Obama changes US flag to big 'O' (as in Orwell)

The hide and the hubris:

*  America’s Muslim-Manchurian candidate who holds his crotch when the anthem is sung  takes Obamania a step further:

*  Terrorists from the “Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades” will protect the Bommah during his stay in Israel (from the Israeli’s, of curse!)

The U.S. flag no longer appears on the tail of the plane that will be used by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama    (World Net Daily)

Barack Obama is afraid.

When he or his wife give speeches in the United States, the staff makes sure there are plenty of white people visible, because he’s scared of creating the impression that only black people support him.

He prevents Muslim women wearing headscarves from sitting behind him, though, because he’s scared American voters will think he’s a Muslim.

He has refused requests for interviews from foreign media, because he’s afraid of being asked questions a teleprompter can’t answer.

* Hate Speech from Obama’s Preacher

And while in the Middle East, he’s banned reporters from wearing the color green—because he’s scared of being linked to Hamas:

Obama tells reporters not to wear green 

 [Tom Gross]

An Obama campaign ban on green clothing during the candidate’s visits to Jordan and Israel today has left reporters traveling with Obama bemused.

In a memo to reporters, Obama advance staffer Peter Newell laid out rules on attire for Jordan and Israel. First among them: “Do not wear green.” An Obama aide explained to reporters that green is the color associated with the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

2 thoughts on “Obama changes US flag to big 'O' (as in Orwell)”

  1. >>”Terrorists from the “Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades” will protect the Bommah during his stay in Israel (from the Israeli’s, of curse!)

    Joe Grey>>Interesting that Obama doesn’t reject the Palis using him as a propaganda tool. He’s clearly condoning their efforts.

  2. Every product has a logo. He repainted his plane with a logo to distinguish himself and now he’s an anti-American, terrorist-supporting, negro. This is propaganda used to instill fear in people who aren’t reading the news and, to keep them distracted them from losing their house & their job & paying $4+ per gallon in order to steer the vote away.

    The disgrace is whats running the country and what will continue if McCain’s elected. Have you ever listened to ‘W’, the leader of (hopefully still) the most powerful nation in the world speak? He doesn’t do interviews without knowing what they’re going to ask in advance so he can have his guys formulate replies for him! That’s mostly so he doesn’t embarrass the party since he obviously has no shame making up words when he needs to. Ever hear Obama speak? Enough said there.

    Republicans are the ones who’ve truly tarnished America’s name around the world, raised world oil prices, crashed the domestic AND international credit & housing markets, raised domestic & global food prices, exported thousands of US jobs, raised our unemployment rate. Oh and made up a war in Iraq costing hundreds of billions of US$, half of which went to contractors made up largely of his contracting buddies & family on no-bid contracts. There are as many contracted positions in Iraq as there are soldiers…staggering notion. All about big money, big oil, and big corporations and little or nothing for the average guy (like reasonable health care), excepting his buds of course. This list goes on. That is the Republican politician mindset at work.

    Sadly whoever gets voted in is gonna be left holding the biggest bag of all time. McCain’s buddy, Gramm, wrote the bill in 2000 that enabled the current credit crisis, dozens of SEC fraud cases, the energy crisis (eg., Enron), etc., by relaxing the laws that controlled trading & checks & balances on those industries, obviously to make a buck, ie, using his office for personal gain. Thousand’s of people lost their pensions because of it but he & his wife made a couple million. This guy would be our next financial advisor per McCain.

    Many people think Obama’s a civil rights activist because he’s part black. Do people really think if he’s elected all the blacks will get handouts, gain power and crush the white man? People won’t vote for him out of this fear and it blows my mind. He does not support Jesse Jackson’s or Al Sharpton’s agenda of empowering people based on race. He is not a man with his hand out, nor does he promote it. I’ll admit the Democrats have had some sorry asses contending for president but this guy’s got some charisma. What does Bush have besides a bunch more blood money?

    He’s selling a dream (whatever it is) and I’m in…I’ve scene Bush’s reality for 8 years now. This mess can all be laid at his & the Republican’s feet.

    done ranting…pass the bowl

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