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We ban “Mein Kampf”, Kazakhstan bans…

…no, not Snowwhite, Winnie the Pooh or Tales from 1001 nights, but….you can guess it:

Kazakhstan became the first country in the world to officially ban the Koran, by putting it in the list of “extremist literature”.


And actually, it’s indeed no better the book mentioned in the title. Topping up the ban is the fact that too many followers of the religion preached by that book seem to have an explosive mood way too much of their time, if they don’t follow up their mood by actually blowing up themselves.

Germany could follow suit. After all, they already banned ‘Mein Kampf’ or ‘Der Stürmer’, so why not this book?     Snoop Info Systems


Breaking: Wilders in the UK, Muselmaniacs go apeshit….


Atlas Shrugs: Geert Wilders Press Conference, Westminster 16 October 2009


How to turn paradise into an Islamic cesspool:


Maldives MPs Call for Death for Apostates, Amputations…

Good news from Jordan:

Jordan jails 12 for attack on choir & church attack

  • Men guilty of firing on musicians after concert
  • Claim of link to al Qaeda
  • Defence lawyer says trial political, alleges torture/full article beneath the fold

Libya frees 88 “repentant” jihadists


Libya has released 88 Islamist inmates, some of them belonging to a group with suspected links to al-Qaeda, the country’s state-run charity has said.

Hugh sez: It said among those freed were 45 members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which had been accused of trying to oust Col Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.”

In other words, promise to stop fighting the rule and regime of Colonel Gaddafi (now in his fortieth year of rule, in length of despotism exceeded only by Fidel Castro), and fight the Infidels. Gaddafi has possibly persuaded some that he has been misunderstood; he is not an enemy but rather a promoter of Islam.  October 16, 2009 more>> from the BBC, H/T Jihad Watch

Turkish state sponsored TV depicts Jews as baby killers (again)

JERUSALEM, Oct 15 (Reuters) – A Turkish television drama which depicts an Israeli soldier shooting dead a Palestinian baby has strained already tense relations between Israel and Turkey, its strategic Muslim ally. More>>

Turkish flag

Financial Jihad:

Turkey cheats Jews: Israel’s exports to Turkey down 40%, Turkeys bad debts up 90%

“Allah has dissolved your obligations…”

Israel Credit Insurance Company, which insures payment on some $12 billion per year in Israeli exports, reported on Wednesday that exports to Turkey dropped by 40% during the first nine months of 2009, while debt payments in arrears by Turkish companies rose by 90% in the same period. Carl has more>>

Coincidence? I don’t think so. It sounds to me like the Turks have decided not to pay their debts.

Jordan jails…. continued

AMMAN, Oct 15 (Reuters) – Jordan sentenced 12 men to between 15 and 20 years in jail on Thursday for shooting at a group of musicians and desecrating a church, judicial sources said.

The men opened fire on a Lebanese choir after an outdoor performance in the downtown area of the capital in July 2008.

One attacker was killed and several people were injured. Security sources said the gunmen suspected at the time that the singers were Israelis.

The men were also found guilty of throwing petrol bombs at a church and cemetery in the northern city of Irbid after circulating videos that purportedly showed Christians mocking the Prophet Mohammed and the Muslim call to prayers.

They were also condemned for plotting to attack Western tourists near the Roman amphitheatre in downtown Amman.

The military court found the men “guilty of carrying out terrorist attacks by use of explosives, the manufacture and possession of explosives and conspiring to carry out terror attacks.”

Five of the attackers escaped the death penalty which the court commuted because no one was killed in the attacks.

Prosecutors said the group’s mastermind, Shaker al-Khatib, who was sentenced to 20 years, had been trained in Lebanon by al Qaeda affiliated militants.

The defence said confessions were extracted under duress and called the case politically motivated. The accused pleaded not guilty when their trial started in January.

“The whole affair has been blown out of proportion and the sentences are unjust and my clients were subjected to torture,” defence lawyer Musa Abdallat told Reuters.

Jordan has detained or charged scores of men in recent years for plotting attacks on Westerners, Israeli, security and government targets.

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