Who are the brain-police?

* Remember that old Zappa song?

Ezra Levant, a Canadian publisher, found out soon after he printed the dreaded Muhammad-cartoons of blasphemy in his paper (the Western Standard) which got him cited before one of these ridiculous ‘anti-discrimination commissions’ that are nothing more than far left PC-cesspools, usurpers of powers that would be, -if we let them-, mutate into a full blown inquisition for thought crime.

But Ezra is not a guy who takes any s#*t: This hearing is an outrage, and Levant comes out guns blazing:

In the second video in this series, Levant answers a bizarre Kafkaesque question from his inquisitor:

* What was your intent?

* The real violence

* ‘I don’t answer to the state’

Ezra Levant’s Blog: 

 The limits of free speech, and the power to order me to apologize 

One thought on “Who are the brain-police?”

  1. I watched these vids on Ezra Lavant’s site and the PC mole grilling him just doesn’t seem to get it.I guess she isn’t used to people standing up for their freedoms and rites.
    Once again the hypocritical LEFT abusing the power they have.
    All Democracies MUST get out of the U.N.

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