Muslims Reject France: Melting pot cracks as Muslims reject Christian names

From the Gates of Vienna:

The news stories to pay attention to tonight concern immigration. In Italy, a “Record Number of Would-Be Immigrants Arrive”. But the President of Italy says, “Immigrants are a resource — no more prejudice!” And in the UK, a report in the House of Lords: “Economic Benefits of Mass Immigration Are Close to Zero”.

We report, you decide.

Charles Bremner and Marie Tourres in Paris/Times Online

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Muslims reject French Names?

What’s so difficult about that? Might be a good thing! If they don’t want to be French put ’em on a bus back to Algeria:

For identification (or rather deportation purposes) it would be a lot easier to call them Muhammad and Abdullah.  Pierre or Marie do sound a bit too close for comfort. It helps to identify the enemy…

They are born in France and called Louis, Laurent or Marie but they want to become Abdel, Said or Rachida. Such requests from immigrants’ children for name changes are mounting in the French courts and worrying a state that lays store on melding a single national culture.

In a sign of a new assertiveness, children with families from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco are reversing the old custom in which immigrants from the old colonies gave French names to their children.

Driven by a feeling that they do not belong to their Gallic Christian names, the applicants are meeting resistance from judges who are reluctant to endorse what they see as a rejection of France.

Under France’s strict administrative laws, an official change of first name requires court consent. Until 1992 parents could only register their babies with names from an approved list.

* Fitzgerald: The effects of French rule in Algeria

* The legacy of Algérie française: France algérienne

“The way I look is out of sync with my name,” said Jacques, 25, who wants to adopt a name from his parents’ native Algeria. He rejected the standard view that a French name overcomes the persisting reluctance of French employers to recruit nonwhite minorities.

“There is a double-take when I send a job application and then turn up for the interview. They hesitate, as if the person they have summoned could not be me,” he said.

There is abundant evidence that, despite antidiscrimination laws, French employers discriminate against job-seekers with foreign names. Nadine, who is in her forties, failed to convince a Paris court to let her go back to Zoubida, the name she had before naturalisation. “I want to return to my roots,” she told Judge Anne-Marie Lemarinier, according to Le Monde newspaper.

“My name change makes me feel guilt towards my family.” The judge replied: “Madame, I can understand that you want to identify with your community but the law does not have to bend to people’s moods.”

Frédéric Grilli, a Melun lawyer who acts for applicants, said that there was a connection between the desire to claim Maghebrin (North African) identity and France’s three-year-old ban against girls wearing Muslim headscarves in state schools.

Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racism, a campaign group, said that France’s policy of integration was failing. “It rejects, stigmatises and consigns to the ghetto. This incites a retreat into community identity,” he told The Times.

“There is an enormous gap between political speeches on integration and the reality. But who can believe that changing a name can change something? It is sad to have got to that point.”

Identity crisis

— A young Vietnamese man in America changed his name to “Bonus” because when he arrived in the US he bought “bonus packs” of chewing gum to get him through his day working several jobs

— Sikhs called Singh or Kaur have to change their names before migrating to Canada as they are too common – Singh is given to Sikh baby boys, Kaur to girls

— Last year a couple were forbidden from naming their baby “4real” in New Zealand, where the law bans names that may cause offence or lead to bullying

French Republican Value: Disarm Yourself for Self Defense

A quote from French Conservative presidential frontrunner Nicolas Sarkozy on RTL radio, 22 September 2006

I would like to say one thing, in what is my conception of the Republic, security is the responsibility of the State, I am against militias, I am against the private ownership of firearms, and I’m trying to make you think about that. If you are assaulted by an armed burglar, he’ll use his weapon more effectively than you anyway so you’re risking your life. If the criminal is not armed and you are and you shoot, your life will be ruined, because killing someone over a theft is not in line with the republican values that are mine. The private ownership of firearms is dangerous. I understand your exasperation for having been burglarized two times, I understand the fear that your wife and daughter may have but the answer is in the efficiency of the police and the efficiency of the judiciary process, the answer is not in having guns at home.

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5 thoughts on “Muslims Reject France: Melting pot cracks as Muslims reject Christian names”

  1. Throw them out for non-compliance with European culture and if they want to get tough about it … kill them.

  2. Many migrants of many cultures do intergrate and work hard. But there is a section of migrants who just arrive and live of social security generation by generation.

  3. They won’t do anything about it and when it gets really rough over there – the muslims will whine that they are the victims and we will go over there and probably help the muslims to kill some more non-muslims as we have done too many times already.

    The Europeans are without ‘nads. They either have to want to save themselves or they will be wiped out.

    Now, if you think I am just saying this flippantly – I am not. Once we lose our European allies – no matter how flakey they have been – we lose a lot!

    As with so many other groups, the wise ones will flee and the poorer and dumber ones will not. And one day there will be no where to flee to since islam is on our shores too. By fleeing it only puts the problem on someone else’s shoulders.

    Too often we hear the phrase ‘we hope that someone will save us’, or some such nonsense. If we continue to let the left have their way in our country we will be in the same sorry shape that the Europeans – and many other nations have found themselves in. And we won’t have anywhere to flee to since S. America is also being infiltrated by muslims too. I think we are on the brink of – we better make a decision FAST because our country is going the way of Europe too.

    The only place that recognizes the problem – but I don’t know if they really realize what islam is all about – is countries like China. But, I don’t want to move to commie land either.

  4. Lionheart, I think that we are being overrun by immigrants who are not as they used to be. and that is happening in Europe too.

    Europe had a different problem in that they don’t readily accept immigrants as we have so they basically got cut off and let on their own devices. But we are both having the same sort of problem – the radicalization of islam and that is due to our funding the ones such as the saudi wahabbists. It won’t stop soon either since the left has control of our government now and have no intention of weaning us off of their oil. We are doing it – sort of – by cutting down on our consumption, but it still is not enough. We let China drill off our shores but the left won’t let us do it.

    What we haven’t woken up as a nation and realized is that the left are islam’s ‘useful idiots’. In the end, if islam wins, the left will see the same fate as any other non-muslim which is either death, conversion, or subjugation; but for now they are just ‘useful idiots’. Even American born converts to islam are ‘useful idiots’. Their fate might be a little different but in the end they have condemned their children to islam and the sharia laws will apply to them as well and we have seen that means a not to bright future.

  5. R_not,
    The west is being invaded. This war can be won but we need to act now, and we need to do something better than responding to provocation. I would like to see the people of the UK unite against the islam4uk thugs and have them arrested and executed for treason – hanging, drawing and quartering is about what these mindless pigs from islam4uk deserve but they must be punished through our legal systems. Get of your backsides and start applying pressure to your politicans – especially the morons who say that muslims contribute in a meaningful way to our society which they do NOT.

    Some more islamic contributions to the UK – taken from BBC NEWS service
    Two men have appeared in court charged with murder after a Bournemouth University student was found stabbed to death in a garden.

    Luke Campbell, from Belper, Derbyshire, was found in the grounds of a house in Boscombe, Bournemouth, last Saturday.

    The 20-year-old had recently started a software systems degree.

    Larbi Mohamed, 20, and Saeed Alkadir, 21, both from London, appeared before Bournemouth magistrates on Saturday. They were remanded in custody.

    I would like the muslim commnity to explain why we should allow them any rights in our community when they act, as these two brain dead jerks did, on a very regular basis. We havent got around to murdering muslims as they have been murdering non-muslims for a considerable time now. Perhaps it is about time our laws were change to include the principle of an eye for an eye w.r.t. to muslim criminals.

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