BNP men held over 'racist leaflet'

* Which race is Islam again?

Pamphlet claims Muslims condone paedophilia and ‘native Brits’ face violence

* UPDATE: Muslims whine and demand investigation over BNP allegation that holds Muslims “almost exclusively responsible” for the heroin trade 95% of which it says comes from the Afghanistan and Pakistan region.

* Needless to mention that Britains Dhimmi government blames the BNP for ‘Racial Hatred’

By Ian Johnston
Monday, 24 November 2008

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin: 'being white makes you a target, being white means you are guilty'
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin: ‘being white makes you a target, being white means you are guilty’

* Once again we see how “hate-speach laws” are used against the natives of Britain to muzzle and intimidate white people in favor of a Muhammedan proletariat that intends to take the reigns of power by outbreeding and unchecked migration.

Twelve British National Party activists have been arrested in Liverpool on suspicion of handing out racist leaflets claiming that “our people” are experiencing an “epidemic of racist violence, sexual exploitation and murder” by Muslims.

The leaflet alleges the “average racist killer” is 40 times more likely to be from an ethnic minority than “a native Brit”; the Muslim community condones paedophilia; and the English are “relentlessly discriminated against by an institutionally hostile ruling class”.

One passage reads: “Wherever there are large numbers of young Muslim men, groups team up to lure girls – often as young as 12 or 13 – into a nightmare world of sexual abuse, rape, beatings, drug addiction and prostitution.”


The 12 men, aged from 19 to 70 and from Liverpool, Wirral, Knowsley and St Helens, were arrested in the city centre at 12.50pm on Saturday.

The leaflet, “Racism Cuts Both Ways”, is also available on the BNP’s website. Anti-racism campaigners are preparing to submit a UK-wide complaint to the Metropolitan Police.

Assistant Chief Constable Colin Matthews of Merseyside Police said the arrests were made following the “distribution of leaflets … which officers believe to contain racist content”.

He added: “Merseyside Police condemns racism and will take prompt action to support all our communities.”

West Mercia Police, which covers Worcester, where the leaflet apparently originated, are liaising with the Merseyside force.

The BNP intends to capitalise on the arrests. Simon Darby, a party spokesman, said it planned a “huge demonstration” in Liverpool. “It’s a mystery, you tell me what you think is criminal or inciting about it,” he said. “I don’t think Merseyside Police have any idea what they have done. It’s a knee-jerk reaction.”

Asked if the party stood by the leaflet, Mr Darby said: “Obviously we do otherwise we wouldn’t have put it out.”

In the pamphlet, the BNP leader Nick Griffin writes: “The vast majority of the real racism that scars Britain involves white victims from the indigenous community … being white makes you a target, being white means you are guilty. Our people are the silent victims of an epidemic of racist violence, sexual exploitation and murder.”

The leaflet also features a photo-montage of white faces which it says are “the forgotten victims of anti-white racism” and asks “Who is next?” Included is Sharon Beshenivsky, a PC shot dead during a robbery by a Somalian man, Yusuf Jamma. It has never been suggested this was anything other than an criminal’s attempt to evade arrest. The 12 activists were released on bail. A list of BNP members, including several police officers and public servants, was recently leaked.

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  1. This is an example of the sad state the UK has been reduced to by the PC left wing moonbats. You get arrested for telling the TRUTH and as the Sheik so rightly says what RACE is Islam ????

  2. You forgot to mention the four who where arrested for the heroin leaflets


    In the second case, the political police, acting on orders from their political masters, they shamefully “detained” four British Patriots of the British National Party in Gestapo-like “dawn raids” where they were interviewed under caution and held for many hours.

    And what was the resistance fighters crime? They distributed leaflets that revealed the “open secret” that linked Moslem gangs to the heroin trade. This despite the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service had already ruled in a previous hearing that the leaflets were legal.

    So why did they do it? Well two reasons, the first to try and intimidate the British National Party’s activists into standing down and refrain from distributing the truth to the still sleeping people of Our sad Country. The second because they were put under pressure from the Muslim Police Association.


    Muslim police leaders are demanding an explanation as to why Lancashire police sent insufficient evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) regarding far-right leaflets blaming Muslims for the heroin trade.
    The leaflet, distributed by former BNP candidate, Tony Bamber, to hundreds of addresses in parts of Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire in March held Muslims “almost exclusively responsible” for the heroin trade 95% of which it says comes from the Afghanistan and Pakistan region. It also suggested “naming and shaming” Muslims to tackle the problem.
    A CPS spokesperson said, “We looked at the evidence and concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to advice the police to prosecute on ground of racial hatred.” She told The Muslim News that “although the NAMP were right to argue that the leaflet had exclusively targeted a minority group for the drug trade, the CPS could only apply the law available.”

  3. Did you know the UK has a Muslim Police association which of course in a spirit of religious intolerance is restricted to Muslims only and a BLACK Police association which in a RACIST way is restricted to Blacks but also accepts Asians but of course not Whites and there is a National Police Association which in true democratic style represents everyone regardless of race ,creed or colour. So you have the ludicrous situation of a Black Muslim Police ‘person’ (to use PC newspeak) who has THREE Associations to represent them and an Asian Muslim Police person TWO organsations to represent them and last and very much LEAST the white Christian, Hindu or Buddhist Police person who only gets ONE. But guess where the most claims for RACIAL discrimination come from that’s right the religiously DISCRIMINATING MUSLIMS.

  4. TRUTH IS – camel trains leave Afghanistan daily laden with heroin that is sold for guns and ammunition. Why those fields weren’t Agent Orange’d on day one is beyond me…and those on the ground in Afghan.

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