Prof. Paul Rogers: Fight against al-Qa’eda terrorism ‘is a disaster’

Or better: How I Became a Rich and Famous Peddling Garbage

* From the ‘wakademia in ivory towers’ department:

* Paul Rogers is the report’s author and professor of global peace studies at Bradford University in northern England.

* another wankfest from a guy who has his head up his ass:

The so-called war on terror has been a “disaster” and British military policy in Iraq and Afghanistan must be fundamentally changed if al-Qa’eda is to be defeated, a report claims today.

The Oxford Research Group calls for major changes in foreign policy and warns of the dangers of military action against Iran.

Iraq has become a training ground for violent jihadists and British and US forces should withdraw from the country immediately, the think-tank adds. The Prime Minister announced during a visit to British troops in Iraq last week that 1,000 of them would be back in the UK by Christmas. He will update MPs on the situation today in a Commons statement.

The Oxford Research Group’s report claims that the fight against international terrorism has failed and has instead played into the hands of al-Qa’eda.

The dismantling of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001-02 was of “direct value” to al-Qa’eda and the “extraordinary rendition” and detention of terror suspects is a “constant source of propaganda”, it adds. The report calls for a complete withdrawal from Iraq, a scaling down of military operations in Afghanistan and the ending of “extraordinary rendition” — sending suspects to another country to be interrogated —and detention without trial.

Paul Rogers, the report’s author, said: “Every aspect of the war on terror has been counterproductive in Iraq and Afghanistan, from the loss of civilian life through to mass detentions without trial. In short, it has been a disaster.”


* Paul Rogers recommends diplomacy. With the Taliban.

* Global jihad? Never heard of it…

* Xero G got it all worked out: Crime is being fueled by policemen and the justice system that incarcerates criminals. Normally law abiding citizens are inspired to become criminals as a response to tough law enforcement and high prison populations.

The best way to end crime is to disband the police and justice system,
release all inmates from the prisons and invest more money into education and job-training for all the former inmates who would then have no reason to commit crimes.


According to Rogers the real problem is CLIMATE CHANGE.

Beyond Terror: The Truth About the Real Threats to Our World
Chris Abbott, Paul Rogers and John Sloboda, April 2007 (Rider)

And his next book …

How I Became a Rich and Famous Peddling Garbage

Update: Eddy just sent this in:

The author of this report is ‘Professor of global peace studies’ from BRADFORD university. For our US friends, Bradford is pretty well 90% Muslim.

Perhaps the man fears for his safety, or else he has lived too long in the Asylum called Bradford and is becoming like the inmates!

* Conclusion: This is another Mearsheimer and Walt propaganda piece, in the corrupt and sinister tradition of the hopelessly corrupt Jimmy Carter, who has long sold his soul to his Muhammedan overlords


* Today’s Koran lesson:

* Allah allowed the believers to cheat unbelievers and to make treaties that would be broken as soon as the Muslims regained strength:

* Qur’an 66:1 “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows” is an abandonment of sworn oaths, or verbal testimony.


“Experts” claim that “Islamophobia” is on the rise in Europe 

AEN -(AFP) – Islamophobia is on the rise in Europe and governments should do more to protect the continent’s 15 million Muslims from discrimination, experts meeting in Spain said Monday.
“The situation is very serious,” said Mustapha Cherif, an expert on Islam at the University of Algiers who is known for his commitment to battling religious hatred.

“Islamophobia is a rising phenomena,” added Jasser Auda of Britain’s Forum Against Racism and Islamophobia, which is made up of representatives of the British Muslim community.

* Cool! Here’s the cure for Islamophobia, right here: click!

The two were speaking at a meeting in the southern Spanish city of Jaen of some 30 non-governmental organisations from across Europe….

“It is good to attract the attention of governments on the issue, to increase their level of awareness,” said Aydin Suer, the spokesman for Femyso, a confederation of Muslim youth groups from 22 European nations.

Participants said there was no easy solution to fighting Islamophobia.

“The problems are complex, the solutions themselves are complex,” said Suer. Muslims could not just blame media stereotypes for the problem, he added.

“We Muslims need to question ourselves,” he said.

Now there at last is a true statement.


Mohammed and the Heroin Jihad

Drug lord ‘waged jihad’,” from the Associated Press:

An Afghan drug lord accused of plotting to poison U.S. neighbourhoods with heroin was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison yesterday.

Haji Baz Mohammad, 51, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Denny Chin after he admitted violating drug laws from 1990 to 2005 by shipping heroin from Afghanistan and leading a drug ring that stretched into neighbouring Pakistan. He was the first Afghan heroin kingpin extradited from Afghanistan, authorities said.

Mohammad pleaded guilty in July to a charge of conspiring to violate drug laws. Without the plea, Mohammad could have faced up to life in prison.

Drug Enforcement Administration administrator Karen Tandy said in a news release that the sentencing demonstrated U.S. resolve “to destroy the hold opium lords have on Afghanistan.”
It would be great to see much more of that resolve.

She added: “This drug kingpin bragged that he waged jihad against Americans by poisoning them with his heroin. His attack was unconventional, and his massive drug profits funded the Taliban and other extremist organizations dedicated to destroying freedom and justice.”
Mohammad has been in custody since his 2005 arrest in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

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  1. * According to Rogers the real problem is CLIMATE CHANGE.

    There must be a connection with Mick Keelty in there somewhere.

  2. paul rogers, another one for the tower, followed by traitor’s gate.

    i always thought of Iraq as lancing the boil, still do.

  3. * And his next book … How I Became a Rich and Famous Peddling Garbage

    Unfortunately, Sheik, I think you’ve nailed it. Maybe amend it to “How I Became a Rich and Famous Peddling Garbage to the AFP”.

    I searched on “Oxford Research Group” keelty and sure enough, like Crescent-Moonbats to a flame, they’re gathering for the “International Policing Toward 2020” conference, with Watts Wacker, Chris Abbott, Keith Suter and Mick Keelty, among others.

    “International Policing Toward 2020” conference – 19 & 20 NOVEMBER 2007

    I feel ill.

  4. Nice analogy frakked. I never knew there were so many disloyal lefty pukes until now. It’s been an eye opener.

  5. I guess A-Q should be allowed to do what ever it likes. I agree-but only if they wipe out the useful idiots like Rogers.

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