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Three Killed, School Burned Down In Thailand’s Muslim South

* Imagine the howling and wingeing if Buddhist Thai’s had attacked a mosque or a village during Ramadan. When Muslims attack Buddhists its all cool… Note also the pathetic, apologetic chestnut about Thailand’s annexation of the once ethnic Malay sultanate at the end of this article.


YALA, Thailand (AFP)–Three people have been killed in the latest separatist violence in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, while an elementary school was burned to the ground, police said Friday.

Two Muslim militants were killed and a policeman injured Thursday evening during a 10-minute gunfight with security forces, police said.

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Three Killed, School Burned Down In Thailand’s Muslim South

The clash broke out as soldiers and police sealed off a village to search for suspected militants. Both the dead were wanted on suspicion of planting bombs in the region along the southern border with Malaysia, police added.

In nearby Narathiwat province, a Muslim teenager was killed in a drive-by shooting, while a primary school in Yala was torched in an arson attack.

Since separatist unrest broke out in January 2004, at least 294 schools have been hit by arson attacks and more than 3,400 people have died in the violence, which often targets civilians.

Separatist tensions in the region have simmered since Buddhist Thailand annexed the mainly ethnic Malay sultanate in 1902, but no group has made any specific demands of the government since the latest violence broke out.

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  1. Are they ever going to stop? Depressingly the only logical conclusion is they kill all of us or vice versa.

  2. You need only imagine the howling and whinging going on in the Mosques to trace the motivation for the violence. As for your conclusion urban11 I have never felt inclined to die for freedom and country. However, I would certainly kill for it.

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