What's wrong with Barrack Hussein Obama?

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What Obama doesn’t want you to know: His Kenyan Muslim Father was a Die-Hard Communist!


Obomma’s  ‘pastor & spiritual adviser’ Wright turns out to be a ‘former’ Muslim!

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WTF???  The same hate, the same bile: who guessed it? Sheik Yer’mami stated weeks ago that Obama is (still) a Muslim, and here on this blog we also stated that Wrights ‘church’ is a front either for the NOI or  the Muslim brotherhood.

Now Infidels are cool just exposed Obomma’s hate-preacher for what the really is:

Wright was a former Muslim and black nationalist who had studied at Howard and Chicago, and Trinity’s guiding principles–what the church calls the “Black Value System”–included a “Disavowal of the Pursuit of Middleclassness.’” 


PrestoPundit has found a 1965 paper written by Obama’s father, in which he advocates:

— 100% taxation

— communal farms / the elimination of private farming

— the nationalization of businesses owned by “Europeans” and “Asians”.

— “active” measures to bring about a classless society

PrestoPundit is calling it the “Rosebud” of the Obama campaign: Barack Obama hid his father’s socialist and anti-Western convictions from his readers.

7 thoughts on “What's wrong with Barrack Hussein Obama?”

  1. oh geez, on top of muslim and some radical, racist Christian religion – now communism! Actually, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Check out his voting record – if/when he does vote. And what many don’t know (it was on Hannity’s America yesterday) is that B.O. will vote and when he realizes that his vote wasn’t needed to pass something he will ask to have his vote taken back (I forgot the term for this). He has more ‘present’ votes, or “NV’ (no votes) than any one else.

    THey think it has been a political move to do this – this way he won’t be caught like Kerry, or Hillary, has been caught answering for himself.

    Here is my slogan when anyone brings him up: ‘OH NO! B.O!’

  2. Boy he had a f-ed up background, even had a damn ole WHITE grandma!! And he STILL became a millionair…..Somebody please….’splan that to me…..

  3. He also has some f-ed up friends and mentors. He would probably install farrakhan as secretary of state of some other such shit. Nope, we can’t have any ‘obamas as presidents. But, I would vote for Bill Cosby if he wanted to run for president. Go for it Bill !! You got the money !!

  4. R_not
    I saw that piece on Hannity’s America also.(We get Foxnews in OZ).

    I was hoping that it got a lot of coverage. People need to know what kind of person he is – totally politically expedient, win at any cost, just like out new PM.

    OT Hannity followed up with some excellent anti-Al Gore info.

    What a combination: global warming hysteria, and utterly dishonest politicians,,somehow more dishonest than usual.

  5. Typical black commie. Just as offensive as “typical white person” How the hell Obama survived that remark is beyond me.

  6. WeaselZippers has the story also.

    In light of what Pastor Wright has been saying, it fits.

    Let’s wait for some more confirmation.


    Savitch,,just look at what Rudd has gotten away with – brought up in a car, can’t remember the lap-dancer,etc ,,yeah it’s minor by comparison but it fooled a lot of people and continues to do so.
    And he and Therese are just your average “working family”!

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