The Scum Of The Earth


Andrew Bolt slaps the bleeding hearts from the Sydney Morning Herald who are shameless enough to try to mislead the public and drum up support  and compassion for a tribe of criminal Muslim ingrates
Sunday, October 07, 2007 at 12:31pm

We Shall Be Assimilated

Here’s an interesting case, as the Howard Government gets berated for suggesting some immigrant groups are harder to assimilate than others.

Taxpayers provide Lebanese immigrants Mohamed (54) and Hanna El Husseini (45) with a house, pensions and a $783-a-fortnight parenting allowance because the couple is allegedly so poor and needing of charity.

As it happens, El Husseini, a convicted criminal who was jailed in the 1980s, doesn’t always live in this house he’s been given for a minimal rent and isn’t too poor for international travel, either:

‘Victims of Australian cruelty and racism’, the Sydney Morning Herald is all sympathetic. Don’t let your tears stop you from reading the whole thing:

I was in Lebanon looking after my sick mother when my wife rang me and told me six police cars and four sheriff’s cars had come.

But although the house is not always housing Mr El Husseini, it certainly has housed the following weapons and other illicit goods (without the El Husseini’s knowledge, they say):
* Two fully automatic rifles.

* Two semi-automatic rifles.

* A MAC-10 fully automatic pistol.

* A Browning pistol.

* A Smith & Wesson revolver.

* About 5000 rounds of ammunition and ammunition magazines.

* Two boxes of Glock pistols.

* Small resealable plastic bags containing drugs.

* Electronic scales.

* Solvent generally used to destroy forensic evidence, such as fingerprints.

* A fully automatic bill counter.

* 1.64 kilograms of what was believed to be amphetamines.

The couple’s response? It wants another handout:

A MOTHER-OF-EIGHT evicted from her Department of Housing home because it was used to store firearms and drugs is demanding taxpayers foot the bill for new accommodation.

“I came here to live in peace. I made a mistake and I paid for it,” Husseini said.

* Jihad by demographics, out breeding: “We will conquer your country with the bellies of our women…”

She demands this despite having enough cash to fund a year of legal actuion to get more help from taxpayers:

Housing Minister Matt Brown said the fact that the El Husseinis had “acquired a barrister and spent thousands of dollars on this case” showed they were not poor enough for public housing.

And taxpayers who have already given this family plenty in terms of pensions, subsidised housing, free jail accommodation and schooling and generous allowances for their eight children, have been left with another bill that’s a consequence of having let the El Husseinis come here from Lebanon:

The eviction case left NSW taxpayers with a legal bill of more than $20,000.

* Eight children, each one of them producing another 8, makes 64 in 20-30 years. Multiply that by 60.000 (there are 350 000 Muhammedans in Australia at present) that would roughly increase the numbers of the believers to the critical mass they so desire, to take over the country and to introduce sharia. Because ‘Islam is like a tsunami’– in the words of an Islamic cleric. A tsunami, just in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is a natural disaster.

Islam is a man made disaster.


I’m not sure letting this family into Australia was such a good deal for us. And while many Muslim Lebanese have settled in well here, it’s also true that the El Husseinis aren’t such very unusual examples of a certain rejectionist section of Sydney’s Muslim Lebanese community, which seems to share little more than geography with other Australians.

Another reminder of how badly we failed in checking the suitability of those we took in during Lebanon’s civil war, and how it’s best not to repeat such mistakes in future.

* Indeed. Keysar Trad, al Hilali spokesman and chief of the Australian Islamic friendship association considers Australians the ‘criminal dregs of white society’.

* Feel the love and the gratitude?

* Thanks to Mullah we also have the report from the original bust here

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  1. *

    Has GWB been using that site for his knowledge base on Islam?

    * “How in the world, for no damn reason, can they throw a woman on the streets with her children?”

    For no damn reason? If they had any spine, Mohamed, Hannah, Monzer & the family would be on the next plane out to Lebanon, at their expense.

    Our Government tells us to “Be Alert, But Not Alarmed”. With the ongoing “war on terror”, a
    better slogan would be “Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!” Spineless politicians, Sergeant Schultz police officers, and anti-victim pro-perp justice system reassure us that there is “no evidence” that certain groups are likely to cause problems, & if there is any problem, then “education” can solve it.

    (arrest report – 2006)

    Ms Wahlquist heard the assault weapons were a Norinco semi-automatic rifle and three automatic rifles – a Ruger .62-calibre, an AR-18 Armalite and an Australian RMS. Ballistics examinations were continuing.

    When Mohamed El-Husseini was granted $200,000 bail last month Central Local Court was told that because of the location of the weapons and substances allegedly seized, the occupier of the home would have known they were kept there.

    Monzer El-Husseini, charged with eight unauthorised firearms possession offences on Wednesday, was yesterday granted bail on strict conditions, including daily reporting to police and keeping to a curfew. He is due to marry on Friday week. He is to appear again at Downing Centre Local Court on March 8.

  2. * Islam is a man made disaster.

    Like any disaster (bushfire, earthquake etc) it is possible to prepare for it, & take steps to reduce its impact, as with Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week in the USA – October 22-26, 2007
    During the week of October 22-26, 2007, the nation will be rocked by the biggest conservative campus protest ever – Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a wake-up call for Americans on 200 university and college campuses.

    Islamophobia! Vilification! Racism!

  3. I am sure all those guns and ammo were needed just for duck hunting.
    Surely the government must compensate Mr El Husseini for his loss.

  4. muslims are parasites. In the UK mosques actually instruct their “congregation” on how to claim social security benefits. Many of them can barely speak English, have no English friends, and yet still manage to fill out long complicated forms in order to claim every benefit available. They are imported to keep the socialists in power through the block muslim vote. Business leaders see them as consumers (they are right about that) and a source of cheap labour (they are wrong about that, as many of them are on the dole, and the majority of those that work do so in the self employed sector such as taxi drivers and take away owners, cash businesses, pay next to no tax). They also serve the socialist’s purpose of driving opposition voters out of the country (white flight).
    I don’t know what I hate more, islam or socialism.

  5. I think as a concerned Australian taxpayer it is time to deport this scum of the eart ahnd their eight children who are a drain on australian welfare pensions and payments back to the islamic cesspit they came from, they are knowingly criminals drug traffikers and guin weapons smugglers
    deport the entire family and all their elations now before they out breed us and cost us mor emoney

  6. ArchAngelGabrielle

    It will be more then just money. There will be blood – in fact there already is, in London, Madrid, Bali. Time will come when they demand a separate state in Australia, Britain etc, for Muslims. It is koran ordained, and muslims are simply following their religion. They cannot be blamed – it is we, or our idiot and ignorant politicians, who have saddled us with a problem worse then the Nazis ever posed.

  7. They are parasites in every country they invade. We have many bleeding heart Americans with their heads in the sand who will not even listen to the evidence.

    The Democrats have learned the Muslim tactic of lie, twist the constitution, and bully your will on others. I hope mainstream America will become a little more passionate in their fight to stop it.

    One would think the pedophilia and the treatment of dogs (hatred) would get the attention of Americans, but for all their whining, the democrats clearly do not think children or animals or women are important.

    Our “Clear and Present Danger” is the progressive liberals in the Democratic party.

  8. Well said, May Brown. We cannot get to the core of the problem and remove the islamic curse, until we curb the rabid leftists amongst us.
    In another time and place, the actions of many in this country would be called for what it is – treason.
    You can console yourself in America, that you have a solid Constitution that has at least two ammendments!!

  9. I agree with Bolt- scum of the earth, unfortunately such circumstances does not differentiate race or culture, it is found among all uneducated, lazy, deprived, ignorant, immoral people.

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