The Worlds 5 Gazillion Muslims Are Enraged Over Kaaba-shaped bar in New York

Well, not all of them, not yet. But the next rage is in the making. Just like the mahdi.

After Gitmo rage, Koran rage, cartoon rage, pope rage and heaven knows which other rages we have now arrived at the latest rage:


Could it be they mean the Apple showroom?

Kashmir: Muslim students demonstrate against Kaaba-shaped bar in New York


Cheeers Moe!

India-Kashmir-Anti US protests

* Question: Does anyone know if this bar exists?

Students in Northern Kashmir today held demonstrations to decry a bar built in the shape of the holy Kaaba in New York.
Hundreds of students of the local Degree College took out a protest march through the streets of Baramulla town, chanting anti-American and pro-Islam slogans.

The students said that building a wine-shop or a bar like the Kaaba amounted to the desecration of the holy sites of Islam. “Muslims all over the world should protest at this,” they said.

They demanded that the US should apologise to the Muslim world over the Kaaba replica, and close down the bar immediately.

The procession dispersed after passing through various markets of the town.


Rage boy was not available for comment…


“Allah made booty lawful to you…”

Qur’an 8:69 “So enjoy what you took as booty; the spoils are lawful and good.”

Mustafa Ali, 36, ex con of Philadelphia, executed two retired Philadelphia police officers as they serviced a cash machine, police said.

“He follows the truck, he sees an opportunity and he takes it,” said the detective, who worked on the case but requested anonymity because he is not a supervisor and is not authorized to comment publicly.

Ali was scheduled to be arraigned later Saturday. He was arrested on an unrelated charge Friday afternoon and was later charged with two counts of murder, robbery, a firearms charge and other charges after giving a statement.

Ali previously served seven years in federal prison for bank robbery, the detective said. It was not clear if he had an attorney.

By MARYCLAIRE DALE, Associated Press Writer


Egyptian Police Investigating Coptic Christian Double Murder

* The Copts, the Christians of Egypt, are constantly under siege, attacked and decimated by their Muhammedan overlords , who either want to forcibly convert them or kill them. Killing an infidel gives the murderer a chance to enter Muhammads great bordello in the sky. The press in Egypt dutyfully presents the attacks on the Copts as ‘sectarian violence’- when it is nothing other than jihad and hot blooded murder.

Joseph S. Mayton – AHN Middle East Correspondent

Cairo, Egypt (AHN) –
Two Coptic Christians were found dead in a village 240 miles south of Cairo, police said. They added that they were investigating the incident as possible sectarian violence in the same village that witnessed some of the worst massacres seven years ago.

Police sources said they were investigating the deaths of Sadeq Ishaq, 45, and Karam Andraus, 40, who were shot to death on their farm in El Kosheh. The official added that investigators were attempting to determine if the murders were sectarian in nature.

In 2007, a dispute between Muslims and Coptic Christians in the village escalated into a full scale battle as armed gangs took up weapons against each other. The violence left 21 Christians and one Muslim dead.

* Think about it: 21 Christians and one Muslim dead. Could it be that there was a bit of overkill…?

Coptic Christians are generally estimated to make up around 10 percent of Egypt’s population. Often random incidents of violence have been construed as sectarianism by the media.

‘Copts and Muslims live in relative peace with one another in the country’.

* That last sentence really gives you the creeps.


Florida group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags

Mr. Kaufman says the Islamic Circle of North America was founded three decades ago as an American arm of the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan and funnels money to Hamas.

He said education, not turnout, is what’s important.

“We believe this organization is a threat to the city and a threat to the United States because of its ties to overseas terrorism, because of their financing of overseas terrorism,” he said.

Mr. Kaufman, the man organizing the Oct. 14 protest, said the goal of the placard-carrying demonstration is to wake up the public and the government. He said his group attempts to target radical Muslims, not all Muslims.

“I’m not somebody who revels in holding protests everywhere,” he said, “but I feel this is an effective way of notifying the public to what they have in their back yard as well as put pressure on the government to shut down these groups.”

The public, he said, should not be fooled by the innocent-sounding name of Muslim Family Day.


42 thoughts on “The Worlds 5 Gazillion Muslims Are Enraged Over Kaaba-shaped bar in New York”

  1. Sheik, I cannot find a link for it but it has been mentioned before, and I am almost certain that was on Jihad Watch. Beyond that I am not sure what to tell you. However it has been well over a Year since I’ve seen that article. Evidently what is happening here is something like the Cartoon Hoax pulled off by that one Immam in Egypt, when he inserted cartoons that had nothing to with the original series which didn’t even get a sniffle the first time they were shown. Someone decided to bring this up again and likely added a few lies to boost the old story into a new kerfluffle.

  2. Antialla said “We can safely say this is no Rubik’s Cube.”

    I’d be able to solve that if all the squares were black!

  3. C’mon, everybody, you should know by now that building ANYTHING in a non-Islamic part of the world offends Islam: they believe they have first-dibs on lines, curves, planes, rectilinear shapes, and also any three-dimensional objects based on those things.

    “Waah! … building a (fill in the blank) amounts to the desecration of … Islam. Also, writing a (fill in the blank) amounts to the desecration of … Islam. And certainly, drawing a (fill in the blank) amounts to the desecration of … Islam. Furthermore, reading and/or thinking can lead to thoughts that may well lead to desecration of Islam. Singing and dancing lead to moral turpitude which is haram in Islam. As a matter of fact, all that’s permissible under Islam is praying, killing Infidels, and keeping your wives/children subjugated. Everything else is un-Islamic.”

  4. vat da hell!!! same to all ov uss!! dat is b`cox ov uss!! all Muslimss shoud unite to protest against it!!!1


  6. this bar can be renemed and reshaped so i say “o mi=uslims wake up instantly and fight against this problem,and solve it.what a bad news muslims should have help other muslims to solve this.”
    I request gently to america to sove it gently otherwise this would not better to disconnent relations b/w muslim countries and america!!!
    my number 03342712524

  7. Wow! This really is a shame.
    Having a building built black isnt whats the bad part, they just may like the way it looks.
    The disgrace here is that its supposedly named The Kaaba Bar.
    They can easily change the name of this bar, and that should solve the big issue.
    Despite how racist its seems to have something against Islam and then use it in a name of Islam is unacceptable.
    If you muslims want to do something about it, stop the useless protests and find out how you can contact the approver of this new project

  8. asl!
    wake up and take action otherwise they’ll ruin us plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do something

  9. this bar can be renemed and reshaped so i say “all muslim of world”wake up instantly and fight against this problem,and solve it.what a bad news muslims should have help other muslims to solve this.”
    I request gently to america to sove it gently otherwise this would not better to disconnent relations between muslim world and america!!!

  10. And what problem is that Iliyas – your extreme irrationality ???? You are an idiot – leave it at that!!!

  11. Nora,
    I hardly think that getting muslim approval every time we paint or name a building is a solution at all!! Simply more muslim irrationality – as ably demonstrated by the muslims posting here.

  12. this is really disgusting, Muslims all over the world should unite and fight till death to close down the bar or else some jihadis should blow up this bar.

  13. Love your original thoughts javed…
    Islam can be” renamed and reshaped” and then we won’t have to put up with all this ridiculous outrage.
    When is someone going to open a mosk bar?

  14. You muslims are an absolute joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you cant even write simple sentences!!!!

  15. If a bar is threatening your religion, your religion is very weak. Islamic Idiots!!

  16. Javed,
    Declare war openly, then we can get rid of all of you and get back to the important issues of human kind – and islam is not one of them.

  17. there is only one religion in the world islam and one god ALLAH and the mecca bar should be closed!!!

  18. the bar should close and the muslims is not an idiot.we know how to love our enemies. i can tell u guys one thing usa end is near because we should not humiliate other religions weather it is islam,christian or hindu

  19. “the great one”
    And that is supposed to make me feel … what exactly??? You and your fellow co-religionists who feel called to murder because a bar that might look like a stone you fools “worship” are nothing more than criminals. The bar should not close , it is a black cube and we are not going to stop using black cubes because you muslims are too dumb to realise that the purpose of the kabaa has nothing to do with its shape. Actually, not all muslims, just the group that are three standard deviations to the left of the muslim IQ mean (that is you). You islamists are a joke, even in your muslim communities, and you are barely tolerated. I know in Pakistan, for example, the village imam is usually the village idiot who could not be trusted to do more useful functions like farming! I am not going to call you the biggest fool in the world because I don’t know every person on the planet and what you write proclaims your stupidity more effectively than any message another could write. You are your own judge and executioner. You are also someone who has achieved little, which is why your moniker is simply pure projection on your part and bears little relationship with the truth. Bugger off idiot.

    If a building in the shape of a black box, which is ugly architecture anyway, insults islam, islam does not really have much going for it! You muslims regularly insult other religions so your last statement is rather like the pot calling the kettle black.

  20. what a pittible condition we were muslims our god of house that bar shaped on kaaba evry one remember you will go to hell …………………….
    we can only pray to allh we were pray to our god allah every one please join against this problem
    may god bless us

  21. Shabeer, God will certainly bless you if you turn to Him and totally reject this false god allah and the evil that it stands for (that being islam). You’d be so much better off…

  22. Assalmwalaikum. Allah bahut bada hy us k ghar ka hifazat wahi karega. Aur us k ghar kaaba jaisa koi shaitani ghar bana rahato kya allah khamush rahega. Nai allah zarur kuchna kuch karega inshaallah. Hum sab us shaitano ko aage nai badne dena chahiye. Is liye hum sab dua kartey hy aur kosish bhi. Khudahafiz…..

  23. Assalamu Alaikum, Dear friends, First of all this is not a Bar. This is an Apple (Apple Computer) store located in Fifth Avenue, Manhattan New York. Please copy the below link and paste t in Google maps, you will find the result. “Apple Store Fifth Avenue, 767 Fifth Ave. New York City, NY 10153″ or visit the below link “”. Please don’t spread unwanted information and create problem.

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