Canadian Islamic Congress plays race card, says PM Harper indifferent to "brown-skinned" Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr, (15) Killer Zombie, captured  after killing an American medic in Afghanistan


Never mind the fact that Khadr was captured in a jihadist compound in Afghanistan after killing a U.S. Army medic, according to survivors. Never mind the fact that Khadr is the youngest member of the Khadr clan with a long history of terrorism and jihad involvement.

“Harper indifferent to ‘brown-skinned’ Khadr: Islamic group,” from the Canadian Press, 

* Crafty, isn’t it?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is indifferent to Omar Khadr’s plight because the Guantanamo Bay prisoner is “brown-skinned” and a Muslim, the leader of one of Canada’s largest Islamic groups said Monday.

Harper’s resistance to calls to repatriate the Canadian citizen shows he is pandering to Islamophobes, said Canadian Islamic Congress president Mohamed Elmasry.

“In this case, Mr. Harper is playing politics because of the “backdrop of Islamophobia in this country,” Elmasry said.

* Most of us couldn’t give a rats ass for his color, Elmasry. But we know the stench comes from Islam, and that means  people like  you… What a sickening bunch of whingers and whiners!

Not to be outdone by Elmasri, Australia’s resident Islamo-agit prop Yusuf Irfan chimes in to touch your bleeding heart. Fasten your seatbelt:

Western civilisation? What a good idea that would be

*  Yusuf knows everything about Western civilization, its all bad and Muhammedanism is the cure:

“Before India achieved independence, Western civilisation had produced the Holocaust and the mass murder of Japanese civilians via two atomic bombs”

Khadr was 16 at the time the footage was filmed in 2003. He was 15 when first captured in July 2002 during a US raid in which his father was killed. After being shot in the back, he was taken to the notorious Bagram Air Base, where he was often brought to interrogation on a stretcher and denied pain medication. Canadians didn’t have much sympathy for this child soldier.

* How about saving some of your crocodile tears for the murdered medic, Yusuf?

The situation is complicated by the fact that Khadr’s brother is currently before a Canadian court fighting US attempts to have him extradited to face terrorism charges. Stephen Harper’s conservative Government is showing as much disdain for Khadr as former PM John Howard showed towards Australian detainees David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib. Khadr’s lawyers hope release of the video may change all that.

Should a person accused of committing terrorism offences when a child be kept in such conditions? Some say that Khadr, whose father allegedly had strong links to al Qaeda and was a fundraiser for the terrorist network, is still dangerous. These people might like to view the video of Khadr’s interrogation and watch this boy pleading for Canadian interrogators to help him.

* One question, Yusuf: why is this murderous bastard still alive?

* There is more if you can bear it. Sadly, the misguided fools from the New Zealand Herald print Irfans noxious bile.

Whatever it takes: they’re playing us like a fiddle

*  Bin Laden driver ‘deprived of sleep for 50 days’

*  “Tortured”  by an infidel female he was not able to rape, he claims:
“She came very close with her whole body towards me,”


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  1. >>” What a sickening bunch of whingers and whiners!

    Joe Grey>>And weiners! Don’t Muslims say that they develop much quicker when defending marriage of young girls? Or does that apply to little girls only? This little savage was on the other side of the world and he didn’t cry for his mommy during his training or when bullets started flying.

  2. >>”* ”Tortured” by an infidel female he was not able to rape, he claims:
    “She came very close with her whole body towards me

    Joe Grey>>Now **THAT** is torture to a Muslim! Living in the West and eyeing beautiful western women( the most beautiful in the world by the way) is an incredible stimuli and motivation for these savages because they yearn for the day that they can rape them. Until then, it’s only porn, endless masturbation and fantasy rapes with light colored blow up dolls!

  3. Harper shouldn’t be indifferent-he should be calling for that punk’s death.

  4. Harper indifferent? Not as indifferent as the Muslims, the CIC and El-Masry the Jew hater, who could care less about the murdered medic or his family. Nope, not a peep. I suppose Islamophobia killed him right?.

  5. What the fuck is up with these bloody muzzies? They keep complaining we do not accept their culture, in which a boy of 13 is considered a man, now that this has been accepted, as in the case of Kadr, they still complain.

  6. these folks behave like naughty children!! And they wonder why every other intelligent being has little respect for them.

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