George Galloway: Al Quds Rally 2007 in London

Britain’s most disgusting communist-Islamist Member of Parliament, George Galloway, ranting on and on at the Al Quds Rally 2007 in London, next to a big photograph of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Neturei Karta phony rabbis.

What a corrupt, demented, hateful PoS! Watch if you can bear it…


If only Che had been more gay 

* Another Wakademic F*kcwit, aptly named a ‘public inellectual’, proves that Che was almost perfect, if only he had been more in touch with his gay side:

Andrew Bolt:

An academic gives Che Guevara all the damnation he can muster for personally executing prisoners and class enemies as he helped to install one-party police state and beggar Cuba with a totalitarian political economy:

Asked to comment on Guevara, Jeff Browitt, Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies at the University of Technology Sydney, said:

Now we all know the good things about Che, but let’s look at a couple of problems: the New Man had no room for the New Gay Man and besides that, Che contributed towards the silencing of critics of the Revolution … and if one thing undermines revolutionary gains it is the unwillingness to listen to internal criticism.

If Che had got more in touch with his gay side and consulted a little more, he’d have been perfect.

* Almost like Muhammed: “Killing people is a small matter to us…” 

Only a ‘public intellectual’ could arrive at that brilliant conclusion.


The Terrorist supporting Islamo-fascists of Londonistan

Britain’s huge problem, graphically illustrated.

Gateway Pundit has more

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  1. Send Galloway to the gallows. What an idiot.
    What a tool.
    What a fool.
    Where do we find such scum for “leaders”? We’d be better off electing bacteria to lead us.

  2. You gutless lair why don’t come out of you sad-wounded mentality and face reality..Islam will be Victorious…………………..Galloway is only a man….we are BILLIONS and ready.

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