Local clerics issue fatwa for “Jihad” against U.S. attack

* Strange: they never issued a fartwa against Bin Laden or Ayman al Zawahiri. Why would that be?

GEO TV Porkistan:

ISLAMABAD: The local clerics on Wednesday issued fatwa for “Jihad” against U.S. attack on Pakistani soil. (Unfortunately, jihad is a forbidden word in the US, so lets all pretend we don’t know what it means. perhaps it goes away by itself…/ed)

Jirga Pic thanx to ZIP

Elders of Ahmadzai, Dotani and Sulemankhel tribes also announced to fight along with Pakistan army in case of any U.S. attack inside Pakistani border.

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According to the report, the grand Jirga of Ahmadzai, Dotani and Sulemankhel tribes was held in Wana on Wednesday, which was attended by tribal elders, Ulemas and chiefs. 

Former legislator Maulana Noor Muhammad also attended the grand Jirga. Nearly 10, 000 tribal people attended the Jirga. 

The fatwa said, “If U.S. would carry out more attacks inside Pakistan’s territory, then people have obligation to defend their homeland. It is our responsibility to fight alongside Pakistan army against any external aggression.”

* Sure thing. Bring it on, bro..