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Taliban kidnap 23 Koreans from Afghan bus: official

* Please note the usual Al Reuters spin: ‘Militants, insurgents, guerrilla warfare’- etc; while mocking terrorism and denying the jihad ideology.

By Hamid Shalizi KABUL (Reuters)

Taliban insurgents have kidnapped 23 Korean Christians from a bus in Afghanistan, officials said on Friday, the biggest group of foreigners seized so far in the militant campaign to oust the government and its Western backers.

Taliban fighters have increasingly turned away from classic guerrilla warfare and instead have taken up what Afghan officials call “terror tactics” — kidnapping, suicide attacks and roadside bombs.

“Twenty-three Korean citizens, 15 women and five men, were very carelessly traveling in a chartered bus from Kabul to Kandahar yesterday, on the way to Kandahar their bus was stopped by armed men … and they took them away,” said Interior Minister spokesman Zemari Bashari.

He said the incident happened in the Qarabagh district of Ghazni province, some 175 km (110 miles) south of Kabul.

“We are still investigating which organization they were with, and why they were traveling to Kandahar,” he said.

The Taliban said they had seized 18 Koreans, 15 men and three women.

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* Comment: Keep those Koreans abducted by the Taliban in your prayers. Remember that South Korean translator who had his head sawed off by Al Qaeda a couple of years ago. They are in terrible danger. God damn the jihadists all straight into the pit that is bottomless, for making me become numb to their evil, this past half-decade…

Maybe the Koreans are in THEIR learning curve here… for years tried pandering to the oil-rich, built a mosque at the top of Cheap-Whore Hill in Seoul; and said NICE THINGS while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of oil to South Korea…

Can’t blame them, but Islam is NOT meant for THIS Day and Age… NOW the Koreans are paying for their choices…


Pakistani tribal people look at CD and video tapes shops set on fire by Taliban in Miran Shah, capital of Pakistani tribal area of North Waziristan along Afghanistan’s border, Friday, July 20, 2007. Pakistani forces are engaged with militants in tribal areas carrying out suicide attacks on troops. (AP Photo/Abdullah Noor)


One dead in attack on Hindu pilgrims in Indian Kashmir

SRINAGAR, India (AFP) – One person died and 15 were wounded in an attack by suspected Islamic militants on Hindu pilgrims trekking to a revered cave shrine in Indian Kashmir, an official said.

The grenade attack occurred Tuesday evening near the entrance to a mountain camp, and a local Kashmiri died of his injuries in hospital Wednesday morning, senior shrine official Madan Mantoo told AFP.

Most of those wounded in the blast in Baltal, around 80 kilometres (50 miles) northeast of Srinagar, were local shopkeepers, labourers and vendors, and only one suffered serious injuries, said Mantoo.


This poor Kashmiri may not have been expecting Muslims to throw grenades at dozens of peaceful Hindu pilgrims on Tuesday… but it didn’t surprise us, because Muslims are commanded to ‘fight the unbelievers until all the world belongs to Allah’, and the Muhammadans routinely attack unbelievers on their high holidays…


7/20/07 ( Kandahar, Afghanistan ) – Taliban militants murder three civilians with a roadside bomb.
7/20/07 ( Helmand, Afghanistan ) – Two civilians are killed by a car bomb.
7/20/07 ( Miran Shah, Pakistan ) – Four innocents are killed by a suicide car bomber.
7/19/07 ( Helmand, Afghanistan ) – Religious extremists ambush a police car, killing a dozen Afghans at point-blank range.
7/19/07 ( Baruha, Somalia ) – Islamists shoot a civilian in the head as he is holding a child.
7/19/07 ( Kohat, Pakistan ) – Fedayeen suicide bombers hit a mosque inside an army base, blasting eighteen people to death.

Source: RoP

Meanwhile, in once ‘Great’ Britain:


Message of hate: Muslim women hold placards outside the Old Bailey

Dozens of veiled women gathered outside the Old Bailey to protest against the jail sentences given to four Muslim men for encouraging terrorism.


* Which is what they call their ‘religion’please note that in England Al Bebeceera actually calls it terrorism, while in the ME and elsewhere they usually use euphemisms like ‘insurgents-rebels-militants- or, in the case of France and Scandinavia, they call the jihadists ‘youth’s’

Mizanur Rahman, 24, Umran Javed, 27, and Abdul Muhid, 25, were each jailed for six years for inciting murder and racial hatred during a demonstration against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.


A fourth man, 32-year-old Abdul Saleem, was cleared of soliciting murder but convicted of inciting racial hatred. He was jailed for four years.

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* Extremists: from left, Abdul Muhid, Abdul Saleem, Umran Javed and Mizanur Rahman


Judge Brian Barker, the Common Serjeant of London, told the four men their words had been designed to encourage murder and terrorism.

He told them: “No one is entitled to make perverted use of ideology to propagate destruction and death.”

* This judge -almost-, got it right; corrected, he should have said: ‘No one is entitled to use a perverts ideology to propagate destruction and death’

The judge said the protest in February 2006 had been “threatening, hateful and uncompromising” and the four men had “whipped up a frenzy” and gone far beyond what was “acceptable and legal”.

The four were arrested after 300 protesters marched to the Danish Embassy in central London over a cartoon which they said was offensive to Islam.

The drawing, which depicted the Prophet Mohammed wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb, was one of several printed in a Danish newspaper.


* Correctly, it should be ‘the Islamic prophet Muhammad’- but there is no record that Muhammad made any prophecies at all.


Protesters taunt police outside the court


Muslim protesters demonstrate their anger as the defendants are sentenced

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*Quote ot the day: The biggest impediment to defeating Jihad is respect for religion. If something is harmful, it should not be respected.

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  1. “Twenty-three Korean citizens, 15 women and five men … ”

    The phrase ” … possess by your right arm … ” springs to mind.

    What on Earth would possess a woman that would persuade her to go somewhere where she might fall into the hands of these savages?

  2. Notice the banners – “Christian Crusade Against Islam”, “Crusade Against Muslims”, “persecuted”, “under siege” – playing their victim cards. I am not aware of any Biblical mandate for Christians to conduct a “Crusade” against Islam or anything else. There is a mandate to preach the Gospel to every person, and give them the opportunity to hear and accept or reject it. This is generally forbidden in Muslim countries, and those hostile to the Gospel – China, former USSR etc.

  3. I think muslims use the word “crusade” more than anyone else. It suits their purposes perfectly.

    Bush was stupid using it after 9/11 also.
    It brought an almost-lost word back into modern-day language, and for all the wrong reasons.

    Don’t you just love the way they always have perfectly printed protest signs? We have seen it so often.

  4. It is said, Indians are blind to the “bitter truth” in Kashmir.
    It has been alleged by some students of an Indian University
    (described as “a group of ‘adventure junkies,’
    who traveled across Kashmir and interacted with students and people that almost all Indians are casually ignorant about the Kashmir conflict and about the realities of issuess of violations of the Human Rights in Kashmir.
    This has been picked up and utilised by propagandists who claims
    Indian media is biased and has been persistently “feeding lies” to the Indian public.Read more kashmir myths – abuses ONLY by indian forces

  5. PLAYING CLEVER, terror outfits in Jammu and Kashmir are using women to remove the ‘hurdles’ in their way. According to highly placed sources, terrorist organisations in J&K have been asked by their mentors across the border to take the help of the women over ground workers in hitting at security officials, actively involved in anti-terrorist operations. Read more Terrorists use women against Indian army in Kashmir

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