Bucktooth Bashir wants Ahmadiyyah sect outlawed: "not Islamic enough"

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* From the “My Allah is Better Than Yours” department


* Bucktooth Bashir is, as you may know, the leader of the criminal Islamic cult  Jemmah Islamiyah, which was behind the Bali bombings (among other terrorist attacks.)   Jemmah Islamiyah, we are told by Indonesian officials,  ‘doesn’t exist’- like the mafia. You see: everybody knows it exists, but if we all pretend we can’t see it, then maybe, just maybe it will just go away. Good thinking, no?

* Either you’re a real headbanger or you’re not. If you’re not, you will be accused of ‘kufr’, unbelief; and then the good Muslims will have to attack you. You see: they don’t want to attack, but you make them. its your fault!

 Terrorist Mullahs attack Ahmadiyya’s Mosque in Indonesia

Cleric calls for ban of infidel sect

RADICAL Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has called for the ban of an “infidel” Islamic sect as debate raged in the world’s most populous Muslim country over religious freedom and tolerance.

Mr Bashir said the government must swiftly disband the minority Ahmadiyah branch of Islam to protect mainstream Indonesian Muslims and prevent violent sectarian unrest.

“Ahmadiyah is an infidel organisation using the name of Islam, which aims to disrupt Islam,” he told a press conference called to urge the government to act on the recommendation of an inter-departmental team to outlaw the sect.

* John H. Hanson ‌

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community emphasizes the nonviolent aspects of jihad or religious “effort.” Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908), the South Asian Muslim scholar who founded the movement, argued that the Quran only authorized jihad as defensive military action in certain contexts and otherwise encouraged peaceful initiatives in support of Islam. Ghulam Ahmad also claimed, as the spiritual manifestation of the Messiah and Mahdi, to usher in a new era in which nonviolent activities alone defined jihad. These arguments have not persuaded most Muslims, but the Ahmadiyya Muslim community continues to stress jihad of the pen, that is, efforts to promote and defend Islam in various media. Many take up the pen, but few are granted the spirit to conduct the jihad in the most acceptable manner . . . It is the Jamaat Ahmadiyya only which has not stopped this great struggle . . . It has become the only vehicle to usher in the revival of Islam through its peaceful, yet determined intellectual process which was initiated a century ago by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi in Islam.¹ 


“We urge the Indonesian government to immediately and officially ban and dissolve Ahmadiyah. We warn the government that any delay to do so will potentially create horizontal conflicts,” he said.

He explained that by “horizontal conflicts” he meant sectarian violence between mainstream Indonesian Muslims and Ahmadis, who number only about 200,000 in Indonesia.

Without a ban, people might take matters into their own hands, he said, a warning made all the more resonant after a mob attacked and razed an Ahmadiyah mosque last week.

“We never recommend any attacks or destruction but Muslims will fight each other if the government doesn’t want to ban Ahmadiyah,” said the cleric, who served almost 26 months in prison for conspiracy over the 2002 Bali bombings before being cleared and released.

* “We never recommend any attacks or destruction, but we must…”

Habib Rizieq Shihab, head of the militant Islamic Defenders Front, said his followers would not resort to violence but stood ready to help the government enforce a ban through dialogue.

“If the government issues the ban, we agreed to help the government to convince the Ahmadiyah followers to return to the real Islam through dialogue. We won’t use any violent approach,” he said.
The government has not indicated how it will respond to last month’s recommendation from the Coordinating Body for Monitoring Religions and Beliefs – a panel set up during the Suharto dictatorship – to outlaw Ahmadiyah.

The sect, established in the country since the 1920s, believes Mohammed was not the final prophet, contradicting a central tenet of Islam.

Its plight has raised concerns among moderate Indonesians and human rights activists about religious tolerance in the country of some 230 million people, nearly 90 per cent of whom are Muslim.

Earlier today, hundreds of people rallied in central Jakarta in a show of support for religious freedom.

Representatives of the Ahmadiyah sect as well as Muslims and Christians gathered to urge the government to resist pressure from Islamic hardliners to ban the sect.

“We are here to show to Indonesia, to the world, that Indonesians love peace. To show that there are more Indonesians who love peace than those who don’t,” an organiser told the crowd.

The demonstrators carried banners reading Stop Religious Fascism and Stop Violence in the Name of Religion.

* Is it wrong to suspect that a few hundred people  rallying against the radicals are considered a ‘tiny minority of extremists…?”


*  Other news from Indonesia:

*  Maluku islands:  Koranimals attack Christians,  three people dead and more than 100 homes burnt.


* As usual,  the press is trying to spin it as a ‘land dispute’- which is rather unlikely:  Christians are not indoctrinated with hatred and with the jihad ideology…

Indonesian police say a land dispute in Maluku islands on friday ended with three people dead and more than 100 homes burnt.

Residents from the mainly Muslim village of Saleman attacked the predominantly Christian village of Horale on the island of Seram.

Those killed came from the Christian village where at least two churches and more than 100 houses were set on fire.

A policespokesman says the clash was over a land border issue and not religious based.

About 200 policemen are guarding the border between the two villages.

* strange that 200 policement can’t prevent the Muselmanic mobs from attacking the Christians…?

Conflict between Christians and Muslims flared up in 1998 and in 2002 both groups signed a truce.

Truce or hudna?

* A hudna doesn’t count for much. Muhammad always broke his treaties with infidels when it gave the Muslims a strategic advantage…

“If Muslims are weak, a truce may be made for ten years if necessary, for the Prophet made a truce with the Quraysh for that long, as is related by Abu Dawud” (‘Umdat as-Salik, o9.16).

*  Indonesia background:

In Indonesia  jihadi emotions against the Chinese and Christian minorities run high. In the late 1960s, hundreds of thousands of Chinese were slaughtered in an orgy of vicious jihadi massacres. In 1998 the same thing happened.  When Indonesia occupied East Timor, a Catholic country, in the late 1970s, hundreds of thousands of Catholics were killed with merciless jihadi fervor; and in Aceh, one of Indonesia’s island-parts, anti-Christian riots and massacres regularly occur today against the tiny Christian community. In Pakistan it’s worse. Christian churches and worshippers appear to be bombed on a frequent basis.


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  1. When in the hell are people going to start drawing guns and shooting at those rioters? Like the Iraqi forces did yesterday. Mow em down, and keep shooting till the barrel glows red-hot. You’ll be doing the rioters a favor–sending them to meet their 72 year old virgin.

  2. Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible, “The Lord helps those who help themselves”, or something like that? Is there still another cheek to turn? Must Christians keep turning the other cheek, even if it’s constantly and continually bloodied? At what point do Christians say, “I’ve had enough. We repeatedly get the SAME RESULTS for our efforts. This must STOP!! We MUST take a stand and make an effort to defend ourselves.” To keep turning the other cheek is simply a pacifist’s suicide.

  3. I do believe in freedom of religion. I also believe in all of the US bill of rights. These believes seem to be obscured in the radical and perverse religion of Islam. If the world would rid itself of Islam, it would be much safer and a better community.

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