AYAAN HIRSI ALI: Islam’s Silent “Moderates”


* Islam’s mystical ‘moderates’- too moderate to speak out or just sitting back in quiet consent & complicity?

Ayaan in the New York Times


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

It is often said that Islam has been “hijacked” by a small extremist group of radical fundamentalists. The vast majority of Muslims are said to be moderates.

But where are the moderates?


Please Help Save Ayaan Hirsi Ali 

Despite being promised protection by the Dutch, the Netherlands has decided to stop footing the bill for her security. Ali, having obviously since withdrawn from parliament, now resides in Washington, where she has been all but abandoned. In spite of this, she continues to be perhaps the strongest, most eloquent and certainly the most determined advocate of free speech and women’s rights in the Islamic world that still draws breath.

Though her bravery may be limitless, her security detail is definitely not. Ali must now pay for her security measures by herself. If she cannot afford to defend herself against those Muslim fanatics destined to bring her to justice for her apostasy, she is essentially consigned to the fate of Theo van Gogh. It is because of this that I ask you, the reader, to stand up to this savage bullying and defend free speech by donating whatever you can afford to her security trust.

Here we have a person who has been through more than any of us will in an entire lifetime. She has had to fight tooth and nail for the very freedoms we just assume upon birth. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been combating a war on terror since before we were born. All she asks now is to speak her mind without fear of death.

Is that too much to ask?


Religion of Tolerance & Diversity hates competition

Indonesia: Islamic groups secure closure of two churches

Fear of competition rather than confidence in the power of their message. Evidence of a tottering, bankrupt ideology.

JAKARTA, December 3 (Compass Direct News) – Attacking the house of a Baptist pastor and protesting the presence of a Catholic temple, radical Muslim groups got authorities to close down two churches in the past two weeks.

In Banten province, extremists from the Islamic Defender Forces (Front Pembela Islam, or FPI) on November 21 attacked the Tangerang home of the Rev. Bedali Hulu, pastor at Jakarta Christian Baptist Church (GKBJ), kicking out doors and windows, breaking glass and throwing the pastor’s belongings from the house. The church had been meeting in the pastor’s home.

At the time of the attack, only the pastor’s mother-in-law and a member of the church, Temaziduhu Laoli, were in the house, located at Perumahan Permata Sepatan, Desa Pisangan Jaya in Tangerang. Habib Muhammad Assegaf led the attack.

As a result of the attack and objections to the church, Rev. Hulu met with Pisangan Jaya village leaders on November 22 – with the result that officials asked him to leave the territory until tensions cooled. Activities at the church, which has a permit and is registered with Religious Affairs authorities, came to a halt.

“It’s okay for a while, but I’ll be back,” said Rev. Hulu. His wife and his mother-in-law were allowed to remain in their house.


They only wanted free copies of Playboy, of course…


Nigeria: 4 Churches to be demolished

The above link is in German. Since years the sharia thugs in northern Nigeria have incited riots and killed Christians, in other words they do what good Muslims do. Now they’re getting more serious and want to erase the churches entirely.


America Celebrates Diversity:

From Weasel Zippers:

The Muslim holiday of Eid commemorates the Battle of Badr, in which Mohmmed’s Islamic forces defeated the pagan army from Mecca. Question: If there’s a stamp for Eid, then why doesn’t the USPS issue one for the Crusades?….


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Postal Service is expanding its Holiday Celebrations Series with a new stamp highlighting the Muslim holiday of Eid.

“This is a proud moment for the Postal Service, the Muslim community, and Americans in general as we issue a postage stamp to honor and commemorate two important Islamic celebrations,” said Azeezaly S. Jaffer, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications for the Postal Service, who will dedicate the stamp. “The Eid stamp will help us highlight the business, educational and social contributions of the estimated six to seven million Muslims in this country whose cultural heritage has become an integral part of the fabric of this great nation.”


* Muslims notoriously inflate their numbers. According to a recent census the numbers of Muhammad worshipers in the US do not (yet) exceed 2.7 million.



Hague: New committee demands respect for Islam

* These f*kers have to to be told in no uncertain terms that respect has to be earned and not demanded. Besides: as long as they make no attempt to stop their insulting behavior towards infidels and Jooozzz they should be told to pack up and ship out:


Mo-homo-hammed as art

Twenty Islamic organizations joined together in the Hague on Tuesday to demand respect for Islam, after the municipal museum intended to show an exhibition by Iranian Sooreh Hera showing homosexuals with masks of the prophet Mohammed.

According to the Muslim committee “Respect for you and me”, the museum was right in withdrawing the exhibition because the pictures were offending and polarizing. MuseumGoudA, the municipal museum of Gouda, has meanwhile announced it will exhibit the pictures. According to director Ranti Tjan, “Art cannot be rejected for political reasons”.

The committee will check if the statement by PVV leader Geert Wilders about Islam can be legally challenged. “Respect for you and me” also intends to fight against insulting statements for Muslims by other people.

* Well you bloody mongrels, in the West we have free speech, this isn’t some shit hole Muslim country with blasphemy laws….

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Muslims are trading respect for fear

* Respect is not a right. Almost anything one can think of these days is, supposedly, a right, and judging from the angry demands on all sides for respect, one might easily be bamboozled into thinking respect is somehow a right as well. Not so, rightly not.

Freedom of speech is the keystone of western civilisation, of individuality, of scientific discovery, of wealth and of democracy; without it, the entire edifice would collapse.

Indeed it is arguable that it has been the lack of freedom of speech, along with an excessive respect for authority and religion, that has for centuries held back and impoverished the once great (?) civilisation military machine of Islam. Faiz Siddiqi’s call for a change of culture is indeed nothing less, and a very destructive and retrograde one at that.


Showdown in Talibanistan

Battle to retake key Taleban town


Afghan troops are playing a key part in the operation

International and Afghan troops have begun a major offensive to retake a strategic town in southern Afghanistan from the Taleban, Nato sources said.

The Taleban say they have 2,000 troops defending the town in Helmand province, which they seized in February.

* The fate of 144,000 virgins hangs in the balance….and don’t forget the boyz!

* ‘Martyr’s get 72 virgins and 24 boyz when they arrive in Muhammad’s bordello…


* * * *

Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims

* A Fjordman exclusive from the Gates of Vienna

The northern Virginia-based Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) might easily be taken for a benign student religious group. At a meeting in Queensborough Community College in New York in March 2003, a guest speaker named Faheed declared, “We reject the U.N., reject America, reject all law and order. Don’t lobby Congress or protest because we don’t recognize Congress. The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it … Eventually there will be a Muslim in the White House dictating the laws of Shariah.”


So, what happened to the famous “moderate Muslims” in all this? That’s a question writer Robert Spencer asks, too. Imam Siraj Wahaj is in great demand as a speaker. In 1991, he even became the first Muslim to give an invocation to the U.S. Congress.


* Scum, pure scum.

However, he has also warned that the United States will fall unless it “accepts the Islamic agenda.” He has lamented that “if only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.” In the early 1990s he sponsored talks by Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman in mosques in New York City and New Jersey; Rahman was later convicted for conspiring to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, and Wahaj was designated a “potential unindicted co-conspirator.”


6 thoughts on “AYAAN HIRSI ALI: Islam’s Silent “Moderates””

  1. 1)These Koranical moderates are something else. They claim to be the vast majority yet they have let that “tiny minority” of radicals to control their destiny for a mere 14 centuries. This is laughable to say the least. What the hell are they waiting for? Take back your Islam already. It’s as if Liechtenstein is scaring the hell out of Nazi Germany in 1940.

    2)Islamania wants respect? Sorry, it deserves scorn because it respects nothing and nobody.
    You want respect? Show some first, then you might get some.

    3)I usually get my stamps by mail. If I get these lovely new Eid stamps I will write a word on each one in my tiniest writing that expresses the truth of the cult of death. Might as well spread the truth around.

  2. is noone here a man? ya sound like some bitches. you got less brains than acorns and no balls you shit faced hemaphrodites go fuck yourselves till you bleed to death. you wouldnt last a week with sheeps so stop running your mouths. who put up this website. give me your name i promise to send flowers to your funeral.

  3. I’m a non-Muslim. I believe in God and Christ as my personal savior.
    Before I make judgments on any person, thing, religion, etc… I do my own research.
    There is no way I would allow strangers to guide me in the “correct” direction.

    This has been the case with Islam.
    I’ve read books, spoken to Muslims, gone to lectures, spoken to professionals whom are non Muslim with Ph.Ds on the topic of Islam and the Middle East. What I have found is that Islam is a peaceful religion. It had given women equal rights for the last 14,00 years! America it was what, 40 years ago that we finally gave women their right to vote?

    If Islam was built on cultism, or if it was about hatred and the evil, why do so many people convert into the religion? Educate yourselves folks. You owe to yourself.
    Be ashamed for your ignorance, for your own hatred towards what you don’t know… it’s a sign of weakness.

    I encourage everyone to do the research yourself, not just about Islam but anything else you question.

    Peace be upon you all.


  4. Why should non-muslims revert/convert to islam?
    Dead religion is dead religion, whether it is form-christianity, judaism
    islam or whatever.
    pray as much as you like that all muslims will become stronger muslims, they will be an easier prey for the Great Imposter to devour.
    he will be determined to finish all the religious groups, to replace all
    with something new.

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