Irfan wears the Sikh Turban (again)

Yusuf, a Muselman of many hats (and turbans):


In his latest kumbaya-puff peace at ABC unhinged resident sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan  tries to woe the multiculturally befuddled lefties again: everything will be just right if  WE  just integrate a little better into the coming Caliphate:

…there has been centuries of interaction between Sikhs and Muslims in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Some of the most sacred shrines of the Sikh faith are in Pakistan. Sikh and Muslim aid organisations are working together to alleviate the suffering of Pakistani Sikhs and Muslims displaced by the recent fighting between the Pakistan army and the neo-Taliban.

Punjabi and other Asian cultures and religions have thrived on both sides of the Tasman since well before the wave of post-war European migration. Anyone who claims these cultures don’t belong in Australia are denying our nation’s history. They should learn to integrate and adopt Australian values.

It always cracks me up when Islamo-agit props tell us what “Australian values” are.

  • Moslems have been here long before us and are here to stay. Back off, kuffar!

Got it? About time you white racist Islamophobic Australians start to integrate into the great sharia future the Muslims have planned for you!

The Sikhs have suffered immensely and fought valiantly against Mughal oppression. You don’t need to be historian to google the horrible ordeals of their struggle against  Mohammedan rule.

What Yusuf is not telling us, is that the Sikhs are running for their lives from their ancestral homelands in what is now Islamic Pakistan, where Muslim zealots demand from them the jiziya and drive them from their homes. Islam doesn’t only have bloody borders, it also has a nasty habit of systematically eliminating unbelievers in the dar-al Islam. That’s what Islam has in store for you, Australia.

Be warned!

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12 thoughts on “Irfan wears the Sikh Turban (again)”

  1. The Sikh “religion” was started for one and only one reason. To fight the headbanging allahowling ragheads. Fight them they did!

  2. “Sikhs are running for their lives from their ancestral homelands in what is now Islamic Pakistan, where Muslim zealots demand from them the jiziya and drive them from their homes”

    And yet you post the reality above it when you say the “Taliban” did these things, so when did the entire of Pakistan become and support the Taliban?

    More BS and fact twisting from his would-be holiness the blog-owner.

  3. 100 per cent British colonialism at first and then 100 per cent Pakistani political bigotry for the part of Bangladesh with a dash of Indian smart political intrige.

  4. * More BS and fact twisting from his would-be holiness the blog-owner.

    Pope Yer’mami the First?

    My other car is a Popemobile

  5. Pakistan was created out of the need for self-determination by the inhabitants of the long standing and British run India. By utilizing the divide and rule concept, the British ensured that the Muslims educated elite had a play to combat the strong Hindu element that surrounded Ghandi. Playing into that, the argument for division occured that became Partitian later on. Britain could have just supported a single India with a strict secular multi-religious state (which it is) and who-knows it could have happened, but then again a couple of centuries of mixing and moving populations may have made that impossible.

    Either way, it was 100 per cent British colonialism that encouraged and created the State of Pakistan (West and East) and drew up the frontiers.

    The creation of Bangladesh was 100 per cent the fault of the West Pakistani elite and their dominance of the military. The more poorer and less educated Bengalis missed out on best jobs and an dominance in politics even though they were in fact the greater number in population. Thus M Rahman the leader of the Bengali politicians in the Pakistani parliament decided to ensure that numbers counted and when they won the majority in parliament and declared victory and leadership of the nation – a coup was immediately made, he was imprisoned and the war for independance occured. In the end it was the ethnic solidarity with Bengalis from Indians Bengalis that forced the Indian Government to support a new Bangladesh and bingo, it happened. Note that it was ethnicity that made it work, not religion – proven by the cultural unity between Hinu West Bengalis and Muslim (East) Bengalis.

    I know many Bengalis (from both sides of the border) and they share a great deal of cultural, historical and other identity factors – not to mention having the oldest living language in the sub-continent.

    1. The Creation of Pakistan and the Massacres

      Anwar Shaikh: The Autobiography of an Apostate

      I regret to say that 1947 was the darkest period of my life. We were told that murdering the non-Muslims, seducing their wives, burning their properties, was an act of Jihad, that is Holy War. And Jihad is the most sacred duty of a Muslim because it guarantees him a safe passage to paradise where no fewer than 72 houris, that is the most beautiful virgins, and pearl-like boys wait for him. Such a reward is a great temptation!

      It was during the first week of August, 1947, when l was an accounts clerk in the railway office in Lahore that I saw a train pull in from the East Punjab. That was full of mutilated bodies of Muslims, men, women, and children. It had a terrific, horrendous effect on me. When I went home I prayed to the Lord asking Him not to forget my share of houris & boys. Now this is true. I actually prayed and then I took up a club, and a long knife and I went out in search of non-Muslims. Those days were remembered for the curfew orders and everybody seemed terrified of everybody else. I found two men, Sikhs, father and son, the father was perhaps not more than 50, perhaps younger, and his young son. I killed both of them. Next day I did not go to work, I felt nauseated but I wanted to kill some more non-Muslims. I encountered another Sikh at Darabi Road & I killed him too. Often memories of those terrible days haunt my mind, I feel ashamed, and many a times have I shed tears of remorse. If it had not been for my fanaticism, engendered by the Islamic traditions those people might have been alive even today. And I might not have felt the guilt which I still do.

      Who told me that the act of Jihad, the act of killing non-Muslims was good? Well, if you read the Koran, you will find that in a certain sura God says that he has bought the lives of the Muslims in return for the rewards of Paradise. They kill non-Muslims and get killed in this war-effort, & the reward for these Muslims is paradise & paradise is a huge garden inhabited by the most beautiful virgins, who live in palaces, & there are countless pretty pearl-like boys to serve them as well.

      India and Pakistan: why the mass killings occurred

      Partition was a unique period. In many ways it was our Holocaust. The difference being that it didn’t completely run one way – Hindus and Sikhs also slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslims. I think the starting point is to understand what “Pakistan” means. “Pak” in Urdu means “Pure”, “Stan” means place. “Pakistan” means “land of the Pure”. Land of the Pure believers of Allah. Now we had a situation where the land of the “pure” believers had a 30 percent population of unbelievers – Hindus and Sikhs. Polytheists to boot. Allah commands the destruction of Polytheism with a particular vengeance through our favourite “holy” book, the Q’uran. So I am surprised that people couldn’t see it coming when they talked about creating Pakistan. It also says something about the delusion of the British and other assorted liberals in not seeing that creating a Muslim state would risk large scale riots.

      Once the announcement was made that Pakistan would be created, many Hindus and Sikhs who found themselves on the wrong side of the border tried to talk themselves into believing that life could go on as normal. Although they would be a minority, this wouldn’t matter because they had lived as a minority for centuries- so what was so different? But it was different before because the Brits were ruling India. So politically, the Muslims had little power. Unfortunately, once the Muslims got wind of the coming political windfall, they decided to settle scores with those idol-worshippers that Allah hates with such passion. So the Muslims initiated violence in West Punjab which is now in Pakistan (but was merely part of unified Punjab province earlier).

      Once Hindus and Sikhs on the Indian Hindu majority side got wind of Muslim barbarity, they retaliated. In that sense there is nothing unusual about it except scale. The story is almost always the same. Muslims initiate violence, Hindus and Sikhs retaliate. So once mob fury was unleashed, it got out of hand. Pakistan “cleansed” itself of all Hindus and Sikhs (almost all). On the Indian side, anti-Muslim violence was limited to Punjab (where people were not followers of Gandhi). In the rest of the country Muslims were not attacked because Gandhi had issued his “sermon” that Muslims not be harmed. As a result, Muslims remained in India in large numbers (and India now has the largest Muslim population on earth.

      Want more?

  6. * When I went home I prayed to the Lord asking Him not to forget my share of houris & boys. Now this is true. I actually prayed and then I took up a club, and a long knife and I went out in search of non-Muslims.

    Nothing to do with “allah” and his false prophet, Solkhar?

  7. examples of the baseness and radicalism of mankind. attrocities were done on all sides and the religious zealots all claimed God or the God’s were on their side – they always do.

    The post is just another example and an opinion.

  8. Stick to loonwatch, Solkhar – you are out of your depth here, and allah
    won’t come running to the rescue. Speaking of watching the loon (lunar)
    when does ramavan end this year, and what do your fellow loon watchers have planned?

  9. Solki sez:

    “when you say the “Taliban” did these things, so when did the entire of Pakistan become and support the Taliban?”

    Taliban means ‘students of Islam’- and since the Islamic , nuclear Pakistan is founded on Islam (and nothing but Islam) Pakistani’s read the same Koran and follow the same ideology. Are you telling us the corrupt, mustachioed Generals who are fleecing the Americans read a different Koran, Solki? What makes them different from the Taliban, except that they wear fancy uniforms, that they shave and perhaps that some of them have a western education?

    These creatures might be fat and lazy, but they are also sly and cunning and they understand their jihad better than you, Solki. You can take that to the bank!

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