Go-Kart Business Shut Down

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Muslima kills Go-kart Business

Muslim go-kart victim ‘told don’t wear headscarf’

Police have opened an investigation into the incident, which took place at the Port Stephens Go-Kart track on the New South Wales midcoast, and have seized the go-kart for forensic examination.

The “officials” go apeshit  because it was a Muslim woman.

THE distressed owner of Port Stephens Go-Karts, Mick Hogan, said the young mother killed in a freak accident was advised not to wear her headdress in the go-kart.

The business has been shut down.

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19 thoughts on “Go-Kart Business Shut Down”

  1. * The business has been shut down [advised not to wear her headdress].

    Is this happening because of our collective “islamophobia”, or are we getting good at predicting the bleeding obvious?

  2. Well, if I read the Sheiks link correctly, it would appear there are Workcover irregularities. I still feel for these people. Just trying to run a family business and get by.

    But I would bet money that if she was prevented from getting into the kart unless she removed her symbol, keyser would be all over the news calling us islamophobes.

  3. Pretty much the expected end result of Islamic supremacism. It will put other similar amusement operations in jeopardy – be accused of being Islamophobes for insisting on safety regulations or face having an accident and ruin their business. Another reason why we don’t need or want Muslims in this country.

  4. From TT:
    This is for the ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t file. We can safely assume that had the operator of the go-cart business had refused service to her, he would be sued for religious discrimination, lost, and probably lost his livelihood as we saw with the British Hoteliers. We also can safely guess that had he told her to remove her Muslim head-gear, the same thing would have happened as we saw with the Muslims who worked for UPS in Toronto and won a generous settlement it would appear from the smug looks on their faces. Now we just have to wait and see if they will be sued for allowing the Muslim to ride the go-cart and strangle herself with her scarf.”

    Yep, Vlad hits the nail on the head with this one, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It’s just the way the Muslims wants to keept the infidel, off guard as much as possible, and always on the defensive. The more important point here is, the teenage girl was more afraid of her father and/or mother thrashing her for removing the bag than fearing for her own life. KGS

  5. It’s a real tragedy just let her body and soul rest in peace .. For all the people bagging her religion just remember she’s a human first of all And we are all following that road we humans only pass by in this world and exist it when our time approaches … This tragedy has happened multiple times before around the world with people wearing neck scarfs who weren’t Muslim , so please keep Islam out of it … Her time has ended in this life , if you don’t have anything wise to say then keep it to yourself … It should just be a lesson for all humans that in any activity similar to go karting loose items should be avoided for the safety of the rider.

  6. muslims bring islam into it, claiming that allah mandates the wearing of such articles of clothing. Someone choosing to wear a scarf or loose clothing does so at their own risk – muslims claim they don’t get a choice in the matter as it is mandatory.

    Please keep islam out of [the civilised world].

  7. The guy would have been sued shitless had he not allowed the woman to ride his go cart and now he is going to probably go to jail because he did let her ride his go cart.
    Yes it appears that he had unsuitable go carts (unregistered go carts) but if it were not for the caveman ideology of Islam she would still be alive today, (yes I know he would still have unregistered go carts)
    I hope he is aware that whatever the law has in store for him is nothing compared to what the Pious Muslim relos are plotting for him as I write.
    Perhaps he should consider a new identity and occupation sooner than later.

  8. As a visitor to this go-kart track myself (Port Stephens is a popular holiday spot for Sydney siders), I can comment on it first hand. The track is a small setup just off the main road into Nelson Bay. The carts are well maintained, and I was told to ride on them I must have enclosed shoes (not flip-flops / jandals / thongs). They were very safety conscious.

    As “Aussie” said, the relatives (peace loving, pious muslims who know how mohammad told the faithful to treat non-believers) will be plotting a revenge, and sadly it will be suppressed. The area in Sydney where they come from is a rats nest of muslims, and a definite “stay away” area for kaffirs.

    Next year when we visit Port Stephens, we will visit the track again and see how it is going if it is still around.

  9. Angel,

    “…so please keep Islam out of it…”
    “…if you don’t have anything wise to say then keep it to yourself…”

    How dare you presume to tell people what they can write, say and think! How dare you!

    Do you tell Ahmadinejad to stop threatening to exterminate all Jews?
    Do you tell Muslims to stop firing rockets into Israel?
    Do you tell Muslims to stop stoning women to death for being raped?
    Do you tell Muslims to stop circumcising little girls?
    Do you tell Muslims to stop torturing and killing homosexuals?
    Do you tell Muslims to stop encasing women in black shrouds?
    Do you tell Muslim suicide bombers to stop killing non-muslims?
    Do you tell Muslims to stop torturing and killing Christians?
    Do you tell Muslim men to stop marrying little girls and raping them?

    This list contains only a few of the evils of Islam and Muslims. A more comprehensive list could fill many pages on this site.

    So, Angel, take your pious self-righteousness and preach to Muslims. But take care that your head is not hacked from your body!

  10. Angel,

    Your sanctimonious comments reveal that you just don’t get it. It is Muslims who capitalise on a tragedy like this. Do you honestly think they care about this young woman? Of course not! They will just use her death to extract more jizya from the operator of this now-defunct business and demand even more privileges for Muslims.

    No family that cared for their daughter would willingly put her in harm’s way, as this family did by insisting she wore a hijab. Muslims who follow Islam put the death cult ahead of any human concerns.

    Maybe you should follow your own advice – “if you don’t have anything wise to say then keep it to yourself .”

  11. Good comments last two posters..
    Angel ..she and her family brought islam into it,..she is dead because of the abject stupidity of islam…and for no other reason..She is also dead because she did not do what she was told..she ignored safety advice and regulations in a western country.
    People who do not want to follow western rules and regulations should not be living in western countries.
    I hope people start some kind of defense fund for the owners of the track..they will need good lawyers..They are the real victims here.

  12. Well, this was a mistake made by the muslima because it was very
    un-islamic of her to take part in decadent western amusement.
    she shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.
    This never would have happened in saudi arabia, right?

  13. Go-Kart Business Shut Down
    by sheikyermami on April 10, 2010

    theresaj April 11, 2010 at 8:19 pm
    …”I hope people start some kind of defense fund for the owners of the track..they will need good lawyers..They are the real victims here.”…

    Good thinking! This is the way to go globally from now on. If anything eventuates get them to post the efforts here so that we can contribute pro-bono and money.

  14. Dhumme ..it is one way of supporting them.
    If we ignored rules and regulations , would we get much sympathy? I find here in NZ that so many foreigners just ignore our rules and the local people are mostly too polite to say anything to them.
    SM In Saudi , she would hardly have been allowed out of the house..just sitting around in flash clothes serving coffee to other women , slowly going mad because of the complete lack of mental stimulation or wishing she was dead because of the walking horror show she was married to.

  15. theresaj,
    Of course the women in saudi arabia are far more restricted,
    but it proves the madening inconsistency, women can’t drive overthere
    but they can do so in the western world. when it is convenient to them…
    than it is allowed, but when it is not convenient… than it’s prohibited.
    so muslims can kill in europe (convenient) but they can’t kill in islamic
    countries (inconvenient).
    So a muslim can sue a bar-ownwer for not serving alcohol …and also for
    serving too much alcohol, outside islamic country but of course it is
    prohibited in the islamic world. It’s clear plain hypocrisy.
    In the western world one take the risks, after being warned, on one’s
    own responsibility. certainly in the case of the go-kart ride.
    Courts should throw out cases like this, it’s a waste of time, money and effort.

  16. Dhumme Dhimme – I think providing assistance to the Go-Cart business is in order – the state government will end up funding any attempt by muslim thugs to shut the place down. The real criminals are the people who prevented the lady from taking the headgear off.

  17. Update – common sense from WorkCover?


    Go-kart safety alert after headscarf death

    A fatal accident at a New South Wales go-kart track has prompted a safety alert, recommending people do not go for a ride if their hair or clothing is not properly secured.

    The 26-year-old Sydney woman died earlier this month when her Islamic head dress got entangled in the rear axle of the go-kart at a Port Stephens track.

    The initial findings of WorkCover’s investigation show the axle was unguarded.

    The track was also unregistered prompting authorities to shut it down.

    WorkCover has now issued a safety alert advising go-kart operators to tell people how to properly secure long hair or loose clothing, with the possibility of providing balaclavas and overalls.

    It says if people ignore those instructions, they should not go for a ride.

    WorkCover also recommends that go-karts have adequate guarding and they should be regularly inspected.

    * I am surprised that WorkCover isn’t taking the go-kart owner for a ride.

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