergone “cultural awareness and sensitivity” training” at the Bristol mosque – oops, place where the unspecified “community leaders” might be found – boy scout halls, C of E churches, because the BBC diligently avoids direct mention of Islam or Muslims.

    However, the BBC did leave the smoking gun clue as to the religious affiliation of the two men – “Officers have confirmed one is from Afghanistan and in his early 20s, while the other is Somali and in his early 50s.”

    And an even bigger clue from the editor of the “Somali Voice” in Bristol:
    “Kayse Mohammed, editor of The Somali Voice in Bristol, said: “We call on all Muslims and Somalis and the public to work with the police.””

    Just the call on “all Muslims and Somalis” would suffice; any remnant of the native British public would probably be willing to work with the police.

  3. What do you use hydrogen peroxide for? other than putting it on cuts and watching it fuzz up and removing ear wax? Seriously – I haven’t a clue.

  4. What will the grand total of their taxpayer funded legal fees be?

    How much will the weasel, Justice Calvert-Smith, award them?

    It would save a great deal of time and money if the two gentlemen were to be suspended headfirst in vats of hydrogen peroxide, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves style.

    A failsafe method for clearing their ears of wax and for bleaching their beards and hair. What else would they require the peroxide for?

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