Yusuf rrrubs it!

* Serial blog jockey – sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan was conspicuously silent when his Pakistani co-religionists tortured, slaughtered and sexually mutilated the Rabbi of Mumbai’s Chabad house along with his wife and children plus 7 others, while other jihadists from the same group bombed the Taj Mahal hotel, shot up old Victoria station and  popular cafe’ Leopold, killed almost 200 people,  all the while shouting ‘allahu akbar”-

and the only thing he came up with is stuff like “In 1993, Hindu mobs burned people alive in the streets - for the crime of being Muslim in Mumbai” (hmm, just wondering, why would they be doing something like that Yusuf? Any idea?)  and this: On the first day of the Mumbai terrorist strike, the Indian Express reported BJP President Rajnath Singh accusing Karkare’s anti-terrorist squad of “harassment and humiliation” of Hindutva terror suspects (just what was the price of meat in Karachi yesterday? Yusuf? Does it matter?)  Yet many BJP leaders have watched silently while their members orchestrated atrocities against religious minorities. Those perpetrating the 2002 Gujarat pogrom of Muslims, which led to at least 2000 deaths, have not been brought to justice. Cry me a river Yusuf! Those poor innocent widdle Muslims!

You see, as always, Yusuf the sharia advocate is truth and fact challenged, and deaf and blind when it comes to Islam-terror. But on planet Irfan only Islam matters. So you can’t expect anything but lies, slander and defamation, circular reasoning and tu coque from this infantile disciple of Tariq Ramadan, whom he so admires for being such a great sharia scholar guru of double-speak.

On his ‘Planet Irfan’ Yusuf has at least 20 posts about the evil of Israel, about Haneef (unforgettable!) and great Aussie headbangers like Mamduh Habib & Dawoud Hicks, who were -innocent of course- incarcerated and TORTURED (!!!!) in Gitmo,  terrorized with delicious halal-burgers and rock-music…  but still, nobody ever pays any attention. What an injustice! What humiliation! Yusuf has serious grievances. So what do you do when nobody takes notice of your existence? You go on the attack: In one of his posts, Yusuf attacks Telegraph columnist Tim Blair  of not having “decency”- something you will never find on Planet Irfan, but nevertheless.  What do you expect? Is it progress when a cannibal learns to use knife and fork? At least Yusuf knows how to spell it. Yusuf is an educated Muslim. Which leaves  70 to 80 % of his illiterate co-religionists in the lurch…

Update: Yusuf has -sick- humor too, as we can see here:

Here is Tim Blair’s answer:

Tim Blair – Sunday, January 18, 09 

“They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps,” writes constantly humiliated factbungler Irfan Yusuf. “And anyone with an ounce of decency wouldn’t want to be in the company of Tim Blair and his blog cronies, even if it only be on cyberspace.”

It’s a mystery, then, why Irfan – who thoughtfully illustrates his point – risks his own massive dignity by spending so much time here himself. Perhaps he’s seeking some English language tips. 

* Anyway, whatever you do Yusuf:  decency is just around the corner, and please: don’t forget to flush!