Frere Tariq to descend on Oz

With thanks to the excellent Australian Islamist Monitor

* Yes, the sinister grandson of Hassan al Banna will descend on Oz if we let him…

* So we better get a petition going to get our newly elected government to revoke his visa.  Ramadan was denied entry to the US in 2006 because of the material support he gave to terrorist groups. Why should he be allowed to set  foot in Australia?  (Reference)


Brisbane Terrorist Talkfest

A conference with the title ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of Islam in the West: The Case of Australia’ is being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane on March 3-5, 2008. The keynote speaker will be Professor Tariq Ramadan, President of the European Muslim Network (based in Holland) who was denied entry to the US in 2006 because of the material support he gave to terrorist groups. (Reference)


Ramadan’s links to terrorists do not seem to have concerned the organisers of the conference. The advertisement for it reads on the surface like one for any old conference – it could be a gathering of fishing experts, naval engineers or of members of the Benevolent Society. The Jihad jamboree purports to examine Islam in Australia, a hail fellow well met kind of warm hazy congenial get together by just real regular nice guys. But make no mistake, this is the underbelly of the Islamic snake hiding its poison but poisonous nevertheless, the pincers of the scorpion ready to strike.This is Islamic duplicity in full swing. (Reference)


* Tariq Ramadan and How He Got His Chair At Leiden

Read how Hugh Fitzgerald rips this pseudo-professor, & parvenu  Tariq  to shreds

The conference title itself is ambiguous – ‘The challenges and opportunities of Islam in the west’ could refer to the challenges Islam faces in ADAPTING to the west, and ‘the opportunities’ magnanimously given to Muslims to start a new life in the Judeo-Christian west, away from their violent Islamic societies of origin. That’s one take on it, but of course highly unlikely. Another interpretation could be that the title refers to the opportunities that Muslims have in the west in pushing for Islamic ascendancy, and ‘the challenges’ could refer to the various ways in which Islam would hide its true colours, using the west’s openness to subvert that very society. Now which interpretation do you think fits the bill?


Whichever one you choose, the title is so obfuscating, that one would be forgiven for reading into it as many interpretations as one wanted. One of the subheadings of the advertisement ‘The role and contributions of Muslims in Western societies’ is macabre and ironic, given that Islam has had an unceasingly violent history from its inception. What contributions? As David Price pointed out in ‘ The Closed circle’, his excellent study of the Islamic closed world and rejection of speculative thinking, rich Muslims go to the west to have their heart operations done because their own societies do not foster the freedom of thought to allow for scientific and technological development. Perhaps Islamic contributions are a kind of pickled and preserved seventh century brutality, a terrorist time machine, that has its unique interest in being so obdurate and unlike any other belief system.

How naïve of Griffith Uni. to host such a talk, advertising it at the same time as terrorists in other parts of the world advocate our demise, and boast of conquering us. (Reference)

* Naive? Actually not. Griffith has long been a hotbed for Islamic  (Wahabite) agit prop, Winds of Jihad reported here: Griffith University A Hotbed Of Wahabism?

* Here’s more

The organisers might be fooling their attendees but there are a lot of Australians out there who are not fooled at all, and can smell the leaking humous trail all the way from Saudi. And ultimately how offensive to our troops in Iraq who have tried to assist a society terrorised by Saddam and Al Qaeda. No doubt Ramadan supports the groups that try to kill our troops and then comes to eat prawn cocktails at Griffith Uni. Conferences. No doubt he’ll describe the conference organisers as useful idiots to his cause, and in that there would be no ambiguity for that is exactly what they are.



4 thoughts on “Frere Tariq to descend on Oz”

  1. Ramadan should be shunned by every Western nation. The last thing any such nation needs is a speaking tour from the likes of this kook.

  2. Yes, Ramadan should be shunned. In addition, Hugh Fitzgerald should be named Secretary of State for the next administration – regardless of party designation.


    While useful idiots continue to stoke the islamic nightmare, I dare to dream.

  3. We have our traitors-in-Government here (in the U.S. of A.) and you’ve got yours there in Australia. Perhaps “sellers-out” is a preferable designation? Traitors is so–so–harsh! And final a judgement.

    How ill it all end? Right now, it doesn’t look too good. But you know what they say,”Too many Arabs (Moslems) on a camel’s back–break the camel’s back.” (Do they really say that?) Or is it too many Arabs on the camel and then a straw is wafted onto the load and–crack!

    Unfortunately when the crack! finally does come, more will be broken than the camel’s back. Let us ponder this and decide who will do the breaking.

    And who will be broken.

  4. l have a perfect logo to go for any Western country for muslims to read…
    you have the Western country’s flag, and have below ” Kafir Country” Love It or Leave It.
    So all those jihad lovers can go back to their cesspoolstans.

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