The Saudi Pension Plan

Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia Wants To Make Sure Western Welfare Will Be Waiting

The Saudis — the skimming-off-the-top gang known as the Al-Saud family, and their courtiers, and the government itself — have more than a trillion dollars squirreled away for their Rainy Day Fund. And they will continue to receive, far into the future, hundreds of billions every year. But their proleptic squealing is quite something to behold.

In other news:

YEMEN/Al Waleed with tilt & Co….

And we know that when a rich Saudi feels he ought to do something to store up points, he spends money to strengthen and spread and protect Islam. He gives money to groups. Those groups in turn conduct Da’wa all over the Western world. He gives money to pay for mosques and madrasas, all over the Western and the already-islamized world. He pays for academic programs that are designed to make sure that the Saudis, and Muslims generally, keep a lock on the teaching, in the West, about Islam and all matters related to Islam. He helps pay, directly or indirectly, for the Western hirelings — journalists, former diplomats (including ambassadors), former intelligence agents, businessmen angling for fat contracts — who for the past half-century have presented a picture of this primitive, malevolent place as a “staunch ally” of the West, constantly on the verge of modernizing and reforming and god knows what else. It’s all nonsense. Believers in Islam, Believers in Wahhabi Islam, are not and can never be “staunch allies” of any Infidels. Oh, they can smile and hand out keys to a Jaguar, or offer money for “consulting,” or any number of other tangible expressions of a desire to curry, for their own ends, favor in the capitals of the Western world. The Age of Corruption fits them to a T.

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