Australia: Save a Terrorist: Vote Labor!

* LABOR yesterday attacked John Howard for supporting the death penalty for the Bali bombers as it launched a campaign to “stop all executions in Asia”- an absurd demand, but it just shows how out of touch with reality the socialists are.

* Update: That was yesterday!

* Women and children are allowed to change their mind, no?

KRudd just changed the tune:

“Let Bali bombers die”, says Kevin Rudd

* Today, Labor supports death penalty for terrorists
* Yesterday, Labor launched no-execution campaign
* Friday is the anniversary of Bali bombings

* This is of course the result of a concerted effort by Amnesia Intentional’s Irene ‘Gulag” Khan to keep the Bali bombers alive, because they’re good Muslims. Because Irene is a good Muslim too, just like Mohammed al-Baradei, this valiant ‘nuclear watchdog’ who is always so over-eager to protect Muhammedan ‘rights’ to produce nukes…

…to nuke US, of course..!

Don’t laugh. This turd got a nobel price.


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5 thoughts on “Australia: Save a Terrorist: Vote Labor!”

  1. The bombers must be kept alive. That way, they can someday rule Indonesia. With their record of jihad at least one of them is a cinch to rule that cesspool.

    Sometimes I think jihadists commit their atrocities in order to look good if they ever decide to run for office. It may well have helped Iran”s president monkeyman so why not others?

  2. Don’t laugh, the EU are to propose a motion through the Useless Nations to ban the death penalty .. Worldwide!

  3. * Australia: Save a Terrorist: Vote Labor!

    This, on top of them jumping on Kevin Andrews for showing just a little common sense on African refugees (but going nowhere far enough, IMO), has put Labor on a par with the Greens & Democrats.

  4. I don’t like the death penalty. But in the case of the Bali bombers I am more than willing to go along with Indonesian law. After all, that’s what they wanted. Then again, perhaps jail them for life.

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