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America’s Muslim POTUS wants to control your climate…

big-spending-negro14                                                 by taxing you to death…

In what has to be one of the greatest examples of arrogance ever on public display, President Obama and other world leaders agreed together to control – the temperature of the world! Despite a report from Obama’s own Environmental Protection Agency saying the world’s temperature is not warming, the world leaders – with Obama in the lead – declared they would keep the temperature of the world from rising more than 3.6F.  More>>  

Update: Leaders of the world’s most powerful countries, the G8, have agreed to limit the rise in global temperatures to no more than 2C.

Moreover, it’s non-binding, doesn’t include mega-emitters China or India, and Russia’s already backing away.


Useless, parasitic politicians claim credit for what is happening anyway

We’re all gonna die!

Unless KRudd &  Gordon Brown save the world:

BRITISH Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he has won Kevin Rudd’s backing for a bold proposal to create a $122 billion-a-year climate change fund for poorer countries, in the hope of breaking the deadlock threatening a new global agreement to fight climate change.

I’m  shocked, shocked!  – it’s all about shaking down “the rich!”  Its all about making us more like the third world, so we don’t need to feel guilty anymore, is it not?

It’s not the Climate which is changing direction. It’s the Communists. The politics of envy: Rich = Bad.

  •  S. Weasel has some entertaining thoughts on Al Gore here and here.

Its Cool to be a Sceptic!

Why would you trust Climate Change Minister Penny Wong when her job/ existence depends on it?

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Cap & Trade for Dummies


Andrew Bolt – Thursday, July 09, 09 

The Sceptics Handbook: the book crisply summarises the biggest weaknesses in the arguments that man is heating the world to hell, and suggests the best ways to argue against alarmists. Please circulate widely.

We already know that nothing that insignificant Australia does to cut emissions will of itself have the slightest effect on the climate, no matter how many billions the Rudd Government spends of your money and how many thousands of factory workers it gets sacked.

But now the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency admits that American efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions won’t really slash carbon dioxide levels either.

Trouble is that perhaps the most hysterical believer in man-made warming in Barack Obama’s cabinet, Energy Secretary Steven ”White Roofs” Chu, refuses to believe what a study by the administration’s best experts tell him. Watch the video, here

The Goracle keeps getting fatter from “Climate Change” hysterics

Taking the heat off Gore

Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, July 08, 09 

The Times gets it right the first time, properly underlining the absurdity of Al Gore’s alarmism:

Al Gore today compared the battle against climate change with the struggle against the Nazis.

Alas, Tim Blair notes that the Times abruptly rewrote the hyperbole to make Gore seem saner.

Brendan O’Neill gives Gore the full bore:

He’s getting rich from environmentalism, not just by being paid a whopping $US175,000 ($217,500) a speech but by using political pressure to force government policy in a direction that benefits his business interests…

Gore is also chairman of a greeninvestment firm called Generation Investment Management, which is a member of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international collaboration of businesses and science bodies, and which invests in firms that produce renewable energy and low-carbon technology. So Gore uses one of his multimillion-dollar organisations, the Alliance for Climate Protection, to put pressure on government to promote the low-carbon lifestyle that will furnish one of his other multimillion-dollar organisations, General Investment Management, with booming business.

As for Tim Flannery…


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  1. What a bunch of King Canutes but seriously this makes me very worried about the calibre and the sanity of the people who lead the G8 countries.
    Not only do they idiotically claim to be able to control the worlds climate but they totally ignore reality which shows the world temperature dropping. No wait a minute THEY are not insane they think WE are such is the contempt in which they hold us and the arrogance of their narcissism. They know the worlds temperature IS dropping so they will be able to claim they have succeeded of course with the connivance of a compliant MSM and the Green NAZI moonbats who love Obambi will lap it up. Wait for the headlines in the moronic MSM Obambi succeeds in controlling the Climate.

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