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Austria: Asim off the hook!

On October 1, 2007, Asim C had tried to gain access to the US embassy carrying a backpack filled with hand grenades, fuses and nails, but fled and abandoned his bag when he was stopped as he went through metal detectors at the entrance. Asim C told Vienna’s provincial court he wanted to be a US informer and “hand over the dangerous substances” to the US authorities, as he had “faith in the United States, because they fight terrorism.”


Weapons for ‘peaceful purposes’ only:

Counter-terrorism police seize large cache of illegal weapons in Austria

VIENNA, Austria: Austrian counterterrorism authorities have seized 300 illegal weapons and 12,000 rounds of ammunition in raids on six private homes west of Vienna.

Police in the province of Lower Austria will not say exactly when the raids were conducted, but they issued a statement Tuesday describing the operation as one of the largest of its kind in the region.

Officials have been questioning six suspects in connection with the weapons cache.

Investigators say the weapons include Russian-made machine guns and 61 illegal handguns.




Anti-Islam conspiracies will be crushed by defenders of faith

PAKPATTAN, April 7 (APP): District’s general secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Rana Abdul Rauf has urged the Muslims to fight for the supremacy of Islam and their faith.

He said that conspiracies being hatched by anti-Islam forces would be foiled and crushed with iron hand.

Meanwhile, District Ameer of Jamaat Ahle hadith, Qari Muhammad Yaqoob Tahar, while talking to newsmen here on Monday, demanded that the government should ask ambassadors of Denmark and Holland to leave the country.

He stressed that ambassadors of Denmark and Holland should be expelled from the all the Muslim countries of the world and appealed for complete ban on imports from these countries.

Pakistan police: Muslim workers beat Hindu man to death for alleged blasphemy

* Just another day in Islamistan:

KARACHI, Pakistan: Police say Muslim workers at a factory in Pakistan have beaten to death a Hindu colleague after accusing him of blasphemy against Islam’s prophet.

Karachi police chief Niaz Siddiqui said workers at a leather factory fatally beat the 27-year-old Hindu man on Tuesday after a debate about religion became heated.

Siddiqui said the laborers told police that the victim was defaming the Prophet Muhammad. Police said they prevented the mob from burning the corpse and are investigating several people for suspected murder.

Herald Tribune

UK: Muslim sex offenders could opt out of treatment programme ‘because it’s against their faith’


* Because old Moe was a sex-offender too, and following Moe can’t be wrong… 

Muslim sex attackers could be spared a prison treatment programme because it is against their religion, it has emerged.

Rapists, paedophiles and other dangerous sex attackers are expected to discuss their crimes with others during jail sessions designed to stop them reoffending.
But Muslim inmates have complained they should not be made to undergo the Sex Offender Treatment Programme group therapy.

Now the Prison Service’s Muslim advisor, Ahtsham Ali, has said there is a “legitimate Islamic position” that criminals should not discuss their crimes with other people.

An “urgent review” has been ordered, and Muslims could be allowed to opt out of this part of the treatment – despite completing a full programme often being a condition of release.

The convict said: “I have always insisted that it was against Islamic teachings to discuss your offence to anyone, let alone act it out within a peer group.”

* Why punish Muslim sex offenders at all? They are only following their prophets teachings…

More from the Daily Mail

Paedophile Changes Name And Converts To Islam In Jail

A PAEDOPHILE has converted to Islam and changed his name behind bars.

Paul Falconer, 40, now insists bosses at Peterhead prison call him Mohammed Farooq instead.
Falconer’s case made legal history when his five-year-old victim gave evidence by video link to a court 40 miles away to ease her ordeal.
He was jailed for almost eight years for sexually abusing her and another girl. His ex-wife was last night shocked at his identity swap.
Mum-of-two Melanie White, 41, raged: “Paul should not be allowed to go by any other name. People should be warned about this in case he tries to hide his past when he gets out.”

More (if you can stand it)

Amsterdam: Unbelievers are dogs, sez Mosque chairman

“Islam is good, other beliefs are also good. But if you don’t believe, that is not good, then you only eat and sleep, then you’re just like an animal, such as a dog.”

The children and escorts did not react at first. Only when they were back in school, when asked what they had learned, the students answered: that we are dogs.

The rest of the trip was fun and educational and the children had been treated hospitably.

But now its all a big ‘misunderstanding’


Meet Joseph Cohen aka Yousef Khattab

NEW YORK, N.Y. — A New York City cabbie who operates an extremist Islamic anti-American Web site that features violent images — including mocking the deaths of GIs in Iraq — says he’s doing the country a service by “exposing the truth.”
Yousef al-Khattab, who runs RevolutionMuslim.com from his home in Queens, told FOX News that he also wants the U.S. to embrace Islam and Sharia Law, which prohibits alcohol and can include stoning to death or severe flogging for pre-marital sex and adultery.

Jihad Watch


Alan Colmes with Muslim Extremist Yousef al-Khattab!

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