Condi Rice, the ‘black snake’- want’s to give Pal’s 1.6 billion to overcome deficit


On September 18, Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV labeled U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a “black snake.” The phrase is circled in the above image. (MEMRI TV)

* Remember: These are the same people that scream ‘racist’ when you criticize Islam!


Rice: U.S. ‘Will Not Abandon Innocent Palestinians in Gaza’

JERUSALEM — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday the United States “will not abandon the innocent Palestinians in Gaza,” shortly after Israel declared the territory to be an enemy entity in order to cut off power and fuel supplies to the coastal strip.

At the same time, Rice said Gaza, ruled by the Islamic militant Hamas group, “is a hostile entity to us as well.”


Pope Tells Rice: ‘Don’t Bother Calling In…”


Pope: ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you…’


Pope Benedict XVI refused to meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in August, saying he was on holiday, an Italian newspaper reported Wednesday.
Rice “made it known to the Vatican that she absolutely had to meet the pope” to boost her diplomatic “credit” ahead of a trip to the Middle East, the Corriere della Sera daily reported without citing its sources.

She was hoping to meet the pontiff at his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo at the beginning of August, it said.

“‘The pope is on holiday’ was the official response,” the paper said.



Arab States: Peace with Israel will not help USA in Iraq, Iran

A pet theory of the US State Department is that solving the Israeli – Palestininian conflict will magically solve the Israeli-Arab conflict, and that solving both will even more magically solve all the problems of the Middle East, make Wahhabi Sheikhs fall in love with democracy and reduce the price of oil to about 25 cents a barrel. Bikinis will replace Hijabs in Iran, the Persian Gulf will turn into grade A crude oil, the lion will lie down the lamb, and a little assistant undersecretary of state for Middle East Affairs shall lead them.

The upcoming summit conference on the Middle East was designed according to those percepts: the United States would show “progress” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arabs in turn would help the United States extricate itself from Iraq. The particular idea that the Jews are at fault for the problems of the United States in Iraq was due to the Iraq Study Group report, where it was injected as a last minute afterthought by Ray Close.

There is no longer any need for agents of the World Zionist Conspiracy, A.K.A. “Israel Lobby” to explain that this idea is a fantasy. The idea was just shot down by the Arabs. According to an AFP article:

Pro-Western Gulf Arab states do not want the Middle East peace conference called by Washington to be aimed at helping get it out of “the Iraqi impasse,” the oil-rich bloc’s chief said on Tuesday.

Gulf Cooperation Council member states “welcome any attempt to reach a just and comprehensive solution of the Palestinian issue and settle the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Abdulrahman al-Attiyah said in remarks released at
GCC headquarters in Riyadh.

He said he hoped the proposed conference will address core issues and will “not be aimed at linking movement in the Middle East peace process to developments in Iraq in a bid to attract Arab states to a conference whose real goal is to help (the US) get out of the Iraqi impasse.”

Attiyah did not elaborate on his suggestion that Gulf monarchies, which have close ties with the United States, fear Washington might use the conference to ease its difficulties in war-torn Iraq, where the continuing insurgency is fueling mounting domestic criticism.



Olmert Discovers ‘Gaza Hostile… ‘


This Agence France Presse article on Israel’s decision to declare the Gaza Strip a “hostile entity” reeks of the usual bias:

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel declared the Gaza Strip a “hostile entity” on Wednesday, clearing the way for shutting off basic supplies to the Hamas-run territory in revenge for rocket fire.

The Western-shunned Islamist movement slammed the decision as “collective punishment” for the 1.5 million residents of the impoverished territory, one of the world’s most densely populated places. A senior UN official also said the move was against international law, while the United States said it had received assurance from Israel that it would not affect the humanitarian situation in the territory.

* Charles asks: ‘Why would Israel break international law and visit collective punishment on the poor innocent people of Gaza?’

* Eddie sez: What do we owe to these genocidal lunatics?



Lawyering the war to death

Important observations by Michael Barone

Never in the history of the United States had lawyers had such extraordinary influence over war policy as they did after 9/11.” Those are the words of Jack Goldsmith, the Harvard law professor who was one of those lawyers, as head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel in 2003 and 2004. They appear in his book “The Terror Presidency,” hailed as a criticism of the Bush administration’s legal policies, which in part it is. Believing that some of his predecessor’s opinions, particularly two on interrogation techniques, were “deeply flawed,” he reversed them. He argues that the administration would have ended up with more latitude in fighting terrorism if it had worked with Congress to get legislation, even if those laws would not have been as expansive as the administration wanted. It’s a serious argument, and he also presents fairly, I think, the opposing view that such restrictions would make it harder to protect the American people.



There is no war to be won in Iraq. In fact, there is no war worth fighting in Iraq:

From the ‘Delusions In High Places’ Department:

We at Central Command, partnered as we are with many Islamic nations, recognize that the War on Terrorism is not a war against Islam; it is a war against the enemies of Islam.

~ US Central Command Chief General John Abizaid, SEPTEMBER 25, 2003

The United States must make it clear that America has no territorial designs. “We must make clear that we fight with them out of mutual respect and mutual benefit,” Abizaid said.




“Iran is not a suicide nation,” he said.

“I mean, they may have some people in charge that don’t appear to be rational, but I doubt that the Iranians intend to attack us with a nuclear weapon.”

* America; the place where gullible idiots in high places go to bed with Islamofascist lunatics



( Iran has promised a devastating “final response” to supporters of the Jewish State on October 12, the Islamic Republic’s Quds (Jerusalem) Day.

“Supporters of the Zionist regime will receive their response during the world Quds Day’s rallies,” Iranian government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham said at a weekly press conference Wednesday.

According to the state-controlled Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Elham was describing Iran’s planned response for US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s visit “to the occupied Palestine [sic].”


What Arab/Muslims really want

8 thoughts on “Condi Rice, the ‘black snake’- want’s to give Pal’s 1.6 billion to overcome deficit”

  1. I am sick and tired of my idiot government’s neverending schemes to waste money on the trash of the world. The palestinians never have and probably never will show any reason why they are worthy of anyone’s money, attention or aid-all they do is kill and destroy. If not infidels, then one another. Even when cesspoolians say solving the palestinian mess won’t bring about peace idiots like Rice persist in their insane delusions. Enough of this crap already-let the ummah’s wealthy pay for these losers if anybody wants to waste money on them.

  2. Hello Islamsforlosers,

    I think that your government is, believe it or not, trying to cure the world’s ills. I don’t think there is a problem with trying to help, but the big question is, ‘when is enough, enough?’

    Overseas aid always seems to be measured in how many dollars are spent (or given away…) just the same as here in Australia, where much of our overseas aid is spent in Indonesia, land of the ROP. Perhaps the time has come for generous western nations to stop overseas aid, then watch as the poor countries of the world start to cry foul. Maybe then the world will realise how much help is provided.
    I am a big believer in fixing our own back yard first, as then we will be able to better assist with foreign aid, whether that be money, or other means of assistance.

    However, it also appears that many politicians/influentials are blind to the evil that is islam, and have fallen into the misbelief that all religions and ideoloigies are essentially equal, and that all problems will be solved by either money and/or ‘democracy’.


    You right, I am feeling the same way. close to 1 Trillion dollars spent in the ME now. It will never end.
    BTW, why does the man behind Condi have his hand on his crotch? Does he know something we dont?

  4. Absolutely insane — we shouldn’t be giving 1 damn cent to any moslem country — they have plenty of oil money — that especially goes for Indonesia —

  5. The idea of just throwing money at deep rooted ills never works anyways. Entitlements under Bush actually exceeds the Clinton Admin., and surprise – nothing changes. It basically just sustains the problem in a stagnant limbo. Imagine what the Palis would do with that much change? More weapons pointed at Israeli civilians, let alone soldiers…like some more Qasam rockets.

  6. Callipygian asks: “Why does the man behind Condi have his hand on his crotch?”

    Answer: She isn’t covered head-to-toe in a burqa. Sheik Hilali told the world how Muslim men react to uncovered cat-meat.

  7. Izzla-mo:

    OK, Izzla, OK, I see. It never dawned on me that she was not covered. Just standing there grinning like a baboon was all I could see. Islam is just too rich of a subject for me to understand.

  8. Actually, if the wealthy cesspoolians like Saudi Arabia gave the palestinians money it’s still our damn money. The Saudis get it from the West from overcharging us on oil. So basically, we pay the losers twice. ARGH!!!!

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