Resistance Is Growing In Germany

Anti-Islamic Movements in Germany: “Islamophobic – and Proud of It”

Claudia Mende/The American Muslim Hat tip Mullah

Fundamentalist Christians are using populist slogans to incite against Muslims, whom they see as the new source of danger for Europe. The number of internet users who visit their websites is alarmingly high. Claudia Mende reports

The group calls itself “Deus Vult Caritatem” – Latin for “God wants love.” But it disseminates a fair amount of bad feeling. “Deus Vult Caritatem” caused uproar at a series of Munich city council information events in July. The Islam expert and lawyer Matthias Rohe held a talk on “The German constitution and sharia” which had to be broken off in a tumult. Several days later Rohe received a death threat via e-mail, and he published it on his homepage.

“Deus Vult Caritatem” was the title of a document issued by Pope Urban II in 1099, calling on the faithful to join the first Crusade and expel the Muslims from the Holy Land. The website of Deus Vult, which was launched at Easter 2007 to mark Pope Benedict XVI’s 80th birthday, issues a modern version of the same call to arms: “It is now high time to react once again and defend western civilisation as well as everything else which is threatened by radical Koran-Islam.”

“They do plenty of damage”



The modern crusaders plan to save western civilisation from Islamisation by “an attempt to re-evangelise our own country, and a careful mission towards Mohammedans, whom we should try, in a peaceful and amicable way, to liberate from the embrace of ‘The Prophet.’”

Radical Christians are mobilising against Islam. “The groups may be small,” says Andreas Renz, in charge of interreligious dialogue at the Catholic Archdiocese of Munich, “but they exert an enormous amount of pressure with letters to newspapers, with telephone calls to the archdiocese and with their activities at public meetings. They create an atmosphere of insecurity and they do plenty of damage.”

While the two big churches in Germany, the Catholic and the Lutheran-reformed, aim to teach about Islam objectively, and while many communities are active in interreligious dialogue, fundamentalist Christians see Islam as the new threat to Europe. Andreas Renz believes they represent a broad spectrum, which stretches from the far right to the very centre of society.

* The writer of the article is either a Muslim ‘revert’ or a complete moonbat. But you sense that the ummah is highly irritated that they get a bit of resistance, finally.

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More moonbat reporting here:

Alarm grows over Muslim youth in Germany

By Jean-Baptiste Piggin, dpa

Berlin (dpa) – German government talks with the Islamic community reflect growing concern in Berlin that the angry children of immigrants may turn to terrorism because they are excluded from German prosperity.

* Which is -of course- complete BS. We know that the terrorists are usually well off.

Government figures show there are up to 3.4 million people of Islamic heritage among Germany’s 82-million population.

State estimates indicate there are 2,500 mosques in Germany, many of them little more than large rented rooms in office buildings or former factories.

Most of the estimated 2,250 imams employed in Germany have been seconded to Germany from Turkey or Arab nations and the Islamic Conference is expected to discuss asking a German university to train home-grown imams.

The government says it is seeking a trade-off, where Germany changes some laws to accommodate Muslims while the Islamic community commits itself to German democracy.

* and pigs will fly…


Fat chance, that.

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While EUrabia dabbles in delusion, the Koranimals in Teheran produce love by the truckload: Al Quds Day: Celebration of Evil

“Death to America, Death to the Jooozzz, Death to Israel…!


“The creation, continued existence and unlimited (Western) support for this regime is an insult to human dignity,” Ahmadinejad said. “The occupation of Palestine is not limited to one land. The Zionist issue is now a global issue.”

The demonstrations for “Al-Quds Day” – Al-Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem – also spilled over into anti-American protests because of US support for Israel.

In the capital Teheran, hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets as they chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Some protesters also burned American and Israeli flags.

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Al-Quts-Day in Berlin


Islamic Rage Boy was replaced by other Muhammedan lunatics who did the usual song and dance rage routine…

New: German Authorities insist nowadays that all banners must be written in German only. 300 pro-Iranian Muhammad worshipers were shouting ‘No weapons for Israel’ and ‘Zionism is racism’

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