Just call me "doctor Jihad"

Print Out For Future Reference: Meet HAMAS’ Future American Doctors

By Debbie Schlussel

On this site, I’ve written in extensive detail about (and compiled a long list of) the various Muslim doctors who’ve headed terrorist groups, perpetrated terrorist plots, and, in at least one case, deliberately let his Jewish patient die by refusing to treat him (right here in America). And don’t forget Dr. Yazeed Essa, the Palestinian Muslim doctor, who drugged and murdered his pregnant wife in a car crash, then fled to the Mid-East. Today, he was held on $75 million bail (he was finally returned to Cleveland from Cyprus to face justice, after a year and a half of Muslim Cypriot pontificating).

Now, I want you to print out this list, below, of all of America’s (and some Canadian and foreign) medical students who are open supporters of HAMAS against Israel. They’ve all signed an anti-Israel (and let’s face it–Pro-HAMAS) petition that is circulating throughout the world’s medical schools and medical communities. (Since this list is constantly updating, I’ll try to update it, too.) If they have no problem with Islamic terrorists brutally murdering innocent civilians, imagine what they have no prob doing to your body.

kadusis2.jpgislamiccrescent.jpgThe Hypocritic Oath: First, Do Harm and Support HAMASSave this list for the future, as I don’t think it’s in your best interest to go to any of these future doctors–you never know what politics will be entering into their treatment of you. Best advised to keep these people far away from your life and limb.

Oh, and a few other points to keep in mind:

1) America’s Jews, whom these anti-Semites hate, are the biggest donors to most of these medical schools listed. How many of these anti-Semites (and some Jewish self-haters) are going to medical schools that remain open because of Jewish donors? Most of ’em.

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One thought on “Just call me "doctor Jihad"”

  1. Thank you Debbie for your article. I would like all of us to write to KRUDD and the various medical authorities re. this issue. We do not need second rate muslims as doctors in this country.
    I will be writing to Krudd and a few others, but it needs more than just a few voices to succeed. Also, the americans should be asking for the head of this muzz murderer – I have had enough of these muslim creeps and it is about time we started fighting back instead of reacting.

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